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CHAPTER CXXVI--An act amendatory of an act entitled

“An act to provide for the establishment of the Agricul-

tural and Mechanical College of Texas," approved April

17, 1871 ....

CHAPTER CXXVII-An act to amend the twenty-fourth sec-

tion of an act entitled "An act to give effect to the sev-

eral provisions of the Constitution concerning taxes, ' ap-

proved April 22, A. D. 1871..


CHAPTER CXXVIII—An act to repeal section twenty-nine of

“An act to organize the courts of justices of the peace,

and county courts, and to define their jurisdiction and

duties," approved August 13, 1870 ..


CHAPTER CXXIX-An act authorizing the board of trustees

of the State Blind Asylum to audit the payment of cer-

tain accounts, and making an appropriation for the same. 137

CHAPTER CXXX--An act to legalize the acts of I. A. Lee,

of Coryell county ..


CHAPTER CXXXI---An act to authorize the transcript of the

surveyor's records of Lampasas county...


CHAPTER CXXXII-An act to provide for a special registra-

tion of voters preparatory to any election under the pro

visions of " An act to authorize counties, cities and towns

to aid in the construction of railroads, and other works of

internal improvement," approved April 12, 1871, and to

declare who shall be considered qualified voters at any

election held under the provisions of said act....


CHAPTER CXXXIII-- An act to require the judge of the

Eighteenth Judicial District to hold a special term of the

District Court of Brazoria county...




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