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THE LONDON DISTRICT. This important Auxiliary held its Annual Meeting in Great Queenstreet chapel, on Wednesday, May 18th,—Thomas Farmer, Esq., in the chair. The speakers were, the Rev. W. L. Thornton, the Rev. P. Lorimer, the Rev. W. Barton, the Rev. John Crofts, the Rev. F. J. Johson, the Rev. Thomas Martin, the Rev. P. C. Turner, the Rev. W. M. Bunting, the Rev. John Beecham, and the Rev. Dr. Alder. The annual congregational sermons had been preached, in various London chapels, on the preceding Sunday.

From among the various excellent and animating addresses delivered at this Meeting, our limits permit us to select only that of the Rev. Peter Lorimer, from which the following extracts are given :

The Rev. PETER LORIMER, Mi. the London District. The manifestanister of the Scottish Church, Islington, tions of the favour and blessing of God said,—He was induced to attend this which had been vouchsafed to them Meeting from a motive of gratitude to ought to operate as a motive for increased the Wesleyan body, and from a desire to diligence, increased hopefulness, and in. cultivate a more close and friendly fel. creased confidence in the success of the lowship with them. He would not now work in which they were engaged. How speak of his personal obligations to dis- high, how mighty, how sublime was the tinguished members of the Wesleyan soci- object contemplated by Missionary exer. ety ; but, as an humble Minister of the tion ! It was an object in which the Church of Scotland, he could not but feel multitude of the heavenly host took (if deeply and fervently grateful to that he might so speak) an enthusiastic inter. society, for the kind and affectionate It was an object in which all the sympathy and interest they had hitherto Persons of the glorious Godhead were manifested in the peculiar trials and interested : it concerned the glory of difficulties of the Church with which he Almighty God; it concerned the honour was connected. It was a token of sym

of the divine and blessed Redeemer; it pathy not to be mistaken, that, during concerned the eternal life, and the best the last two years, the Wesleyan body temporal welfare and prosperity, of milhad invited to take a prominent part in lions of their fellow-men. He called the services of their Missionary Anniver upon them to consider how magnificent saries, some of the most distinguished, was the apparatus which God had zealous, and devoted champions of the honoured them to set in motion, and Church of Scotland. He begged to which was in vigorous and effective assure the Meeting, not only for himself, exercise in all quarters of the world, but on behalf of all his brethren in the He found, from the Report, that the Presbytery of London, that but one feel total number of the principal stations ing prevailed among them with regard to occupied by the Society was 261; the the Wesleyan society,-a feeling of warm number of Missionaries, exclusive of and affectionate attachment, and that Catechists, was 368; the number of they were animated by a sincere desire accredited members, exclusive of Ireland, to cultivate closer bonds of amity and was 87,258 ; and the number of scholars brotherhood than had heretofore united in the schools was nearly 60,000. What them. But he must now address him. a magnificent Missionary apparatus was self more immediately to the object for this ! What a splendid organization, ex. which they were here assembled. He tending far and wide throughout the unimight be permitted to congratulate the verse ! He called upon them to consider Meeting on the satisfactory and gratify- how high honour had thus been put upon ing statements contained in the Report; them by the great Head of the church ; and he could not but express his astonish and reminded them that it was their duty ment that, though the past year had to seek to render themselves in some been one of great commercial embarrass. measure worthy of this honour, by their ment throughout the country, so large an increased activity, diligence, prayerfuladdition had been made to the income of ness, and liberality. It was impossible the Society. He must also congratulate to listen to the Report without being the Meeting on the large increase of in- struck with the almost uninterrupted come realized in the various Circuits of success with which Almighty God had

crowned their labours during the year. education among the people. What I The success which had attended the wish to ask of you is, that, at the Meetoperations of this Society had not been ing of the Assembly of our Church, on confined to any one particular quarter, an occasion so critical, so perilous, so but had extended throughout every scene threatening, you will pour forth your of its labours. If it had pleased the united and fervent prayers, that the Lord to withhold from them every token Spirit of God, the Spirit of wisdom, of of success during the past year, they knowledge, and of the fear of the Lord, would have had no reason for complaint; may abide upon that Assembly ; that they but if, under such circumstances, they may be influenced by the fear of God, would have been bound to proceed in not by the fear of man ; that their hearts their work, how much more incumbent may be animated by the love of Christ on them was it to go forward, when from and the things of Christ, not swayed by every point of the compass they received love of the world, or the temporalities of abundant evidence of success! He might the world. It were a noble sight, indeed, refer to one topic, to which eloquent could we see an united phalanx of hunallusion had been made in the Report; dreds of Ministers willing, yea, joyful, namely, that great success, while it ought for Christ's sake and the Gospel's, for the to minister encouragement, involved se honour of the Redeemer's crown, and in rious and solemn responsibility. They defence of the spiritual liberties of those had been instrumental, under God, in whom Christ has made free,-it were a exciting a demand for Christian know noble sight to see such a band of men ledge and instruction in the hearts of willing to forsake all of earthly good, to loundreds, not to say thousands, of their leave all the comforts of their homes, to fellow-creatures; and they were bound, cast themselves upon the providence of by the obligations of justice, charity, and God, and upon the charities of his peogenerosity, to supply this demand. Per. ple, rather than make shipwreck of a mit me now, said the Rev. gentleman, good conscience. May God grant that, to express, for myself, and on behalf of if it be necessary this year or the next all the faithful Ministers of the Church that such sacrifices should be made, there of Scotland, our obligation to you. I may be found many within the borders of may, perhaps, be permitted to remind Scotland willing and ready to make you, that the General Assembly of the them! I know your attachment to the Church of Scotland is about to hold its principle of an Establishment; I know Annual Meeting. On Thursday next that your love for the theory of that principle. venerable Assembly meets once more; I share with you in that attachment. It but we cannot tell whether it may not be were a noble sight to see a Christian the will of God that it shall not again be state and a Christian church so united convened. At any rate, we know not together, as that there should be no com. whether that General Assembly will ever promise of principle on the one hand, no again represent the united Church of surrender of the prerogatives of Christ, or Scotland, the evangelical, the Missionary of his people; while, on the other hand, Church of Scotland. It is appropriate to there should be no niggardliness in exthe present Meeting to say, that, though tending that help, and affording those a late beginner, that Church is now a means of support, which might be renMissionary Church ; and if she cannot dered necessary for the diffusion of Chrisyet tell of the multitude of her labour tian truth. But, while I know your ers, she can speak of the multitude of attachment to the principle of an Estab. the objects of her benevolence. She lishment, I think I know you sufficiently not only sends forth Missionaries to the well to be assured of this, that you would Gentiles in India, but of late she has not maintain your attachment to the felt her heart softened towards the lost principle, if you saw it demonstrated, by sheep of the house of Israel, and she has such a case as this in Scotland which is sent forth holy and zealous men, in the now bringing the question to an issue, hope that, by their instrumentality, those that it was impossible to reconcile it with wandering sheep may be brought into the honour of the divine Redeemer, and the fold of Christ. She sends forth Mis with the liberties of a Christian church. sionary Ministers to her own children The more you love the principle, the who have gone far from her borders, to more should you love the Church of the east and to the west, to the wilds of Scotland, which is contending for its Canada, and to the distant fields of Aug. purity. The more you love the princitralia. She has her plans for extending ple, the more cordially should you wish church-accommodation at home, and she that Church God-speed in its efforts to has her means of promoting scriptural vindicate the principle in its truth and in

its purity against all corruption, and to makc it manifest, by God's blessing, how Kings may be nursing-fathers, and how Queens may be and ought to benursing-mothers, to the Church, while

still that Church maintains her purity uncorrupt, and shines forth before the Christian world, “ fair as the inoon, clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners."




£. $. d.

Collections after the four annual sermons on the 26th, 27th,

28th, and 29th of April
Collections on Sunday, May 1st, and on Sunday, May 15th
Collection at Exeter-Hall Meeting, May 2d .
Collection at Great-Queen-street Meeting, May 18th....
Various Donations and Subscriptions announced at Exeter-

Hall, May 2d, or received in connexion with the

[blocks in formation]

For the particulars of these donations, &c., we refer to the statement of moneys recently received.

We are grieved to report the decease of the excellent wife of the
Rev. W. A. Brookes, one of our Missionaries, lately stationed in the
Friendly Islands. This event took place in Van-Diemen's Land, -a
removal to which colony had been rendered necessary by her declining
health. It is thus mentioned in a letter from Mrs. N. Turner, dated
August 20th, 1841 : “ The excellent wife of our dear fellow-Minister,
Mr. Brookes, died a few days ago. Her expiring words were,

* In my hand no price I bring ;
Simply to the cross I cling.

DEPARTURE AND ARRIVAL OF MISSIONARIES. INDIA.—On Thursday, the 24th of March, the Rev. Messrs. E. J. Hardey and Daniel Sanderson, embarked at Portsmouth by the “ Anna Robertson,” for Madras. These excellent brethren are sent as a partial supply for the vacancies which have recently been occasioned in the Mission on Continental India. It is earnestly hoped that means will be provided to enable the Committee to keep up the number of Missionaries in that important and extensive field of labour.

Intelligence has been received that, on the 22d of April, Messrs. Hardey and Sanderson were in good health, and had reached to 4 degrees north of the Line. We trust that the remainder of their voyage will be accomplished with equal comfort and safety.

The Rev. David Cargill, M.A., with Mrs. Cargill and family, embarked by the “ Haidee," Captain Marshall, for Hobart-Town, on his return to the Polynesian Islands, on Saturday, the 30th of April.

NEWFOUNDLAND. -On Wednesday, the 6th of April, the Rev. John

Pickavant and his family embarked at Liverpool for Newfoundland. The owners of the vessel, Messrs. Jones of Liverpool, have liberally declined any remuneration for their passage; an example which if followed by other Christian merchants and ship-owners, would be felt most beneficially by the Society, and would command ultimately a valuable remuneration to the interests of trade and commerce. Mr. Pickavant had been under the necessity of returning to England more than twelve months ago to recruit his health, after more than twenty years' labour in the severe climate of Newfoundland. His friends had feared that it would be necessary for him finally to retire from active service, and to act only as a Supernumerary; but his love for the churches over whom he has watched for so many years, has determined him to return to the scene of his former labours, and to devote himself to their interests and welfare for the remainder of his life. He throws himself on the providence of God for the continuance of his health ; and we are persuaded, that, under these peculiar circumstances, he will have the affectionate and earnest prayers of the churches in his behalf.

We commend the above-mentioned bretbren, and all who, in the cause of Christ, may be now exposed to perils in travelling by land or by water, to the devout and continued supplications of the friends of Missions.

Intelligence has been received of the arrival of Mr. Symonds at the Gambia ; and of Messrs. Annear and Raston, with the native Teacher, Joseph May, at Sierra-Leone. The Missionaries are reported as in the enjoyment of their usual good health, and work as in great prosperity.

ADDITION TO THE JUVENILE CHRISTMAS OFFERINGS. SINCE our last report of this noble contribution was made up, a further amount of £170. 138. has been received from various Circuits ; making, with the sum of £4,721. 7s. 4d. already announced, an aggregate of £4,892. 08. 4d.

Contributions to the Wesleyan Missionary Society, received by the

General Treasurers, since our last announcement, up to the 18th
of May, 1842.
Moneys received in connexion with the Anniversary.


8. d. A. B., at Messrs. Smith, Payne, and Smiths

150 0 Thomas Farmer, Esq. (Annual)

100 0 0 A few Friends ; by Mr. Edgeware

98 10 0 Legacy of Charles Chester, Esq., Stafford, Messrs. J. and C. Mort, Executors, £100, less duty.

90 0 0 Francis Riggall, Esq., Louth.....

50 0 0 Swedish Missionary Society ; by the Rev. G. Scott

32 10 0 Ditto, for Feejee and St. Bartholomew's; ditto

3 0 B. L. Ward, Esq., Standground ; one Sovereign for each addi

tional Missionary, from 1839 to 1811, as per Report 30 William Betts, Esq., Leicester .

0 0 Legacy of Mr. James Rickards, Saliash ; Thomas Tasker, Esq., Executor....

20 0 Thanksgiving of a Friend ; by the Rev. Elijah Hoole

20 0 0 Mission-House Missionary-Box....

11 0 2 Colonel Sir Agustus D’Este

10 10 0



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Rev. Henry Moore (Annual)
0. T. Owen, Esq., Holborn-Bars..
James Wild, Esq., London
An anonymous Friend to the Wesleyan Missions
Thomas Street, Esq.
James Thornton, Esq.
Y. Y.; by the Rev. Elijah Hoole
A Friend, by the Rev. John Beecham
Rev. Dr. Steinkopff, Savoy Chapel
Two Sisters ; by W. A. Quick, Esq.
Collected by Miss Payne, Bow
Mr. William Dewick, St. Anthony, Falmouth
J. K. Sutcliffe, Esq., Bayswater
Henry Hall, Esq., and Mrs. Hall, Dartford
T. Dornford, Esq. ; by Thomas Marriott, Esq.
N. Wathen, Esq., London ...
Birmingham Post-Mark.

[blocks in formation]

S. d.


£. S.

Moneys received at the Mission-House.

£. Robert Middleton, Esq., Cheltenham, on Annuity .....

500 0 0 Mrs. Rollestone ; being part of the residue of the Estate of the late Mrs. Wheaton, Brixham.....

12 A Friend's Thank-Offering to God, for å providential deliverance, Congleton

10 00 Collected by Mr. Peter Bays, Cambridge, for Turtle-Island Mission

10 0 First Quarter's Collection at Harrow-on-the-Hill from the New Collecting-Books; by Mr. J. Blake

7 0 0 Towards the Extinction of the Old Debt.

d. The First-fruits of a Ladies' Missionary Basket at Preston ; by the Rev. W. B. Stephenson

47 10 0 A Friend at Northwich

10 0 0 A Friend, Chelmsford.....

5 0 0 A Friend, Wellingborough ; by the Rev. J. S. Dredge.

1 10 A Friend at English Jersey ; by Mr. E. Neel, jun.

1 0 0 A Friend to Missions, by the Rev. T. Waugh, Dublin.

1 0 0 Mr. John Hardey, Barrow, Barton Circuit

1 0 0 Mrs. Leake, Chelmsford

1 0 0 N. B. The foregoing Donations towards the Debt were received before the 14th

of April; and were set up in type for the last page of our April Number, but ultimately omitted from want of room. The numerous and liberal Donations for the same object, which have been received since that date, and by which, with aid from other resources, a sum has now been provided sufficient to extinguish more than One Half of the Original Debt, (see page 527 of this Number,) will be published together, in one complete List, in a very short time.

Special Contributions for the Mission to Ashantee, and the Extension of the Gold-Coast Mission, including Badagry.

£. 8. d. A Friend ; by the Rev. John Beecham

5 0 A Friend, Cambridge

1 10 Mr. L. P. Staff, Gravesend

1 10

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