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No. XIX.

March 19. For the authenticity of the inclosed Ballad, we refer our

Readers to a Volume of MS. Poems discovered upon the removal of some papers, during the late alterations which have taken place at the Tax-Office, in conse

quence of the Reports of the Finance Committee. It has been communicated to our Printer by an ingenious

Friend of his, who occasionally acts for the Deputy Collector of the Parish of St. Martin in the Fields ; but without date, or any other mark, by which we are enabled to guess at the particular subject of the composition.


God prosper long our Noble King,

Our lives and safeties all : A woeful story late there did

In Britain's Isle befall.

D-ke Sm-ths-1, of N-rth-mb-rl-nd,

A vow to God did make;
The choicest gifts in fair England,

For him and his to take..

“ Stand fast, my merry men all,” he cried,

“ By M-ra's Earl and me, “ And we will gain place, wealth, and power,

“ As arm’d Neutrality.

“ Excise and Customs, Church and Law,

I've begg'd from Master Rose ; “ The Garter too-but still the Blues

“ I'll have, or I'll oppose."

“ Now God be with him,” quoth the King,

“ Sith 'twill no better be; “ I trust we have within our realm,

Five hundred good as he.”

The Duke then join’d with Charley F-X,

A leader ware and tried,
And Ersk-ne, Sh--d-nand Gray

Fought stoutly by his side.

Throughout our English Parliament,

They dealt full many a wound;
But in his King's and Country's cause,

Pitt firmly stood his ground.

And soon a law, like arrow keen,

Or spear, or curtal-axe, Struck poor Dmke Sm-ths-n to the heart,

In shape of Powder Tax.

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Sore leaning on his crutch, he cried,

Crop, crop my merry men all “ No Guinea for your heads I'll pay,

Though Church and State should fall.”

Again the Taxing-man appear'd

No deadlier foe could be;
A schedule of a cloth-yard long,

Within his hand bore he.

“ Yield thee, D—ke Sm-ths-n, and behold

“ The Assessment thou must pay; Dogs, horses, houses, coaches, clocks, " And servants in array.

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“ Nay,” quoth the Duke,“ in thy black scroll

- Deductions I espye“ For those who, poor, and mean, and low,

“ With children burthen'd lie.

“ And though full Sixty Thousand Pounds

My vassals pay to me, " From Cornwall to Northumberland,

Through many a fair countée;

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“ Yet England's Church, its King, its Laws,

“ Its cause I value not, “ Compared with this, my constant text,

A penny saved, is got.

“ No drop of Princely P—rcy's blood

Through these cold veins doth run; " With Hotspur's castles, blazon,

“ I still am poor Sm--ths-n.


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“ Let England's youth unite in arms,
66 And

liberal hand “ With honest zeal subscrib their mite,

6. To sa ve their native land:

6. I at St. Martin's Vestry Board,

" To swear shall be content, “ That I have children eight, and claim

Deductions, Ten per Cent."

God bless us all from factious Foes,

And French Fraternal Kiss ;
And grant the King may never make

Another Duke like this.

No. XX.

March 26.



DAUGHTER of Hell, insatiate power,

Destroyer of the human race,
Whose iron scourge and madd’ning hour

Exalt the bad, the good debase;
Thy mystic force, despotic sway,
Courage and innocence dismay,
And Patriot Monarchs vainly groan
With pangs unfelt before, unpitied, and alone!

When first to scourge the sons of earth,

Thy Sire his darling child design’d,
Gallia received the monst birth

Voltaire inform’d thy infant mind : Well chosen nurse! his sophist lore He bade thee many a year explore ! He mark'd thy progress, firm though slow, And statesmen, princes, leagu'd with their invetrate


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