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perfect. The Dairy Division has also compiled for publication herein the State and Territorial laws relating to the various phases of the dairy industry. Considerable space is also given to a compilation of the orders which have been issued by the Bureau since its organization.

Provision for printing this report is made by Congress, and I recommend that it be forwarded to the Public Printer for publication. Very respectfully,


Chief of Bureau of Animal Industry Hon. JAMES WILSON,




Plate I.



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Fig. 1. Champion Angus heifer, Smithfield (England) Fat Stock Show....

2. High-grade Shorthorn steer
3. High-grade Hereford steer
4. Names of points...
7. Chicago wholesale dealers' method of cutting beef.
6. Chicago retail dealers' method of cutting beef
7. English method of cutting beef..
8. Newbus ox
I. A good head and front
10. A good feeder in stock condition--front view.
10a. A good feeder in stock condition--rear view.
11. An unprofitable feeding type....
12. A bad back and unprofitable feeding type.
13. A good back
14. A good feeder.
15. A bad feeder.
16. A bad feeiler.
17. A bad feeder
18. Diagram showing places where needle of pickle puinp should be

inserted in pumping a side of bacon; and the direction in which

the needle should be thrust.
19. A comparatively early case of common scab, showing a bare spot

and a tagging of the wool...
20. Adult sheep tick (Melophagus ovinus).
21. Sheep louse (Trichocdectes spharocephalus)
92. Shtep-foot louse (Hæmatopinus peilalis).
2:3. A simple caldron which may be used for boiling dip
24. A caldron with stove....
25. A floating dairy thermometer
26. A crutch, or dipping fork
27. Another style of crutch, or dipping fork
28. Dipping sheep in a tub..
29. Trough for dipping lambs.
30. A small portable dipping vat for small flocks

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Fig. 31. A small portable dipping vat, with attached dripping platform....
32. Detachable skeleton box, with gate, to fit over the dripping plat-

33. A small patented portable vat arranged as a cart
34. A small patented portable vat arranged as a cart, unfolded and in

31. A small dipping plant.
36. Receiving and forcing yards, with attached stage, decoy pen, vat,

draining yards, etc ...
37. Australian circular receiving and forcing yards, with straight race

or drive, the incline chute, straight vat, incline, two draining

pens, etc..
38. Argentine semicircular receiving and forcing yards, with a straight

vat, draiuing pens, etc....
39. Dipping plant provided with an endless chain or treadmill chute..
40. Dipping plant..
41. Dipping plant.
42. A straight vat known as the Australian sheep-dipping tank.
43. A straight swim somewhat similar to fig. 42.
44. A dipping plant.
45. A dipping plant in uso in Millard County, Utah.
46. A triple vat.
47. A circular dipping tank..
48. A circular dipping tank, with drive and slide.
49. View of a double oblong swim...
50. A double oblong swim ...
51. Ground plan of yards and vat.
52. Ground plan of yards and vat....
53. View of the dipping plant at the Stock Yards, South Omaha, Nebr.
54. View of the dipping plant at the Union Stock Yards, Chicago, Ill..

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