Transactions of the Royal Scottish Society of Arts, Volume 6

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Vol. 1- includes the proceedings of the society.

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Page 108 - Geological Report of the Country along the Line of the South-western Branch of the Pacific Railroad. State of Missouri.
Page 5 - D stands before the slit in such a position that the mouth of the flame is in a straight line with the axis of the telescope B. Somewhat lower than the point at which the axis of the tube produced meets the mouth, the end of a fine platinum wire bent round to a hook is placed in the flame. The platinum wire is supported in this position by a small holder, E, and on to the hook is melted a globule of the metal or salt of the metal which it is desirable to examine.
Page 5 - A is a box blackened on the inside, having its horizontal section in the form of a trapezium, and resting on three feet ; the two inclined sides of the box, which are placed at an angle of about 58 from each other, carry the two small telescopes B and C.
Page 26 - ... down the side warmed by the adjacent kiln, for they were both in one block of building. But draw kilns are better suited for burning lias than flare kilns, as the heat is more uniformly distributed through the charge ; there is, therefore, less danger of over-burning the lower half and under-burning the upper. Each kiln held 100 tons of stone, and burnt 21 tons per diem. The two together produced 25 tons of quick-lime every day, a quantity sufficient for about 97 cubic yards of mortar, or 170...
Page 6 - A small telescope placed some way off is directed toward the mirror, and through this telescope an image of a horizontal scale fixed at some distance from the mirror is observed. By turning the prism round, every color of the spectrum may be made to move past the vertical wire of the telescope C, and any required position of the spectrum thus brought to coincide with the vertical line. Each particular portion of the spectrum thus corresponds to a certain point on the scale. If the luminosity of the...
Page 36 - ... the iron core with magnetism. For this purpose I use three layers of one continuous No. 12 copper wire carefully annealed : if more layers are used, I find that the secondary wire is removed too far from the magnetic influence. The secondary wire ought not to be larger than No. 35...
Page 108 - The best book on surveying with which I am acquainted."— W. RUTHERFORD, LL.D. .FRAS, Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. Reports of the Association for Promoting Improvement in the Dwellings and Domestic Condition of Agricultural Labourers in Scotland.
Page 5 - ... movable about a vertical axis. The axis carries on its lower part the mirror G, and above that the arm H, which serves as a handle for turning the prism and mirror. A small telescope placed some way off is directed...
Page 30 - A British thermal unit is the quantity of heat required to raise 1 Ib. of water 1 F. It ig equal to 0-252 kg.-cal. A kg.-cal. or 'great calorie' is the quantity of heat required to raise 1 kg.
Page 128 - The following donations were laid on the table, and thanks voted to the donors : — Skull of a New Zealander, presented by John Mitchell, Esq., Leith.

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