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Orange. Seasonable and honest advice to the Nobility, Clergy,
Laity, Soldiery, and others, the King's Subjects, upon the
Invasion of His Highness the Prince of Orange. 4to.


... A Representation of the threatening dangers impending over Protestants in Great Britain, before the coming of His Highness the Prince of Orange. 1689. 4to. C-6-17.

... An Exact Diary of the late Expedition of His Illustrious Highness the Prince of Orange, &c. By a Minister, Chaplain in the Army. London. 1689. 4to. C-6-17.

... A Discourse concerning the Nature, Power, and Proper effects of the Present Conventions in both Kingdoms, called by the Prince of Orange. Loud. 1689. 4to. C-6-17.

... A Friendly Debate between Dr Kingsuian, a dissatisfied Clergyman, and Gratianus Trimmer, a neighbour Minister, concerning the late thanksgiving day; the Prince's descent into England, &c. &c. Lond. 1689. 4to. C-6-17.

... A Specimen of a Declaration against Debauchery. 4to.


... A Defence of their Majesties, King William and Queen Mary, against an Infamous Libel, &c. Lond. 1689. 4to.


Oratio. Oratio Coram Episcopo et clero Dioceseos. Abredo-
nensis, Anno. 1787. 4to. L-3-30.

Orationes. Sacra Orationes Theologiae, Curante P. Poiret.
Amst. 1711. 12mo. H-S-12.

Ordinal. The Forme and Manner of Ordaining Ministers,
and Consecrating of Archbishops and Bishops, used in
the Church of Scotland. Edinb. 1620. 4to. R-1-47.

Ordinances. Four Letters between a Gentleman and a Clergyman, concerning the necessity of an Episcopal Commission for the valid Administration of Gospel Ordinances. Lond. 1743. 8vo. O-5-16.

Ordination. Ordination by meer Presbyteries proved void and null, in a Conference between Philalethes and Pseudocheus. Lond. 1707. Svo. A-1-00.-/V U

... Episcopal the only Apostolical Ordination; or, the Case of Ordination truly considered. Lond. 1713. 12mo. N-7-16.

... The Case of Ordination Considered. Lond. 1713. 12mo.


... A Defence of the Validity of the Episcopal Ordinations, and of the Succession of Bishops in the Church of England. Lond. 1725. Svo. P-4-6.

... A Defence of the Dissertation on the Validity of the English Ordinations, against several Answers made to it. Lond. 1728. 2 vols. 8vo. P-4-4. • \

Ordination. The form and manner of Making, Ordaining, and Consecrating Bishops, Priests, and Deacons, according to the order of the Protestant Church in the United States of America. New-York. 1793. 4to. 1-2-5.

... An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, after advice had with the Assembly of Divines, for the Ordination of Ministers, pro tempore. Lond. 1644. 4to. Q-2-1.

Organ. A Statement of the proceedings of the Presbytery of Glasgow, relative to the use of an Organ in St Andrew's Church. Glasg. 1808. 12mo. M-7-15.

Origen. Origenis in Sacras Scripturas Commentaria quaecunque Graece repiriri potuerunt. Rothom. 1668. 2 torn, fol. ii-1-1.

... Dialogus contra Marcionitas, sive de recta in Deum Fide. Opera et Studio M. John. Rodolfi Wetstenii. Basil. 1674. 4to. G-7-29.

... Origenis contra Celsum Libri Octo ejusdem Philocalia Gulielmus Spencerus recognovit. Edidit Dan. Hoeschelius. Cantab. 1677. 4to. Gr. et Lat. C-3-6.

... De Oratione Liber Ededit Guilielmus Reading. Lond. 1728. 4to. L-3-24.

Origans, (F. J. de), The History of the Revolution in England, under the family of the Stuarts, from the year 1603, to 1690. Lond. 1711. 8vo. P-4-2.

Ouosius, (Paulus), Adversus Paganos Historiarum libri Septem. Colon. 1582. 12mo. R-8-27.

Orton, (Job), Three Discourses on Eternity. Shrewsbury. Fourth Edition. 1771. 8vo. H-4-t.

... And Sir James Stonehouse, Bart., M. D., Letters to the Rev. Thomas Stedman, M. D. Shrewsbury. 1805. 2 vols. 12mo. J-9-8.

Ossian. Fingal, An Ancient Epic Poem. Translated from the Gaelic Language, by James Macpherson. Lond. 1762. 4to. L-3-28.

... Ossian. An Original Collection of the Poems of Ossian. and other Bards. Collected by Hugh and John M'Callum. 1816. Svo. M-4-21.

Oste, (Charles, A. M.), The Truth of the Christian Religion. A Poem, founded on a very celebrated work of Hugo Grotius. Camb. 1776. 12mo M-7-14.

Osterwaldius, (Johanne Fredericus), Theologiae Christians Compendium. Editio Secunda. Glasg. 1757. 12mo.


Osterwaldius. The Nature of Uncleanness Considered. To which is added, A Discourse concerning the Nature of Chastity, and the means of obtaining it. Lond. 1708. 8vo. L-5-31.

... Traite contre l'lmpurite. Amst. 1712. 12mo. E-10-25.

... The Grounds and Principles of the Christian Religion. Rendered into English by George Stanhope, D. D. Lond. 1719. 12mo. SIP 00.A*

... The Arguments of the Books and Chapters of the Old and New Testament, with Practical Observations, by John Chamberlayne, Esq. Third Edition. Lond. 1749, & 1764. 3 vols. 8vo. L-5-28.

... Lectures on the Exercise of the Sacred Ministry. Translated, with a Preface and Notes. By Thomas Stevens, M.A. Lond. 1781. 8vo. N-6-13.

Otho, (Georgius). Synopsis Institutionum Samaritanorum Rabbinicarum Arabicarum Ethiopicarum et Persicarum. Francof. 1717. 12mo. R-5-10.

Overburie, (Sir Thomas), Sir Thomas Overburie, his Life, with new Elegies upon his (now known) untimely death. Lond. 1616. 12mo. H-8-7.

Outramus, (Gulielmus), De Sacrificiis Libri Duo. Amst. 1688. 12mo. Z-<f.8.

Overall, (John, D. D.), Bishop of Norwich. Convocation Book, M.D.CVI. Concerning the Government of God's Catholick Church, and the kingdoms of the whole world. Lond. 1691. 4to. B-3-2.

... An Answer to a Late Pamphlet, intituled, Obedience and Submission to the present Government, demonstrated from Bp. Overall's Convocation Book. Lond. 1690. 4to.


... Answer to the Same. 4to. C-6-23. ... Vindication of the Same. Lond. 1691. 4to. C-6-22. Ovidius. (Publius Naso), Metamorphoseon Libri xv. Cum

notis J. Minylli. Roterod. 1697. 12mo. J-6-14. ... Metamorpheseon Libri xv. Interpretatione et Notis Illus

trant, Daniel C. Helvetius, ad usum Serenissimi Delphini.

Lond. 1713. 8vo. H-3-17. ... Decerpta ex P. Ovidii Nasonis Metamorphoseon libris.

Cum Jobannis Clarke versione Anglica. Edinb. 1755.

12mo. R-4-2. ... Libri Fastorum. Ex postrema Jacobi Micylli, recogni

tione, et Nova recensione Gregorii Bersmani Lipsiae,

12mo. G-9-24. Owen, (John, D. D.), Of Temptation. Oxford, 1658. 16to.


Owen. The Church of Rome, No Safe-Guide. Lond. 1679.4to. B-6-15.

Oxford, (Thomas), Lord Bp. of. A Sermon on the Rebellion in Scotland, 1745. Lond. 1745. 8vo. L-5-5.

... Judicium Universitatis Oxoniensis Solenni Liga et Fcedere, &c. Oxon. 1648. 4to. C-6-24.

... Agreed to be Surrendered to Sir Thomas Fairfax, 24th June, 1646. Lond. 1646. 4to. G-7-18.

... The Answer of the City of Oxford to His Majesty's propositions concerning Money and Plate. Oxford. 1643. 4to. m m t . G-7-18.

O-lbli. . Life of. Telema-chu^sf v.z. ot.S^.


Pagninus, (S. Lucensis), Thesaurus Linguae Sanctae. Lugd.

Bat. 1588. 12mo. 1-4-12. ... Idem. Lugd. Bat. 1690. 12mo. 1-4-13. ... See Biblia.

Paley, (Ven. William, D. D.), Horae Paulinae: or, the Truth of the Scripture History of St Paul. Lond. 1807. 8vo.


... A View of the Evidences of Christianity. 11th Ed. Lond. 1805. 2 vols. 8vo. M-3-10.

... Sermons on Several Subjects. Lond. 1810. 8vo. M-3-13.

Palladius. Lausiaca Historia: et Theodoretis Religiosa
Historia. Paris, 1570. 4to. D-4-7.

Palmer. (Herbert, B. D.), Memorials of Godliness and
Christianity. Lond. 1657. 16to. B-8-23.

... (Rev. William, M. A.), Origines Liturgicae; or, Antiqui-
ties of the English Ritual, and a Dissertation on Primi-
tive Liturgies. Oxford, 1832. 2 vols. 8vo. E-1-15.

... The Apostolical Jurisdiction and Succession of the Episcopacy in the British Churches Vindicated, against the Objections of Dr Wiseman in the Dublin Review. Lond. 1840. 12mo. N-7-17.

Papers. First Collection of Papers relating to the practice of the Rabble, before the Convention met, 1688. 4to. L-4-29.

Papismus Lucifugus; or, a Faithful Copie of the papers exchanged between Mr John Menzies, Professor of Divinitie in Marischal College, Aberdene, and Mr Francis Dempster, Jesuit. Aberdene. 1668. 4to. L-7-1.

Papist. The Case re-stated; or, an Account of a Conversation with a Papist. Lond. 1713. 8vo. B-3-2(L,/v^ & *-l

... The Case truly Stated; wherein the Case Re-stated is _ fully considered. Lond. 1714. 8vo. E 3 36. -A 6

PARDRHEN Davidlonia

Parabolæ, Sive excerpta é corpore Statutorum Universitatis
Oxoniensis, &c. Oxonice, 1729. 12mo.

Parties, (Ignatius Gaston), Elementa Geometriæ. Traj. ad
Rhen. 1711. 12mo.

Pareus, (David), Collegiorum Theologicorum quibus uni-

versa Theologia Orthodoxa, et omncs prope Theologorum
Controversiae puspiene et varie explicantua. Heidelberg.
1611. 8vo.

Parish. The Parish Clerk's Guide: or, the Singing Psalms

used in the Parish Churches suited to the Feasts and Fasts

of the Church of England. Lond. 1731. 12mo. R-6-19. Parishioner. The pious Country Parishioner instructed how

to spend every day through the whole course of his life, in
a religious and acceptable manner. Lond. 1793. 12mo.

PARKER, (D., D. D.), The Devout Soul's Daily Exercise.
Lond. 1728. 16to.

A 5-43. R.9.2 (Mathew), Archbp. Cantaur. De Antiquitate Britannicæ Ecclesiæ et nominatim de Privelegiis Ecclesiæ Cantuariensis atque de Archiepiscopis ejusdem LXX Historia. Hanoviæ, 1605. fol.

non2-1. (Samuel, D. D.), The Case of the Church of England

briefly and truly stated. Lond. 1681. 8vo. J-6-11. ... An Account of the Government of the Christian Church,

for the first six hundred years. Lond. 1683. Svo. OG 3. K ... A Letter to Mr Bold, occasioned by his late Discourse

concerning the Resurrection of the same Body. Lond.
1707. 12mo.

D-6-1. ... A Letter sent by Sir Levlyn Jenkins, to the late King

James, to bring him over to the Communion of the
Church of England. Lond. 1714. Svo.

E026N.62 Bishop Parker's History of his own time. Translated from the Latin, by Thomas Newlin, M. A. Lond. 1727. 8vo.

0-4 . 1. 23. The Old Testament Illustrated. Lond. 1805. 12mo. M-7-43. ... (W.), The late Assembly of Divines' Confession of Faith examined. Lond. 1651. 12mo.

Q-6-7. PARKHURST, (John, M. A.) An Hebrew and English Lexicon. Lond. 1778. 4to.

K-3-1. ... A Greek and English Lexicon to the New Testament. Lond. 1769. 4to.

K-3-2. PARKINSON. An Account of Mr Parkinson's Expulsion from

the University of Oxford. Lond. 1689. 4to. C-6-19. ... (James, M. A.) An Examination of Dr Sherlock's Book,

entitled, the Case of Allegiance. Lond. 1691. 4to. C-6-22.

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