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Vames and Addresses of Officers
Names and Addresses of Members -
The Need of Women in Science

Maria Mitchell

Our Museums and Our Investigators - -

- Sarah Monks

Discoveries made in the Human Voice -

. Emma Seiler

Comparative Mental Power of the Sexes - Antoinette Brown Blackwell

Summer Course in Botany at Harvard University - . . .

Agassiz Summer School at Penikese .

. - •Amy Johnson

Development of the Animal Kingdom -

- - Graceanna Lewis

Organization of Household Labor . .

- - Anna C. Garlin

Co-operation - - - - -

Melusina For Peirce

Woman in Literature . . .

. . E. K. Duffer

Art Education-

- Mary D. Hicks

Homes for Unmarried Women -

Miss Eunice D. Sewall

Philosophy of Woman's Era - . . Augusta Cooper Bristol

Remarks by- .

. Lucretia Mott

The Development of Character in Schools - - Abby Morton Dias

Music and Woman as a Musician - - - Fanny Raymond Ritter

Some Defects in the Higher Education of Woman - Georgianne E. Watson

Minstrelsy and Amatory Poetry; Its Legacy to Girlhood - Mary C. Peckham

Paternity - - - - - - - - Julia Ward Hoque

Industrial Education for Woman . . . Elizabeth K. Churchill

Home Protection - - A Temperance Address- Frances E. Willard

Report of Committee on Reform

- Ellen E. Mitchell

Report of Committee on Finance

Charlotte A. Cleveland

Remarks by - - -

- Mrs. Livermore

Spurious and Adulterated Manufactures

Catharine A. F. Stebbins

Remarks on the Kindergarten ..

Elizabeth Peabodu

Woman and Her Trimmings . .

- Elica S. Turner

Woman in the Legal Profession .

Lavinia Goodell

Woman Suffrage

Anne Gardner

Remarks on Same Subject by - - - Abby W. May and Lucy Stone

The Genesis of Crime - ..

· Jeanne Carr

Closing Remarks .

Resolutions passed at Second Quarterly Conference . - .

Appendix--History of Association for Advancement of Woman . .

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OFFICERS FOR 1876-1877.

Mrs. Julia Ward Howe, 4 Park Street, Boston.

Prof. Jariz Mitchell, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.
Miss Abby W. May, 3 Exeter Street, Boston, Mass.
Mrs. Elizabeth K. Churchill, 23 Jones Street, Providence R. I.
JIrs. C. A. Quimby, Augusta, Maine.
Rev. Antoinette Brown Blackwell, Somerville, N. J.
Mrs. Emma J. Bartol, 1970 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Mrs. Emma C. Buscom, Madison, Wis.
Mrs. Mary V. Adams, Dubuque, Iowa.
Mrs. Rebecca W. Hazard, Kirkwood, Mo.
Virs. Frances Bagley, Detroit, Mich.
Alida C. Avery, M. D., Denver, Col.
Vírs. Caroline M. Severance, Santa Barbara, Cal.
Mrs. Martha VcKay, 156 Ash Street, Indianapolis, Ind.
Mrs. Alice J. Chamberlain, Columbia, S. C.
Mrs. Mary (. Peckham, Minneapolis, Minn.
Miss Frances E. Willard. 148 Vadison Street, Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Bridge, Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio.
Mrs. Sara J. Andrews Spencer, Spencerian Business College, Washington, D.C.

Visi Alice C. Fletcher, Madison, N. J.

Mrs. Sophia ('. Iloffman, Station G, New York, N. Y.

Mrs. (). II. Booth, 103 Varket Street, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.
Mrs. Henrietta W. Wolcott, Brunswick Hotel, Boston, Mass.

Miss Mary F. Eastman, Tewkesbury, Mass.
Mrs. Mary E. Bagg, 84 James Street, Syracuse, N. Y.
Mrs. Mary A. Livermore, Melrose, Mass.
Rev. Phebe A. Hanaford, 770 Grand Street, Jersey City Heights, N. J.
Mrs. Ellen Mitchell, 922 Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. M. V. Longley, Times and Chronicle, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Mrs. Henrietta W. Johnson, Box 197, Orange, N. J.
Vírs. Ruth (). Delameter, 424 West Twentieth Street, New York, N. Y.
Mary J. Safford Blake, M. D., 3 Hamilton Place, Boston, Mass.
Mrs. Caroline A. Soule, Fordham, N. 1'.
Mrs. Phebe M. Kendall, 123 Inman Street, Cambridgeport, Mass.
Mrs. Romelia L. Clapp, 205 West Fifty-sixth Street, New York, N. Y.
Mrs. Charlotte A. Cleveland, Perry, Wyoming County, N. Y.
Mrs. Lucinda H. Stone, Kalamazoo, Mich.
Virs. Charlotte A. Joy, 228 Capp Street, San Francisco, Cal.
Prof. Rachel L. Bodley, 1400 North Second Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Mrs. Lita Barney Sayles, Dayville, Conn.
Mrs. Caroline Vi. Brown, 269 Erie Street, Chicago, Ill.

Science --Prof. Maria Mitchell.
Art- Mrs. Julia Ward Howe.
Education---Mrs. Caroline A. Soule.
Indrestrial Education--Rev. Phebe A. Ilanaford.
Reform and Statistics--Mrs. Sara J. A. Spencer.
finance--Mrs. C. A. Cleveland,

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