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Age. st. lb. ēti ņ2âÒ2Â?Â2Ò2§Â?Â?2?Â2Ò2Â??/òūtiņ2 ?Â2/2ņēmēģēti??2?§§22

4 6 6 Mr Smith na, b. c. Conveyor, by Retriever .

6 6
Mr G. Braddell na. ch. c, Little George, by Bretby
Mr Nicholl's br. c. John of Berwick, by Bretby
Mr Downes's br. h. Strap (late Fitz-Allen
Mr Carew's b. m. Eva, by Harkaway
Mr E.J, Irwin's b. c. The King of Oude, by
Mr Mare's b. f. Gillyflower, by Venison.
Mr T. Parr's br, f. Panope, by Sir Hercules
Mr Langshaw na. b. g. York you're wanted, by Jeremy Diddler
Mr Olliver's gr.g. Rescue, by Arthur,
Ld Methuen na. b. m, Wallflower, by Magpie
Mr R. Munton na. b. g. Joe Sutherland, by Y, Longwaist
Capt. Lowther's br. g. Tarn Wadlin, by Sir Hercules
Mr Payne's ch, f. Ondine, by The Provost .
Mr Dentith na. ch. g. Wilmont, by The Hydra
Ld Caledon's ch.g. The Flying Gout (late Dahcotah

ish Birdcatcher5
Mr Hesseltine's bl. c. Flash, by Ithuriel
Mr Thomas's ch. c. Aristocrat, by The Earl of Richmond
Mr G. Read na, bl. f. Made Safe, by Retriever
Mr C. E, Chaddock na, b. f. Luxury, by E. O.

5 12 Mr G. Hill na, ch. f. Rubina, by Redshank .

• 4 5 10 Mr G. Barton's br. g. Sir Philip, by Lanercost

5 10 Mr Kemp's br. f. by Gladiator, out of Sprite . Mr Drinkald's br. c. Flare-up, by Launcelot .

. 4 5 10 Mr F. Swindells na. br. c. Brington, by Cotherstone . Mr Saxon's bl. c. The Black Doctor, by The Doctor Mr H, Stebbing's b. c. The Cutler, by Sheffield. ēti §Â§Â2âÒâm2 ?Â2Ò2§22ti2m22/22/2/2/2ņēmūņēmēņģ2?Â2 Ò2ÂòÂ?2?Â222\òtiffimēģ§Â2Òâtimâ Capt. Hervey ns. ch. c. Heart of Oak, by Old England Mr Hagarty na, ro. g. Active, by Tory Boy. Capt. White na. b. f. Tightwaist, by Y. Longwaist. Mi J. Bird na. br. f. Nancy, by Pompey . Sir J. Hawley's br. c. Brother to Truthteller, by Ascot Mr Justice na, b. f. Hesse Homburg, by Robert de Gorham MrJ. Moore's ch, f. The Unknown (h. b.), by Shamrock Mr W, Stebbing's b. c, Knook Knoll, by Sir Hercules Mr J. Wilson's b. or br. f. Queen Bee, by Tory Boy. D. of Richmond's ch. f. Hurry-scurry, by Pantaloon.

3 4 4 Mr Sharratt's b. f. Miss Helen, by Melbourne

3 4 4 Mr J. Maugham na, bl. c. by Sir Hercules, out of Lantern Mr W. Stebbing's b. C. Guardsman, by rauga a Dallayu

• 3 4 0 The Third Year of the ROODEE PRODUCE STAKES of 15 soy, each, lo ft. for three year

olds, colts 8st. 8lb., fillies 8st. 5lb.; 3lb. and 6lb. allowed, &c. One mile and a half.

-9 subs. Mr Copeland's br. f. Drill

Mr Skerratt's b.c. by Loadstone-Wheelock Mr Denham's ch. f. Avia (6lb.)

Lass (61b.) Mr Mostyn's b. c. Harpsichord (311

Mr E.W. Topham ns. b.c. Guardsman (31b.) f. by Touchstone-Princess Alice Mr Rolt's m. by Discount, covered by (31b.)

Touchstone, and Capt Cookson's br. m. Mr Skerratt's br. c. Paddy Whack (31b) 1 by Langar or Emigrant, covered by

Launcelot-produce not declared. THURSDAY.-The DEE STAKES of 10 sov, each, with 200 added, for three year olds,

Derby weights; the second to receive 50 sovs. out of the stakes, and the winner to pay

25 sovs. towards expenses. Grosvenor Course.-48 subs. Ld Airlie's b. f. by The Cure-Equation Mr J. Davies's ch. c. Bamrick Capt Archdall's br. c. Badajoz

Mr Eddison's ch. c. by John o'Gaunt, cut of MrG, Barton's br. c. Newman Noggs

John Cosser's dam bl. f. Madame Wharton

La Eglinton's ch.g. Pandemus M Bateman's ch. c. Lough Bawn

b. c. Hippolytus Mr Binnie's b. or br. c. Athol

Mr Fowler's br. c. The Reaper Ld Caledon's b. c. Osceola

Mr Gully's b. c. Solomon La Clifden's b. c. Oleander

Mr Halford's b.g. The Deceitful Mr Copeland's b. c. Chance

Capt Harcourt's b. c. Colsterdale ME S. Davidson's br, c. Jack Leeming . Sir J. Hawley's ch. c. Balsamo

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gh a Ballagh


Sir J. Hawley's b. f. Vermuth

Mr Osbeldeston's b. c. by Touchstone, out. b. c. The Confessor

of Mountain Sylph Mr. Hesseltine's br. c. The Setter

----(dead) b. c. by Charles XII., out of Mr Howlin's br. c. Taghman

Morsel Mr E.J. Irwin's b.g. Lord Edward Mr Payne's ch. f. Glendale b. c. Thunderbolt

Mr Pedley's ch. c. Lord Byron Mr Jaques's b. c. Entre-nous

Mr Shepherd's b. f. Lady Mowbray Mr Meeson's ch. g. Stafford

Mr W. Stebbing's b.g. Kossuth - br. c. First Fruits

b. c. Knock Knoll Mr Meiklam's br. c. by Lanercost, dam Mr Stevens ns. ch. c, Heart of Oak (1842), by Voltaire

- ns. br. f. St. Hilda b. c. Border Bing

Capt Thompson's b. c. by Launcelot, on Mr Mostyn's f. by Touchstone, out of Prin-1 of Penelope cess Alice

MrJ. Wilson's br. 1. Queen Bec Mr A. Nichol's b. c. Newminster

- ro. g. Active Mr R.E.Oliver's b. c. Sir Rowland Trenchara Mr Worthington's br. c. Guliah MrJ. Osborne's bl. c. The Blach Doctor Ld Zetland's br. c. Light fout

The MARQUIS of WESTMINSTER'N PLATX, value 100 sov. in specie, added to a Handicap,

Sweepstakes of 10 sor. each ; Grosvenor course. Weights to be published the evening preceding.-12 subs. ge, st. lb.

Age, st. lb. Alonzo, by Alphens. .

La Fiancee, by Ithuriel. Cossack, by H. Platoft , ged Maid of Team Valley, by VeloDocility, by Defence . . 5

cipede . . . . 5 Don Juan, by Don John.

Pitsford, hy Epirus. Gladiole, by Gladiator .

Snowstorm, by Lanercost. Italian, The, by Touchstone

Woolwich, by Chatham . .5 Iron Duke, The, by Tory Boy . 5

The CHESHIRE WELTER Cup of 100 sov. the rest in specie, by subscription of 20 sov. each,

10ft., and 5 only if declared on or before the 15th of March, with 20 sov. added; the winner of any handicap of the value of 200 sov. clear after the declaration of the weights to carry 5lb., and the winner of the Trades' Cup 7lb. extra, but not to be accumulative. The winner to give two dozen of champagne to the members of this race ; Grosvenor course,-9 subs.

Age. st. lb. Mr Osbaldeston's br. h. Joc o'Sot, by Hetman Platoff

aged 11 4 Mr Bevill's br. h. Thringarth, by Hetman Platoff .

10 12 Mr Kemp's b. h. General Sale, by Coronation .

5 10 9 Mr Lawson's ch. h. Caurire (h, b.), by David or Arthur

aged 10 3 Mr E. J. Irwin's b. c. King of Oude, by Smallhopes

5 10 3 Mr E. T. Trafford's ch, g. Quiz, by Worlaby Ba

aged 10 2 Ld Cardross's ch. 6 Scarborough, Ratan

4 0 0 Mr R. Martin's br. h. Turk .

96 Capt Pettat ns b. f. Electricity, by Loadstone

6 9 6


FRIDAY.-The Fourth Year of the CESTRIAN STAKES of 10 sov. each, with 50 added

for three year olds, colts 8st. 6lb., fillies and geldings 8st. 3lb.; the winner of the Dee Stakes to carry 3lb. extra. The winner to pay 10 sovs. to the fund. One mile

and three-quarters.--16 subs. Mr Bateman's b. c. Lough Bawn

Sir J. Hawley's b. f. Vermuth Mr G. Barton's ch. c. Galileo

Mr Howlin's ch, f. Ballerina Ld Chesterfield's ch. f. Paymemt

Mr E. Jones's b. f. Ianthe Mr Copeland's br. f. Drill

Mr Meiklam's br. c. Tom Holtby Mr Dawson's br. c. British Boy

Mr A Nichol's b, c, Newminster Mr Green's b. c. Guardsman

Mr J. Osborne's bl. c. The Black Doctor Capt Harcourt's b. c. Colsterdale

| Mr J. Scott's b. c. Presto Sir J. Hawley's ch. c, Balsamo

Mr Worthington's b.c Harlequin

The First Year of the TRIENNIAL PRODUCE STAKES of 10 sov. each, h. ft., with 50 added, for two year olds, colts 8st. 91b., fillies, 8st. 51b. ; 3lb. and 6lb, allowed, &c.

The winner to pay 10 sovs, to the fund. T.Y.C.-10 subs.
Mr G. Barton's b. c. Bethgelert (3lb.) | Sir J. Hawley's b, c. Hautboy (61
Mr Bateman's ch, c. Dismay

b. c Bob Major (blb.) b. I, by Freney-Kate Kearney Mr J. Osborne's bl. c. March Bird (31b.) Mr Copeland's b. c. The Corporal (3lb.)

bf. The Merry Bird (31b.) br. c. Director

Mr C. Peek's b. 1. Needle (3lb.)

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The WIRRAL STAKES of 10 sov. each, h, ft, with 30 added, for two and three year olds :

two year old colts 7st., fillies 6st. lllh., three year old colts 9st, fillies 8st. lllb.; maidens at starting allowed 3lb.; T.Y.C.-6 subs. Mr Dawson's b. f. Tightwaist, 3 yrs

| MrJ. Osborne's br. c. Little Davie, 2 yrs Mr Jamieson's b. f. Merriment, 2 yrs

Mr E Phillips's b. f. Truth, 3 yrs Mr T, Lister's b. f. Lizzy, 2 yrs

| Mr Wadlow's b. f. Miss Laviniu, 2 yrs The EATON STAKES of 10 sov, each, h. ft. with 30 added, for three and four year olds: three year olds 6st. 121b., four year olds 8st. 12lb., f, and g, allowed 4lb., and maidens at the time of naming 3lb.; winners at any one time in 1851 of 100 sov. clear (handicaps

and matches excepted), to carry 3lb. extra; Grosvenor course.-7 subs. Mr J. Arnold's ch.c. Pitsford, 4 yrs Mr Pedley's b. f. La Fiancee, 4 yrs (31b.) Mr Dawson's b. f. Tightwaist, 3 yrs

|D of Richmond's ch. f. Hurry Scurry, 3yrs
Mr Dillon's ch.f. Shan Van Vocht, 3 yrs
Mr Fowler's br. c. The Reaper, 3 yrs (31b.) | Mr Sharratt's br. f. Miss Helen, 3 yrs
A FREE HANDICAP of 10 sov. each, h, ft., with 50 added. The winner of the Chesterfield

Stakes, Trades' Plate, Dee Stand Cup, Ld Westminster's Plate, Welter Cup, Corinthian
Handicap, or Cheshire Stakes, 71b. ex. ; of any two of them, 10lb. ex. The winner
of any other handicap, or of any sweepstakes in 1851, of the value of 200 sovs., 5lb. ex.
The winner to pay 5 sov. to the Judge. Seven furlongs.-13 subs,
Age. st. lb.

Age. st. lb.
Miss Ann, by The Little Known 5 80 | Baroness, by Don John.
Romance (h. b.). by Accident aged 70 The Flying Go
The Pilot (h. b.), by Bran


. 5 6 5 Lady Jersey, by Bay Middleton 5 6 10 Forester (h. b.) by Alpheus. 5 6 5 Caurire, by David or Arthur . 5 6 10 Brenda (h. b.), hy Napier 3 4 10 Pio Nono, by Retriever . . 4 6 10 Queen Bee, by Tory Boy. 3 4 2 Aldgate, by The P. Warden · 5 6 8 | Sir William Wallace, by Emilius'3 4 2 The CHESHIRE STAKES of 25 sov. each, 15 ft. and 5 only if declared on a day hereafter to be named, with 50 sov. added ; a winner of any handicap race subsequent to the publication of the weights of the value of 200 sov, clear to carry 5lb., or of the Trades' Cup 10lb. extra, but not to be accumulative ; second horse to save his stake, and the winner to pay 10 sov, to the Race Fund. From the Castle-pole, once round and in, about a mile and three furlongs. Weights to be published in April.-14 subs. Age. st. lb.

Age. st. lb. Bee-hunter, The, by Gladiator . 4 | Miss Ann, by The Little Known 5 Christiana, by Galipoli . 5

Officious, by Pantaloon . , 4 Henrietta, by Merry Monarch. 3

Recruit, by Auckland Italinn, The, by Touchstone .

Sauter-la-coupe, by Sleight of Iron Duke, The, by Tory Boy.

Hand. . . . . . Landgrave, by Sir Hercules. . 5

Scar, by Plenipotentiary. Maidlof Team Valley, The, by

Snowstorm, by Lanercost. Velocipede . . . . 5

Thunderbolt, by Smallhopes . 3 To close and name for the GROSVENOR STAKES, CORINTHIAN HANDICAP, Dee and GRAND STAND Cups,

PLATES, &c., in the race week.

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CHESTER AUTUMN, 1851. The Fifth Year of the Chester LEVIATHAN STAKES of 10 sovs. each, with 30 added, for

r olds, colts est. lb., fillies 8st 4lb.: the winner of the Derby, Oaks, or Doncaster St. Leger, to carry 71b., the second for either 3lb. extra ; the winner of the Dee Stakes, the Liverpool St. Leger, the Great Yorkshire, or of any other sweepstake (handicaps excepted of the value of 300 sovs, clear, 3lb. extra ; maidens at starting allowed 5lb. Subscribers to be at liberty to change one nomination on or before the 1st of January, 1851, on paying a bonus of 10 sovs., to be divided between the second and third horses; the winner to pay 10 soys, towards expenses. One mile and

three quarters.-8 subs. Mr Dawson's br. c. British Boy

Sir C. Rushout's b.c. Naughty Tommy(h. b.) Mr Fowler's br. c. The Reaper

Mr Skerratt ns. br.c. Taghman MrE. J. Irwin's b. c. Thunderbolt

Mr Worthington's br. c. Goliah Mr Meiklam's br. c. Constellation

| Mr W. Wright's b. f. Miss Flyaway


Mr. E. W. TOPHAM, Clerk of the Course. Mr. CLARK, Judge. Mr. HIBBURD, Starter. WEDNESDAY, July 9.-The SEFTON STAKES of 30 sovs. each, h. ft., for three year old

fillies, 8st. 71b. each. One mile and a half. Ld Airlie's b. f. by The Cure, out of Equa- | Mr E. J. Irwin's ch.f. The Abbess tion

Ld Stanley ns, b. f. Frolicsome THE LANCASHIRE Oaks of 10 sov. each, h. ft., with 100 added for three year old fillies

8st. 71b each; the winner of the Oaks at Epsom to carry 71b., the second 5lb. and the winner of the 1000 gs. stakes, 5lb., or of any other sweepstakes of the value of 300 sov. clear, 3lb. extra ; no horse to carry more than 7lb. extra; maidens having been beaten twice, allowed 3lb., thrice or more 5lb.: the second to receive 30 sov. out of the

stakes, and the winner to pay 10 sov, towards expenses. Once round.--23 subs. Ld Airlie's b. by The Cure-Equation | Mr Jaques's ch. Heirloom Capt Archdall's b. Quadroon

Mr Lawson's ch. Minna Mr G. Barton's bl. Madame Wharton

Mr Merry's b. Maid of the Mountain b. The Little Fawn

Mr W. H. Monkman ns. b. Prudery Mr Copeland's b. or br. Drill

Mr Mostyn's by Touchstone, out of Princess Mr S Davidson's br. Vivandière

Alice Mr T. Dawson ns. b. Wish

Mr Payne's ch. Glendale ns. b. Tightwaist

Mr J. Scott's b. Frolicsome Mr Halford's b. by Melbourne-Rebecca, Mr Shepherd's b, Lady Mowbray by Ishmael

Mr Thomas's ch. by Faugh-a-Ballagh, out of Mr Harrison's ch. Trickstress

Motley Sir J. Hawley's b. Vermuth

Capt Thompson's b. by Launcelot-Virgin Mr. E. J. Irwin's ch. The Abbess

| Mr J. Wilson's br. Queen Bee A PRODUCE SWEEPSTAKES of 10 sovs. each, with 50 added, for two year olds, colts

8st, ;lb., fillies 8st. 4lb. ; 3lb and 5lb. allowed, &c. T.Y.C. -14 subs. Mr G. Barton's b. c. Peeping Tom

| Mr Merry's b. c. Happy Joe b. c. Bethgelert (31b.)

Mr J. Norris's br. c. (h. b.) by Annandale, Capt Cookson's b. f. May-blossom (51b.) dam by Tomboy (5lb.) Mr Copeland's br. c. Director

Sir R. Pigot's b. c. Filius (31b.) Mr J. Davies's b. f. by, Tearaway-Black Art | La Stanley's b. or ro. c. Merry-go-round (31b.)

(51b) La Glasgow's b. f. by Alarm-Physalis(5!1

2b. c. by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Mr Howlin's ch. f. by Morning Star, out of Meeanee (316.)

Indiana (31b.) Mr Southgate's Lady Claremont, covered by Vitellius, produce not declared; Mr. O.G.

Willington did not name. The BICKERSTAFFE STAKES of 100 sovs. each, h. ft., for three year olds, colts 8st. 71b..

fillies 8st. 4lb.; 3lb. allowed, &c. Each subscriber named two foals, with the option of changing one of them on the last day of the July Meeting, 1849, upon payment

of a bonus of 10 sovs. to the second horse, One mile. One to the post.-4 subs. Ld Caledon's b. c. Osceola

Ld Glasgow's b. c. by Don John, out of b. or ch. c. by Simoom, out of Miss Whip Lady Caroline

- ro. f. by Lanercost or Retriever, out La Clifden's b. c. Harpsichord

of Physalis (31b.) b. f. Galaxy

Ld Stanley's ch. c. Olympian (31b.)

-b.c. Crotchet (31b.) SWEEPSTAKES of 50 sovs, each, h. ft., for three year olds, colts 8st. 81b., fillies Sst. 41b.;

3lb, allowed, &c. One mile and a half. Mr H. Bradshaw's b. c. Clasher

| Mr Jaques's b. f. Princess Emilia (31b.) b. g. Blundell (dead)

Sır R. Pigot's b. c. Runnymede (310.) Mr J. Davies'sch. c. Bamrick The MERSEY STAKES of 25 sov. each, with 50 sov. added, for two year olds, colts est. 71b.,

fillies 8st. Alb.; second to receive 50 sov. out of the stakes. T.Y.C.-12 subs. Mr G. Barton's b. c. Bethgelert

Mr E. J. Irwin's b. c. The Duke of Leinster Ld Caledon's ch. c. bro. to Shylock, by Si- Mr Meiklam's b. c. Cleveland moom

Ld Stanley's b. c. by Irish Birdcatcher out La Eglinton's br, e. Shagram

of Meeanee

Mr H. Stebbing's ch. c. Alfred the Great Ld Glasgow's b. f. by Alarm - Physalis Mr Stephenson's b. f. Euphony Sir J. Hawley's bl. f. Bilberry

Mr Watts's ch. c. War Hawk

La Eglintol. c. Lucby Alarity

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Second Year of a PRODUCE STAKES of 200 sov, each, h. ft. for the produce of mares covered

in 1847, colts 8st. 8lb., fillies 8st. 3lb.; 3lb. and 61b. allowed, &c. Each subscriber named two mares, and to bring the produce of one to the post, but not to be restricted

me in each year, and to be allowed to run both in either year on payment on each occasion of an extra half stake. Stable-turn in.-6 subs. Col Anson's br, f. by Don John-Lollypop | *Mr Mostyn's b. c. Harpsichord (31b.) br. c. Hernandez

D of Richmond's b. f. (dead) by Touchstone Ld Eglinton's b, f. Emeute (3lb.)

-Soldier's Daughter - - b. c. De Ruyter

- b. f. (dead) by Epirus–Prism Ld Glasgow's b. c. by D. John-Miss Whip Ld Stanley's b.f. Sensitive (dead) * b, c. Nondescript

ch. f. Iris (31b.) Won in 1850 by Hernandez, Harpsichord second, Ld Glasgow's colt third; only three ran. THURSDAY.—The LIVERPOOL Cup, value 200 sov., in specie, added to a Handicap

Sweepstakes of 25 sov. each, 15 ft. and 5 only if declared on a day hereafter to be named. The winner of the 2000 gs. stakes, 71b.; the 1000 gs., 4lb.; the Derby, 10lb.; the Oaks, 7lb.; or of any other sweepstakes, cup, cup stakes or plate (not being a handicap), in 1831, of the clear value of 500 sov., 5lb.; the second in the Derby, 71b.; and Oaks 5lb. extra; of any two of such races 10lb. extra, but this in any case to be the extreme penalty. The winner of the Somersetshire Stakes, Chester Cup, Ascot Stakes, Northumberland Plate, Cumberland Plate Handicap, or Manchester Trades' Cup, lolb. extra or of any other handicap race of the value of 200 sov. clear, 3lb.; of 400, 5lb. ; or of any two of snch last-mentioned handicaps, 8lb. extra. The winner to pay 30 sov. to the Judge, and 15 sov. towards expenses of the Course. The second to receive 50 sov. out of the stakes. Two miles. If the highest weight accepting is under Est. 71b. it will be raised to that, and the others in proportion. 88 subs. Weights to be published in April. Age. st. lb,

Age, st. lb. Abbess of Jerveaux, by Gladiator 4

Hippolytus, by Emilius. . 3 By Ascot, c. bro. to Truthteller 3

Hothorpe, by Cotherstone Backbiter, by Gladiator or Don

Italian, The, by Touchstone, John . .

Jack Leeming, by Voltaire : 3 By BIRDCATCHER (IRI

By JOAN O'GAUNT, C. - John to Chanticleer

"Cosser's dam : Baroness, by Don John

Juggler, The, by Sleight of Hand 5 Borney, by Cotherstone.

Lady Eden, by Auckland Breba, by Touchstone .

Lady Evelyn, by Don John Caprice, by Coronation .

| Landgrave, by Sir Hercules Captain Grant, by Freney

Landseer, by Muley Moloch Caurire, by David or Arthur ..

Langton, by Lanercost . Champion, by Gladiator .

Legerdemain, by Pantaloon .. By CHARLES XII., c. d.

Märk Tapley, by The Hydra . by Touchstone .

Marquis, The, by Irish BirdChief Justice, by The

catcher Clincher, by Turcoman

Melody, by Melbourne : Cncus, by Pompey.

Mouse, by Mus Cocktail, The (h, b.

Mulgrave, by Sleight of Hand. Provost

Nondescript, by Emilius or ReColsterdale, by Lanercost.

triever . . . . Cossack, by Hetman Platoff

Officious, by Pantaloon . Crookshanks, by Lanercost

Ondine, by The Provost Cyprus, by Ithuriel . . . 4

Pundemus, by Idle Boy Damask, by Touchstone . . 4

Pitsford, by Epirus . : Dough, by Tearaway

Prior of Lunercost, The, by LaEarl of Warwick, by Launcelot 4

nercost Elcho, by Harkaway . .

Raby, by The Doctor Elthiron, by Pantaloon . .

Reindeer, by Venison Ereter, by Robert de Gorham.

Rhesus, by Sleight of Hand . Flying Gout, The, by Irish Bird

Russborough, by Tearaway . catcher . . . .

St. Rosalia, by St. Francis Garforth, by Yaxley _ . .

Seagull (h. b.), by Sea-horse By GLADIATOR.C.—The Abbess 4

Seaman, by The Sea . - 0.- Zenobia

Sir Philip, by Lanercost. Glauca, by Cotherstone.

Sir Richard, by Retriever. Haricot, by Mango or Lanercost

Snowstorm, by Lanercost. By HARKAWAY, f. d. by Rust

Strongbow, by Touchstone out of Waterwitch

| Sunrise, by Emilius

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