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Ir.y Clarke-White

Mr Greville-Purple Ir J. Clarke-Black

Mr E. Griffith--Yellow jacket, blue .d Clifden-Straw colour

Mr Gulliver-Blue and white stripe Ar H. Combe-Purple, white cap

Mr Gully-Violet, with white cap Mr A Cook-Crimson, yellow sleeves

Mr Guiney-Black and white hoop, blue cap M r W. D. Cook-Black & while patched, cap same

Count Hahn-White, red sleeyes and cap
Capt Cookson--Sky blue jacket

Mr Balford - White, blue cap
M r w. Cooper - Purple and or, stripes, white cap
M r Copeland-Blue and wh. striped jacket and cap

Mr Hamp-Green jacket, buff cap
M r Cowell-Blue and gold jacket, crimson cap

Capt Harcourt -- French wh., with crim. garter

Mr C. Hariand-Light blue
M r Court-Green body, crimson sleeves and cap
M r Cowley-Red and white stripe jacket and cap

Mr Harrison-White, scar. sleeves, white cap

Mr R. Harrison-Blue, crimson sleeve Mr W. Cowper-Blue

Mr Hassall-Crimson Mr Cranston-Drab body, crimson sleeves

Hon S. Hawke-Orange, lilac sleeves and cap Mrs. Crawfurd-White

Sir J. Hawley--Cherry-coloured jacket and op Mr Critchley - Blue and white

Mr E. Haworth-Green
Capt Crofton-Black, rea sleeves

Mr Hav'er-Black jacket, crimson cap r Cuff-White jacket, yellow cap

Sir G. Heathcote-Crimson satin, grey cap M r Cuthbert-Light blue, yellow cap

Mr Henderson-White jacket, orange cap Mr Daley-Green jacket, white cap

Mr 0. Higgins-Black, red sleeves M r S. Davidson-M.Kenzie tartan, with buff sis, Mr G. Higgins-Purple body, crimson sleeves red cap

Mr H..Hiil Purple and yellow stripe, purple cap M r Davis-Orange acd purple

Mr Hinckman-Crimson Mr B. Davis-Blue

Hon S. Herbert-White, blue sleeves, red cap Mr T. Dawson-Dark blue

Mr Hesseltine-Green M r 1. Day-White jacket, green cap

MrW, E. Hobson -Scarlet M r J. B. Day-Black jacket, orange cap

Mr Holdforth--Steel-coloured jacket, yel. cap Mr Death-White, green sleeves, white cap

Mr Holloway--Green Capt Delme-Light bl.trimined with scar., wh, c.

Mr Holmes (Ireland)-Scarlet, whit, cap MrH. P. Delme-Light blue jacket

Mr W. H. Hornby - Blue hody, or, sis. and collar Mr Denham-Orange

Mr Hornsby-Purple, white cap
Mr Dennett --Green jacket, white cay

Lord Howth-White
Mir Denpistoun-Pur. body, criin, sis., orange cap Mr Howard-White, cherry sleeves
Mr Disney-Pink jacket and cap

Mr Humphries-White, red cap
Mr Dixon (Cheshire-Green

Mr T. Hussey-Scarlet, harlequin cap Mr A. Dixon-Blue body, white sleeves

.!r lutton-Black, with crimson garter Mr J.G. Dixon-Pea-green jacket and cap

Mr E J Irwin-Straw body, blue sleeves and cap MrJ. Dixon-Red Lord Dorchester-Blue and white stripes, blue cap Mr Jackson-Blue, red cap Mr Dorrien-White, with green sleeves

Mr Jaques-Brown and yellow MrJ. S Douglas-Sky blue

| Mr V. Jenkins-White body, blk. hoop, blk, and Mr Drewitt-Scarlet, yellow sleeves

white cap Mr Drinkald-White body, scarlet seams; white Mr Jenny-White with yellow sleeves, red cap and scarlet cap quartered

MrJ. C. Johnson-Black Mr E. Dyson-Purple

Mr A. Johnstone-Crimson, green cap Mr B. Eddison-Blue

Mr R. H. Jones-Blue jacket, white cap Mr Edmonstone-Crimson

Mr J. King (Devon)-Yellow, red sleeves MrW. Edwards--Green, white cap

MrJ... King-Red and black stripes and cap Ld Eglinton-Tartan, yellow sleeves and cap

Mr Y. King-Scarlet, white cap Mr Ellis-Orange

Mr King-Black jacket, orange cap Mr Ellis-Drab jacket, white cap

MrJ Kingston---Scarlet body, bik. slceves Mr Elwes-Apricot, purple cay

r Knowles-Green Ld Enfield-White body, pur. sleeves and cap Mr Etwall-White, zreen sleeves and cap

Mr Lawson-Pink body, light blue sls., and cap Mr W. Etwall-White, green sleeves and cap

Mr Lee Purple body, primrose sieeves and ca Mr Ewbank-Scar body and green sles, cur. cap

Mr Le Brewer-Straw, pink sleeves Ld Exeter-Light blue, and white narrow stripe,

Ld H. Leonox-Scarlet jacket, white cap black cap for the first co.our; second colour, the

Mr Lillie-Black, with scarlet belt same, with blue cap

Mr C. Liley-Purp, body, yel, s!s., and quartered c

Capt Little-White body, with black sleeves Mr Farrance-White, Orange cap

Lord Lonsdale - White and yellow stripe, red cap Mr Fletcher-Pink body, black sleeves

Capt Lowther-Purple, yellow sleeves, red cap Mr Flintoff-Crimson jacket and cap Mr Foljambe-Light blue

Mr Magenis-Red and white hoop Mr Ford-Light blue body, blue and wh. sleeves,

Bron Maltzhan-Yellow, blue cap and cap

Mr Manning -Tartan plaid Mr C., white cap

Id March-Yellow, crimson velvet cap Mr Forth-Brown body, yellow sleeves

Mr Mare-Blue jacket, orange cap Mr Foster-Scarlet body, straw sleeves

Major Martyn-Orange jacket, purple cap Mr Fowler-Orange

Mr Mason-Crimson velvet jacket, with goid lace Mr S. L. Fex-Straw and wh. quartered, red cap

Mr T. P. Mason-Blue jacket, white cap Mr E. V. Fox-Green and gold jacket and cap

Mr Matthews--Green & gold jacket, white sleeves; Mr E. Francis-Red Juchet

green and gold cap Mr Freeman-Green

Mr May-Blue, with white sleercs

Mr Meeson-Light blue, white cap Mr Gannon-Black, with broad blue belt, light Mr Meiklam--Blue and white stripe, white cap blue cap

Mr Merry-Yellow Sir J. Gerard-Pink and white stripe jacket and cap

Sir J. B. Mill-Purple Ld Glasgow-White body, red sleeves and cap

Ld our
Mr Godwin-Crimson jacket, purple cap

Sir W. Milnor-Violet
Mr Gratwicke-Chocolate, crimson sls., white can | Mr J. B. Minor-Adelaine and amber
MrW Green-Blue

Sir C. Monck-White body, scarlet sleeves
Mr Greig - Red, green sleeves, red cap

Mr Monk-Purple, red sleeves Mr Gregory--Red and white stripe, white cap Mr J. Moore (Ireland)--Blue and white check

Mr Morris-Blue

Mr W. Smith-Purple,"scarlet sleeves Mr H. Moseley-Scarlet and white hoop

Mr Snewing-Light blue jacket, white cap : Mr Moss-Drab body, scarlet sleeves

Mr Southby-White, scarlet cap Hon. E. LI. Mostyn-Yellow

Ld Spencer-Crimson, white cap Mr Mytton-Green and white stripe

Mr Spilsbury-Green jacket, white cap

Sir S. Spry-Blue and white stripe, white cap Mr R. H. Nevill–Orange

Mr S. Standish-Crimson, with white sleeves & cap Mr Newton-Light blue jacket and red cap

Ld Stanley-Black, white cap Mr A. Nichol-Blue body, scarlet sleeves, blue cap

Mr S. Stanley-Brown body, red sleeves, brown and Mr F. Nicoll --Straw-coloured jacket, blue cap

red cap Ld Normanby-White body, crimson sls, and cap

Mr H. Stebbing-Scarlet Mr E. W. Nunn-Black

Mr W. Stebbing-Scarlet Mr Oliver-Straw colour. pink cap

Mr R. Stephenson-Scarlet, white cap Hon G. Ongley-Crimson, white sis. scarlet cap Mr Stephenson (Newmarket)-Light blue and crim. Mr Onslow-Dark blue, white sleeves andcap

stripe (hoop) Le Orford-Orange body, white sleeves and cap Mr Stevens-Light blue, white cap Mr Osbaldeston-Green

Mr J. Stevenson-Light blue Mr John Osborne-Chocolate

Mr Stewart-Rose-coloured jacket, white cap

Mr R. Stewart-Rose, white cap Mr Padwick-White body, cherry sls., white cap

La Stradbroke-Pale blue satios Mr Painter-Harlequin jacket and cap

Ld Strathmore-Light blue and drah stripes Mr Palmer-Green and white stripe

Mr Gerard Sturt-Light blue jacket, white cap Ld Palmerston-Green, orange cap Mr C. Parkin-Wh.jacket, blue garter, blue cap Mr T. Theobald-Black Mr E. Parr-Brown jaket, blue cap

Col Thompson-Rose body, white sleeves Mr T. Parr-Puce body, white sleeves and cap Mr HS. Thompson-Light blue bo., black sleere Mr Payne-Black and white broad stripe

Mr J. Thompson-Crimson Mr Pearce-Black

Mr H. T. Thompson-Green Mr J. H. Peart-Scarlet, white cap

Mr Tiernan-Red Mr C. Peck-Plaid, white cap

Mr Treen-Violet and amber stripe Mr Pedley-Orange hody, scarlet sleeves and cap Mr Trelawney-White, with red sleeves and cap Col Peel-Purple, with or. cap; second colour, or. Mr Tresham --Red body, blue sleeves and cap Capt Pettat-Buff, blue sleeves

Mr Trewhitt--White body, bk. sleeves Mr Pettit-Black and white stripe, blue cap

Mr W.H.Turner--White jacket and cap
Capt Peyton-Green

Mr Verrall-Crimson, vellow cap
Mr A. Phillips - Green and yellow sleeves and cap
Mr E. Phillips-Brown, crimson sleeves

Hon Fras. Villiers-Straw and violet stripes Mr Phillips-Red and white stripe

straw cap Sir R. Pigot-Primrose, scarlet cap

Capt Vyse-Red, with yellow sleeves Hon Major Pitt-White, purple sis., white cap Mr E. Walker-White, scarlet cap Mr R. Powell-French grey with pink str., w. C. Mr Walker-Blue and wh.striped jacket, crim. cap Ld W. Powlett-Pink and black stripe

Mr Waller-Pink Mr W.0. Powlett-Yellow, purple cap

Mr T. Walters-Crim. body, vel. sls., and cap Mr Powney-White, red cap

Mr H. Waring-Black body, bl. sleeves Mr.T. Price-Crim. body, blue and whi. striped sls Mr H. Watiers--French grey (watered), and crim.

stripes Mr Quin-Crimson body, white sleeves

La Warwick-Brown body, white sleeves and cap
Mr D. Radcliffe-Light blue trimmed with scarlet Ld Waterford-Blue
Mr Ramsbottom-Purple body, orange sis and cap Hon. R. Watson - Rose jacket and cap
Mr Redfern-Blue, with white stripes, red cap Mr Watt-Harlequin jacket and cap
Mr Reed-Lilac jacket, red cap

Mr Watts (Ireland)-Scarlet jacket and cap
D of Richmond-Yellow, with red cap & gold tassel Mr Wauchope-Light blue, white cap
Mr Rickaby-Green, with pink sleeves

Mr Wentworth-Waterloo blue, white cap
Mr F. Robbins - Red body, white sleeves, red cap Mr T. Wesley-Red, whitesleeves
Mr W. H. Roberts-Bi. body, wh: sleeves, red cap Ld Westminster-Yellow
Mr A. Robertson-Tartan jacket, white cap

Mr Whieldon, jun.--Light blue jacket, crim. cap Mr H. Robinson-Red, with yellow sleeves

MrJ. White-Pink body, black sleeves Mr J. Rogers -White, with yellow sleeves, red cap Mr J H. Whitehouse-Orange jacket, blue cap Mr Rolt-Scarlet, light blue cap

Mr Whittaker-Pink and blue Baron Rothschild-Dark blue, yellow cap

Mr Whitworth-Strawjacket, crimson cap
Hon Capt Rous-Harlequin

Mr Wigram-Blue, orange sleeves
Sir C. Rushout - Maz, bl. and wh, stripe, maz. bl.c Mr Wilkins-Dark blue
D of Rutland-Light blue, purple sleeves

Mr T. Wilkinson-Red

Mr T. Wiley-Blue and white (hoop),'crimson cap, Mr Sadler-White body, scarlet sleeves

velvet cap, with gold tassel Mr Sait-White

Mr P. Williams-Scar. body, green sleeves Mr Saxon-Green and gold jacket, yellow cap

Mr J. Wilson-Red and white stripe (hoop), white Mr St. Aubyn-Lilac

cap Mr St. George-Light blue jacket, with crim. (hoop)

Ld Wilton-Blue and white stripe Mr C. M. St. Paul-Lilac

Mr Winch-White with pink stripes, pink velvet cap Mr Scobell-Plum colour and straw-colour stripe, Mr Winstanley-Black body, red sleeves and cap plum-coloured cap

Mr C. Wintringham--Green and red jacket, red cap Capt Scobell-Buff and blue

Mr Woffenden-Drab, white cap
Mr E. Scobell-French grey, red cap

Mr Wormald-Geranium red, green cap
Lord John Scott-Orange, blue sleeves and cap Mr Worthington-Drab, red cap
Mr J. Scott-Black, yellow sleeves and cap

Mr Wrather-Crimson
Mr S. Scott-Purple

Mr Wreford - Black jacket, white cap Mr Sergeant-Orange, crimson cap

Mr W. Wright-Light maz, blue, criin, velvet cap Mr Shafto-White jacket

with gold tassel MrShelley-Black, with white cap

Mr W. Wyatt-Black, with yellow sleeves
Mr Shelmerdine--Crimson, white cap
Mr Shepherd-Blue

Sir W. W. Wynn-Green, with red sleeves and cap Mr W. Simpson-Tartan jaeket, red cap

Maj Yarburgh-Dark blue, with red cap Mr Skerratt-Blue jacket and cap

Gen Yates-Orange jacket and cap: Mr J. Smith-Litgu blue jacket, white cap

Ld Zetland-White with red spots


[The cap black, unless otherwise specified.] Mr J. Abbott-White, red cap

Mr Lockwood-Green jacket and cap Mr T. Abbott-Black, red cap

Lord Lurgan-Violet and white stripes and cap Mr Adlington-Scarlet jacket

Mr Maher-Purple, white sleeves, purple cap Mr Armstrong-Scarlet body, white sis., white cap

Mr Mangan-Black jacket, red cap Mir Baldwin-White body, pink slceves, and cap

Mr Manly-Dark blue jacket and cap
Mr G. Barry-Dark green jacket

Mr McCaw-Rose-coloured body, white sleeves
Mr P. Bateman-Black, with yellow sls. and cap Mr Martin-White body, red cape and cuti's
Mr Maurice Blake-Green jacket, white cap

Mr Mathew-Amber jacket, red cap
Mr V. Blake-Purple, with vellow sleeves

Mr Maxwell-Wh, striped with blk., cap the same Mr Bourchier-Blue body, straw colour sleeves

Ld Milltown-Tri-color jacket and cap Mr Brannick-Black body, white sleeves

Mr Moore- All black Mr C. Branilreth-White jacket, red cap

MrJ.G. Murphy-Scarlet, white cap Mr H. Brown-Green

Mr J. Murphy-Green and white, red cap , Mr Buchanan-Blue, vellow sls, and cap

Mr Nangle-Black, white cap Sir Thomas Burke-Blue jacket

Mr Nolan-White body, green sleeves, green and Ld Clanricarde-Yellow and black stripe

white cap Mr Clintock-White jacket

Mr Nunn--Black Courtenay--Violet body, straw-coloured sleeves

Capt Oakes-Red jacket, white cap Mr Cummins-White

Mr O'Meagher-Blue body, pink sleeves ; blue Mr Cunningham-Yellow body, light blue sleeves, light blue cap.

and pink cap

Mr G. O'Moore-Rose colour
MIT J. Davies-Blk., with red sls. spotted with white Mr O'Neill-Black body, one red sleeve
Mr W. Davies--Yellow jacket

Mr O'Reilly-Green jacket
Mr Dignam-White

Mr Orford-Yellow, green sleeves Dir Disney-Pink jacket and cap

Mr Osborne-Yellow, white cap Mr Dunne-Yellow, black stripe

Capt Peel - Purple jacket, orange cap Mr Fivey-Crimson

Mr Power-Peach-blossom Mr French-Black, with purple sleeves

Mr Preston--Crimson velvet jacket and cap

Capt Price-White
Mr Gambell-Blue body, green sleeves
Capt Gambier-White jacket

Mr Quin-Crimson, with white sleeves
Mr Gartlan--Pink body, blue sleeves

Mr Reardon-Grey with red stripes Mr Gordon-Light blue

Mr Russell-Black Mr O'Connor Henchy-Pink body, blue sleeves

Col Shirley-Yellow and blue stripes Capt E. Haworth-Green.

Mr Smyth-Crimson Mr Hendrick-Sky-blue

| Mr St. George-Sea-green and white, green cap Mr R. Holmes-Crimson jacket, white cap

Capt St. John-Al black Ld Howth-White body, black sleeves, black and Mr I. Studdert-White, with crimson sleeves white cap

Mr Sugden-Straw jacket, purple cap Mr Hunter-Purple jacket

Cot Synge-White jacket, blue and white cap Mr Hutchins--Sky-blue body, crimson collar

Mr R. E. Ward-Green Mr Hyland-Blue

Ld Waterford-Light blue Mr Irwin-Crimson body, white sls., crimson cap Mr Watts-Scarlet jacket and cap Mr B. I. Irwin-Straw body, blue sleeves and cap Hon Col Westenra--Green jacket laced with gold,

yellow and green cap Mr Keegan-White

Mr Westropp-Blue body, yellow sleeves Mr T. Kennedy-Light blue, crimson cap

Mr O. Willington-Purple Mr Knaresborough Blue body, crimson sleeves

Mr R. W. Whaley - Purple body, red sleeves Mr Knox-White body, red sleeves, and cap

Col White-Brown and white stripe

Mr White-Blue body, red sleeves and cap
Mr Langan-Blue
Mr Littledale-Green

Mr Whittenstall-White jacket

THE LAWS OF RACING, BETTING, &c. GENERAL RULES OF RACING, RIDING, &c. known, the site of the horse, &c., must be men

1. Horses take their age from the 1st of January. I tioneu, together with such other part:culars as will 2. In catch and leather weights any person can

be sufficient to identify the animal. If a horse has ride without going to scale,

once appeared in the Calendar by a name and has 3. Horses not entitled to start without producing | pedigree, it will be sufficient afterwards to mention a certificate of age, &c., if required, except where

him by his name only, even though he has never aged horses are included, in which case a younger

started. If the dam was covered by more than one horse may be entered without such certificate, pro

stallion, the names of all of them must be men. vided he carry the same weight as the aged.

tioned. If any horse be named without being 4. A maiden horse or mare is one that has never

identified, he will not be allowed to start; but his won. An untried stallion or mare is one whose pro

owner will be liable for the stake or forseit. duce has never run in public.

12. No horse will be deemed the winner of any 5. No person can start more than one horse for race which shall be proved to have run under a fal any plate, or for any race for which heats are run.

description; the disqualification to remain in force 6. Where two horses run a dead heat and their

until his pedigree be ascertained and recorded. No owners agree to divide, both are liable to carry

objection can be made after the lapse of twelve extra weight as winners. A horse walking over,

months from the time of running, or receiving forfeit, except for a match, will be

13. Allowance of weight to the produce of undeemed a winner. The winner of a sweepstakes re. I tried horses or mares must be claimed at the time duced to a match, is considered the winner of a of naming. Extra weights and allowances for at sweepstakes. In estimating winnings, no deduc-winning, are not accumulative, unless particularly tion can be made except of the winner's own stake,

specified. and of any sum or sums required by the conditions

14. When any person enters a horse, or subscribes to be paid out of the stakes to the owner of any to a stake under a fictitious naine, or in the name other horse or horses in the race. Entrance money of a person not fully identified at the lime, he will or plates not to be deducted,

be considered in all respects as the owner of the 7. Jockeys must ride their horses to the usual horse, and as the subscriber to the stake. The place of weighing, and he that dismounts before, or Stewards of the Jockey Club have power to call wants weight, is distanced, unless he be disabled

bled upon a nominator to produce testimony that the by accident, in which case he may be led or carried horse named is not the property, either wbolly or to the scale. If a jockey fall from his horse, and

in part, of any person whose name appears in the the borse be rode in frorn the place where the rider

the rider list of defaulters; and, if he fail to do so, they may fell, by a person of sufficient weight, he may take cause the nomination to be erased. his place the same as if the rider had not fallen. I

15. In any race which may contain particular 8. If one horse jostle or cross another, such horse, conditions as to qualification, it is sufficient if the and every horse belonging to the same owner, or in horse be qualified at the time of naming. which he may have a share, running in the same race,

16. When the qualification of a horse is objected will be disqualified for winning, whether such jostle to before running, the proof of qualification must or cross was caused by accident or foul riding. I be made by the owner before starting : on failure. Complaints must be made at the time the jockey is the prize may be withheld for a period to be fixed weighed.

by the Stewards, and, if not made then, he will 9° Every jockey allowed 21b. above the weight not be entitled to the prize, though his horse shall specified for his horse : but should any horse carry have come in first. If the objection be made efter more than 2lb. above his weight, without having

the time specified, the proof rests with the objector. declared it (nt Newmarket, at least one hour before

17. When the age or qualification of a horse is the time fixed for the first race of the day, and else-1 objected to, either belore or after running, the where a clear half hour before the time fixed for Stewards have power to order an examination of the race in which the horse is intended to run the horse s mouth, by competent persons, and to or, if no time is fixed, a clear half hour before!

call for all such evidence as they may require, and the race is run), he will be considered distanced. I their decision is final. although he came in first.

18. In all cases of fraud punishable by law, the 10. For the best of the plate, where three heats Jockey Club have power, with the consent of the are run, the horse is second that wins one heat. For party aggrieved, to prosecute the offenders. the best of the heats, the horse is second that beats

that beats 19. Il a horse sball run, or be brought to run, the other horse twice out of three times, though he for any race in England, or elsewhere, and shall ha do not win a heat. Where a plate is won by two

proved not to be of the age represented, the Jockey heats, the preference of the horses is determined

Club have power to disqualify for ever the owner or by the second heat. Where a plate is given to the part owner, trainer, groom, or person having the winner of the best of three heats, a horse, to win, care of such horse at the time, from running of must be the actual winner of two heats, even though training any horse where the rules of the locker no horse nppear against him for both or either of the Club apply and from heing emploved by any beats. When tbree horses have each won a heat, member of the Club. And any horse thus frando. they only must start for a fourth. In running of lently entered or run, is for ever disqualified for heats, dead heat goes for nothing, and all the running in any race whatever. horses may start avain, unless it be between two 20. No horse fouled out of the United Kingdom horses that had each won a heat. Horses drawn can be entered for any race wbere the rules of the before the plate is won, are distanced. No distance Jockey Club prevail, unless the owner, at the time in a fourth beat.

of naming, deposit with the person appointed to

receive such nomination, a certificate from some NOMINATIONS-OBJECTIONS TO QUALI.

racing club of the country where the horse was FICATIONS, &c.

foaled, or from the mayor or other public officer of 11. In all nominations of horses, which have not the district, stating the age, pedigree, and colour started before the time of naming, the sire, dam, of the horse, and the marks by which it is disand grandam must be mentioned, if known, unless tinguished. the dam has a name which is to be found in the Stud Book or Calendar, in which case the name of

ARREARS, DEFAULTERS, &c. the sire and dam will be sufficient, if the horse, 21. All stakes must be made before starting: in &c., be own brother, or sister to any horse, &c., default thereof, the nominator becomes liable as a having a name in the Stud Book or Calendar, it loser, whether his horse comes in first or not, unless will be sufficient to name it as such. If the dam he shall have previously obtained the consent of the or grandam be sister (but which sister must be party or parties with whom he is engaged to bis not srecified, if there be more than one), or dam, or staking. When the riders of any horses brought ont grandam, of any horse, &c., having a name in the to run are called upon by the starter to take their Stud Book or Calendar, it will be sufficient to men- places for starting, the owner for every horse that tion her as such, if the dam or grandam is not goes to the post is liable to pay his whole stake,

22. No person can start a horse for any race, | horse or horses tried, the owner is bound, on the cither in his own name or in that of any other per-request of the Stewards, to declare to them which son, unless both the owner and namer shall have of his horses ran in such trial; on refusal, the paid all former stakes and forfeits before the time Stewards have the power to fix the disqualificntion fixed for starting for the first race. This rule ex- upon any one or more of his horses at their option. tends to forfeits due elsewhere than at Newmarket, (This rule is applicable only to Newmarket.) provided a notice of them be delivered by ten o'clock in the evening preceding the day of running.

BETS. 23. No person in arrear for stakes or forfeits, after 29. The person who bets the odds has a right Application for payment, and no person notoriously to choose bis horse or the field; when he has a defaulter in respect of bets, can enter or run in chosen his horse, the field is what starts against his own name, or in that of any other person. any him. Bets are determined though the borse does horse of which he is wholly or in part owner. And not start, when the word "absolutely," or "pluv to prevent any evasion of this rule, the Stewards or pay,” are made use of. All double events are nave power to call upon the nominator to produce play or pay. Bets on borses whose riders have been satisfactory testimony that such is not the case, and called upon by the starter to take their places for on failure of such proof, may cause the nomination the purpose of starting, are play or pay. to be erased, and ihe nominator will be held liable. 30. A bet cannot be off except by mutual consent ; for the stakes or forfeits thereon. And no horse but either parts may demand stakes to be made trained by any groom or other person thus in de on the day of the race, and on refusal may declare fault, or in any way under the care of any person the bet off. And if either party be absent on in default, will be permitted to start. Should any | the day of running, a public declaration of the horse coming under the above regulations be mis- bet may be made on the course, and a demand takenly permitted to start, it will not be considered whether any person will make stakes for the # winner though he should come in first, and the absent party; if no person consent to do so, the subscriber will have to pay the whole stake, as for a l bet may be declared void. Bets, however. ilgreed beaten horse. (This rule is in force at Goodwood, to be settled in town, or any particular place, canAscot, Liverpool, York, &c., but not at Newmarket.) not be declared off on the course.

31. Bets laid without mentioning the horse before LIABILITIES OF SELLERS AND PUR

the race is over, are determined by the state of the CHASERS.

odds at the time of making it. 24. When a horse is sold with his engagements, the 132. Bets between any horses that become the seller bas not the power of striking the horse out: property of the same person, or of his arowed conbut, as the original subscriber remains liable for the federate, are void forfeits, he may, if compelled to pay them, place 83. Bets on horses disqualified, and not allowed them on the forfeit list, as due from the purchaser to to start for want of proper identification in naming himself; and both the purchaser and the horse re- or entering, are void ; but not so on horses objected main under the same disabilities as if the purchaser to after the race on the ground of incorrect pedigree had been the original subscriber. In all cases of prior nomination ; in the latter case, the bets go with vate sale, the written acknowledgment of both par- the horse that comes in first, unless otherwisé disties that the horse was sold with the engagement is qualified, In cases where the objection is made necessary to entitle either buyer or seller to the before starting, the Stewards have the power to benefit of this rule.

suspend the settlement of bets until the objection 25. When a person has a horge engaged in the has been investigated. name of another party, who may be on the list of 34. Bets become void on the death of the nomidefaulters, he may, it he pay this forfeit, start his nator of the horse betted on; or if the race for horse, leaving the forfeit on the list, and substituting which the horse is named be the first of a double his own name for that of the person to whom it event; but not so on the death of the horse, or of was previously due. He may take the same course the owner of such horse, unless named by him. in respect of forfeits not on the list,

35. Bets made upon any horse running in a trial 26. When a person takes a nomination for a stake, between the time of trial and the entry of it, are in which the forfeit is to be declared by a particular void. (This rule applies only to Newmarket.) time, and does not declare forfeit by the time fixed, 36. Bets on a race for any particular day in any he takes the engagement on himself, and his name meeting, in which the parties afterwards change will be substituted for that of the original subscriber. the day, stand; but, if the race be postponed to a

27. In a selling race, none but those who have different meeting, are void. (The Stewards have started horses in it are entitled to claim; the horse the power, in cases of urgent necessity, of putting claimed must be paid for on the day of the race, or off the races from day to day in the same week the party claiming is not entitled to demand him and all bets on such races must stand.) at any future period, but the owner of the horse 37. Bets not vitiated because the owner of the horse clanned may insist upon the claimant taking and may have omitted to make stakes before starting. paying for bim. At Newmarket any horse for a 38, Bets made in running for a plate are not deselling stake or plate is liable to be claimed by the termined until it is won. Bets made after the heat. owner of any other horse in the race, for the price if the horse betted should not start again, are void. for which he is entered to be sold, and the amount 39. Bets between borses that run a dend heat, of the stake; the owner of the second being first and wbose owners agree to divide, or between either entitled, &c.

of such horses and the field, must be put together

and divided in the same proportion as the stakes. TRIALS.

If a bet be made on one of the horses that ran the 28. Every engagement made with any norse, dead heat against a horse that is beaten in the race, &c., running in a trial, between the time of such the backer of the former wins half his bet. If the trial and the entering of it in the Trial-book, dead heat be the first event of a double bet, the bet whether it be entered within the time prescribed or is void. Bets between horses that run a dead heat not, shall not be run, but the owner of such tried for a match are void. norse shall be considered as haviny declared forfeit, 40. Bets cannot be transferred without the consent unless bis opponents, or any of them, should be of both parties to it. desirous to hold him to his engagement. And, in 41. Money given to have a bet laid is not to be case any hose so tried shall have started and won returned, though the race be not run. any race subsequently to the trial, and before! 42. Bets between horses are void if neither of the entry oil it, his owner will not be entitled to the them should win, stake, but will be considered as beaten. Every bet 43, A defaulter for bets may, within two years made upon or against any such horse becomes void. from the date of his defalcation, after having setIn these cases the disqualification attaches to the tled with his creditors, demand the sums due to horse, without regard to any change of the property him, but after the expiration of that term, loses in him; and if, with respect to the disqualification, all claim on the person indebted to him. any difficulty should arise in ascertaining the

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