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No. I.

The British Pharmacopoeia, 1867, 1.

Transactions of the Pharmaceutical Society: Meeting of Council, 4.—Election of

Officers, 4.— Benevolent Fund, 5.—List of Associates and Apprentices (con-

tinued), 5.

Provincial Transaction*.- Liverpool Chemists' Association, 6.— Pharmaceutical

Movements in Canada, 9.

Original and Extracted Article!: On the Sublimation of the Alkaloids. William

A. Guy, M B., F.R.8., etc. (continued), 10.—The Codex and the British Pharma-

copoeia. Mr. A. F. Haselden (continued), 14.—Remarks on the Acids of the New

British Pharmacopoeia. Mr. C. H. Wood, 16.—A Few Notes from Paris. Henrv

B. Brady, F.L.S., etc., 20.—Essential Oil of Mustard. Mr. C. Umney, F.C.S., 23.

—A Few Words on Opium. Mr. J. T. Miller, 26.—Abstracts and Gleanings from

British and Foreign Journals, in Botany, Materia Medioa, and Therapeutics, 26.—

Notes and Abstracts in Chemistry and Pharmacy, 29.—Medical Partiality. A

Suburban M. P. S., 32.—Concentrative Medicines—Charges. A Founder, 32.—

Pharmaceutical Legislation :—Mr. Barnard S. Proctor, 33; Mr. John Mills, 34;

Mr. R. G. Mowbray, 37; Mr. W. G. Davies, 37; Mr. A. C. Wooton, 38; Mr. J.

Thompson, 39; Mr. Charles Fryer, 40; Mr. Thomas Dcighton, 41; Mr. Frank

Vineer, 41 ; John Baker Edwards, Ph.D., etc., 42.—"Protection" in Pharmacy.

Mr. Joseph Leay, 44.—Chemists' Assistants' Association, 45.—Review: An Intro-

duction to Chemical Philosophy according to the Modern Theories. Dr. A. C.

Wurtz, 46.—Boot' Received, 47.— Correspondents, 48.

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