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Ruschat, (Abraham), Helvetio-Bernensis Grammatica Hebraica Nova. Lugd. Bat. 1707. 12mo.

G-9-22. RUSHWORTH, (John), Historical Collections, from 1618 to 1640. Lond. 1659. 3 vols. fol.

Russell, (Right Rev. Michael, LL.D), Bp. of Glasgow,

A Connexion of Sacred and Profane History. Lond.
1827. 3 vols. 8vo.

RYCAUT, (Sir Paul, Bt.), The Lives of the Popes, from the

time of our Saviour Jesus Christ, to the reign of Sixtus
IV. Lond. fol.

C-1-15. ... The Present State of the Greek and Armenian Churches. Lond. 1679. 8vo.


SACHEVERELL, (Henry, D.D.), Tryal before the House of

Peers for high crimes and misdemeanors. Lond. 1710.

A 34 N.6.
The Speech upon his Impeachment at the bar of the
House of Lords. March 7, 1709–10.

M-9-2. ... Speech made in Westminster-Hall, March 7th, 1710. Lond. 1710. 8vo.

P-8-23. ... The Nature, Obligation, and Measure of Conscience. An *** Assize Sermon at Leicester. Lond. 1707. Svo. P-7-15.

Sacrament. Instructions for Gentlemen going into foreign

parts, when they cannot have a lawful Priest to admi*** nister to them the Blessed Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. 8vo.

P-8-23. ...The Nature, Obligation, and Efficacy of the Christian

Sacraments considered. By the Author of the Remarks

on Dr Clarke's Catechism. Lond. 1730. 8vo. P-3-19. ... A Supplement to the Same. Lond. 1730. 8vo. P-3-19. ... A Week's Preparation for the Sacrament. Lond. 12mo. (Two copies.)

R-6-38 & 7-36. ... Ordo Administrandi Sacramenta et alia Officia Ecclesiæ. 12mo.

E-9-13. Sacy, (M. de), Traité de l'Amitie. Paris, 1704. 12mo. H-8-13. SADOLETUS, (Jacobus), Episc. Carpentorach. Epistolarum Libri Sexdecim. Colon. 1554. 12mo.

R-6-31. Sage, (Right Rev. John), An Account of the late Establish

ment of Presbyterian Government by the Parliament of Scotland, 1690. Lond. 1693. 4to.


Sage. The Principles of the Cyprianic Age. Lond. 1695. 4to.

L-4-28. ... The Fundamental Charter of Presbytery. Lond. 1697. 8vo.

... A Brief Examination of some things in Mr Meldrum's

Sermon, Preached May 16th, against a toleration of those
of the Episcopal persuasion. 1703. 4to.

The Reasonableness of a Toleration Enquired into, purely
on Church Principles. Lond. 1705. 8vo. P-8-29.
The Age of the World collected in all its Periods. Lond.
1707. 12mo.

Vindication of the Fundamental Charter of Presbytery.
Edinb. 1713. 8vo.

Sailius, (Thomas), Thesaurus Litaniarum ac Orationum Sacer.
Colon. Agripp. 1600. 12mo.

SALESIUS, Philothea, seu Introductio ad vitam devotam, pro
singulis hominum statibus. Colon. Agripp. 1645. 12mo.

B-9-22. Saldenus, (Gulielmus), De libris varioque eorum usu et abusu, libri duo. Amst. 1678. 12mo.

C-7-14. Sales, (François de), Eveque de Geneve. Traite de l'Amour de Dieu. A Lyon, 1631. 8vo.

Q-3.4 2.
... A Treatise of the Love of God. Translated by M. Car.
Doway, 1630. 12mo.

Epistres spirituelles. Paris, 1661. 8vo. O

Goth. A
Introduction a' la vie devoté de Saint François de Sales,

Eveque de Geneve. Paris, 1693. 1?mo. H-8-10.
... An Introduction to a Devout Life. 1687. 12mo.

SALMASIUS, (Claudius), Notæ et animadversiones in Epicte-

tum, et Simplicium. Lugd. Bat. 1640. 4to. He
... Nota in Q. Sept. Florentis Tertulliani Librum de Pallio.

Salmon, (Thomas), An Impartial Examination of Bishop

Burnet's History of his own Times. Lond. 1724. 2 vols.

A 102 N.4.20
Modern History; or, The present state of all Nations.

Third Edition. Lond. 1725. 30 vols. 8vo. A-2-1.
The Chronological Historian : Containing a regular ac-
count of all material transactions and occurrences, Eccle-
siastical, Civil, and Military, relating to the English Af-
fairs, from the Invasion of the Romans, to the present

time. Lond. 1733. 8vo.
· Salt for the Leach. Lond. 1712. 4to.


Salmoned. Bat. 1656. Florentis


A 201. N.2. 21

: Modern History, 201, 29-31 N. 2, 18-20.

Od. 6.65

Saltoun, (Alexander, Lord), Thoughts on the Disqualifications

of the eldest sons of the Peers of Scotland, to sit from
that country in Parliament. With Observations on the
Civil Polity of the Kingdom. 2nd Edit. Lond. 1789.

SALVIANUS, Salviani Massiliensis et Vincentii Lirinensis,
Opera. Edidit Stephanus Baluzius. Paris. 1669. 8vo.

St Asaph, (Bp. of), A Sermon Preached before the King and
Queen at Whitehall, March 12th 1689. Lond. 1690. 4to.

... Four Sermons. Lond. 1712. 8vo.

S'ee BeveRIDGE.
St David's, (Bp. of), A Defence of the Lord Bishop of St

David's, in Answer to Jonathan Jones, Esq. Lond.
1729. 8vo.

St George, (Arthur, D. D.), The Arch-Deacon's Exami-

nation of Candidates for Holy Orders, according to the
History, Canons, and Articles of Religion of the Church

of England and Ireland. Dublin, 1740. 8vo. P-4-19.
St Germain, (Christopher), The Dialogue in English, betweene
* a Doctor of Divinity, and a Student in the Lawes of
England. Lond. 1604. 12mo.

St John, (Henry), Viscount Bolingbroke. 1. A Letter to Sir

William Wyndham. II. Some Reflections on the pre-
sent state of the Nation. III. A Letter to Mr Pope.
Lond. 1753. 8vo.

St JURE, (John Baptist), The Holy Life of M. de Renty.
Lond. 1658. 12mo.

... The Same. Lond. 1684. 8vo. Stebbal, (M. l'Abbé), The History of the Conspiracy of the

Spaniards against the Republic of Venice, in the year
1598. Translated from the French. Glasg. 1767. 12mo.

SANCROFT, (William, D. D.), Abp. of Canterbury. A Sermon
pen - Preached in St Peter's Westminster. Lond. 1660. 4to.

... Lex Ignea: or, The School of Righteousness : A Sermon

Preached before the King, October 10th 1666. 4to. G-7-2.
A Sermon Preached to the House of Peers, Nov. 13th,
1678. 4to.

... See D’OYLY- Letters.
A SANDEX, (Gulielmus), Elementa Geometriæ. Glasg. 1686.

19 19. 1.7



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Sanctius, [Sanchez] (Franc.), Minerva, sive decausis Latinae

Linguae Commentarius. Franeq. 1693. 12mo. C-7-3. Sanctorum Vitae. B/m bytw ex T>j Exxjjnimis yXaroif. 4to. B-3-1. Sanderson, (Robert, D. D.), Bp. of Lincoln. A Compleat

History of the Life and Reign of King Charles, from his

cradle to his grave. Lond. 1658. fol. B-2-10. ... Logics Artis Compendium. Oxon. 1664. 12mo. 1-6-5. ... Nine Cases of Conscience. Lond. 1678. 12mo. 1-6-4. ... De Obligatione Conscientiae Praelectiones decem. Lond.

1682. 12mo. 1-6-4. ... Judicium Universitatis Oxoniensis de Solenni Liga et

Foedere. Lond. 1682. 12mo. 1-6-4. ... De Juramenti Promissorii Obligatione Praelectiones Sep- _ _

tem. Lond. 1683. 12mo. (Two copies ) 1-6-4 & <8-W V a ft ... Thirty-six Sermons. With a Life by Isaac Walton.

Lond. 1686. fol. C-1-16. ... A Preservative against Schism and Rebellion. Translated

by Mr Lewis. Lond. 1722. 3 vols. 8vo. P-5-14. ... See Walton.

Sandford, (Right Rev. Daniel, D. D.), Bp. of Edinburgh. Sermons chiefly designed for Young Persons. Edinb. 1802. 12mo. N-7-18.

... Lectures on the Epistles appointed for the Service of the Church of England, on the days of Passion-Week, Eastereven, and Easter-Sunday. Edinb. 1802. 8vo. E-1-14.

... Sermons Preached in St John's Chapel, Edinburgh. Edinb. 1819. 8vo. E-l-13.

... Remains. With a Memoir by the Rev. John Sandford. ^ M gn Edinb. 1830. 2 vols. 8vo. B*1-1L-J¥ *

Sandys, (Edwin, D.D.), Abp. of York. Sermons. With a Life of the Author, by Thomas Denham Whitaker, LL.D. Lond. 1812. 8vo. M-3-24.

... (George), A Paraphrase upon the Psalms of David. Lond. 1636. 12mo. G-8-25.

...Travails. Fifth Edition. Lond. 1652. fol. B-2-5.

Sarpi, (Paul), A Treatise of Beneficiary matters: or, A History of Ecclesiastical Benefices and Revenues. W estminster, 1727. 8vo. (Two copies). C-4-23 & 24.

Savonarola, (Hieronymus), Meditationes in Psalmos, Miserere, in Te Domine speravi, et Qui Regis Israel. Lugd. Bat. 1633. 12mo. D-9-12.

... Triumphus Crucis, sive de veritate Fidei. Lugd. Bat. 1633. 16to. (Two copies). D-9-10 & 11.

... De Simplicitate Christianae Vitae, et Expositio Orationis _

Dominicae. 16to. iM.-Q. .> «

Saywell, (William), Of the Miserable state of Christendom, by reason of dissensions in Religion. 12mo. Q-5-16.

... The Church of England Defended. 8vo. [Imperfect]. Q*f.7.C- I

Scala Cce/i, sive Meditationes piae et utiles de Vita, Doctrina,
Passione et Resurrectione Domini Nostri Jesu Christi.
Aug. Vindel. 1655. 16to. A-1-4.

... Scala Sancta; or, The Exaltation of the Soul; being a
train of pious thoughts, compleating the whole duty of
man. Lond. 1678. 12mo. P-S-13.

Scandret, (J.), Sacrifice the Divine Service. Lond. 1707. 12mo. (Two copies). G-8-38 & 39.

Scarron. Scarron's City Romance made English. Lond. 1671. 12mo. E-9-7.

Scharpius, (Johannes), Cursus Theologicus. Genevae, 1620. 4to. B-3-4.

Schindler. Schindleri Lexicon Pentaglotton: Hebraicum,
Chaldaicum, Lyriacum, Talmudico-Rabbinicum, et Ara-
bicum. Lond. 1635. fol. G-1-10.

Schism. The Cure of Schism. With Appendix against the
Unitarians. Lond. 1739. 8vo. E-3-27.

Schwenter, (Daniel), Lexicon Hebraeo-Latinum. Noribergae,
1628. 16to. C-8-17.

Scot, A., A.M.), Rudiments and Practical Exercises for learning the French Language. 4th Edit. Edinb. 1794. 8vo.


... (Sir John), of Scotstarvet. The Staggering State of the Scots Statesmen for one hundred years, from 1550 to 1650. Edinb. 1754. 12mo. M-8-29.

Scotch Presbyterian Eloquence Displayed. Lond. 1738. 8vo.


... An Answer to the Scotch Presbyterian Eloquence. Lond.

1789. 12mo. M-8-48. Scotia. Respublica sive status Regni Scotiae et Hiberniae.

Diversorum Autorum. Lugd. Bat. 1027. 12mo. C-8-7. ... Rerum nuper in Regno Scotiae gestarum Historia. Per

Irenaeum Philalethen Eleutherium. Dantisci, 1611. 12mo.


Scotland. Cause of the Lord's Wrath against Scotland. 1653.

4to. "J-4-5.

... A Humble Acknowledgement of the Sins of the Ministry

of Scotland. 1653. 4to. J-4-5. ... Letters and Papers from the Committee of Estates, &c.

concerning the King's coming into the Scottish Army, &c.

Edinb. 1646. 4to. G-7-18.

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