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Aiken vs. Barclay, 747. (Indorsers, for the accommodation of the maker of a note

effzet.) Aiken vs. Cathcart, 642. (Protest of Notary-Evidence.) Allen & Montgomery vs. Owens et al. 170. (Liabilities of Partners—Evidence.) Alston os. Collins, 450. (Trespass to try Titles—Tenancy-Possession.) Ancrum rs. Sloan, 594. (Special Assumpsit on warranty of soundness—Interest,

General rule as to---ed-nomine.) Ayers vs. Depras, 367. (Attachment-Return of Garnishee~Rent-Possession of

Sheriff.) Bailey vs. Jeffords, 271. (Torts-Measure of Damages.) Ball & Co. rs. Strohecker, 364. (Pleading-Nonjoinder of Plaintiffs.) Bank vs. Magrath, 302. Confession of Judgment-Practice--11th Rule of Court.) Bank vs. Douglass and McNeil & Blair, 329. (Assumpsit on Note. ---Forfeiture of

stock pledged to secure payment.) Bank vs. Della Torre, 501. (Practice-Returnday of writ.) Bank es. McRa, 639. (Application for further time to file suggestions contesting re

urn of Garnishee-Death of absent debtor-Practice.) Baring vs. Heyward, 553. (Commissioners of Roads.) Bauskett, trustee, ads Jones, 68. (Description of land in deed-Warranty-Loca

tion-Construction.) Birchfield et al. vs. Bonham, 62. (Deed—Boundary-Parol Evidence-Office copy

of deed.) Blair vs. Cantey, 34. (Money in Sheriff's hands-Attachment.) Bomar us. Poole, 119. (Surrender of principal by bail-What sufficient.) Brown, ts. Andrews 73. (Attachment-Return of garnishee.] Brown ads. Kinloch et al. 284. (Verbal guaranty.] Brownlee ads. Shingler, 519. (Power of Attorney-Interest when vested thereby.) Bull vs. Franklin, 46. (Plea in abatement-Misnomer.) Burrill vs. Letson, 378. (Attachment-Debt in suit—Fund in another Court.) Caldwell vs. Meetz, 94. (Prison Bounds-Commissioner of Special Bail-Appeal

Caldwell vs. Wilson, 75. (Trover–Evidence-Delivery-Chattel—Gift.)
Cathcart vs. Gibson, 661. (Evidence as to lost paper-What competent.)
Chapınan vs. Miller, 769. (Pilotage laws under Ordinance of City Council— Uncon-

Chapman vs. Mayrant, 481. (Pleading—Act of 1746–construction of.)
City Council vs. Cohen, 408. (Action of covenant—Recission of contract— Tender.)
City Council vs. Goldsmith, 428. (Ordinance of City Council—Commissioners of

Market-Power of.)
Clark vs. Hunter, 83. (Usury.)
Clerry ts. Spears

, 686. (Prisoner's schedule—What assignable under Prison Bounds
Acts ---Evidence.)
Cohen ads. Sherman, 529. (Suggestion-contesting return of garnishee—Practice.)
Coles os. Holmes, 360. (Assumpsit for work and labor-Written agreement-Proof.)
Comstock & Co. vs. Alexander, 274. (Pleading-Jurisdiction-Nonsuit.)

Craig vs. Pinson, 176. (Amendment of Prisoner's schedule-Assignment-Discharge

by Commissioner of Special Bail.) Craig vs. Pride, 121. (Covenant for Overseer's wages.) Crawford vs. McElvy, 225. (Trover— Testamentary Paper.) Crowther vs. Sawyer & Steele, 573. (Judgment-Liquidated demands-Assessment

by the Clerk.) Dalrymple vs. Lofton, 588. (Slander-Actionable words.) Day vs. Hill, 628. (Judgment against one of the makers of a joint and several note

for less than due-Action for balance due—Satisfaction of judgment-Note not ex

tinguished.) Dealy vs. Lance, 487. (Trover-Administration.) Dibble vs. Taylor, 308. (Practice.) Dillon vs. Watkins, 445. (Attachment Bond under Act of 1839.) Draper vs. Pattina, 292. (Sale by Commission Merchant-Memorandum-Statute

of Frauds.) Dukes vs. Broughton, 620. (Evidence-Judgment and verdict as between same par

ties-Effect.) Elwell vs. Branham, 168. [Nominal damages.) Evans vs. Dendy, 9. (Ordinary----Implied warranty.) Ferrell vs. Scott, 344. (Assumpsit on note given by the widow, for a debt contracted

by the deceased husband_Consideration.) Fishburne vs. Kunhardt, 556. (Mortgage of personal property--Situs Domicil of

mortgagor-Registration.) Ford vs. Elkin, 146. (Confession of judgment as indemnity for liabilities incurred by

one as indorser or security.) Fort vs. Brunson, 657. (Note payable to the wife or bearer-Suit by husband as

bearer, alleging transfer from her by delivery-Recoverable.) Furth vs. Deloach, 400. (Gaol Fees.) Garlington ads. Coleman, 238. (Usury.) Gildersleeve vs. Alexander, 298. (Jurisdiction of City Court of Charleston.) Giles vs. Valk, 460. (Debt on Bond-Condition-Construction of.) Grice vs. Scarborough, 649. (Warranty—Incumbrances-Outstanding lease.) Hale vs. Cantey, 678. (Trespass to try Titles-Evidence-Tenancy.) Hale vs. Grier, 22. (Debt on single bill given for purchase money of land-Conside

ration-Mistake-Possession.) Harwood ads. Tappan & Noble, 536. (Covenant on building contract-Pleading.) Hecksher vs. Robertson, 398. (Assumpsit on Bills of Exchange-Plea-acceptance

not alleged-Demurrer.) Hildreth vs. Griffin, 116. (Sheriff—Receipt of money on Mesne Process.) Hinds and wife vs. Evans, 17. (Evidence-Office copy-Proof of loss.) Hutchinson vs. Boyce & Stoney. 302. (See Bank vs. Magrath, ante.) Hutchinson vs. Magrath, 302. See Bank vs Same, ante.) Hunter vs. Andrews, 73. (Attachment----Return of Garnishee) Jamieson vs. Calhoun, 19. Rent-Distress warrant-Indemnity.) Jeter vs. Askew, 633. (Slander-Declarations of one not produced brought out

by defendant from plaintiff's witness-Waiver of objection--Evidence in reply

what admissible.) Judge & Dennis ads. Fiske & Eager, 436. (Acceptance of notes for rent due-effect.) Kirkpatrick & Co. vs. Ford & Aiken, 110. (Rule on Sheriff-Assignment-Execu

tion-Satisfaction.) Kleinback ads. The State, 418. (Debt on City Ordinance for penalty-Challenge

of jurors, under Act of 1841.)


Letson ads. Wadsworth, 277. (Debt on judgment of City Court of New York

Lindsey vs. Bland, 30. Administrator's sale-Contract—Consideration--Pleading-

Longstreet rs. Lafitte et al. 664. (Practice-Judgment corrected to correspond with ver-

dict-Surplusage-Interest-Ca Sa.- Amendment of return by Sheriff.)
Love us. Ingram, 87. (Payment of witnesses.]
Marshall vs. Reynolds, 166. (Trespass, vi et armis, against several Practice-Evi-

Martin and Wife et al. os. Executors of Teague, 260. (Will—Testamentary capaci-

ty-undue influence-New trial.)
McBee os. Hoke et al. 138. (Official acts of Coroner.)
McCrackin vs. Hair, 256. (Assumpsit-Employer and Overseer.)
Miller & Leckie ts. Jones, 315. [Practice—Entering up of Judgments.)
Mobley ads. Mobley, 654. [Land sold for partition by Commissioner in Equit

Payment to the husband of the wife's interest by the purchaser, a distributee, before
sale—His release of, afterwards, in lifetime of the wife, there being no order for dis-

tribution-Payment how regarded at law.]
Mordecai vs. Gadsden, 566. (Guaranty-Consideration.)
Moore vs. Johnston, 288. (Trespass to try Title.)
Moore ads. Lemon & Aiken, 617. (Error of Commissioner of Special Bail.)
Motte vs. Aiken, 113. Sheriff's sale of chattel claimed under a parol gift.)
Nesbitt vs. L. C. & C. Rail Road Company, 697. (Extra compensation claimed for

services where there was a written contract-Evidence-Nonsuit.]
Norris vs. Goss, 80. (Certificate in BankruptcyPresumption-Notice.]
Norris ads. Wolfe, 322. (Pleading-Covenant-Sufficiency of Pleas.)
O'Brien & Fryer vs. Bound et al. 495. (Joint hiring.)
Payne vs. Williams, 15. (Right of way-Possession--Partition.)
Reaves vs. Waterman, 197. (Common Carrier.)
Rogers vs. Randall, 38. (Will—Limitation over_Trover—Damages.]
Rose os. Laffan & Redmond, 424. (Bill payable to plaintiff's Cashier-Action brought

in plaintiff's name without that addition-sustained.]
Ross & Bellinger vs. English, 393. (Common Carrier.)
Ruff and Wife vs. Thomas, 601. (Evidence-Declarations-Secondary Evidence-

Russell vs. Peay, 217. [Covenant-Fraud.]
Saluda Manufacturing Company vs. Pennington & Nesbitt, 735. Covenant-Dama-

Salvo & Wade vs. Schmidt, 512. (Warrant of distress issued, but not executed in

lifetime of tenant-Rent-Funeral expenses—Executor de son tort.]
Sherman vs. Fair, 647. (Insurance.]
Simmons vs. Watson, 97. [Ordinary-Mandamus to compel grant of administra-

Simpson ads. Knox, 631. (Suits in Summary Jurisdiction—When plaintiff will be

compelled to declare in higher Jurisdiction-Discount.]
Simpson ads. The President and Directors of the Bank of the State, 41. (Action

against Bail-Practice-Amendment.]
Smith & Groning vs. Lawton, 352. [Guaranty-Proof of agency.)
Spalding vs. Lesly, 754. [Money had and received—Principles of the action con-

Spriggs vs. Camp, 181. (Mortgage of personal property--Rights of Mortgagee before

condition broken.)

Stallings vs. Corbett, 613. [Damages.]
State, ex rel. Adger, vs. Mayor and Aldermen of Charleston, 719. [Taxing power
State vs. Bowers, 671. [Indictment for illicit trading under Act of 1817---Evidence----

competency of.]
State vs. Brown, 129. Negro stealing-Act of 1754-construction of.]
State vs. Caldwell, 162. [Indictment for obstructing highway–Roads.[
State vs. Commissioners of Haulover Cut, 491. [Prohibition.]
State vs. Cunningham and Yancey, 246. [Duelling----Construction of Act of 1812.)
State vs. Cullum, 581. [Navigable stream----obstruction of ---Indictment.]
State, ex rel Jervais, vs. Commissioners of New Town Cut, and Sheriff of Charleston

District, 402. (Commissioners of New Town Cut----jurisdiction of.] State os. Dozier, 211. [Writ of venire facias-requisites of.] State vs. Harris, 674. [Paper offered in evidence, made the subject of a criminal

prosecution.) State vs. Harden, 152. [Assault and Battery of free negro.) State vs. Hill, 150. [Indictment for Assault and Battery and false imprisonment of

free negroes.) State vs. Knotts, 692. [Injury to public highway by cutting mill-dam-Liability of proprietor.) State vs. McCoy, 711. [Negro stealing----Construction of Act of 1754----Evidence.] State vs. Simmons et al.761. [Prohibition to restrain Magistrate and Freeholders---

Act of 1835, 7 Stat. 472----unconstitutionality of.] State vs. Sumner et. al. 599. (Riot----General verdict of Guilty----Evidence of Rout--

Verdict sufficient.) State vs. Wilkinson, 623. (Free persons of color-taxes on-under Ordinance of

City Council of Charleston.) State vs. Williams, 26. [Constable-Contempt----Removal from office----Jurisdiction.)

of the Mayor and Aldermen of Charleston, under Acts of 1783 and 1836.] Stribling ads. Martin & Walker, 65. [Discharge by Commissioner of Special Bail--

Assignment----Jurisdiction----Appeal.] Suber vs. Vanlew, 126. [Assumpsit for Overseer's wages ---Entire contract for the

year----Breach before the expiration thereof.] Thomas ads. Woodruff, 148. [Apportionment of contract.] Toney vs Cullum, 581. (See State vs. Same, ante.] Treasurers vs. DeSaussure, 186. JAction on official bond of Ordinary----his duty

as to recording papers.) Treasurers vs. Temples & Adams, 48. [Debt on Constable’s bond-Pleading---de

fect of, in action against principal.] Tucker vs. English. 673. [Single bill by A, to B or order, on which C writes his

name----effect of.] Vance & Davis vs. Red & Young, 90. [Sheriff's sale----Judgment----Lien----Title.] Voorhis vs. Letson, 378. [See Burril vs. Same, ante.) Waddle vs. Cureton & Joyce, 53. [Mortgage----Equity of redemption----Liability

of purchaser.]
Waller et al. vs. Ward, 786. [Limitation of Estate----Construction of Will.]
Weed & Fanning vs. Evans, 232. (Insolvent debtor----Question of undue preference.)
Weikman ads. City Council of Charleston, 371. [Pleading----Verdict----Surplusage---
Whitesides vs. Wallace, 193. [Action on lost note---when maintainable.]

Wightman vs. Butler, 357. (Debt on Bond---Presumption----Payment.]
Wilkie vs. Walton, 473. [Practice----Liquidated demands.]
Wilson vs. Cloud, 1. (Slander----Evidence immaterial to issue.)

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