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Demi-Octavo. Price of each book, Cloth, $3.00; Leather, $3.50. The object held in view in the pre ration of this Series was to make books that should be concise and practical, not burdened by useless theories and discussions, but containing all that is needed or necessary for the student and practitioner. No pains have been spared to bring them up to the times, and the very low price at which they have been published is an additional point in their favor. Full circular, descriptive of the Series, will be sent upon application. WALSHAM'S PRACTICAL SURGERY. A Manual for Students and Physicians. By Wm. J.

WALSHAM, M.D., Asst. Surgeon to, and Demonstrator of Surgery in, St. Bartholomew's Hospital; Sur. geon to Metropolitan Free Hospital, London, etc. With 236 Illustrations. 656 pp.

Cloth, $3.00; Leather, $3.50 YEO'S MANUAL OF PHYSIOLOGY. Third Edition. A New Text-book for Students. By

GERALD F. YEO, M.D., F.R.C.s., Professor of Physiology in King's College, London. Over 301 Illus. trations and a Glossary. 758 pages.

Cloth, $3.00; Leather, $3.50 PARVIN'S-WINCKEL'S DISEASES OF WOMEN. A Treatise on the Diseases of Women. By

Dr. F. WINCKEL, Professor of Gynæcology and Director of the Royal University Clinic for Women, in Munich. Translated from the German by Dr. J. H. WILLIAMSON, Resident Physician Allegheny General Hospital, Allegheny, Penn'a, under the supervision of, and with an Introduction by, THEOPHILUS PARVIN, M.D)., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children in Jefferson Medical College. Illustrated by 117 fine Engravings on Wood, most of which are new. 674 pp.

Cloth, $3.00; Leather, $3.50 POTTER'S MATERIA MEDICA, PHARMACY AND THERAPEUTICS. A Handbook of

Materia Medica, Pharmacy and Therapeutics,-including the Physiological Action of Drugs, Special Therapeutics of Diseases, Official and Extemporaneous Pharmacy, etc., etc. By SAM'L 0. L. POTTER, M.A., M.D., Professor of Practice, Cooper Medical College, San Francisco; Author of “Quiz-Compends" of Anatomy and Materia Medica, etc. With 600 Prescriptions and an Appendix containing numerous Tables comprising doses, diagnosis, Latin terms, formulæ for hypodermics, metric equivalents, specific gravities and volumes, and obstetric memoranda—together with Notes on temperature and the clinical thermometer, poisons, urinary examinations and patent medicines, etc. 830 pages.

Cloth, $3.00; Leather, $3.50 GALABIN'S MIDWIFERY. A Manual of Midwifery. By ALFRED LEWIS GALABIN, M.A., M.D.,

Obstetric Physician and Lecturer on Midwifery and the Diseases of Women at Guy's Hospital, London, Examiner in Midwifery to the Conjoint Examining Board of Ergland. 227 Illustrations. 753 pages.

Cloth, $3.00; Leather, $3.50 GOODHART AND STARR, DISEASES OF CHILDREN. By J. F. GOODHART, M.D., Physi

cian to the Evelina Hospital for Children; Assistant Physician to Guy's Hospital, London. American Edition. Revised and Edited by Louis STARR, M.D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of Children in the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and Physician to the Children's Hospital, Phila. With many new Prescriptions and over 50 Formulæ, conforming to the U. S. Pharmacopoeia, and Directions for making Artificial Human Milk, for the Artificial Digestion of Milk, etc. 738 pages.

Cloth, $3.00; Leather, $3.50 RICHTER'S ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. By Prof. VICTOR VON RICHTER, University of Breslau.

Authorized translation. First American, from the Fourth German Edition. By EDGAR F. SMITH, M.A., PH.D., Translator of Richter's Inorganic Chemistry; Prof. of Chemistry in Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio; formerly in the Laboratories of the University of Pennsylvania; Member of the Chemical Societies of Berlin and Paris, of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, etc. Illustrated. 710 pages.


Professor of Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology in the University of Pennsylvania; late President of the Medical Jurisprudence Society of Philadelphia; Physician to St. Joseph's Hospital; Member of the College of Physicians of Phila ; Corresponding Member of the New York Medico-Legal Society, etc. 2d Edition. Revised and Enlarged. 654 pages.

Cloth, $3.00; Leather, $3.50 WARING'S PRACTICAL THERAPEUTICS. Fourth Edition. A Manual of Practical Thera.

peutics, considered with reference to Articles of the Materia Medica. Containing, also, an Index of Diseases, with a list of the Medicines applicable as Remedies, and a full Index of the Medicines and Preparations noticed in the work. By Edward JOHN WARING, M.D., F.R.C.P., F.L.S., etc. 4th Edition. Rewritten and Revised. Edited by DUDLEY W. BUXTON, M.D., Asst. to the Prof. of Medicine at University College Hospital; Member of the Royal College of Physicians of London. 666 pages.

Cloth, $3.00; Leather, $3.50 *** These books may be obtained from booksellers, or, upon receipt of price, any book will be sent, postage prepaid. Full catalogues upon application.




With 692 Illustrations. THIRD AMERICAN, FROM THE SIXTH GERMAN EDITION. A Text-Book of Human Physiology, including Histology and Microscopical Anatomy,

with special reference to the requirements of Practical Medicine. By Dr. L. LANDOIS, Professor of Physiology and Director of the Physiological Institute, University of Greifswald. Translated from the Fifth German Edition, with additions by WM. STIRLING, M.D., Sc.D., Brackenbury, Professor of Physiology and Histology in Owen's College and Victoria University, Manchester ; Examiner in the Honors' School of Science, University of Oxford, England. Third Edition, revised and enlarged. 692 Illustrations.

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One Volume. Royal Octavo. Cloth, $6.50; Leather, $7.50.


From the Prefaces to the English Edition. The fact that Prof. Landois' book has passed through four large editions in the original since 1880, and that in barely six months' time a second edition of the English has been called for, shows that in some special way it has met a want. The characteristic which has thus commended the work will be found I mainly to lie in its eminent practicability; and it is this consideration which has induced me to undertake the task of putting it into English. Landois' work, in fact, forms a Bridge between Physiology and the Practice of Medicine. It never loses sight of the fact that the student of to-day is the practicing physician of to-morrow. In the same way, the work offers to the busy physician in practice a ready means of refreshing his memory on the theoretical aspects of Medicine. He can pass backward from the examination of pathological phenomena to the normal processes, and, in the study of these, find new indications and new lights for the appreciation and treatment of the cases under consideration. With this object in view, all the methods of investigation which may, to advantage, be used by the practitioner, are carefully and fully described. Many additions, and about one hundred illustrations, have been introduced into this second English edition, and the whole work carefully revised.

PRESS NOTICES. Most effectively aids the busy physician to trace from morbid phenomena back the course of divergence from healthy physical operations, and to gather in this way new lights and novel indications for the COMPREHENSION AND TREATMENT of the maladies with which he is called upon to cope."- American Journal of Medical Sciences;

I know of no book which is its equal in the applications to the needs of clinical medicine.”—Prof. Harrison Allen, late Professor of Physiology, University of Pennsylvania.

“We have no hesitation in saying that this is the work to which the Practitioner will turn whenever he desires light thrown upon the phenomena of a COMPLICATED OR IMPORTANT Case.- Edinburgh Medical Journal.

So great are the advantages offered by Prof. LANDOIS' TEXT-Book, from the EXHAUSTIVE and EMINENTLY PRACTICAL manner in which the subject is treated, that it has passed through your large editions in the same number of years. Dr. STIRLING's annotations have materially added to the value of the work. Admirably adapted for the PractITIONER. With this Text-book at command, No STUDENT COULD FAIL IN HIS EXAMINATION."

"The Lancet. “One of the MOST PRACTICAL WORKs on Physiology ever written, forming a ‘bridge' between Physiology and Practical Medicine. ... Its chief merits are its completeness and conciseness. . . The additions by the Editor are able and judicious.

ExcellenTLY CLEAR, ATTRACTive and succinct.- British Medical Journal. The great subjects dealt with are treated in an admirably clear, terse, and happily illustrated manner.”—Practitioner.

Unquestionably the most admirable exposition of the relations of Human Physiology to Practical Medicine ever laid before English readers"-Students' Journal.

“ As a work of reference, Landois and STIRLING's Treatise ought to take the foremOST PLACE among the textbooks in the English language. The wood-cuts are noticeable for their number and beauty.”—Glasgow Medical Journal.

Landois' Physiology is, without question, the best text-book on the subject that has ever been written." -New York Medical Record.

.The chapter on the Brain and Spinal Cord will be a most valuable one for the general reader, the translator's notes adding not a little to its importance. The sections on Sight and Hearing are exhaustive. The Chemistry of the Urine is thoroughly considered. In its present form, the value of the original has been greatly increased. ... The text is smooth, accurate, and unusually free from Germanisms; in fact, it is good English.”—New York Medical Journal.

“ It is not for the physiological student alone that Prof. Landois' book possesses great value, for it HAS BEEN ADDRESSED TO THE PRACTITIONER of Medicine as well, who will find here a direct application of physiological to pathological processes." Medical Bulletin. P. BLAKISTON, SON & CO., Publishers, 1012 Walnut St., Philadelphia.





BY DR. EDOUARD MEYER, Prof. d L'École Pratique de la Faculté de Médecine de Paris; Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, etc.


FREELAND FERGUS, M. B., Assistant Surgeon, Glasgow Eye Infirmary.


DR. RICHARD LIEBREICH, M. R. C. S., Author of the “Atlas of Ophthalmoscopy.”


Octavo. 650 Pages. Cloth, $4.50 ; Leather, $5.50.

SYNOPSIS OF CONTENTS.—Diagnosis and Treatment of Ocular Affections. Diseases of the Conjunc. tiva. Diseases of the Cornea and Sclerotic. Iris-Ciliary Body-Choroid. Glaucoma. Diseases of the Optic Nerve and Retina. Amblyopia and Amaurosis. Diseases of the Vitreous Body. Diseases of the Crystalline Lens. Refraction and Accommodation. The Muscles of the Eye. Diseases of the Eyelids. Diseases of the Lachrymal Passages. Diseases of the Orbit. Table of Dioptries. Index.

Forming a complete systematic Manual of Ophthalmology. The translating

and editing have been done with the assistance of the author. The illustrations, which will be found of great help in diagnosis, have been carefully engraved; the colored plates, being reduced from Liebreich's Atlas of Ophthalmology and printed under the direction of Dr. Liebreich, are accurate and faithful representations of their subjects.

TREATMENT and DIAGNOSIS receive full share

of attention. Refraction and accommodation (Attention is called to the help in diagnosis of a occupy a section of over sixty pages, being

handled in a practical, concise way that will gravings showing the operation for Pterygium.)

commend itself specially to students and physicians who have given the subject but little attention. The chapters describing the subject of general diagnosis and the proper instruments to be used, are thorough and well illustrated.



cut of this character.

It is followed by three en

Dr. Swan M. Burnett, reviewing the book in The Archives of Ophthalmology, says: “The cause of its popularity is not far to seek. It is clear, concise, conservative and eminently practical.”

This book has gone through three French and four German Editions, has been translated into Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Japanesethis, the English Edition, making the eighth language in which it has been published.


Complete in One Large Octavo Volume. 1360 Pages. 341 Illustrations, con

taining over 700 Figures. Price in Cloth, $6.50; in Leather, $7.50.


Medicine, University College, London, Physician to University College Hospital and to the National Hospital for Paralyzed and Epileptic, etc.

Published by special arrangement with the author, and containing all the material in the two volume English edition, with some corrections and additions. This is probably the most exhaustive book ever published on Nervous Diseases. The author's breadth of scope, systematic and interesting style, combine to make his work one of the most useful that has been published in any branch of medicine.

“The work, therefore, while serving to initiate the general reader in the elements of that science, ranks higher than a mere text-book on the subject. The author's object has been, in our opinion, skillfully and successfully carried out, and a perusal and study of this will place the student and practitioner in possession of all the leading and essential facts necessary to investigate and treat diseases of the nervous system according to the most recent improvements of our knowledge at the present day.British Medical Journal.

"It may be said, without reserve, that this work is the most clear, concise and complete text-book upon diseases of the nervous system in any language. And when the large number of such works which has appeared in Germany, France and England within the past ten years is considered, this implies high praise."-American Journal Medical Science, June, 1888.

“It would be invidious to praise one part more than another, where all is so good. Brevity and conciseness, combined with completeness and the most absolute clearness, are the characteristics of the work. Taken as a whole, it promises to be the most useful work on diseases of the nervous system which we possess.Dublin Journal of Medical Sciences.

“ The student and practitioner will find in it a true friend, guide and helper in his studies of the diseases of the nervous system. It is a most complete manual, presenting a thorough reflex of the present state of knowledge of the diseases of the nervous system. The care and thought that have been bestowed on its production are evident on every page. In the presence of such ability, learning and originality, criticism can only take a favorable direction. The style and manner are accurate, studied and adequate-never diffuse. The illustrations call for special notice. They are numerous, new and original. No better manual on nervous diseases has beer presented to the medical profession.”London Lancet.

“From a small beginning a great work has gradually been evolved. Less than ten years ago Gowers put out a very modest little book on the 'Diagnosis of Diseases of the Spinal Cord,' which was soon followed by an equally modest treatise on · Diseases of the Brain.' Two years ago the first half of this manual appeared, comprising Diseases of the Spinal Cord and Nerves, and now this manual of Diseases of the entire Nervous System is placed before us. Gowers' manual is herewith recommended to the general and to the special student. It is not too detailed for the former, while for the specialist it is explicit enough as a first-class book of reference. It is, on the whole, an admirable treatise.”—Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases, New York, May, 1888.

The contents is so vast as to make it impossible, in a review, to enumerate the subjects handled by the author, far less to attempt an analysis and discussion of the views held by him on the numerous problems with which he has to deal. We shall limit ourselves, therefore, almost entirely to a statement of the leading features of this manual, that characterize it as one of the very best published in any language. * * What we admire, first, is the clearness of thought and language in the exposition, even in the most difficult portions of the subject. It is not every one who, being a master, is at the same time a skillful expounder, and knows how to elucidate, whilst condensing, his theme. Secondly, we find the evidence on every page of the book of the author's individual familiarity with the topics he is discussing. * * Finally, we note the thorough masdery of the author of the most recent researches.”Brain, London, 1888.

Publishers, 1012 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.




With Many Improvements for 1889.

38th YEAR. The Physician's Visiting List.


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CONTENTS. ALMANAC for 1889 and 1890.

PosologICAL Table, Meadows.
TABLE OF SIGNs to be used in keeping accounts.



Tyson's “ Practical Examination of Urine." 5th WEIGHTS AND MEASURES.

Edition. Dose TABLE, revised and rewritten for 1888, by Ho.

INCOMPATIBILITY, Prof. S. O. L. POTTER. BART AMORY Hare, M. D., Demonstrator of Thera

A NEW COMPLETE TABLE FOR CALCULATING THE 'peutics, University of Pennsylvania.

Period OF UTERO-GESTATION. List of New REMEDIES for 1888, by same author.



BLANK LEAVES, suitably ruled, for Visiting List, Dept. Jefferson Medical College Hospital, and G. Monthly Memoranda; Addresses of Patients and M. GOULD.

others ; Addresses of Nurses, their references, etc.; DIAGRAM SHOWING ERUPTION OF Milk Teeth, Dr.

Accounts asked for; Memoranda of Wants ; ObstetLouis STARR, Prof. of Diseases of Children, Univer.

ric and Vaccination Engagements; Record of Births sity Hospital, Philadelphia.

and Deaths; Cash Account, etc. A NUMBER OF IMPROVEMENTS and additions have been made to the reading matter in the first part. This has been done, however, without increasing the number of pages. Great care has been taken in selecting the leather for the covers and in each detail of manufacture.

SIZES AND PRICES. For 25 Patients weekly.

Tucks, pockets and Pencil, $1.00 50

1.25 75

1.50 IOO

2.00 2 Vols. $ Jan. to June

2.50 July to Dec.

S Jan. to June 100

2 Vols.
1 July to Dec.

3.00 INTERLEAVED EDITION. For 25 Patients weekly.

Interleaved, tucks and Pencil, 1.25 50

1.50 50

July to Dec.

3.00 PERPETUAL EDITION, without Dates. Can be commenced at any time, and used until full. Similar in style, contents and arrangement to the regular edition. No. 1. Containing space for over 1300 names, with blank page opposite each

Visiting List page. Bound in Red Leather cover, with Pocket and Pencil, $1.25 No. 2. Containing space for 2600 names, with blank page opposite each Visiting List page. Bound like No. 1, with Pocket and Pencil, .

1.50 These lists, without dates, are particularly useful to young physicians unable to estimate the number of patients they may have during the first years of Practice, and to physicians in localities where epidemics occur frequently.

For completeness, compactness, and simplicity of arrangement it is excelled by none in the market."-N. Y. Medical Record

" The book is convenient in form, not too bulky, and in every respect the very best Visiting List published.”Canada Medical and Surgical Journal.

After all the trials made, there are none superior to it.”Gaillard's Medical Journal. It has become Standard."-Southern Clinic. Regular as the seasons comes this old favorite.”- Michigan Medical News.

It is quite convenient for the pocket, and possesses every desirable quality.Medical Herald. • The most popular Visiting List extant."-Buffalo Medical and Surgical Journal. “We have used it for years, and do not hesitate to pronounce it equal, if not superior, to any.”—Southern Clinic. Thiş Visiting List is too well known to require either description or commendation from us.”—Cincinnati Medical News.

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