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K. of Spain.

K. of France. 1632 Lewis XIII. ||

K. of Great Britain.

Charles I.

|| Philip IV.

Wigwam of one of Passaconomy's Men, was kill'd in the Night by an Indian dwelling near the Mohok Country. ()

In Autumn 1632, the Indians, who had all this Time held good Correspondency with the English, begin to quarrel with us [in the Massachusetts] about their Bounds of Land, [tho'] we purchas'd all we have of them : But the Lord (soon) puts an End to this Quarrel, by smiting the Indians with a sore Disease, even the Small-Pox; of which great Numbers of them Die (j) [at the End of 1633; which see.]

There is much Suspicion that the Indians have some Plot against the English, both for that many Narragansets &c, gather together, who with (others] of these Parts pretend to make War with the Nipnets, and divers insolent Speeches are used by some of them, and they do not frequent our Houses as they were wont; and one of their Powaws tells us that there is a Conspiracy to cut us off; Upon this a Camp is pitched at Boston ; in the Night to exercise the Soldiers, apprehending Need might be: and Capt. Underhill, to try how they would behave themselves, causes an Alarm to be given upon their Quarters ; which discovers the Weakness of our People,

; who know not how to behave themselves : [not being us'd to Military Discipline :) all the rest of the Plantations take the Alarm and answer it: but it raises many Fears and Distractions among the common Sort: and we keep Watch both Day and Night. (w)

Sept. 14. The Rumours still increasing, the three next Sagamores are sent for, who come presently to the Gov (1) at [Boston)

Sept. 16. Being Lord's-Day Evening, Mr. Peirce in the Ship Lyon arrives [at] Boston: brings 123 Passengers, whereof 50 Children all in Health, and lost not one by the Way save the Carpenter who fell overboard as he was calking a Port : had been 12 Weeks aboard, and 8 from the Land's End. (w)


K. of France. 1632 Lewis XIII. ||

K. of Great Britair..

Charles I.

K. of Spain. ll Philip IV.

Sept. 22.

The Bastable Ship [which had arrivid on June 5.] goes out at Pullen-Point to Marble Harbour. (10)

Sept. 27. A Day of Thanksgiving at Boston for the good News of the prosperous Success of the K of Sweden, &c, and for the safe Arrival of the last Ship, and all the Passengers. ()

Oct. 3. [rather Tuesday, Oct. 2; see March 6. last] Court at Boston: Present (same as Sept. 4.](1) Mr. Bachelor (of Lynn] is required to forbare exercising his Gifts, as a Pastor or Teacher publickly in our Patent, unless it be to those he bro’t with him, for Contempt of Authority, and till some Scandals be removed : * (2) It is tho't by general Consent, that Boston is the fittest Place for Publick Meetings of any in the Bay : (3) Order, there be a House

3 of Correction, and a House for the Beadle built at Boston, with Speed: (4) that a Man for Theft on the Indians at Damaril's-Cove, for Drunkenness and Fornication, be fined 1.5. [Sterling] to the Court; 1.10. to Henry Way and John Holman ; severely whipt, branded on the Hand with a hot Iron, and banish'd out of this Patent, with Penalty that if he be ever found within [it] he shall be put to Death : (5) that no Person shall take any Tobacco publickly, and that every one shall pay a Penny [Sterling) for every Time of taking Tobacco in any Place : (6) one takes his Oath of Freeman, viz. Mr. Samuel Maverick. [Mer]

* [The R Mr. Bachelor arriving with the R Mr. Welde, and about 60 Passengers on June 5, last ; and Capt. Johnson telling us, that the Church at Lynn was gather'd next after the Church at Roxbury, and that Mr. Bachelor was the 1st Feeder of the Flock at Lynn ; and this Court Record representing Mr. Bachelor as having exercis’d his Gifts as Pastor or Teacher before Oct. 2 ;-All make me think that the People he bro't with him set down at Lynn, and about Aug. form’d into a Church and entertain'd him as their Minister, to whom he seems to have been long before in a Ministerial Relation in England, being 71 Years old.]

[Oct. 10. From July 30. 1630, to this Day, 151 Members had join'd in fúll Communion with the Church


K. of Spain.

K. of France. 1632 Lewis XIII. li

K. of Great Britain.

Clarles J.

Il Philip IV.

which began at Charlestown, and mostly remov'd to Boston; some of the chief of wkom were these-in Order-] 1 John Winthrop, Gov.

Ruling Elder of the S. Ch.] 2 Thomas Dudley, D. Gov.; 166 Edward Converse [and after Gov. 1

€ 77 Edward Bendal 3 Isaac Johnson, (Assist.]

179 Richard Sprague 4 John Wilson, (Pastor]

92 William Coddington, [Assist. 5 Increase Nowell, [Assist. and and after 1st Gov. of Rc.] Ruling Elder]

101 Thomas Fayrweather 6 Thomas Sharp, [Assist.] $102 Ralph Sprague 7 Simon Bradstreet, [Assist.: and 110 John Eliot, Minister after Gov.]

113 Edward Gibbons, [after Ma8 William Gager, [Surgeon and jor Gen.] first Deacon)

114 Jacob Eliot, Cafter Elder] 9. William Colburn, [after Ruling | 115 John Sampford (or Sanford, Elder]

after Sec. and Treas. of Rc.] 10 William Aspinwall, [after 1st 121 John Winthrop, jun. [after AsSec. of Rc.]

sist.: und 1st Gov. of Cc.] 118 Robert Hale

129 John Ruggles 31 James Penn, [after Ruling El.]

132 Thomas Oliver, [after Ruling 38 William Balston

Elder] 44 William Cheesbrough

135 John Willis 48 Henry Bright, [suppose a Min- | 145 Giles Firman, jun. (or Firmin, ister who went back]

after Minister in England] 52 Thomas Hutchinson

1149 Thomas James, [Minister] 153 George Hutchinson

151 William Pierce, Capt. of the 57 John Underhill, [Capt.]

Lyon, and Ancestor of the R 60 Edmund Belcher

Mr. James Pierce, of Camb. 62 Edward Raivsford,


and Exeter in Eng.] (ber) Oct. 11. [Thursday] 18 Men and 15 Women, of whom are Mr. Increase Nowell and Mr. Thomas James, with those marked thus I in the List above, and others, all of the Church 1st [form’d] at Charlestown; [but since Aug. 1630] chiefly remov'd to Boston; in Regard of the Difficulties of Passage (over the Ferry) in the Winter, and having Opportunity of a Pastor (viz.] Mr. James, who came over at this Time ; (v) desiring a Dismission from the said Church at Boston, in order to form a new Church at Charlestown; the whole Church this Day solemnly seek to God


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for Direction in this Matter : and the Lord's-Day following [i. e. Oct. 14.) the said 33 Petitioners are accordingly dismissed. (ber) [And I conclude that Lord's-Day the 21 of this Month is the 1st Days of their Worshipping in Publick as a distinct and new Congregation at Charlestown, and that the Rev. Mr. Tomas James then preaches to them constantly. See Nov. 2.]

. Between this and Sept. 8. 1633, there are admitted into the Church at Boston 13 more of whom are John Pemberton, John Oliver, Giles Firman [or Firmin] Senior. (bcr)

Oct. 18. Capt. Camock and Mr. Vesy a Merchant come from Piscataqua in Mr. Neal's Pinace, and bring 16 Hog. sheads of Corn to the [Wind-] Mill at Boston; they go away in November-(w)

Oct. 25. [Thursday] Gov (Winthrop) with Mr. Wilson Pastor of Boston, and the 2 Captains, &c, go aboard the Lyon; and thence Mr. Peirce carries them in his Shallop to Wessagusgus : next Morning Mr. Peirce returns to his Ship; and the Gov and his Company go a Foot to Plimouth, and come thither within the Evening. The Gov of Plimouth, Mr. William Bradford (a very discreet and grave Man) with Mr. Brewster the [Ruling-] Elder, and some others come forth and meet us without the Town, and conduct us to the Gov's House, where we are toge ther entertained; and feasted every Day at several Houses. -On Lord's-Day is a Sacrament, which we partake in : and in the Afternoon Mr. Roger Williams (according to their Custom) proposes a Question, to which the Pastor Mr. Smith speaks briefly : then Mr. Williams prophesies [or explains) and after, the Gov of Plimouth (who had studied the Hebrew Language and Antiquities] speaks to the Question; after him tlie Elder [a Man of Learning) then 2 or 3 more of the Congregation ; then the Elder [agreable to Acts xiii. 14, 15, &c.] desires Gov [Winthrop) and Mr. Wilson to speak to it, which they do : when this is ended. the Deacon Mr. Fuller puts the Congregation in Mind of their Duty of Contribution; whereupon the Gos



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and all the Rest go down to the Deacon's Seat, and put it in the Bag, and then return. (w)*

[N. B. This religious Exercise in Publick, they had (under the Conduct of Mr. Robinson at Leyden) grounded on the primitive Practice of the Church of Corinth, as described and regulated by the Apostle Paul in 1 Cor. xii and xiv : But growing in Knowledge, and I suppose in the Apprehension that such a Practice was peculiarly accommodate to the age of Inspiration (1 Cor. xiv. 30) which they never pretended to; they, after, gradually lay it down.] Oct. 27. Mr. Pierce sets sail for Virginia. (6)

Oct. 31. Being Wednesday, about 5 in the Morning Gov Winthrop and Company, come out of Plimoth: the Gov of Plimouth with the Pastor, &c. accompany us near half a Mile out of Town in the dark : Lt. Holmes with others come with us to the Great Swamp about 10 Miles : when we come to the Great River, [I suppose, after, call’d North-River, between Pembrook and Hannover] we are carried over by one Ludham, as we had been when we [went]: So we come this Evening to Wessaguscus ; where we are comfortably entertained as before, with Store of Turkies, Geese, Ducks, &c. and next Day come safe to Boston. ()

About this Time, Mr. Dudley's House at Newtown and all his Family are preserv'd from being destroy'd by Gunpowder, by a marvelous Deliverance : the Hearth of the Hall Chimney burning all Night on a principal Beam, and Store of Gunpowder being near, and not discern'd till they rise in the Morning, and then it begins to flame out. (2)

Nov. 2. [Friday] Mr. Increase Nowell, Mr. Thomas James and other Church-Members at Charlestown, who had been dismissed from the Church at Boston, now] embody into a [new] distinct Congregational] Church, enter into Covenant ; and (the said] Mr. James is elected and ordain'd [their] Pastor. (ml)

* Their 11


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