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Mr Spink's b. c. The Swindler, by Wintouian
Mr Glen's br. c. Duster, by Yaxley . . .

• 6 5 4 Mr Dawson's b. f. Tightwaist, by Young Longwaist.

. 3 5 4 Mr Stevens's ch. f. Britannia, by Cataract .

. 3 5 2 Ld H. G. Lennox's br. f. Theorem, by Don John

• 3 5 0 Mr S. Herbert's b. c. by Sir Hercules, out of Empress, by Emilius

. 3 5 0 Ld Eglinton's ch. g, Pandemus, by Idle Boy.

. 3 5 0 Ld Strathmore's b. f. The Incurable, by The Cure . .

. 3 4 8 The GREAT METROPOLITAN STAKES of 35 sov, each, 15 ft. if declared, &c., with a bonus

of 350 sov. ; the second to receive 50 sov. out of the stakes; the winner of any handicap of 200 sov. value subsequent to the publication of the weights to carry 5lb., or of two such races or more, 101b. extra. The winner to pay 30 sov. towards the expenses, 101. 10s. to the Licensed Victuallers' School, and 101. 10s. to the Licensed Victuallers'

Asylum. Two miles and a quarter.-102 subs. 44 of whom declared ft. Age. st. lb. Mr H. Hill na, ch, h. Peep-o'-Day Boy, by Harkaway

aged 8 10 Mr Payne's ch, m. Glauca, by Cotherstone . Mr Mangau's ch. c. Russborough, by Tearaway Mr S. Beeton na. br. c. Clincher, by Turcoman

. 4 8 3 Ld Eglinton's br. h, Elthiron, by Pantaloon .

• 5 8 2 Mr E. R. Clark's b. h. Old Dan Tucker, by Picaroon Capt. Archdall's b. c. Windischgratz, by Jeremy Diddler

. 4 7 10 Mr Meiklam's br. h, Snowstorm, by Lanercost

. 5 7 9 Sir J. Hawley's b. h. Vaticun, bv Venison

. 5 7 9 Mr Stephenson's br. c. by Dromedary-dam by Mulatto, out of Lunacy . 48 Major Pitt's b. h. Vampyre, by Mus . Mr Meiklam's b. h. Raby, by The Doctor Ld Enfield's b. c. William the Conqueror, by Touchstone Mr Drinkald's b. h. Sauter la Coupe, by Sleight-of-hand

. 5 7 5 Mr Treen's br. h. Rhesus, by Sleight-of hand .

• 570 Mr S. Burgess's br. h. Edipus, by Voltaire .

. 5 6 12 Mr Osbaldeston's b. h. Minimum, by Lanercost.

5 6 12 Mr Glen's bl. c. Damask, by Touchstone

4 6 10 Ld Bessborough's ch. c. by Gladiator, out of Zenobia

4 6 10 Mr Drinkald's ch. g. Dulcet, by Dulcimer Mr S. Beeton na. ch. c. Brother to Dough, by Tearaway Mr J. D. Robson's bl. c, The Sweep, by The Saddler Mr S, Herbert's b. f. Kathleen, by Lanercost . Mr Payne's br. c. Mouse, by Mus Mr Carew's b. g. Agis, by Safeguard Mr G. Watts jun's ch. c. Little George, by Mr Campbell na, br. c. John' of Berwick, by 1 Mr Mare's b, m. Gillyflower, by Venison Mr C. Wilson na. b. m. Selina, by Longsight Mr Carew's b. m. Eva, by Harkaway. Mr Greville's b. f. Estafette, by Slane Mr Payne's ch. f. Ondine, by The Provost Count Batthyany's ch, c. l'alentine, by Slane.

4 5 12 Mr Thomas's ch. c. Aristocrat, by The Earl of Richmond

4 5 10 Sir J. Hawley's ch.c. The Ban, by Don John .. Mr Morris's ch.c. by John o'Ġaunt, dam by The Saddler, out of Miss Etty. Ld Eglinton's b. c. Cnæus, by Pompey Mr Gratwicke's b. f. Hesse Homburg, by Robert de Gorham Ld Strathmore's b, f. Sunrise, by Emilius Sir J. Hawley's br. c. Brother to Truthteller, by Ascot Ld Eglinton's ch. g. Pandemus, by Idle Boy .

. 3 4 8 Mr S. Herbert's b. c. by Sir Hercules, out of Empress

. 3 4 6 Mr Magenis's br. f. Ingratitude, by Jereed Mr J. S. Douglas's ch.č. Don Pedro, by Don John

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Mr C, Watts jus 4gis, by sy Mus*

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TUESDAY, May 20.- The WOODCOTE STAKES of 10 sov. each, with 100 added, for two

year olds, colt 8st. 6lb., and fillies 8st. 3lb.; the owner of the second horse to receive 25 sov, out of the stakes, and the winner to pay 10 sov. towards expenses. Three quarters of a mile.-29 subs.

L Palmerstony, Camel Lastman Platoff,

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Count Batthyany's br. c. The Monk

Sir G. Heathcote's b. c. by Lanercost --- b. 1. Susan

Nannette Mr Carew's b, c. Little John

Mr Mare's b. f. sis. to Hatherton - bl. f. The Nun

Major Martyn's b. f. Lady Isabel Mr E. R. Clark's b. c. Baron Martin

Mr Merry's b. f. by Ithuriel-Sorella's dam Mr J. Clark's b. c. Elcot (h. b.)

Mr Morris's ch. f. by Hetman Platoff, dam Mr F. Clarke's b, f. Sabra

by Sircingle Mr C. Dorrien's b. c. Rhinegrave

Mr. Osbaldeston's b. c. by Hetman Platoff, Mr Drinkald's b. c. M. Houdin

dam (1841 by Camel-Lady Elizabeth Mr W. Etwall's b. c. by Venison-Passion Ld Palmerston's b. c. Buckthorn Mr Farrance's b. c. Singleton Lad

Mr Payne's b. f. Freedom Mr Gratwicke's b. f. Flirt

Mr Ramsbottom's b. f. Hot Cross Bun Mr Greville's b. c. Frantic

Mr Stephen Walker's b. f. Smalldrop
Sir J. Hawley's b. c. by Alarm-Haitoe Mr B. Way's b. f. Miss Conyngham
Mr T.J. Hayter's bl. or br. f. Tested

Mr Whieldon's b. or br. f. Benita
Sir G. Heathcote': b. f. by Lanercost Mr Winch's c. Proudfoot
The Manor PLATE of 100 sovs. (handicap). One mile.
Age st. lb. !

Age st. 1b. Banker, by Amorino

Moor, The, by Sir Hercules

. 6 Beebee Bunnoo, by Velocipede · 5

Mouse, by Mus . . Bordeaux, by Cotherstone

Narcissus, by Gladiator . Brennus, by The Colonel

Nutcracker, by Nutwith .. Bushranger, by Thistlewhipper . 4

Old Fox, The, by Harkaway Bullfinch, by Slane.

Pierre de Touche, by Touchstone Calmar, by Charles XII.

Pilot, The (h. b.), by Bran Castenero, by Sir Hercules

Rodney, by The Provost Charley, by Charles XII.

Royal Hart, by Venison . Cora, by The Provost

Salute, by Gladiator . Docility, by Defence

St. Patrick, by Birkenhead Dulcet, by Dulcimer

Seignor of Holderness, by SleightElla, by Gilbert Gurney.

of-Hand Elthiron, by Pantaloon

Simplicity, by Sir Hercules By EPIRUS, f.- Dark Susan

Sir Charles, by Hetman Platoff. 4 Estafette, by Slane.

By SIR HERCULES, c, out of Dark Eva, by Harkaway.

Susan . . . . Ferule, by Jereed

c. - Empress . Forest Flywer, by Colwick

c. – Miss Letty Flare-up, by Launcelot

Sisyphus, by Slane . . Gladiole, by Gladiator

By SLANE, f. - Exotic . Gloom, by B. Middleton

- f. - Gusman's dam Grist, by Don John.

Soufflé, by Vol-au-Vent Heroine, by Gladiator

Strongbow, by Touchstone Handsome Doe, by The Ugly Buck 4 Swede, The, by Charles XII. . Hazy, by Venison . . .

Teeswater, by Ratan or St. Ianthe, by Ion . . . . 3

Bennett Impression, by St. Francis. 4

Terpsichore, by Epirus Iracundus, by Thistlewhipper .

By THE TULIP, g. - Rosalia Joc-o'-Sot, by Hetman Platoff . aged Utrecht, by The Provost Juggler, by Sleight-of-Hand

Wallflower, by Magpie . Laundry-maid, by Wintonian aged Warwick, by Sir Isaac Marchioness, The, by Leander

Windhound, by Pantaloon. Miss Spring, by Gladiator. . 4

Woodlark, by Venison Mogador, by Birdcatcher or Veru

Zadoc, by Bay Middleton. lam . . . . . aged WEDNESDAY.-The DERBY STAKES of 50 sov. each, h. ft. for three year olds, colts

8st. 71b., fillies 8st, 2lb. ; the owner of the second horse to receive 100 sov. out of the stakes; the winner to pay 100 sov. towards expenses, and 50 sov. to the Judge. Mile and a half.-195 subs. The King of the Netherlands na. b. c. Cnaus, by Pompey, out of Interlude Mr R. Allen's b. c. Mischief, by Launcelot, out of Delusion, by Comus Mr Allen's ch. c. The Saxon, by Sleight-of-hand, out of Belle Dame

br. c. Lightfoot, by Sleight-of-hand, out of Palma, by Emilius Col Anson's b. c. Hernandez, by Pantaloon, out of Black Bess - - b. c. Potent, (dead) by Venison, out of Potentia

b. c. by Touchstone, out of Ellipsis

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Col Anson's b. c. Banterer, by Charles XII., out of Banter

--- b. c. by Don John, out of Elopement
Capt Archdall's br. c. Badajoz, by Veuison, out of Europa
Mr G. Barton's ch. c. Galileo, by William-le-gros or Ben-y-Glo, out of Biddy
Mr Bastard's b. c. Pavilion, by Kremlin, out of Cecilia, by Comus
Mr Bateman's ch, c. Lough Bawn, by Magpie, out of Surprise
Mr Batson's b. c. Ab'derrhaman, by Muley Moloch, out of Barbara
Mr W. Beresford's b. c. Vagabond, by Cotherstone, out of Gitana
Mr J. Booth's br. c. Sir Felix, by Lanercost, out of Melody's dam
Mr Bowes's b. g. Australind, by Sleight-of-hand, out of Mowerina
Mr J. Bowles's b. c. Hibernian, by Harkaway, or Mayboy, out of Wiltona
Mr W. H. Brook's br. c. Constellation, by Lanercost, out of Moonbeam

-- b. c. Juggernaut, by Lanercost, ont of Idolatry
Mr J. Brown's ch.c. Roman, by Emilius, out of Virginia
Sir R. Bulkeley's ch. c. Houkum Snivvy, by Epirus, out of the Hipped mare
Mr Burgess's br. c. by Jerry, out of Maid of Kent, by Reveller

- b. c. by Dulcimer, out of My Niece, by Whalebone Ld Caledon's b. c. Osceola, by Simoom, out of Verbena (late Molly Mogg) by Slane

b. c. by Simoom, out of Lady Caroline, by Lord John

b.c. duron Smith, by Simoom, out of Urganda Ld Chesterfield na. br. c. Heart Breaker, by Don John, out of Dil-bar Mr Jas. Clark's b. c. The Marlborough Buck, (h. b.) by Venison, dam by Defence Mr E. R. Clark's br. c. Glenhawk, by Lanercost, out of Avis by Camel

- br.g. Edward of York, (late Cartouch) by Picaroon, dam by The Saddle Ld Clifden's br. c. Telescope, by Lanercost, out of Gaze

bc. Harpsichord, hy Touchstone, out of Concertina
b.c. Oleander, by Touchstone, ont of Olive
b. c. Artisan, by Lanercost, out of Skilful

ch. c. Beaufort, by John O'Gaunt, out of Vacuna
Mr Commerell's br. c. Seaman, by Vol au-Vent, out of Bobadilla
Capt Delmé's br. c. Gipsy Buy, by Venison, out of Lady Trampoline
MrJ.G. Dixon's br. g. Robert de Vallibus, by Lanercost, out of Ophelia

ch. g. Molossus, by Epirus, out of Blemish, by Emilius Mr W. Edwards's b. c. Primitious, by The Emperor, out of Spangle Ld Eglinton's b. g. Pandemus, by Idle Boy, out of Venus

b. c. Bonnie Dundee, by Lanercost, out of Blue Bonnet

b. c. Sardonyx, by Emilins, out of Amaranth, by Bay Middleton Mr W. Etwall's ch.g. Iracundus, by Thistlewhipper, out of Passion

ch. c. The Knight of the Thistle, by Thistlewhipper, out of Soldier's Joy Ld Exeter's ch.c. Midas, by Beiram, out of Merope

b. c. Ben More, by Sheet Anchor, out of Glenara
b. c. Phlegethon, by Phlegon, out of Scarf

br. c. by Plenipotentiary, out of Amima
Mr. G. T. Ford's br. c. De la Rue, by Picaroon, dam by Colwick, out of Mystery
Mr W. Garforth's br. c. Tragedian, by Lanercost, out of Garrick's dam
Mr George's bl. c. by Sir Hercules, out of Lantern, by Lamplighter
Mr J. Giil s ch.c. Sir William Wallace, by Emilius, out of Hecate, by Wizard
Ld Glasgow's b. c. by Don John, out of Miss Whip

-_ b.c. Nundescript, by Emilius, or Retriever, dam by Actæon-Ardrossan Mr J. Godwin's bl. c. Black Douglas, (h. b.) by Sir Hercules, out of Hotspur's dam Mr Gordon's br. c. Buo, by The Ugly Buck, out of Wapiti Mr Gratwicke's ch. g. Girdle, by Robert de Gorham, out of Stomacher Mr B. Green's br. c. Lord Nelson, by Lanercost, out of Jasmine, by Muley Moloch

b. c. Guardsman, by Faugh-a-Ballagh, out of Zillah, by Reveller - b. g. Peter the Great, by Emilius, out of Catherina, by Whisker

br. c. Hoxhim, by Emilius, out of Margaret, by Margrave - br. c. Bermudian, by Picaroon, out of Clarkia, by Muley Moloch

– br. c. Beninybrough, by Lanercost, out of Miss Gilmour, by Physician Mr. R. Greig's b. c. by The Earl of Richmond, ont of Miss Delphine Mr Greville's ch c. Ariosto, by Orlando, out of Preserve - - br. f. Bircelona, by Don John, out of Industry

ch. c. Brunnow, by Plenipotentiary, out of Green Mantle Mr Gurney's b.c. Thickthorn, by St. Francis, dam by Jerry, out of Pastille Mr W. S. Halford's br.c. The Prime Minister, hy Melbourne, out of Pantalonade Capt Harcourt's b. c, Colsterdale, by Lanercost, dam (1838) by Toniboy Mr R. Harrison's ch. c. Don Pedro (late Fareholm), by Don John, out of Ratafia Sir J. Hawley's b. c. The Confessor, by Cowl, out of Forest Fly

Sir J. Hawley's ch. c. The Ban, by Don John, out of Young Defiance

ch. c. Balsamo, by Cotherstone, out of Cheshire Witch
ch.c. Teddington, by Orlando, out of Miss Twickenham

br. c. brother to Truthteller, by Ascot, out of Testatrix

- ro. c. by Venison, out of Haitoe Sir G, Heathcote's ch. c. by Velocipede, out of Lady Geraldine

br. c. Spread Eagle, by Lanercost, ont of Cytherea

- br. c. by Lanercost, out of La Bellezza Mr S. Herbert's ch. c. by Sir Hercules, out of Adela

ch. c. (dead) by Sir Hercules, out of Factory Girl - --- br. c. by Sir Hercules, out of Miss Letty

- ch.c. by Slane, out of Odessa Mr Hesseltine's ch.g. Labyrinth, by Minotaur, out of Malaga, by Glencoe

- b. c. The Tout (late Stapelgrove), by Picaroon, out of Miss Elis's damo

br. c. The Gambler, by E. 0., dam by Glaucus-Miss Southcote Mr G. Higgins's ch. c. Theseus, by Minotaur, out of New Year's Day, by Jerry Mr H. Hill's ch. c. Ipsus, by Epirus, out of Emma, by Whisker

- ch.f. Epira, by Epirus, out of Mickleton Maid
Ld Howth's br. c. Trunnion, by Seahorse, out of Mrs. Smith's dam
Mr Howard's b. e. Boabdil, by Cotherstone, out of Sequidilla

ch.c. Grecian, by Epirus, out of Jenny Jumps, by Rococo
Mr E. J. Irwin's b. g. Lord Edward, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Anna Maria
Mr J. Irwin's b. c. Thunderbolt, by Smallhopes, out of Mustard, by Philip the First
MrJ. Jamieson's bl. c. The Anchorite, by Launcelot, out of The Lady Abbess
Mr Jaques's b, c. Entre-nous, by Emilius, or Touchstone, out of Burletta

b. c. Warmate, by Emilius, out of Playmate
Mr W. Jenkins's b. c.(dead) by Touchstone, out of Miss Slick

b. c. Guy Mannering, by Bay Middleton, out of Madge Wildfire Ld Jersey na. b.c. by Bay Middleton, dam by Bizarre, out of Glenara Mr A. Johnstone's ch. c. The Briton, by Old England, dam by St. Martin-Lady Eden

ch. c. Hengist, by Old England, ont of Epilogue - bl. c. by St. Martin, out of Madelina

b.g. by St. Martin, out of Bess (sister to Our Nell)

b. c. (dead), by Charles XII.. out of Morsel
- hr. c. Moolraj, by Charles XII., out of Manilla

br, c. Mooltuin, by Charles XII., out of Abigail
Mr W. Kimber's ch, c. The Knight of the Garter, by Faugh-a-Ballagh, out of Motley
Mr R. Lacey's b. c. Aristippus (dead), by Lanercost, out of Hinda, by Sultan
Mr Jas. Lea's br. c. Sailor, by The Sea, out of Rebecca, by Brutandorf
Mr W. Ley's b. c. Predilection, by Slane, out of Partiality
Mr John Lillie's ro. g. Active, by Tory Boy, out of Dejanira
Mr E. Littledale's b, c. Hippolytus, by Emilius, out of Fantastic, by Touchstone
Capt Lowther's br. c. Boyne, by Melbourne, out of Drogheda
Mr Lumley's br. c. (dead) by Cardinal Puff, or Hawk's eye, out of Emigrant's dam

bl. c. by Cardinal Puff, out of Peggy, by Muley Moloch
Mr H, Mann's b. c. Ricardus de Pichurne, by Bay Middleton, out of Miss Maria
Mr Mare's b. c. Hatherton, by Touchstone, out of Event

br. f. Scandal, by Touchstone, dam by Discount-Blucher-Mervinia
Mr H. L. Maw's b. c. Alompra, by Lanercost, out of Calm, by Sheet Anchor
Mr Meeson's ch. g. Stafford, by Paugh-a-Ballagh, out of The Dart's dam
Mr Meiklam's b. c. Border Boy, by Trueboy, out of Parasina
Mr Merry's b. c. Louis Napoleon, by Lanercost, out of Madame St. Clair
Sir J. B. Mill's b. g. Mungo, by Maroon, out of Juliana, by Partisan

- --ch.g. Eurus, by Epirus, out of Jingle
Mr Neilson's b. c. Pierre de Touche, by Touchstone, out of Charlotte West
Mr Newcomen's b. c. by Tearaway, out of Rathmines' dam
Mr Newton's br. e. Duster, by Yaxley, dam (1841) by Velocipede, ont of Alice
Mr F. P. Newton's br. c. Gamester, by Sleight-of-hand, out of Jamie Falshaw's dam
Mr A. Nichol's b. c. Newminster, by Touchstone, out of Beeswing
Mr R. E. Oliver's b. c. Sir Rowland Trenchard, by Ithuriel, out of P Maggot

b. c. Dancing Jack, by Lanercost, out of Mrs. Gill Mr Osbaldeston's b. c. by Touchstone, out of Mountain Sylph

b. c. Staplefield, by Chatham, out of Yawn

ch. c. by John o'Gaunt, dam (1842) by The Saddler, out of Miss Etty Mr J. Osborne's bl. c. The Black Doctor, by The Doctor, out of Betsy Bird Mr T. Parr's ch. c. bro. to Van Diemen (dead), by Ascot, out of La Valière Mr Pedley's b. or ro.c. Philanthropist, by Old England, out of Benevolence, by Recovery

b.g. by St. Martin, out of Madelit of Epilogue

Col Peel's bl. c. The Black Sea, by lon, out of Hester

b. c. The Serpentine, by Ion, out of Sea-kale Mr C. M. Phillipps's bl. c. by Sir Hercules, out of Miss Touchet, by Touchstone Sir R. Pigot's b. c. Æolus, by Don John, out of sister to Ainderby

--- b. c. Runnymede, by Faugh-a-Ballagh, dam by Bran, out of Active Mr J. Powney's ch. c. Lamartine, by Epirus, out of Grace Darling Mr Quin's br. c. Whiff, by Lanercost, out of Wheel Mr Rand's b. c. Eden, by Auckland, out of Triangle Mr T. Robinson's br. c. by Kremlin, out of Glee Baron Rothschild's b. c. by Charles XII., dam (1842) by Touchstone, out of Languish ---- b. or br. c. by Tearaway, dam by Alcaston, out of Emilina Baron M. Rothschild's ch. c. by Epirus, out of Emerald Mr W. Sadler's br. c. Demon, by Archy, out of The Imp Mr St. George's ch.c. bro. to Chanticleer, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Whim Mr Sare's b. c. by Buzzard, out of Phingari, by Beiram Mr S. Scott's b. c. Old Ralph Burn, by Kremlin, out of Minna, by The Colonel Mr W. Scott na b. c. Chatsworth, by Don John, out of Snowdrop, by Spencer Mr John Scott's br. c. Presto, by Sleight-of-hand, out of Valentinia, by Speculator Mr J. Singleton, jun, na. br. c. Newman Noggs, by Lanercost, out of Sally Snobs Sir S. Spry's br. c. Batterer, by Charles XII., out of Bastile Ld Stanley's b, c, Storm, by Touchstone, out of Ghuznee - - b, c. Croupier, by Touchstone, out of Decoy

-- br. c. Crotchet, by Touchstone, out of Caprice Mr W. Stebbing's ch.c. Bastinado, by Ratan, dam by Sam, out of Morel

--- b. c. Palmerston, by Melbourne, out of'Sprite, General Sale's dam - -- ch.c. Sawdin, by Humphrey (son of Sandbeck) out of Melsa, by Colwick

b. g. Kossuth, by Ibis (son of Rainbow) dam by Camel, out of Albania

c. Georgey, by Ibis, out of Albania, by Sultan
b. c. Knook Knoll, by Sir Hercules, out of Testy
b. c. The Partridge, by Kremlin, out of Remorse

b. c. Rifle, by Red Deer, out of Hygeia, Coheiress's dam
Mr R. Stephenson's b. c. Hippogriff, by Montreal or Theon, out of Bay Araby
Ld Strathmore's b. c. Convalescent, by The Cure out of Dublin
Mr T. Theobald's b. or br. c. Nurlon, by Melbourne, d, (1839), by Cain, g. d. by Muley
Mr Thompson's b, c. Gholab Singh, by Defence or Galaor, out of Nursling
Mr Waller's ch.c. by Epirus, ont of Enterprise
Ld Warwick's br. g. Lenp- Yertr, by Melbourne, out of Katherine, by Camel
Ld Waterford's ch c. Marquis of Caribbas, by Irish Birdcatcher, out of Puss
Mr Watson's bl. f. Touch-me-not, by Touchstone, out of The Ladye of Silverkeld Well
Mr Watt's br. or b. c. Scapulary, by Lanercost, out of Ohio

b. c. by Old England, out of Nitocris
Mr Webster's br. c. Grosvenor, by Touchstone, out of Miss Beverley, by Stock port
Mr G. Wentworth's ch.c. Azeth, by Ithuriel, out of Charlotte, by Perion
Mr J. Whitworth's b. c. Serus, by Bay Middleton, dam by Colwick, out of Game Lass
Mr Wigram's b. c. Napauk, by Cotherstone, out of Sheereen
Mr Wilkinson's b. c. Neasham, by Hetman Platoff, out of The Wasp, by Muley Moloch
Mr C. Winteringham's ch.c. England s Glory, by Clarion, or Emilius, out of Prairie Bird
Mr Wilkins's br. c. Aristos, by Red Deer, out of Marietta, by Sheet Anchor
Mr Williams's b. c. Scrope, by Red Deer, out of Miss Hampion, by Hampton

b, or br. c. Ultimus, by Red Deer, dam (The Conjuror's dam) by Partisan
Mr Wilson's b. g. New Forest Buck (h. b. brother to New Forest Deer, by Venison
Mr Worthington's br. c. Goliah, by Touchstone, out of Collina
Mr S. Wreford's b. c. Buckhound, by The Ugly Buck, out of Wedlock
Mr J. Wyatt's br. c. XX, by Old England, out of Pale Ale

THURSDAY.-The GRAND STAND PLATE of 1007., added to a Handicap of 15 sovs. each,

10 ft., and only 5, &c. The owner of the second horse to receive 25 sovs, out of the stakes. The winner of a handicap, of the value of 200 sors., subsequent to the publication of the weights, to carry olb., of two such races or more, lolb. extra. The winner to pay 10 sovs. towards the expense. . Great Metropolitan Stake Course--23 subs Age. st. lb.

Age. st. lb. Agis (h. b.), by Safeguard · 6

Elthiron, by Pantaloon. Ban, The, by Don John.

Eva, by Harkaway . Ballet Girl, by

Kathleent, by Lanercost. Bourdeaux, by Cotherstone

Hy LANERCOST, C.-La Ballezza 3 Borneo, by Cotherstone

Narcissus, by Gladiator. Glothwurker, The, by P. Warden 5

Nutcracker, by Nutwith .

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