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I. Michael Angelo 1

Catalogue of One Hundred Drawings by Michael

Angelo, composing the Tenth Exhibition of the

Lawrence Gallery, at 112 St. Martin's Lane.

II. Wheaton's International Law 16

Elements of International Law, with a Sketch of

the History of the Science. By Henry Wheaton.

III. Southey's Life Op Cowper 29

The Works of William Cowper, Esq. With a Life

of the Author, by the Editor, Robert Southey.

IV. Michigan 55

1. Historical and Scientific Sketches of Michi-

gan, comprising a Series of Discourses delivered

before the Historical Society of Michigan, and other

interesting Papers relative to the Territory.

2. Constitution of the State of Michigan, as

adopted in Convention begun and held at the Capi-

tol in the City of Detroit, on Monday the 11th day

of May, A. D. 1835.

V. Mrs. Child's Philothea 77

Philothea, a Romance. By Mrs. Child. VI. Insanity And Insane Hospitals 91

1. A Treatise on Insanity, and other Disorders

affecting the Mind. By James Cowles Prichard,

M. D., F. R. S.

2. On Insanity; its Nature, Causes, and Cure.

By William B. Neville, Esq., of Earl's Court

House. London.

3. Observations on the Principal Medical Institu-

tions of France, Italy, and Germany. By Edwin

Lee, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons.

4. Annual Reports of the Lunatic Hospitals in

the United States.

VII. Memoirs Of Pellico 121

1. My Prisons; Memoirs of Silvio Pellico of


2. Additions to "My Prisons; Memoirs of Silvio

Pellico," with a Biographical Notice of Pellico.

By Piero Maroncelli of Forli. Translated from

the Italian, under the Superintendence of the


VIII. Everett's Orations And Speeches .... 138

Orations and Speeches on various Occasions.

By Edward Everett.

IX. Reformation In Italy 153

History of the Reformation in Italy. By T.

Macrie, D. D.

X. University op Cambridge, England .... 178

1. A Discourse on the Studies of the University,

by Adam Sedgwick, M. A., F. R. S.

2. Alma Mater, or Seven Years at the University

of Cambridge. By a Trinity Man.

3. The Cambridge University Calendar for the

year 1830.

XI. Irvinc's Astoria 200

Astoria, or Anecdotes of an Enterprise beyond

the Rocky Mountains. By Washington Irving.

XII. Misconceptions Of The New England Character 237

1. An Oration delivered on the Anniversary of

the New England Society, Charleston, S. C,

December 22d, 1835; in Commemoration of the

Landing of the Pilgrims upon the Rock of Plymouth,

December 22d, 1620. By Joshua Barker Whit-

Ridge, A. M., M. D.

2. Memoirs of a Nullifier. Written by Himself.

By a Native of the South.

3. An Address delivered before the Pilgrim

Society of Plymouth, December 22d, 1835. By

Hon. Peleg Sprague.

XIII. Critical Notices.

1. Historical Society's Collections 260

2. Chorley's Memorials of Mrs. Hemans . . 265

3. American Almanac 267

4. Knickerbocker for October 270

5. Curtis on the Ear 273

6. Holmes's Poems 275

7. Fiske's Translation of Eschenberg . . . 277

8. Pinney's Principles of Education .... 280

9. Memoir of James Jackson, Jr 282

10. Robinson's Hebrew Lexicon 282

11. Wharton's Discourse 285

12. Boston Ministry at Large 286

13. Homer's Address . ... v .... 286

14. Lucas on Prison Discipline 287

15. True Plan of a Living Temple .... 292

Quarterly List Op New Publications .... 293

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