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Two-year olds (of 1843) are printed in Italics; the fizure on the left denotes the number of races son. Won

| Won. Abbass, The, 151, 155

By CORRANNA, f. -- Red Rose, Irish King, The, 151, 152 5 Accident, (1 +5,) (1-19.) 151, 151, 147, 148, 155, 157, 158

Isabella, 143 152, 152, (153) (156) 155

-- f. - Vau leville, 154, 155 4 Adrian, 153

Countess, The, 159, 153

Jack's-the-lad, 150, 150, 150
Agility, 149
Creeper, 151

Jerry-boy, 150, 150
Alma, 116, 147
Cum -a-lum, 153. 153

Jester, The, 145, 147, 154, 155 Alleyne, 151

Johnstoron, 157 3 Allegrette, 146, (148.) (148) Daphne, 156

Juggler, The, 153 150, 150, 153. (15.5.) 157

Dark-haired Girl, I 46 Azelle, 149, 152. 153

Dailer, The, 145, 147

1 Kick-un the-dust, (148)

By The DEAN, 4. - Fieldfare. King-fisher, 145, 148, 149, 156 Bacco-box, 15 See Honest Tom

of Oude, The, 147 3 Ballinafad. (145) 146, 155, (155,) Dearest Mae, 15+ (156.) 157, 158 D. vil, The. 149

Lady Caroline, 153, 156 1 Banshee, 149, 149, 151, 152, 153, Dinah, 152

- Sale, 152, 154, 157 158, (158)

1 Dolly's Brae, 151, 152, (152,). Larry's the Lad, 146, 158 Baronet's Daughter, The, 145, 158

By LAUNCELOT, c. - Penelope, 151, (151,) 154, 154 Dorset, sis. to, 154

146 Baroness, 145, 146

Dough, 145, 145

3 Lethargy, 151, (151.) 152, (152) Baronet, Tbe, 147, 153

6 Duc an-Durras, 145, (146,) 146, 153, (154.) 157, 158 Barony Boy, 153

(147.) 147, (148.) (152) (155,) Little Ann. 156 Batteraway, 155


1- George, 1-7, (157) Bernard, 158

Duchess, The, 156, 156

1 - Harry, 145. (147.) 148 1 Betsy Prig. (149,) 150

Lord Eduard, 154, 155, 155 Billy the Beau, 156

1 Earl of Warwick, The, (145) 5 - George, (153,) (153, 155, 1 By BIRDCATCHER, f. - Circe, 3 Elemi, 147, 148. (149, 150, (150, (157) (157) (158) 147, 15+, (155,) 157

130, 151, (151) 152, 153, 155, George Bentinck, 146 f.-half sis. to Pirefly, 149 156

I Louis Philippe, 147, 147, (148) 4 - f. (sis. to Ballinkeele) -- Elvas, 158

152, 152, 154, 155, 153, 158, 158 Perdità, 154, (155,) 157, 157, By Elvas - (bro, to Johnny), Lurcher, 148, 154 (158,) (158,) (198)

145, 146 - f. - Honoria, 146, 147

By EMILIUS, C-Hecale, 157 Made-sare, 145, 146 4 Blucher, (145.) (146,) (147) Eugene Sue. See Cuin-a-lum By Magpie, c. - Louisa's d. (148 ) 148, 152, 154, 155

See Banshee Blackberry, 150

Fairy King. 156

1 Maid of Clonmel, The, (150,) 150 24Bravo, The, (119) (150,) 150, - Queen, The, 150, 150, 151

of Honour, 145 151, (151, 153 Fanny Elssler, 149

of the Wood, 148 Brownie, 151 Farewell, 146, 146, 147

of the West, 150 2 Bullion, (146,) (146,) 147, 143, 3 Fiddler, The, 147, 147, 148, 2 Marchioness d'Eu, 145, 146, 148, 155, 155

(149 ) 149, 152, (153.) 153, (147,) (158) Bustle, 155


Mariner, 151
Filter, 149

3 Marquis, The (154,) (157.) (157) 3 Captain Grant.(145) (146,) 155, I Finance, 149 (149) 157

of Caribbas, 154, 155 155, (158,) 158

2 Flight. (151,) (152) 154, 155 1 Master Jack, 150, (150) 5 Caprice, 143, (146.) (146.) 147. Free-lance, 145

21--Murray, (151,) (151,) (151, 148, (150,) (150) 152, 154, 155, Fugleman, 157

152, 152 (157,) 157

Michaelmas Daisy, 149
Carrig, 157
Galway Lass, 156

By Milo, b, m. (aged), 150
Celt, The, 151
Glorvina, 145

---ch, m. (5 yr old), 150 Champagne, 148, 149, 150 Good Fellow, 148, 152, 154, 1576 Miss Fortune, (149,)(150.)(151) Champion, 150 Granite, 153, 153, 156

(152) 152, 153, 154, 155, (156) 1 Chaseaway, (157) Gurteen, 147, 147, 148, 148, 149,

157, (158) Chief, The, 151

150, 150, 156

12 - Reilly (now Off-she-goes), 2 Chatterbox, 146, 142, (156, 157

154, (154,) (154,) 155, 155, 158, (158) By HARKAWAY, f, d. by Rust,

156, 157 | Clarendon, (151) 152, 153


Mist, The, 149 i Clasher, (158)

4 Harkover, (145,) 146, 149, 149, Modesty, 146, 153, 153, 155, 155, Clib, The, 150

(153) (154.) (154,) 157

157, 158
Cock Robin, 154
1 Harlequin, (156)

Moll Sparks, 156
Cock Robin, 151, 152, 153
Hatter, The, 149

By MONARCH, C.-sis. to Broad-
Cognac, 148, 152, 152
Hercules, 156

wath, 157 I Consuella, 146, 148, (154,) 154, | 1 Heroine, The, 147, 153, (153) Mouse, The, 154 2 Conveyor, 145, 117, 147, (148) 156

Mouse-trap, 157 152, (152,) 154, 155, 157, 157, Hoggerwoll, 153, 153

1 Myrtilla, 150, 150, (158)

Hollymount, 153, 154 Coquette, hy Napier, 154 2 Honest Tom, 147, 153, 153, 156, Off-she-goes. See Miss Reilly Coquette, by Birdcatcher, 147.

(156) (156)

Ormsby, 146, 146 1 Coquette, by Rory O'More, 2 Hope, (147.) (147)

3 Otter, The, (149,) 150, (150) (149.) 151, 151,151, 152, 152, 153

152, (153,) 154 By CORRANNA, c. - Monica, i Independence, 145, 147, (148) 157, 157

149, 157, 158

i Panic, 146, 148, 149, 149, (133)

155, 158




Won Pauline (h. b.), 158 1 Russborough, (154)

By TEARAWAY c., bro. to Penrith, 158

Dough, 145, 146
Phoenix, 145
Schamyl, 149, 152

f., Medea, 157
Picton, 154
2 Seagull, (147) (155)

f, Zuljma, 145, 146, 157, 2 Pio Nono, 145, 146, 147, 147. eaman, The. 147, 153

158 148, 148, 149, (149, 152, (153) Shepherdess, 149, 152, 154, 154 By TEMPLAR, e., d. by Sir Her. 153, 154, 155, 156 Shinrone, 157

cules, 159, 153 i Pinto, (158)

By Simoom, f. - Myrtle. See 1 Third of May, (156) 1 Poacher, The, (146)


Tippv. 149 Poor Yorick, 146, 146

bro. to Caledon, 158

1 Touch-and-go, 156, (156, 156 Poosey, 146

Sir Edinund of Langley, 151, 1 Toy, 155, (153) 4 Portia, 145, (146) 146, (147,) 151, 153

Traveller, 147 (148) 150, 150, (150) 151, 154 - Simon, 146

I Tribute. (148) 148, 156, 157 Pride of Kildare, 149

- Thomas, 151

Trouncer, 145 2 Prince of Orange, 151, 151, 4 Sisyphus, (151,) 151, ( (151, 152, 153, (153, 156, 158 (152,) (152)

1 Vanith, 151 Prosperity, 149

Skyscraper, 149

By VERULAM, C. - Whim, 145 Protection, 150 1 Slate Quarry Lus, (15

Victory, 145, 146, 147, 148, 148 Smuggler Bill, 153

Viscount, 145, 146. 148, 149, 157 Queen or Killare, 147

Souvenir, 149

1 Vulcan, 149, (152) 154 - Margaret, 146, 146

Spellitta, 156

1 Speculation. (150,) 158, 158 Wanderer, 151 By RADICAL, ch. m., 153

I Si. John, 145, 145, 147, 152, 154, Warden of Galway, 153 Ranelagh, 143, 148, 149, 152, 155, (157.) 158

Warrior, 149, 150 153, i53

By STAR of ERIN, f., d. by 1 Wave, The, (151, 152 By RATCATCHER (bro. to Rat- Tearaway. See Kick-up-the Weasel, The, 150 | tra:)), 154, 55


Wee-one, The, 154 Red Knight, The, 145

1. Surprise (late Yellow Pat), 145, Whiff, 157 Remunerator, 147, 147, 155

148, 149, (149,) 151, 151, 152, 1 White-hov, 145, 146, 147, 147, By RETRIEVER, C.-Maygit


149, 150, 151, 152, 155 See Surprise

2Sweet Norah, 146, 146 147, 148 Whitefuot, 152 Reversion, 151, 152, 153

By WHITENOSE, f.-Dream, 150 4 Revoke, 150, (150.) 151,

Tamerlane, 150

Wild Rose, 156, 156 155 (156, 156, (156)

2 Tancred, 149, (155) (157) 157 Wirrastrue, 145, 149, 149 Rival, 156, 156

Tanner, The, 150

Woodlands, 145, 147, 147 Roller, 148, 155

By TEARAWAY, C., d. by Byron, Rosa, 149


Yellow Pat. See Surprise 3 Rouser, (153,) (153,) (156)

1.- Ironmould, 158

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Winner, Ascot Heath ... Capt Lowther ....The Gent Bedford........Mr Charlton...... Kissa way Caledonian Huni Mr J. Browo..... Haricot Canterbury ....

Dot Bedford ....St Rosalia

of Bedio Carlisle ........Mr Lancaster .... Flash Chester .......

Sir C. Monk...... Vanguard Chelmsford ....Capt Lowther.... The Gent Doncaster.. Mr Campbell..... Woolwich Edinburgh..... Mr Dawson .....Priestess

.Ld Exeter....... Little Jack Goodwood.. Capt Lowther .... The Gent Guildiord.

Mr H. Robinson.. Confidence Hampton Mr J. Powney .... Kathleen Ipswich... Mr Rogers ...... Vasa Lancaster... Mr Nichol.......Woolwich Leicester... Mr Montgomery Priestess Lewes......

Dof Bedford..... St Rosalia Lichfield....... Ld Exeter........ Little Jack


Lincoln....... Ld Exeter...
Ld Exeter......

Little Jack
Liverpool.....Capt dervey ...,

Manchester .... Mr Murphy ..... Dough
Newmarket ....D of Bedford.... ISt Rosalia
Newmarket ....Sir J. Hawley ....Fernbill
Newmarket ....D of Bedford..... St Rosalia
Newcastle...... Mr Robson ...... The Sweep
Northampton ..D of Bedford.....Retail
Nottingham,... Mr H, Walters ... Maid of Team

Plymouth, &c.. Mr Robinson ....Confidence
Salisbury ...... Major Pitt ....... Mounseer
Shrewsbury ....Sir J. Hawley.... Fernhill
Warwick.......Ld Exeter........ Little Jack
Weyinouth.... Hon S. Herbert... Kathleen
Winchester.....Mr H. Robinson.. Confidence
York.......... Ld Stanley....... Uriel
York (for mares) Mr Dawson....... Priestess

Egham ....

Bellewstown ... Mr Nolan...... Panic.

Curragh ....... Mr Hyland .... Allegrette.
Mr Kelly.... Blucher.

Curragh ....... Mr Courtenay.. Caprice.
Curragh ...
Mr Kelly .... Blucher.


The Marquis. Mr Courtenay Caprice.

The Marchioness Curragh Mr Courenay... Caprice.

Curragh(Whip) Mr Watts ......

Whip) Mr watts."""" d'Eau

Mr Nolan...... Blucher.
Mr Nolan.... Blucher.

Royal Down Cor Mr Courtenay.. Caprice.
Mr Hyland .. Allegrette.

Royal Down Cor Mr Courtenay.. Caprice.
Mr Disney ...

Captain Grant | Royal Duwn Cor Mr Bond ...... Myrtilla
Curragh .......Mr Disney ...

...Captain Grant. 11


(Lord Lieut's; Mr Watts.


CROXTON PARK - The. new course is pear. ABERYSTWITH is oval, or egg shaped, one mile' shaped, 22 yards short of two miles, with a flat

round, with a hill at the commencement of the straight run in of 840 yards. first turn about 300 yards from starting, which DERBY.-Oblong, a mile and a quarter in length, continues round the top of the course; a slight with a straight run in of nearly half amile. descent, then flat all the way, with a straight run DONCASTER is a round course of about 1 mile, 7 in of about 350 yards...

furlongs, and 70 yards. The other courses are ABINGDON.-Oval, one mile and a quarter round, portions of this circle, viz.-Red House in, 5 fur

with a good run in; the T.Y.C. is three-quarters longs, 152 yards. T.Y.C. 7 furlongs, 214 yards. of a mlle.

Fitzwilliam Course, I mile, 4 furlongs, 10 yards. ASCOT.-A circular course, short of two miles by St. Leger Course, I mile, 6 furlongs, 132 yards.

66 yards; the first half nearly all on the descent, Two mile course, 2 mile, 15 yards. Four mile and the remainder, which is called the old mile, ! course (twice round) 3 miles, 7 furlongs, 29 1 up hill the greater part of the way. The Swinley yards. Cup Course, from the Red House and Course is the last mile and a half of the above. once round, 2 miles, 5 furlongs, 14 yards. The new mile is straight, and up hill all the way. DUDLEY is oval, 1 mile and a quarter and 18 The T.Y.C. is the last 5 furlongs and 136 yards of yards; two-thirds of it nearly flat, and the rethe new mile.

mainder hilly. The run in is a straight half mile, AYR.-A round, flat course of 1 mile and 330 yards, with a gradual rise,

with a straight run in of a quarter of a mile. DUMFRIES.-Nearly oval, 1 mile and 3 furlongs BATH is nearly an oval of one mile and a half, round. with a straight run in of half a mile.

DURHAM.-Circular, 1 mile in extent. The T.Y.C BECCLES.--A flat circular course, of a mile and a is 6 furlongs. quarter, the last third of it flat.

ECCLES.-An oval of three-quarters of a mile, BEDFORD is a flat circle of 1 mile, 4 fur. 44 yards.! with a straight finish of a quarter of a mile. BEVERLEY.-An oval, or rather pear-shaped EDINBURGH.-Nenrly oval, measuring I mile, a

course, I mile, 3 furlongs, 90 yards round, with a quarter, and 46 yards, with a nearly straight run straight run in of nearly half a mile, and a gra in of half a mile, rising slightly from the distance. dual rise for the greater part of this distance, EGHAM is nearly flat, 66 yards short of two miles, Kingston Course 1 mile and 4 furlongs, the T.Y.C. and in shape resembling the figure of 9. The is 4 fur. 1054 yds.

new mile is nearly straight BLANDFORD - The Cup Course is 2 miles, start- EGI.INTON PARK.-An oval course, 150 yards

ing at the winning chair, running nearly a mile less than 2 miles, and flat, with the exception of straight, and, with a good turn, back over the a rather steep hill about half a mile from the same ground. The Dorsetshire Stake Course is 1 winning post. The run in, which forms the T.Y.CO about three miles, with a different start, but run- is a straight run in. ning into the Cup Course. The T.Y.C. is 6 fur- EPSOM.--The Old or Cup Course is 2 miles, of an longs, straight.

irregular circular form, the first mile up hill. BRECON.-Flat, rather oblong, with a straight The New Derby Course is exactly a mile and a

run in of about 500 yards. Once round and a half, and somewhat in the form of a horse-shoe, distance is a mile, or twice round and the long the last half mile being straight. The first half length two miles.

mile is on the ascent, the next third of a mile BRIGHTON.- The Old Course is 1 mile, 6 fur level, the bend into the straight run home, and

longs, 265 yards ; the New Course, I mile, 6 fur until within the distance on the descent, and the longs, 141 yards; the Ovingdean Course 1 mile remainder on the rise. The New T.Y.C. is 6 fur4 furlongs; the Enclosed Course I mile 2 fur. longs, the Old T.Y.C. or Woodcot Course, somelongs; the Bristol Course is I mile; and the thing less than half a mile, the Craven Course T.Y.C. 6 furlongs.

one mile and a quarter, and the Metropolitan BROMSGROVE is nearly circular, and a distance Course, starting at the winning post, 2 miles and short of a mile.

2 furlongs. BROMYARD.Oval, a little up and down, length EXETER.-The Old Course is an oval of 2 miles,

about a mile and a quarter, with a good run in. two-thirds of which are nearly flat, and the reBURTON CONSTABLE (in Sir C. Constable's mainder rather hilly. The last ball mile is

Park).-Nearly circular, a mile and a quarter, I straight, with a slight ascent and good coming in, with a straight run in of about 500 yards; and The New Course is round, and nearly level of I

level, with the exception of a hill on the top side. mile, and the three mile course is formed out CARLISLE is I mile and 90 yards round.

of the new and old courses. CATTERICK BRIDGE is an oval flat, of 1 mile GOODWOOD.-The New Cup Course is 2 miles

and 60 yards, with a straight run in of 3 furlongs and a hall, starting 100 yards west of the and 154 yards.

winning post, running out to the west of the CANTERBURY is shaped like a cricket-bat, being Clump, returning by the east. T.Y.C. is a

two miles out and in, with a severe hill from the straight three-quarters of a mile. For the distance home.

Queen's Plate, the horses start to the north-west CHATHAM is I mile and I furlong, with a straight, of the Stand, run over to the east of the Clum,

flat run in of a quarter of a mile and 24 rods; go to the outside circle of the hill, and return by the opposite side of the course is on lower ground, I the east of the Clump, being 3 miles, 5 furlongs, but flat.

97 yards. The Maidstone Course is 2 miles, 1 CHEADLE (CHESHIRE) is oval, about three furlong, 44 yards. For the New Mile the horses quarters of a mile.

start on the G.S. Co. and run home to the wesiCHELMSFORD is oval, short of 2 miles by about ward of the Clump. "Two Miles," and "One

30 yards, the last half mile being on the ascent. Mile and three quarters," are portions of once There is a straight mile.

round, which is 2 miles, 1 furlong, 40 yards. "A CHESTER.-A fiat course of 1 mile and 46 yards Mile and Half,” to be run on the New Course.

round. The Trade Cup Course is 2 miles, 2 fur- HAMPTON.-A flat oval course; the old course a Jongs, and 42 yards, starting at the Grosvenor mile and a quarter; the new one about a mile and Post. For the 2 mile Course the start is 46 yards a half. The T.Y.C. is 6 yards short of half a mile. past the winning post. The Grosvenor Course is HEREFORD is oval, I mile and 330 yards, with a 1 mile, I furlong, 216 yards. From the Castle straight run in of about 600 yards. Pole and twice round, is 2 miles, 3 furlongs, 67 HERTFORD.-A flat oval course, mile and 40 yds., yards. The T.Y.C. is nearly 6 furlongs.

with a straight run in of a quarter of a mile. CHESTERFIELD is nearly circular, and about a HORWICH.Oval, about a mile, with a straight

mile and three-quarters round; the run in is run in of rather more than a quarter of a mile about a quarter of a mile, straight, and rather on slightly up hill to the finish. T.Y.C. a straight the ascent.

half mile.

HUNTING DON is oval and flat, stort of 2 miles | NORTHAMPTON.-An oval course of a mile and by a distance, with a straight run in of nearly a half and 180 yards, with a strong hill about half a mile.

half way from home, and a straight run in of IPSWICH-Two miles round, with a straight run half a mile. in of half a mile,

NOTTINGHAM-A round course of I mile, 2 furKELSO.-Oblong, a mile and a quarter round, and longs, 11 yards, with a straight run in of nearly

level with the exception of a gentle rise from the half a mile. The T.Y.C. is 6 furlongs. Stand to the Chair.

OSWESTRY.-In form resembles an ill-shaped KNIGHTON.-Nearly oval, 1 mile 200 yards in figure of 8, and only a few yards short of 2 miles,

length, with a nearly straight run in of a quarter Lending in a straight run in of nearly half a mile of a mile.

on a gentle ascent. KNUTSFORD.-A round course of 1 mile only, OXFORD.-About a mile and a half round, and and nearly flat.

quite flat. LANCASTER is in shape similar to the letter D, PAISLEY-Nearly square,with little rising ground,

the straight line in the letter being the run in, and I mile 25 yards in extent. The T.Y.C. is 6 and the head a rise; the length 1 Imile and 60 furlongs vards.

| PERTH, A flat course of 1 mile and 8 furlongs. LEICESTER.-Nearly oval, a mile and 50 vards, PLYMOUTH.-About one mile and a half round, nearly flat, with a rise before coming to the run flat, and nearly oval, with a straight run in of a in, which is straight, 700 yards in length, and third of a mile. flat.

PRESTEIGN.-A flat of seven-eighths of a mile, LEITH.-On the Sands; an oblong of a mile and with a good run in. a quarter.

RADCLIFFE BRIDGE.-Oval, one mile round, LEOMINSTER.-A flat circle of one mile.

nearly flat with a straight run in of 700 yards. LICHFIELD.-An oblong square, exactly 2 miles READING.-Triangular, nearly flat, exactly a round, starting at the distance.

mile and a half round, with a straight run home LINCOLN is a circular course of 1 mile, 6 furlongs, of about a third of a mile.

23 yds., with straight run in of nearly half a mile. REDDITCH.-Oval, about one mile round, with a LIVERPOOL.-An oval course of i'mile and 720 run in up a gentle ascent of about 300 yards. yards, one side gently declining, the other rising RICHMOND-Oval, 1 mile, 4 furlongs, 184 yards, irom the canal "side. The T.Y.C. is 4 furlongs, witb a long straight run in, rising to the distance and the " Stable-turn" Course 1 mile and a post. From the Grey Stone in, 4 fur. 200 yards half. There is a straight run in of about 1000 straight; from the Lime-kiln Gate 6 fur. 100 yards. The Steeple Chase Course is 4 miles 400 yds. yards,

RIPON.-Two long sides, with oval turnings, i LÚDLOW.-Nenrly circular, with very little rise 1 mile and 112 yards round. The T.Y.C. is nearly

or fall except at the Butt turn, and not quite a three-quarters of a mile. mile and a half round.

ROCHESTER & CHATHAM.-Oval, I mile and MALTON.-An oval and nearly flat course, of ali furlong, with a run in of 2 furlongs, 24 rods.

mile and a half, with a straight run in, called SALISBURY. The mile course is straight and "The Shorts," of half a mile, and free from ob fat, with the exception of a rise for the first 50 jectionable turns. The T.Y.C. is 6 furlongs. It yards. The T.Y.C. is the last three-quarters of is on Langton Wold.

this mile. For the two-mile course, the horses MANCHESTER is a triangular course of 1 mile start beyond the winning chair, run past it and

and 20 yards, perfectly flat, except the run-in, the stand, and diverge to the left from the straight wbich is 700 yards in length, and on a gentle course, which they re-enter at the T.Y.C. starting ascent. The 'T.Y.C, is 6 furlongs.

post. NEWCASTLE is composed of four unequal sides, SANDBACH-Oval, upwards of 6 furlongs round,

and nearly approaching to a triangle; once round, and nearly level. or Hotspur Course, measured eight yards from SHIFFNALL.-A triangular couree, about 1 mile. the inside ditch, being 3162 yards. The T.Y.C. | SHREWSBURY.-An oval of 1 mile, 185 yards. is 6 furlongs; and the mile, two-mile, and longer with a rise of 6 feet 6 inches in a straight run in courses are exactly of the stated distances of nearly half a mile. There are hills in different parts, a straight run- SOUTHAMPTON.-Oval, 1 mile and a half round, niny on the west side of 400 yards ; on the south with a run in of nearly three-quarters of a mile. side of 543 yards, on the east side of 743 yards, The T.Y.C. is 280 yards short of a mile. and on the north, to the winning post, of 480 STAFFORD.-A mile course, which would be a vds.

complete oval but for a straight run of about a NEWCASTLE (Staff.) is circular, exactly I mile. quarter of a mile. NEWMARKET.-B. C. The Beacon Course, 4m If STIRLING.-An oblong of exactly 1 mile, 3 fur.

198y;-last three miles of ditto, 3m 45y; -T.M.M. longs, 140 yards: the T.Y.C. about 4 furlongs, two middle miles of ditto, Im-7f 127y ;-last mile and the run in about 406 yards straight. There and distance of ditto, Im If 156y ;-R.C. Round is a sharp hill immediately before the run in, Course, 3m 4f 1679 ;-D. I. Ditch in, 2m 97y; and another hill in a gradual turn after passing

A. F. Across the Flat, im 21 24v :- An. M. An. the winning post. E caster Mile, Im 18y-Ab. M. Abingdon Mile, 7f STAMFORD is rather oval, with a straight run in

201y :-R M. Rowley Mile, im ly; D. M. Ditch of nearly half a mile; it is flat, but there is a Mile, 7f 178v ;-B. M. Bunbury Mile, 78 208y; new straight mile, the first half of which is A.E. C. Audley End Course, Im 7f 55y; Bedford slightly on the rise till it joins the Round Course. Stakes Course, 5f 162y ;-Clermont Course (from The Cup Course, three times round, is exactly 4 the Ditch to the Duke's Stand), Im 6f ziy ; miles. Criterion Course) from the Turn of the Lands in), STOCKBRIDGE is nearly a round course, some5f 1847;-T. Y. C. Two Year-old Course (on the what hilly, with a straight run in of three-quarters Plat), 5f 136y ;-New T. Y C. (part of B. M.), 51 of a mile. There is also a straight mile. 136y : Y.C. Yearling Conrse, 21 47 v Cesarewitch STOCKTON.-An oblong of about 1 mile and 100 Course (from the Starting-post of T.M.M. to the yards, with a run in, nearly straight, of half a end of the Oat), 2m lf 215y;--Cembridgeshire mile, having a slight rise from below the distance Course, Im 11 8v, straight, ending at B. C. Win to within 109 yards of the chair. The Cleveland ning-post ;-Champion Course, Im 3r 201y.

Course about half a mile. The T.Y.C. 6 fur. NEWPORT (Salop) would be oval, but for a longs. Blue post is 7 furlongs, and from the Red

straight run in of 500 yards, is flat, and one mile post to the winning post and once round, 1 mile round wanting 160 yards.

and a half. NEWTON.--A triangular course of about one mile STOURBRIDGE.-A triangular course of 7 fur

and a quarter, with a strong hill, and a straight longs, 26 yards, with easy turns and a good run flat run in of nearly half a mile. The Golbornel in. The 4 furlongs 20 yards. Course is the last half mile.

SUTTON PARK.-One mile round, with a rnn in

od of them is goinpion can be

up rising grond, of 600 or 700 yards ; on the longs straight; but for the mile and longer dis. opposite side there is a slight descent.

tances, the course is crossed in the middle,making TARPORLEY.-One mile round, the last half being a figure of 8, and being, oncc over, about 1 mile nearly straight.

and three-quarters. TAVISTOCK.-Round or rather oval, 2 miles, a WREXHAM-One mile in extent, nearly oval, the

little hilly, the last three-quarters of a mile ground slightly undulating, the last quarter of a nearly straight.

mrle straight, with a gentle rise. The T.Y.C. is a TEWKESBURY.Circular, and quite flat, upwards few yards more than half a mile, of two miles round, with a straight run in of three- YARMOUTH.-Level, " once round" being im quarters of a mile.

21 2007; and T.Y.C. 5f 80y, straight. TUNBRIDGE WELLS.-Circular, one mile and | YORK-Circular, and quite flat, curving at the 246 yards in length, and rather hilly.

point where the old winning post stood, the new UPTON-ON-SEVERN.A perfect flat, 2 miles and one being 50 yards nearer the stand, leaving a 2 furlongs round, with a straight half mile

straight run in of 5 furlongs and 50 yards, which WALSALL.Oval, one mile round, short of a few forms the T.Y.C. The course once round is I mile

yurds. There is rather a severe bill of about 150 and 6 furlongs and rather more than 50 yards; Yards, a quarter of a mile from the starting post, the other courses are portions of the circle, and are but the run in is straight, flat, and nearly hall a the exact distances described in the conditions of mile in length.

the stukes. WARWICK. -Once round is I mile, 6 furlongs, 60

yards. The Leamington Stake Course is 2 miles CURRAGH COURSES. - New Chain, 3f 96y : and 44 yards. The T.x.C. is a few yards short of Yearling Length, 5f 153y; Conolly's Mile, Im; 7 furlongs.

Two Year Old Course, Im 130v; Sir Ralph's WELSHPOOL has two courses, one being oblong Post, Im If 94y; Three Year Old Course; im 21

with two long sides, about 70 yards short of a 22y; Post on the Flat, Im 3f 58y; First Post on mile; the other nearly of the same form

the Flat, lm 5f; Red Post, Im 6f 3y; Hamilton WENLOCK.-An oval course of about a mile, Course, 3m 41 133y ; Over the Course, 4m ; Sligo WEYMOUTH.-Oblong, level, and about a mile Post, a few yards longer than the Red Post. round.

NEW COURSES.-Yearling Course, 21 147y; Blue WINCHESTER in 2 miles round, with a straight Post, 21 1789; Two Year Old Course, 51 136);

run in of about three-quarters of a mile, the first Yellow Post, 6f; Anglesey Post, 61; Northum

of which is a strong bill. T'he l'. Y.C. is 6 furlongs. berland l'ost, Im; Bruen Post, Im; Royal WOLVERHAMPTON.-An oval of I mile, I fur. Course, Im 3f 144y; Peel Course, Im 6f 12y;

longs, 102 yards, having a hollow at the north Rathbride Post, im 130y ; Mulgrave Mile, Im; western extremity. The T.Y.C. is a straight hall Rossmore Post (on Peel C.) lm 41: : Waterford mile.

Post, I mi. 4 fur. on the Peel Course; Marquis's WORCESTER.-Flat and oval. The T.Y.C. half Post, 2f. 178y.

a mile, and two and three year old lengtis, 5 lur- í


bl. for blue : bk, for black; r. for red; br. for brown; gr. for green; scar.for scarlet; ye. for yellow; pl.

for white; crim. for crimson ; or. for orange; vio. for violet; pur. for purple; str. for stripe ; vel, for velvet; sls, for sleeves,

N.B.-The cap understood to be black, unless otherwise specified The King of Holland -Scar. body, white sls.; bk. Mr Blyth-Blue body, straw sleeves vel. cap. with gold tassel

Sir J. Boswell-White, with narrow black stripes Dow Countess Albemar e-Grjacket, white cap Mr Bouvesie-Brown, orange sleeves and cap Lord Airlie-French grey, with blue garter and cap Sir W. Booth-Purple and buff Cap Allan-Scarlet jacket, green and gold cap Mr Bowes - Black Mr Allen-White body and cap tied with a yellow Mr R. Boyce - Yellow ribbon, yellow sleeves

Capt Boyd-White body, light blue sleeves Col Angerstein-Tricolor

Mr Bradford-White, vellow sleeves, red cap
Hon Col Anson-White jacket and cap

Mr Bristow-Yellow, blue sleeves, yellow cap
Capt Archdall - Orange, blue sleeves, white cap Mr W. H. Brook-Violet jacket and cap
Mr John Armstrong--Brown and Yellow

Mr C.C. Brooke-Primrose, purple cap
Mr J. Arnold--While jacket, orange cap

Mr W. R. Brown-Purple, white sleeves and cap Mr Arrowsmith-Brown

La Bruce - Red body, yellow sleeves and cap

Duke of Buccleuch-Yellow, light blue sls, and cap Mr Bainbridge-Yellow, white cap

Ms. E. Buckley-Scarlet, purple sleeves Mr W. A. Bainbrigge-Black Jacket, white cap

Capt Bulkeley-Black and white, quartered Sir E. Baker-Red jacket and cap

Sir R. W. Bulkeley-Brown body, white scams, Mr Balchin-Blue, white sleeves and cap

sleeves, and cap Mr Banks-Plaid jacket, white cap

Mr Burgess-Black ; second colour, black jacket, Mr Barne-White; pink cap

yellow cap
Mr Barton-Orange body, crim. sleeves, or. cap
Mr G. Burton-Blue and white stripe, red cap Lord Caledon-Straw jacket
Capt Bastard -Scarlet with yellow sleeves

Lord Cardıoss-Scarlet, with silver braid
Ld Rateman-Bl and rose stripe, rose sls, and cap Sir W. Carey-Scarlet
Mr Bateman-White, brown seams and cap

Mr Carew-Yellow and chocolate stripe
Mr Batson-Crimson and white stripe

Mr J. Carlile--Amber body, with violet sis., wh cap Count Batthyany-Blue, orange sleeves

Mr Cassidy-Blue Mr Baxter-Orange

Mr T. B. Charlton-Dark bl., white sis. and cap Mr J. Bayly-Blue, white cap

Lord Chesterfield-Red, blue sleeves, red cap Duke of Bedford-Purple and buff stripe

Mr Chilton-Scarlet Mr R. Bell-Green.

Mr Choyce-Pink Mr Bennett - Iblack jacket, crimson cap

Mr Clark-Scarlet, yellow sieeves Mr Beresford-Green, yellow cap

Mr E. R. Clark-Light blue, with scar. seams, Mr Binnie-White body, blue sleeves and cap

scar. cap. Mr Bird-White body, pur. sleeves, and red cap Mr F. Clarke-Lilac, wbite cap

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