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patristic lore, the practices of former tions, Dr. Pusey's authority will not ages, the opinions of men long ago be regarded as of much value by gone hence, to be no more seen any but the blindly-devoted adherbelow? After Mr. Jackson's com. ents of his party. plete exposure of his misrepresenta


WESLEYAN CONFERENCE IN IRELAND. The Wesleyan-Methodist Conference were last year entered on the Minutes as was held this year in the city of Dublin. Supernumeraries, have resumed their acThe period of its session will long be customed position. Six junior Ministers, remembered by all who were connected who had passed regularly and satisfactowith it, as one of peculiar spiritual influ- rily through the usual period of probation, ence and profit. The usual preparatory were received into full connexion with the Committees began their meetings on Conference, and ordained by imposition Tuesday, June 21st, and the Conference of hands. Of nine candidates for the mion the following Friday, June 24th, at nisterial office, who had likewise passed six o'clock.

regularly and satisfactorily through their The Rev. James Dixon, President of respective District Committees, some the British Conference, had been ap were appointed to Circuits, others select. pointed to preside in the Irish Confer. ed for the Theological Institution, and ence. He was accompanied by the Rev. the remainder placed on the President's Robert Newton, and also by the Rev. List of Reserve, to be called out into the John Scott, one of the General Trea- regular work of the Wesleyan itinerancy, surers of the Wesleyan Missionary Soci. should their services be required. ety. The Rev. Walter Oke Croggon We learn with great pleasure, in reattended as Superintendent of the Irish ference to the state of the Wesleyan Missions and Schools. The Conference Connexion in Ireland, that it has pleased was favoured with the presence of the the great Head of the church to accom. Rev. Bishop Soule, Representative of pany the labours of his servants, during the Methodist Episcopal Church in the the past year, with his blessing. NotUnited States of America, to the British withstanding the dark clouds of superConference; and likewise with that of stition that hang over the land, and the the Kev. Thomas Sargent, also from the numerous and opposing influences against United States, the Bishop's travelling which Wesleyan Methodism has had to companion. The accounts given by contend ; and although emigration has these esteemed brethren, of the progress occasioned the removal of not fewer than of religion in America, were very cheer- eight hundred and sixty-nine members ; ing to the Irish Ministers. Of these, there has still been a net increase, on the about eighty were present at the Confer- total number of members in society, of ence.

three hundred and sixty-two. The Mis. The religious services held in the dif- sion daily schools have also increased, ferent Wesleyan chapels in the city and their number now being fifty-two, conits environs, during the time of Confer- taining more than four thousand childence, were numerously attended ; and ren. These schools are in addition to the various discourses which were deli- the Sunday-schools in the different Cirvered, were heard with evident and great cuits; and in them all, daily or Sabbath, seriousness; and it is hoped that the the Scriptures are read, and religious fruit of them will he abundant, and en instruction given. couragingly visible.

We are glad to be able to add, that During the past year only one Minis the different Funds connected with Irish ter, of those whose names were on the Wesleyan Methodism, amidst much disMinutes, has died ; namely, the Rev. tress prevailing through the country, Thomas Wade Doolittle, a man respect have sustained no loss; but, on the ed and beloved by all who knew him. whole, have advanced. The contribuFour of the Itinerant Ministers have tions to the Missionary Fund have in.' become Supernumeraries ; but three who creased about £400 during the past year,

affording proof of a growing interest in ment save that which the promises of the the cause of religion and humanity ; for Gospel, and the tokens of the divine presuch is the cause of Christian Missions. sence and blessing, afford them. They

We recommend the Irish brethren, have many adversaries, and not many and their labours, to the continued and friends. They greatly need, and they prayerful recollection of our readers. greatly deserve, the sympathy and pray. They have much against which they are ers of the friends of Methodism in Eng. called to contend, and little encourage



METHODIST CONFERENCE OF 1842. The Wesleyan-Methodist Ministers, the Rev. Joshua Soule, D. D., one of according to the appointment of the Con their Bishops, to be their Representative ference of last year, held their annual to the British Conference. The Rev. Conference this year in London, upwards T. Sargent had likewise been chosen to of five hundred being present, who were accompany him as his travelling com. affectionately and hospitably entertained panion. The Bishop and Mr. Sargent by the members of the Wesleyan soci were then introduced to the Conference, eties and congregations in London and and welcomed by the President. Both its vicinity.

of them likewise addressed the Confer. As usual, the different Committees, to

The presence of these esteemed whom is intrusted the arrangement of brethren was very gratifying, and was the various departments of connexional hailed as a pledge of union between the business, so as that all may be prepared two churches. The Conference unani. for the consideration and judgment of mously requested Bishop Soule to furthe Conference, met some days before nish for publication the sermon which he the commencement of the regular ses. preached in the City-road chapel, on Sun. sions. The Stationing Committee met day evening, July 31st; and, as the on Monday morning, July 18th, at the request was complied with, we hope, City-road chapel, and the other Commit. before long, to be able to present it to tees on the days appointed, as published our readers. in the “Minutes of Conference" for 1841. During the sittings of the Conference,

The Conference began on Wednesday the Ministers present were highly grati. morning, July 27th, at the City-road fied by a visit paid to them by the truly chapel. After the necessary prelimina- venerable Dr. Steinkopff, and the Rev. sies had been attended to, by calling Mr. Sydow, a Prussian Clergyman, from over the names of the hundred Ministers Potzdam. These esteemed Ministers constituting the “legal Conference," and were introduced by the Rev. Dr. Bunfilling up the vacancies occasioned by ting, and were received and welcomed, in death and superannuation, the Rev. John the name of the Conference, by the PreHannah, D.D., was chosen President; the sident. Both Dr, Steinkopff and Mr. Rev. Robert Newton, Secretary ; the Rev. Sydow addressed the Conference, assur. Isaac Keeling, and the Rev. John Far. ing their Wesleyan brethren, that their rar, Sub-Secretaries; and the Rev. W'il. proceedings were not unnoted on the liam Barton, Journal Secretary.

continent of Europe; and that especi. As we shall give, as usual, the obi. ally their Missionary labours had at. tuary memorials of the Ministers who tracted the general attention of all evan. have died since the last Conference, the gelical Christians. Mr. Sydow stated, “ Pastoral Address" of the Conference also, that several Wesleyan publicato the Wesleyan societies, and a few tions had been translated into German, extracts from the “ Annual Minutes," we and had had a very beneficial influence, have the less to say in the present article. They both of them gave some encouraging The Conference had only its ordinary accounts of the revival of religion on the business to transact, and this was trans. Continent; and that, not only in its proacted in the usual spirit of Christian fession, but also in its power : they ex. fidelity and fraternal affection. It was pressed, likewise, their earnest desires eminently a Conference of peace and for the increase of brotherly affection harmony.

among Christians, holding the Head, When the regular business of the Conthough of different communions, ference had commenced, the assembled An occurrence of a similar charace Ministers were informed that the General ter occasioned great pleasure to the Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Ministers in Conference. They were Church in the United States had sent informed, that the General Assembly of

the Church of Scotland, at its recently increase during the year, in the Mission held Session, had resolved to open a field, of 4,081, and in Ireland, of 362, friendly correspondence, and to allow there had been a decrease in the societies ministerial intercourse, with other por- at honie of 2,065; so that the total intions of the Christian church; and that crease this year has been only 2,378. the resolution to this effect had been so The circumstance occasioned much and worded as to include the Wesleyan Me. very serious conversation ; and it was thodists. A letter, written by the au resolved, that the 7th of October next thority of the General Assembly, signed should be observed as a day of fasting by the Rev. the Moderator, addressed to and prayer, and for seeking especially the Wesleyan Ministers assembled in the more abundant effusion of the Holy Conferenoe, was read. In this letter Spirit. The depth and long continuance there is a distinct recognition, expressed of commercial distress, with the nuin the language of true Christian affec merous removals always occasioned by tion, of the Wesleyan Methodists, as such a state of things, must not be overconstituting a branch of the true catho- looked, as contributing to what we trust lic church of the Lord Jesus, and a is only a temporary diminution of numprayer that the intercourse and corre bers; and we are encouraged thus to spondence proposed might be for the hope by the fact that, when the numbers honour of God, and the salvation of were taken, in order to be reported to souls. May this example be imitated the Conference, there appeared to be, by others. Union of affection, and fra. from the Circuit Schedules, nearly ternal recognition, would furnish an in- 20,000 persons on trial for admission conceivable increase of strength and in into the Wesleyan society. We may, fluence to Christian Protestants, now, however, in regard to the present times, unhappiiy, too much divided, and vigor- apply the language of the Apostle in ously assailed both by modern infidelity, relation to those in which he lived : “A and their ancient enemies, the adherents great door and effectual is opened ; " but of the Papacy, as well as by those “there are many adversaries." To em. pseudo-Protestants, who, though dwell- brace the opportunities, and successfully ing in Protestant communions, repudi. to resist the opposition, much holy wis. ate Protestant principles, and confess dom and zeal is required from the lathemselves to be opposed to the Pro- bourers in the Lord's vineyard, and the testant name. It is to the honour of the abundant blessing of God upon their established Church of Scotland that she labours. And for this, all who desire has taken this important step.

the revival and spread of true religion, We regret to have to say, that when will pray earnestly; and especially for the numbers of “members of society” in the Ministers of Christ's Gospel,' that the various Circuits and stations were “ the word of the Lord may have free reported, although there had been an course and be glorified.”



GREAT BRITAIN. [N. B. Each of the places mentioned in these Stations, and numbered consecutively from 1 to 419, is the head of a Circuit. The Preacher or Preachers stationed in, or appointed to, the several Circuits under-mentioned, is and are appointed by the Conference to preach and to perform all acts of religious worship and Methodist discipline in each and every of the Wesleyan-Methodist chapels already erected, or to be erected, within each Circuit respectively, within the space of twelve calendar months, at such time or times, and in such manner, as to him or them shall seem proper; subject nevertheless to the direction of the Superintendent Preacher.] JOHN HANNAH, D.D., PRESIDEYT OF THE CONFERENCE.

1. LONDON DISTRICT._John Scott, Chairman of the District.

John Farrar, Financial Secretary. | First London, (City-road, fc.,) Richard Reece, Robert Wood, John Scott,

Robert Newstead, John M'Owan, William Barton, John 1. Muff'; Henry Moore, Seth Morris, Supernumeraries.

George Cubitt is our Editor ; John S. Stamp is Assistant

Editor ; John Mason, 2d, is our Book Steward.
Jabez Bunting, D.D., John Beecham, Robert Alder, D.D.,

and Elijah Hoole, are the Resident Secretaries of our Mis.
sions ; Walter 0. Croggon is the Superintendent, under the
direction of the Missionary Committee, of the Irish Missions

and Schools. Dr. Bunting is appointed the President of the Wesleyan

Theological Institution ; Thomas Jackson is the Theological
Tutor, and John Farrar the Classical Tutor and Gorernos,
of the Southern Branch of the Institution at Abney-house.
Dr. Hannah (the President of the Conference) is the Theo-
logical Tutor, Philip C. Turner the Governor, William L.
Thornton the Classical Tutor, and Theophilus Woolmer
Assistant Tutor, of the Northern Branch of the Institution
at Didsbury; Samuel Wilkinson is the President's private

James D. Brocklehurst, John Eaton, John Harvard, Edward

Lightwood, Joseph Portrey, Charles Povah, Thomas Shel-
don, Ebenezer R. Talbot, and William Williams, 2d, are
Students in the Institution, and regarded as having travelled

one year. 2 Second London, (Queen-street, &c.,) Joseph Fowler, William M. Bunting,

Robert M. Wilcox, John Relph; John Kershaw, Samuel

Jones, A.M., Supernumeraries. 3 Third London, (Spitalfields, &c.,) Thomas Martin, Charles Prest, Frederick

J. Jobson, John Vanes; John G. Avery, Supernumerary. Romford, John M. Kirk, who shall change once in four weeks, on

the Lord's day, with the Preachers of the Third London


(Welsh,) Lewis Williams. 4 Fourth London, (Southwark, gc.,) James Methley, Samuel R. Hall, James

Osborn. 3 Fifth London, (Lambeth, 8c.,) Henry Fish, A.M., John M'Lean, William

Chambers. 6 Sixth London, (Hinde-street, gc.,) Robert Young, John C. Pengelly, Wil.

liam Peterson ; Joseph Sutcliffe, A.M., Supernumerary. 7 Seventh London, ( Chelsea, &c.,) John Bicknell, John Smith, 3d. 8 Deptford, William Clegg, sen., Benjamin Clough ; Thomas Rogers,

Supernumerary. 9 Hammersmith, William Naylor, John Hartley. 10 Croydon,

Samuel Trueman, Jabez Palmer, Richard Chapman; Edward

Chapman, Supernumerary. 11 Leylon,

John Mason, Ist, who shall change once in six weeks on the

Lord's day with the Preachers of the First London Circuit 12 Bishop-Stortford, William Drewitt, William Way. 13 Cambridge, Robert Maxwell, George Turner, 2d. 14 Windsor, James Brownell, Robert H. Atherton ; Richard Treffry,

Supernumerary. 15 Chelmsford, James Aldis, Charles Carter, Luke H. Wiseman. 16 Colchester, John Baker, John Norton. 17 Manningtree, Joseph Lowthian, William H. Rule, William Exton. 18 Ipswich, Richard Cooper, Joseph Payne, John Gay. 19 Hastings, John Philp, Henry Banks. 20 Sevenoaks, John Chettle, Joseph Stinson, John Gostick. 21 Lewes and Eastbourne, William Culcheth; William W. Annetts, Supernume

N. B. Brother Culcheth shall change regularly with the

Preachers of the Brighton Circuit. 22 Brighton, John Crofts, Thomas Rowe ; Joseph Brookhouse, Supernu

merary. 23 St. Alban's, William Bytheway, Henry Young, James Wheeler,

N. B. Brother Young shall reside at Watford.

24 Guildford, Dorking, and Horsham, Isaac Harding, Samuel Beard, John Lam

bert, 2d.

N.B. Brother Beard shall reside at Dorking. II. BEDFORD AND NORTHAMPTON DISTRICT.-William Bacon,


George H. Rove, Financial Secretary. 26 Bedford and Ampthill, William Bacon, James Ray, James P. Dunn; Frede.

rick Calder, Supernumerary.
26 Leighton-Buzzard, Moses Dunn, Francis Ward, John Maysey.
27 Luton,

George Taylor, James Cooke, Ist, John F. England, Thomas
P. Clarke.

N. B. Brother Cooke shall reside at Dunstable. 28 St. Neot's, Everett Vigis, Edward Bramford. 29 Biggleswade, Robert Sherwell, Henry B. Botterell; Francis B. Potts,

Supernumerary, 30 Hitchin, James Cheesewright, who shall change on one Sunday in every

month with the Preachers of the Biggleswade Circuit. 31 Huntingdon, John B. Whittingham, James Lees, John W. Dawson. 32 Northampton, George H. Rowe, James Golding, William Hales ; James

Gill, William Hinson, Supernumeraries. 33 Towcester, William Wedlock, William Bramford. 34 Daventry, Thomas Hickson, William Hopkins, Richard Riley. 35 Newport-Pagnell, Richard Eland, Thomas Standring. 36 Higham-Ferrers, John Brown, 2d, Samuel Wesley; Thomas Hewitt, Super

numerary. 37 Wellingborough, William J. Bullivant, Robert W. Broomfield. 38 Kettering, John Hannah, 2d, John I. Dredge. 39 Markel-Harborough, Samuel Brown, 1st, George Hurst; John Wood, Super.

numerary. 40 Chatteris, James Waller, W’illiam H. Bambridge. 41 Oundle, Wright Shovelton, William Ford ; Isaac Aldom, Supernu.

III. KENT DISTRICT.-John Davis, Chairman.

Benjamin Andrews, LL.D., Financial Secretary. 42 Canterbury, Benjamin Andrews, LL.D., John D. Carey, Samuel

Brown, 2d. 43 Rochester, John Davis, Henry Turner, Robert M. Macbrair. 44 Gravesend, George Scott, William P. Dennis. 45 Sheerness,

Robert Wheeler, who shall change on one Sunday in every

four weeks with the Preachers of the Rochester and Maid.

stone Circuits. 46 Margate, James Rosser, Edward Jennings. 47 Dover,

John Geden, Thomas Robinson, Ist, George Blencowe; James

Jarrett, Supernumerary: 48 Deal,

William Wilson, 1st, Josiah Mycock ; James Gartrell, Super.

numerary: 49 Rye,

Thomas Baker, Joseph K. Tucker. 50 Tenterden, John Knowles, 1st, Reuben Partridge. 51 Ashford, John Sharman, who shall change once in six weeks with the

Preachers at Tenterden and Canterbury. 52 Sandhurst, Henry B. Britten, James Hirst. 53 Maidstone, Samuel Young, James Mole. IV. NORWICH AND LYNN DISTRICT.-_John Hanwell, Chairman.

Thomas R. Fisher, Financial Secretary. 54 Norwich, John Hanwell, William Parker, William Baker, jun. 55 Bungay,

John Piggott, Thomas J. Walker. 56 North. W'alsham, Richard Greenwood, George Millsom. 57 Yarmouth, Ninian Barr, William Williams, Ist; William Fowler, Super


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