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Sufferer, (The Royal), see Prayer.

Suicerus, (Joh. Casparus), Efimgevfuc evftfiticcs, quo miscellanea; duae nimirum Chrysostomi. Tiguri, 1658. 12mo. A-6-35.

... Thesaurus Ecclesiasticus e patribus Graecis ordine Alphabetico concinnatus. Amst. 1689. fol. dd-1-1.

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Sulpitius Severus. Sulpitii Severi Aquitani Sacrae Hitoriae a Mundi exordio ad sua usque tempora deductae, Libri duo: item, Dorothei Episcopi Tyri, de Vita Prophetarum et Apostolorum Synopsis. Paris. 1560.16to.

A«o m R 4 »

... Sacra Historia continuata ex Johannis Sloydani Libro de Quatuor summis Imperiis. Lugd. Bat. 1626. 12mo.


... Opera Omnia. Accurante Georgio Hornio. Lugd. Bat.

1647. 8vo. L-7-40. Sumner, (Charles R., D.D.), Bp. of Winchester. The

Ministerial Character .of Christ Practically Considered.

Lond. 1835. 8vo. . E-1-21.

Suttov, (Christopher), Disce Vivere, Learn to Live. Lond.

1608. 16to. R-8-41. ... (William), Dialogue between a Nobleman and a Farmer,

upon the Reduction of the National Debt. Edinb. 1788.

12mo. R-6-22. Swedenborg, (Emanuel), The Two Sacraments Explained.

Edinb. 12mo. M-9-46. Sydenham, (Humphry, M. A.), Five Sermons upon Severall

Occasions, Preached at Paule's Crosse, and at St Marie's

in Oxford. Lond. 1627. 4to. H-7-11. Sylbdrgius, (Fred.), A Greek Grammar. 12mo [Imperfect].


Sylloge Variorum Tractatuum, quibus Caroli Magnae Britan-
niae, Franciae, et Hiberniae Regis innocentia illustratur.
Lond. 1649. 4to. C-6-24.

Sylvanus, (Georgius), Scholia in duas Isocratis Orationes ad
Demonium et Nicolem. Lond. 1731. 12mo. C-9-26.

Sylvester, see Bartas.

Symbola Heroica: or, The Mottoes of the Nobility and Baronets _

of Great Britain and Ireland. Lond. 1736. 12mo. 1-0-20. Ho b Symmons, (Edward), A Vindication of King Charles I ;or, A

Loyal Subject's Duty. Lond. 1693. 12mo. R-4-18. Symson, (A.), The Historie of the Church since the days of our

Saviour Jesus Christ, until this present age. Lond.

1634. fol. D-2-1.

Symson, (M. A.), Samson's Seven Locke's of Hair. St Andrews, 1621. 16to.

Synge, (George), A Brief View of the Jesuite's Preparatives

to his Reply. 4to. [Imperfect]. Q-2-14. Synod. Narrative and Testimony, agreed upon and enacted by

the General Associate Synod [of Scotch Seceders]. Edinb.

1804. 8vo.' M-6-4.

Syntagma Radicum Linguae Graecae. Paris. 1623.16to. A a ddi f\. Synesius. Synesii Episcopi Cyrenes, opera quae extant omnia.

Gr. et Lat. Interprete Dion. Petavio. Lutetiae, 1612.

foL jj-2-18.

Tabernacle. The Door of the Tabernacle: or, Rules of Behaviour in the Public Worship of God, according to the use of the Church of England. Lond. 1703. 12mo.


Tacitus, (Cornelius), Annales. Translated by Richard Grenewey. Lond. 1604. fol. "D .2-6.

... The End of Nero and Beginning of Galba. Foure Bookes of the Histories of Cornelius Tacitus. Translated by Henry Saville. Lond. 1604. fol. D-2-6.

... Opera, ex J. Lipsii Editione cum Notis et Emendationibus H. Grotii. Lugd. Bat. 1640. 12mo. 1-7-10.

... Opera. Accurante Matthia Berneggero. Argent. 1664. 12mo. D-5-12.

Talbot, (Catherine), Reflections on the Seven Days of the Week. Edinb. 1782. 12mo. E-8-29.

... (James, D. D.), The Christian Schoolmaster. Lond. 1707. 12mo. M-8-46.

Tate, (James), The Horae Paulinae of Paley carried out and illustrated in a Continuous History of the Apostolic Labours and Writings of St Paul, on the Basis of the Acts. Lond. 1840. 8vo. M-6-1.

Tatianus Assyrius, v. Justin M.

Taubmanus, (Fredericus), Otium semestre publicum. Giessae Hassorum. 1609. 12mo. R-7-15.

Taylor, (Abraham), The True Scripture Doctrine of the Holy and Ever-Blessed Trinity, Stated and Defended in opposition to the Arian Scheme. Lond. 1727. 8vo.

O-IW* t

... (Jeremy, D. D.), Bp. of Down and Connor. The Great Exemplar. Lond. 1657. fol. B-1-19.

Taylor, A Collection of Offices or Forms of Prayer in Cases

Ordinary and Extraordinary. Lond. 1658. 8vo. E-7-20. ... ZufifioXov ©£o\«7»xov: or, A Collection of Polemical Discourses.

Lond. 1674. fol. ff-2-3. ... The Worthy Communicant; or, A Discourse on the Lord's

Supper. Lond. 1678. 8vo. L-6-20. ... A Course of Sermons on all the Sundays in the Year.

Lond. 1678. fol. ff-2-1. ... Ductor Dubitantium: or, The Rule of Conscience in all

her General Measures. 4th Edit. Lond. 1696. fol.


... Deus Justificatus: or, A Vindication of the Glory of the

Divine Attributes, in the Question of Original Sin. 4th

Edit. Lond 1711. 8vo. L-6-6. ... The Rule and Exercises of Holy Living and Dying. 22nd

Edit. Lond. 1715. Svo. L-6-7. ... Contemplations of the State of Man in this Life. Lond.

1718. 8vo. L-6-5. ... The Golden Grove. A Choice Manual. Lond. 1761.

12mo. C-9-14. ... Prayers selected from the several writings of Jeremy

Taylor, D. D. By the Rev. Samuel Clapham, M. A.

2nd Edit. Lond. 1816. 8vo. N-3-3. ... Guide to Eternal Happiness, being a Treasure of Religious

Wisdom, adapted to the Practical Use of Christians.

Lond. 1820. 8vo. M-9-8. ... (John, D. D.), The Scripture Doctrine of Original Sin,

proposed to Free and Candid Examination. Lond. 1767.

Svo. H-2-9. ... A Paraphrase, with Notes, on the Epistle to the Romans.

Lond. 1769. 4to. K-3-6. ... Sermons on Different Subjects. 3rd Edit. Lond. 1795.

2 vols. 8vo. G-4-13. Tenison, (Thomas, D. D.), Abp. of Canterbury. A Discourse

concerning a Guide in matters of Faith. Lond. 1683.

4to. B-6-16. ... The Difference betwixt the Protestant and Socinian Methods. Lond. 1687. 4to. B-6-15. ... A Sermon concerning the Folly of Atheism. Lond. 1691.

4to. H-6-12. ... A Sermon concerning the Wandering of the Mind in

God's Service. Lond. 1691. 4to. H-6-12. Terentius, (Publius), Comoediai Sex, cum Notis Joh. Minellii.

Lond. 1708. 12mo. A-CMO. ... Idem. Ex Recensione Heinsiana. Edinb. 1731. 16to. Teresa, (St.), Opera. Colon. Agripp. 1627. 4to. K-5-2.

... The Life of the Holy Mother, St Teresa. Lond. 1671. 4to. K-5-1.

... CEuvres, de la Traduction de M. Arnauld d'Andilly. Anvers, 1688. 7 tomes, 12mo. L-9-15.

Terrot, (Charles Hughes, D. D.), Bp. of Edinburgh. The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Romans, with an Introduction, Paraphrase, and Notes. Lond. 1827. 8vo.


... A Charge Delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Edinburgh, 30th April, 1857. 8vo. G-4-25. ... See Ernesti.

Tertullianus, (Q. Septimius Flor.), De Praescriptionibus adversus omnes Haereticos. Cracoviae, 1605.16to. B-8-20.

... Liber de Pallio. Claudius Salmasius recensuit, &c. Lugd. Bat. 1656. 8vo. K-7-4.

... Opera. Emendavit Nic. Rigaltius. Lutet. Paris. 1664. fol. ... .jj-1-9.

... Prescription against Hereticks; and the Apologeticks of St Theophilus, Bp. of Antioch to Antolycus, against the malicious calumniators of the Christian Religion. Translated with Notes, by Joseph Betty, M. A. Oxford, 1722. 8vo. P-7-14.

... See Justin M.—Bp. Kaye.

Test. Reasons against repealing the Acts of Parliament against the Test. 1687. 4to. G-6-7.

... Some Considerations about the new Test of the Church of England's Loyalty. 4to. C-6-17.

Testamentum. Testamentum Hebraicum. Lond. 1817. 8vo.


... Novum Testamentum Graece. D. Jo. Jac.Griesbach recensuit. Lond. 1809-10. 2 vols. 8vo. K-2-5.

... Novum Testamentum Graecum cum Lectionibus variantibus, &c. Studio Joh. Millii, S. T. P. Roterod. 1710. fol.


... The New Testament in Dutch. With Psalms, &c. 1696.

8vo. [Imperfect]. 1-4-15. ... El Nuevo Testamento ne Nuestro Senor Jesu Christo

Nuevamente Sacado a luz, corregido y revisto per Dn.

Sebastian de la Enzina. Amst. 1708. 12mo. E-10-15. ... Sanctum Domini Nostri Jesd Christi Hebraicum Evan

gelium Secundum Matthaeum. Paris 1551.12mo. G-8-49. ... Vetus Testamentum ex Versione Septuaginta Interpretum.

Edidit Lambertus Bos. Francq. 1709. 4to. (Two copies).

K-3-9 & 10.

2 c


Testamentum. Novum Testamentom. Arast. 1711. 12mo.


... Le Nouveau Testament en Francois avec des Reflexions

Morales sur chaque verset. Bruxelles, 1702. 8 tomes,

12mo. J-7-13. ... Le Nouveau Testament de Nostro Seigneur Jesus Christ.

Traduit en Francois. A Mons, 1710. 8vo. E-9-23. ... Le Sainte Bible avec des Explications et Reflexions qui

regardent la vie interieure. Colognes 1713. 30 tomes,

12mo. K-8-12. ... St Paul's and the Catholic Epistles and Apocalypse in

Greek. Lond. 1714. 12mo. E-10-14. ... The Old and New Testament in German. 8vo. Q-1-1. ... A Translation of the New Testament from the original

Greek: humbly attempted by Nathaniel Scarlett. Lond.

1798. 12mo. N-7-7. ... The Old and New Testaments arranged in Historical and

Chronological Order. By the Rev. Geo. Townsend, M.A.

3rd Edit. Lond. 1825-27. 4 vols. 8vo. G-5-19. ... Selectae e veteri Testamento Historic. Paris. 1736. 12mo.


... Remarks on the Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Clogher's Vindication of the Histories of the Old and New Testament. Lond. 1758. 8vo. P-8-9.

... See Biblia.

Thaulerus, (Joannes), Sermones et Opera. Paris. 1623. 4to.


... Evangelical Poverty Exemplified in the Life of our Blessed Saviour and His Apostles. Lond. 1708. 8vo. K-7-10.

Theatre. Theatre of God's Judgments. Collected by Thomas Beard and Thomas Taylor. Lond. 1648. fol. [Wants Title].


Theodoretus, Cyrensis Episc. Graecarum Affectionum Curatio. Edidit Fredericus Sylburgus Veter. Ex Typograph. Hieron. Commelini. 1592. fol. L-1-4.

... Theodoriti et Evagrii Scholastici, Historia Ecclesiastica. Item Excerpta ex Historiis Philostorgii et Theodori Lectoris. Edidit Henricus Valesius. Paris. 1673. fol. ,

ii-1-4, t

... Idem. Mogunt. 1679. fol. 11-1-8. Theodords Lectoris, see Eusebius.

Theology. Disputationes Theologicae. Roterod. 1615. 12mo.


... Synopsis Purioris Theologiae Disputationibus. Lugd. Bat. 1632. 12mo. G-9-25.

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