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Translations from the French of Madame

De La Mothe Guyon.



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noise ;
Your shades, the witnesses of many a vow,
Breathed forth in happier days, are irksome now ;
Denied that smile 'twas once my heaven to see,
Such scenes, such pleasures, are all past with me.
In vain he leaves me, I shall love him still ;
And, though I mourn, not murmur at his will ;
I have no cause—an object all divine
Might well grow weary of a soul like mine ;
Yet pity me, great God !—forlorn, alone,
Heartless and hopeless, life and love all gone.



EACE has unveil'd her smiling face,

And woos thy soul to her embrace,
Enjoy'd with ease, if thou refrain
From earthly love, else sought in vain ;
She dwells with all who truth prefer,
But seeks not them who seek not her.
Yield to the Lord, with simple heart,
All that thou hast, and all thou art ;

Renounce all strength but strength divine, And peace

shall be for ever thine : Behold the path which I have trod, My path, till I go home to God.


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PLACE an offering at Thy shrine.

Simple and pure in its design,

Of all that I hold dear.
I yield Thee back Thy gifts again,

Thy gifts which I most prize ;
Desirous only to retain

The notice of Thine eyes.
But if, by Thine adored decree,

That blessing be denied ;
Resign'd, and unreluctant, see

My every wish subside.
Thy will in all things I approve,

Exalted or cast down ;
Thy will in every state I love,

And even in Thy frown.

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LEEP at last has fled these eyes,

Nor do I regret his flight,
More alert my spirits rise,

And my heart is free and light.
Nature silent all around,

Not a single witness near;
God as soon as sought is found ;

And the flame of love burns clear.
Interruption, all day long,

Checks the current of my joys ;
Creatures press me with a throng,

And perplex me with their noise.
Undisturb’d I muse all night,

On the first Eternal Fair;
Nothing there obstructs delight,

Love is renovated there.

Life, with its perpetual stir,

Proves a foe to love and me ;
Fresh entanglements occur

Comes the night and sets me free.
Never more, sweet sleep, suspend

My enjoyments, always new :
Leave me to possess my friend ;

Other eyes and hearts subdue.
Hush the world, that I may wake

To the taste of pure delights ;
Oh the pleasures I partake-

God, the partner of my nights !

David, for the selfsame cause,

Night preferr'd to busy day; Hearts whom heavenly beauty draws,

Wish the glaring sun away. Sleep, self-lovers, is for you

Souls, that love celestial know, Fairer scenes by night can view,

Than the sun could ever show.



ONG plunged in sorrow, I resign

My soul to that dear hand of Thine, Without reserve or fear ; That hand shall wipe my streanıing eyes ; Or into smiles of glad surprise

Transform the falling tear.

My sole possession is Thy love ;
In earth beneath, or heaven above,

I have no other store :
And though with fervent suit I pray,
And importune Thee night and day,

I ask Thee nothing more.

My rapid hours pursue the course
Prescribed them by love's sweetest fo ce,

And I Thy sovereign will,
Without a wish to escape my doon ;
Though still a sufferer from the womb,

And doomed to suffer still.

By Thy command, where'er I stray
Sorrow attends me all my way,

A never-failing friend ;
And, if my sufferings may augment
Thy praise, behold me well content

Let sorrow still attend !

It cost me no regret, that she,
Who follow'd Christ, should follow me;

And though, where'er she goes, Thorns spring spontaneous at her feet, I love her, and extract a sweet

From all my bitter woes.

Adieu ! ye vain delights of earth,
Insipid sports, and childish mirth,

I taste no sweets in you;
Unknown delights are in the cross,
All joy beside to me is dross ;

And Jesus thought so too.

The cross! Oh ravishment and bliss-
How grateful e'en its anguish is ;

Its bitterness how sweet!
There every sense, and all the mind,
In all her faculties refined,

Tastes happiness complete.

Souls, once enabled to disdain
Base sublunary joys, maintain

Their dignity secure ;
The fever of desire is pass'd,
And love has all its genuine taste,
Is delicate and pure.

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