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Religion. Some Remarks on a Pamphlet, entitled, The Morality,

of Religion. In a Letter to the B. of W. by B. I.
Lond. 1741. 8vo.

... A Discourse upon Religion. Edinb. 1772. 8vo. G-2-37.
... Religion of Nature Delineated. Lond. 1726. 4to. J-3-4.

Religio Clerici; or, The Private Devotions of a Country
Divine of the Church of England. Lond. 1711. 12mo.

... Religio Stoici. Edinb. 1663. 16to.

... See Guide.- Tracts.
RENAUDOTIUS, (Eusebius), Liturgiarum Orientalium Collectio.
Paris. 1716. 2 vols. 4to.

Renty, (Marquis de), Le Chretien riel ou la Vie dù Marquis
de Renty. Cologne, 1701. 12mo.

... An Extract of the Life of M. de Renty. By John Wesley.
Bristol. 1746. 12mo.

Repentance, see Exhortation.
Representatio. Seria ac Fidelis Representatio Judiciorum Mi-

nistrorum Evangelii in Provincia Londinensi. Lond.
1649. 4to.

Resurrection. The Trial of the Witnesses of the Resurrection

of Jesus. 13th Edition. Lond. 1755. 8vo. L-4-2.
... The Resurection of the Bodie, and life eternall. 12mo.

Responsum Plenum ad Famosum et Proditorium Libellum in-

scriptum Declaratio Communium Angliæ, &c. Oxon. 1648.

Revelation of St John considered, as alluding to certain Ser-

vices of the Jewish Temple. Lond. 1787. 8vo. P-1-31.
Remarks on the Book of Revelation 12mo. 0-4. 1.23.
Revelation Examined with Candour; or, a fair Enquiry
into the sense and use of the several Revelations as they

are found in the Bible. Lond. 1732. 2 vols. 8vo. Con ... Remarks on Revelation and Infidelity. Edinb. 1797. 12mo. (Two Copies.)

K-7-24 & M-7-33. Review. The Monthly Review ; or, Literary Journal. Vols. 76 to 81. Lond. 1787-9. 8vo. &c:

. ... The Monthly Review enlarged. Vols. 1 to 39. Lond. 1790-
1802. 8vo.

Antijacobin Review, and True Churchman's Magazine.
From 1806-21. 8vo.

Revius, (Jacobus), see Confessio.
Revolution. History of the late Revolution. [Imperfect.]

The. Monthly Review. enlarged. v0.1-26. A.3.

UV.24-32 · M.6.2004
W 33 39 A.4.1-

Revolution. A Letter to a Member of the Convention. 4to.


... Important Questions of State, Law, Justice, and Prudence. Lond. 1689. 4to. C-6-20. ... A Letter to a Gentleman at Brussels. Lond. 1689. 4to.


... A Short History and Vindication of the Revolution; col-
lected out of the writings of Bp. Burnet and Dr Bennet.
Lond. 1716. 8vo. E-5-26.

Reynolds, (Edward, D. D.), On the Vanity of the Creature;
Sinfulness of Sin; Life of Christ, &c. Lond. 1658. foL


Rhind, (Thomas), An Apology for Mr Thomas Rhind.

Edinb. 1712. 12mo. R-4-31. Rhodon, (M. de), The Funeral of the Mass; or, the Mass

Dead and Buried. 16to. [Wants title-page.] A-5-6. Ribera, (Franciscus), In Librum Duodecim Prophetarum

Commentarii. Lutet. Paris. 1611. fol. d d-2-9.

... De Templo Libri quinque. Antverp. 1623. 12mo. D-7-21. Richard II. Exact Account of the proceedings and Articles

against Richard II. and the manner of his Deposition.

Lond. 1689. 4to. C-6-21. ... King Richard the Third revived. Lond 1657. 4to. G-7-18. Richardson, (Charles), A Sermon concerning the punishing

of Malefactors. Lond. 1616. 4to. Q-2-2. ... (Edward, D.D.), Anglo Belgica. The English Nether

and Dutch Academy. Amst. 1689. 12mo. C-9-31. ... (John), A Grammar of the Arabic Language. Lond.

1811. 8vo. f-9-M.-Zi I U

..."*(William), Episcopacy Vindicated. Lond. 1712. 12mo.


Richel, (Dionysius), Opusculum de Vita Sacerdotum, ac
Canonicorum. Gandavi, 1644. 16to. D-8-2.

Riderus, (John), Rider's Dictionarie, corrected and aug-
mented, by Francis Holyoke. Lond. 1649. 4to. G-S-27.

Ridley, (Rev. Glocester, LL.B ), The Life of Dr Nicholas
Ridley, sometime Bishop of London. Lond. 1763. 4to.


... Eight Sermons on the Divinity and Operations of the Holy Ghost. Oxford, 1802. 8vo. N-3-6.

... (Sir Thomas), A View of the Civile and Ecclesiasticall Law. Oxford. 1634. 4to. Q-2-5.

Rissenius, (Leonardus), Summa Theologiae Elenticae. Edinb. 1692. 12mo. 1-6-18.

Rituale. Rituale Monasticum ad usum Congregat. S. Mauri in Gallia, Ord. Sancti Benedicti. Paris. 1648. 12mo.


... Ordo Administrandi Sacramenta, et alia quaedam Officia Ecclesiastica rite peragendi in Missione Anglicana. Ex Rituale Romano jussu Pauli Quinti edito, extractus. With an Appendix to the Ritual. 1759. 12mo. E-9-13.

... Rituale Romanum Pauli Quinti Pontificis Maximi. Pictavii, 1619. 8vo. K-7-2.

... Rituale Graecorum complectens Ritus et Ordines Divinae Liturgiae, Officiorum Sacramentorum, &c.; juxta usum Orientalis Eeclesiae. Greece et Latine. Edidit R. P. F. Jacobus Gaur. Lutet. Paris. 1647. fol. jj-2-15.

Robartes, (Foulke), The Revenue of the Gospel. 4to. Q-2-4.

Robb, (Rev. William), Poems, illustrative of the Genius and Influence of Christianity. Edinb. 1809. 8vo. M-3-23.

Roberts, (Samuel), Love to our Country and zeal for its Interests, recommended, in a Sermon, Preached at Salisbury, Oct. 6th, 1745. Lond. 1745. 8vo. P-3-10.

Robertson, (Gulielmus, A. M.), A Key to the Hebrew Bible. Lond. 1656. 8vo. Q-4-6.

... Thesaurus Linguae Sanctae, sive Concordantiale Lexicon Hebraeo-Latino-Biblicum.. Lond. 1680. 4to. C-3-1.

... Robertson's Compendious Hebrew Dictionary, corrected and Improved by Nahum Joseph. Bath, 1814. 12mo.


... (Henry, M. D), A Concise Grammar of the Modern Greek Language. Lond. 1818. 8vo. M-9-29.

... (Rev. John,), Persuasives and Directions for leading an Holy Life, as becometh the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Edinb. 1721. 12mo. J-8-7.

... (William, D. D.), The History of Scotland, during the reigns of Queen Mary, and of King James VI. till his accession to the Crown of England. Lond. 1794. 8vo.


... Account of the Life and Writings of William Robertson, D. D., late Principal in the University of Edinburgh. 2nd Edition. Lond. 1802. 8vo. M-5-33.

Robinson, (John, D. D.), The Clergyman's Assistant in the Discharge of Parochial Duties. Lond. 1805. 8vo. N-2-8.

... A Theological, Biblical, and Ecclesiastical Dictionary. Lond. 1815. 8vo. K-2-10.

Rochefodcalt, (Francis), Duke de la. Maxims and Moral Reflections. Edinb. 1776.12mo. (Two copies.) D-5-2 & 3.

RODERICINO, (Alfonso), Exercitium perfectionis et virtutum

Christianarum. Colon. Agripp. 1622. 4to. L-4-33. ... A Treatise of the Virtue of Humility. Lond. 1733. 12mo.

K-9-4. Rogers, (John, B. D.), A Discourse of the Visible and Invisible Church of Christ. Lond. 1720. 8vo. (Two copies.)

C-4-15 & 16. ... (Nehemiah), The Good House-wife with her Broome and Candle. Lond. 1632. 4to.

G-6-5. ... The Indulgent Father, his Gracious Entertainment of his

Riotous yet Repenting Child. Lond. 1632. 4to. G-6-5.
The Watchful Shepherd, his care over his whole flock,

that none be lost nor wanting. Lond. 1632. 4to. G-6-5. ... (Timothy, M. A.), A Discourse concerning trouble of mind,

and the Disease of Melancholy. Lond. 1708. 8vo. L-7-8. ... (Thomas), The Faith, Doctrine, and Religion professed

and protected in the realm of England, and dominions of
the same. Lond. 8vo.

Q-2-9. RoHault,(Jacobus), Physica. Cum Annotationibus Isaaci Newtoni, edidit et ornavit Samuel Clarke. Lond. 1710. 8vo..

2--28.N.7.21 Rollin, (Charles), Ancient History. Edinb. 1755. 10 vols.

E-4.1. ... The Method of Teaching and Studying the Belles Lettres.

4th Edition. Lond. 1749. 4 vols. 12mo. 1 4 17.N.9.7 Rome. The Historie of all the Romane Emperors. First col

lected in Spanish by Pedro Mexia, since enlarged in
Italian, by Lodovico Dulce and Girolamo Bardi, and now

Englished, by W. Traheron. Lond. fol. B-2-16.
Rose, (Rev. Hugh James, B. D.), The Commission and conse-

quent duties of the Clergy; in a series of Discourses.
Lond. 1828. 8vo.

ROSINUS, (Joannes), Antiquitatum Romanarum corpus abso-

lutissimum. Cum notis T. Dempsteri. Accurante Cornelio
Schrevelio. Amst. 1688. 4to.

Ross, (Alexander), Pansebeia ; or, A View of all Religions in ..

the World. Lond. 1675. 12mo. Rossell, (Samuel, M. A.), The Prisoners' Director. Lond. 1742. 8vo.

ROSWEYDUS, (Heribertus), Vitae Patrum. De Vita et verbis

seniorum Libri X. Historiam eremiticam complectentes.
Antverp. 1615. fol.

d d-1-2. ROTHERAM, (Rev. John), The force of the argument for the

truth of Christianity, drawn from a collective view of
Prophecy. Oxford. 1753. 8vo.


LO 12010ethod of Lond. 1749 Romane En, since

. An Ed. 1s01.13), Interint. 16

RoTheRAM. A Sketch of the one great argument formed from

the several concurring evidences for the truth of Christia-
nity. Oxford, 1754. 8vo.

L-5-34. ... An Essay on Faith, and its connection with Good Works.

N-7-19. Rous, (Franciscus), Interiora regni Dei tribus tractatibus repræsentata. Prostant. 1674. 16to.

A-5-27. ... Mella Patrum. Collegit Franciscus Rous. Lond. 1650. 12mo.

R-4-14. Routh, (Martinus Josephus), Reliquiæ Sacræ ; sive Auctorum

fere jam perditorum secundi tertiique Sæculi fragmenta :.. quæ supersunt. Oxon. 1814-18. 4 tom. 8vo. H-4.10. ... See Scriptores. Rows, (James), Sermon Preached in St Geil's Kirk at Edinburgh. Edinb. 1715. 12mo.

C-9-13. Row, (Joannes), Hebrææ Linguæ institutiones compendiosissimæ et facilissimæ. Glasg. 16to.

C-8-13. Rowe, (Mrs), Devout Exercises of the Heart. Published by ' I Watts, D.D. Lond. 16to.

C-8-20. ROWNING, (J., M. A.), A Compendious System of Natural Philosophy. Lond. 1753. 2 vols. 8vo.

H-3-11. ROYAUMONT, (Sieur de), L'Histoire du Vieux et du Noveau Testament. Paris, 1694. 12mo.

C-9-16. RUDDIMAN, (Thomas, A. M.), Grammaticæ Latinæ Institutio

nes. Pars Prima. Edinb. 1725. 2 vols. 8vo. Cory 10. O ... The Rudiments of the Latin Tongue. Edinb. 1716. 12mo.

R-8-16. ... Buchanan's Paraphrase of the Book of Psalms. Edinb. 1745. 8vo.

0-472..28. ... An Answer to the Rev. Mr George Logan's Treatise on Government. Edinb. 1747. 8vo.

Opett. 1.29

0- 10. ... A Dissertation Concerning the Competition for the Crown

of Scotland, betwixt Lord Robert Bruce and Lord John,
Baliol in the year 1291. Edinb. 1748. 8vo. 0-474.
Animadversions on a late Pamphlet, entituled, A Vindica- de 30
tion of Mr George Buchanan. Edinb. 1745. 8vo.

Of 14.4
... Anticrisis : or, A Discussion of a Scurrilous and Malicious
: Libel, published by Mr James Marr of Aberdeen, Edinb.
1754. 8vo.

E-S . N.9.24 ... See Chalmers. RUINART, (P. Theodoricus), Acta Martyrum. Veronæ, 1731.

ee-1-2. RUSBROCHIUS, (D. Joannes), Opera Omnia. Colon. Agripp. 1692, fol.





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