Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease

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Williams & Wilkins, 1879 - Nervous system
July 1918-1943 include reports of various neurological and psychiatric societies.

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It says volume 4 on one of the intro pages, but keep scrolling because then is says volume 6. Weird but true.

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Page 137 - THE ANTAGONISM OF THERAPEUTIC AGENTS : AND WHAT IT TEACHES. The Essay to which was awarded the Fothergillian Gold Medal of the Medical Society of London for 1878. By J. Milner Fothergill, MD, Edin.
Page 782 - fairly made, viz.: I. Those qualities of temperament which lead men to unduly magnify their achievements are as common at one time as at another. II. The practice of reporting cases instead of persons has not been confined to any particular period; and, therefore, while it may vitiate
Page 720 - thought it was one of the most difficult things in the world to differentiate, so that we could eliminate any source of error. For the present he had abandoned it. Theoretically there should be a difference in
Page 400 - neuralgia from a decayed tooth, was not at all benefited. " Three cases, epileptiform in character, were slightly or only temporarily relieved. Two cases were cured. One of these had existed for seven years, with an interruption of twenty months, procured by resection of the affected nerve. "It would thus appear that, while we cannot indorse Prof. Gubler's statement that
Page 588 - heart and respiration, this agent is in a very high degree safer than chloroform. 9. These results confirm and amplify those stated in a previous report, to the effect that ethidene does not compromise the heart as does chloroform By the method of experimentation then employed, the effect on the bloodpressure could not be determined ; and altogether the results here
Page 390 - The true test, of a remedy for tetanus is its influence on the history of the disease : (a.) Does it cure cases in which the disease occurred prior to the ninth day after the injury
Page 591 - Sixteenth Annual Report of the New York Society for the Relief of the Ruptured and Crippled. May, 1879.
Page 586 - to her great satisfaction. In these cases it is in affections of those parts supplied by the fifth pair of nerves that it is of most use ; but, to be of service, the drug must be given in far larger doses than prescribed in the
Page 157 - per year, and will enter all medical books and index the leading medical journals and transactions in English and other languages. A full list of the latter, numbering over 600. will form a part of the specimen number of the index, soon to be issued.

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