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like infirmities with ourselves ; sorry men, and carrying about with them a body of sinne and death, men subject to erre; yet these did the Lord Christ cause to be train'd up in Learning, and tutor'd at the Universities, and that very young, some of them, as the reverend Mr. John *Cotten at 13. yeares of age. The mighty power of God sanctifyed and ordained them for this work, and made them a defenced city, an iron pillar, a wall of brass, against

a all the opposers of his truth; and now coupled them together in this Synod, to draw in Christs yoke, and warre with the weapons he had furnished them withall, and cause the blessed truths of Christ to shine forth in their splendour and glory, farre more after the dispersing of this smoak, which of a long time hath filled the Temple and hindered the entring in of those great number of Converts, which shall flow in at the fall of all antichristian Errors ; and verily as the Lord Christ had called forth this little handfull to be a model of his glorious work, intended throughout the whole world, so chiefly in this suppressing of Errours, Sects and Heresies, by the blessed word of his truth, causing his servants in this Synod, mutually to agree; and by bis gracious providence, break in pieces a contrived plot of some, who, by mis-reports, insinuating jealousies, and crafty carriage of matters to the wrong mark, with a writing of thrice twenty strong, would have drawne away one of the valiant Souldiers of Christ from this worthy worke, who both then, and since, hath been very helpfull to cast downe many a strong fort erected by the Sectaries; but the Lord Christ would not suffer this blow to be given, intending all people (by way of restitution) for their slanderous reports, cast upon his New England Churches (as being the inlet to Errours) shall honour them with this victorious conquest, given them by Christ herein; yet willing they would, their brethren in England might win the prize by out-stripping them, more abundantly in length, bredth and height, which the same God is able to performe, that hath

been thus abundantly good to us. About this time the Churches of Christ began to be diligent in their duty, and the civil government in looking after such as were like to disturb the peace of this new erected government; some persons being so hot headed for maintaining of these sinfull opinions, that they feared breach of peace, even among the Members of the superiour Court, but the Lord blessing them with agreement to prevent the wofull effects of civill broyles ; those in place of government caused certain persons to be disarmed in the severall Townes, as in the Towne of Boston, to the number of 58. in the Towne of Salem 6. in the Towne of Newbery 3. in the Towne of Roxbury 5. in the Towne of Ipswitch 2. and Charles Towne 2. others there were, that through the help of the faithfull servants of Christ, came to see how they had been misled, and by the power of Christ in his Word, returned again with an acknowledgement of their sinne; but others there were, who remained obstinate, to the disturbing of the civill power, and were banished, of whom you shall heare farther hereafter. Some of the Churches of Christ being more indulgent, waited long ere they fell upon the work : and here you must tak notice, that the Synod, Civil Government, and the Churches of Christ, kept their proper place, each moving in their own sphear, and acting by their own light, or rather by the revelation of Jesus Christ, witnessed by his Word and Spirit, yet not refusing the help of each other (as some would willingly have it) some of the Churches prosecuting the Rule of Christ against their hereticall Members, were forced to proceed to excommunication of them, who when they saw whereto it would come, they would have prevented it with lying, but the Lord discovered it; and so they were justly separated from the Churches of Christ for lying : which being done, they fell to their old trade again.

* Cotton

CHAP. VIII.-Of the planting of the fourth Colonie of New-Englands godly

Government, called New Haven. The Lord Christ having now. in his great mercy taken out of the way these mountains that seemed in the eye of Man to block up his Churches further proceedings, they had now leisure to welcome the living stones that the Lord was pleased to adde unto this building, and with thankfull acknowledgment to give him of his owne for his mercyes multitude, whose was the work in planting, not onely more Churches, but another Colony also; for the honoured Mr. Eaton being accompanied with many worthy persons of note, whom the Lord had furnished with store of substance for this wildernesse-work, although they would willingly have made their abode under the government of the Mattachusets; yet could they find no place upon the Sea-coasts for their settling : the Lord intending to enlarge his peoples border, caused them, after much search, to take up a place somewhat more southwardly, neare the shalles of Cape cod, where they had very flatt water ; yet being entred in, they found a commodious harbour for shipping, and a fit place to erect a Towne, which they built in very little time, with very faire houses, and compleat streets; but in a little time they overstockt it with *Chattell, although many of them did follow merchandizing, and Maritime affairs, but their remotenesse from the Mattachusets Bay, where the chiefe traffique lay, hindered them much. Here did these godly and sincere servants of Christ, according to the rule of the Word, gather into Church Estate, and called to the office of a Pastor the reverend, judicious and godly Mr. John Davenport, of whom the author is bold to say as followeth :

When Men and Devils' gainst Christs flock conspire,

For them prepar'd a deadly trapping net;
Then Christ to make all men his work admire,

Davenport he doth thee from thy country fet
To sit in Synod, and his folk assist:

The filthy vomit of Hels Dragon deepe
In earths womb drawn, blest they this poyson mist,

And blest the meanes doth us from error keep.
Thy grave advice and arguments of strength

Did much prevaile, the Erronist confound.
Well hast thou warr'd, Christ drawes thy dayes in length

That thou in learn'd experience maist abound :
What though thou leave a city stor'd with pleasure,

Spend thy prime dayes in heathen desart land,
Thy joy's in Christ and not in earthly treasure,

Davenport rejoice, Christs Kingdome is at hand;
Didst ever deem to see such glorious dayes ?

Though thou decrease with age and earths content,

* cattle?

'Thou live'st in Christ, needs then must thy joy raise ;

His Kingdome's thine, and that can ne'r be spent.
This Church and Town soon procur'd some Sisters to
take part with her, and among them they erected a godly
and peaceable Government, and called their frontier towne
New-haven, of which the Government is denominated,
being inhabited by many men eminent in gifts for the
populating thereof, and managing of affaires both by Sea
and Land; they have had some shipping built there, but
by the sad losse of Mr. Lambertons ship and goods also,
they were much disheartened, but the much honoured
Mr. Eaton remaines with them to this very day.
Thou noble thus, Theophilus, before great Kings to stand,

More noble far, for Christ his war thou leav'st thy native land ;
With thy rich store thou cam’st on shore Christs churches to assist ;

What if it wast? thou purchast hast that Pearl that most have mist,
Nay rather he hath purchast thee, and whatsoever thou hast,

With graces store to govern o’re his people, he thee plac't.
Our State affaires thy will repaires, assistant thou hast bin

Firm league to make, for Gospels sake, four Colonyes within ;
With Sweades, French, Dutch, and Indians much, Gods peoples peace

this bred,
Then Eaton aye, remember may the Child that's yet unfed.
This government of New-haven, although the younger
Sister of the foure yet was she as beautifull as any of this
broode of travellers, & most minding the end of her com-
ing hither, to keep close to the rule of Christ both in Doc-
trine and Discipline; and it were to be wished her elder
Sister would follow her example, to nurture up all her
children accordingly: here is not to be forgotten the hon-
oured Mr. Hopkins, who came over about this time a man
of zeale and courage for the truths of Christ, assisting this
blessed work, both in person and estate ; for the which
the Author cannot forget him, being oft in commission for
the good of all the united Colonyes.
Hopkins thou must, although weak dust, for this great work prepare,

Through Ocean large Christ gives thee charge to govern his with care ;
What earthen man, in thy short span throughout the world to run

From East to West at Christs behest, thy worthy work is done :
Unworthy thou acknowledge now, not unto thee at all,

But to his name be lasting fame, thou to his work doth call.

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CHAP. IX.-Of the planting the fourteenth Church of Christ under the

government of the Mattachusets Bay, called Dedham.


The latter end of this yeare 'twas the Towne of Dedham began, an inland Towne, scituate, about ten miles from Boston, in the County of Suffolk, well watred with many pleasant streames, abounding with Garden fruits fitiy to supply the Markets of the most populous Towne, whose coyne and commodities allures the Inhabitants of this Towne to make many a long walk ; they consist of about a hundred Families, being generally given to husbandry, and, through the blessing of God, are much encreased, ready to swarme and settle on the building of another Towne more to the Inland ; they gather into a Church at their first settling, for indeed, as this was their chiefe errand, so was it the first thing they ordinarily minded ; to pitch their Tabernacles neare the Lords Tent: To this end they called to the office of a Pastor, the reverend, humble, and heavenly-minded, Mr. John Allen, a man of a very courteous behaviour, full of sweet Christian love towards all, and with much meeknesse of spirit, contending earnestly for the faith and peace of Christs Churches.

All you so slite Christs sanctifying grace, ,

As lega!l workes, what Gospel worke can be
But sinne cast out, and spirits work in place,

They justifyed that Christ thus reigning see :
Allen, thou art by Christs free spirit led

Mr. Allen a
To warre for him in wildernesse awhile;

great help

against the What, doe for Christ, *I man thou art in's stead,

Errors of Sent to beseech, in's Vineyard thou must toyle.

the time. John Allen joy, thou sinfull dust art taken

To spend thy days in exile, so remote,
Christs Church to build, of him that's ne'er forsaken,

Nor thou, for now his truths thou must promote.
He guides thy tongue, thy paper, pen and hands,

Thy heart's swift motion, and affections choice;
Needs thou thus tlead, must doe what he commands,

And cry aloud when he lifts up thy voice :
Seven yeares compleat twice told, thy work hath bin,

To feed Christs flock, in desart land them keep,
Both thou and they each day are kept by him ;

Safe maist thou watch, being watcht by him ne'er sleeps.

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