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Writlen by a Traveller at Czarco-zelo under the Bust of

a certain Orator, once placed between those of De mos-
thenes and Cicero.

The Grecian Orator of old,
With scorn rejected Philip's laws,

Indignant spurn'd at foreign gold,
And triumph'd in his country's cause.


A foe to every wild extreme, Mid civil storms, the Roman Sage

Repress’d Ambition’s frantic scheme, And check’d the madding people's rage.

Their country's peace, and wealth, and fame,
With patriot zeal their labours sought,

And Rome's or Athens' honour'd name
Inspired and govern'd every thought.



Who now in this presumptuous hour,
Aspires to share the Athenian's praise ?

-The advocate of foreign power,
The Æschines of later days.

V. What chosen name to Tully's join’d, Is thus announced to distant climes ?

-Behold, to lasting shame consign'd, The Catiline of modern times !

[blocks in formation]

The Subject proposed.Doubts and Waverings.-Que

ries not to be answered.--Formation of the stupendous Whole.Cosmogony; or the Creation of the World: the Devil-Man.-Various Classes of Being :

:-ANIMATED BEINGSBirds- FishBeasts-theInfluence of the Sexual Appetite-on Tigers-on Whales-on Crimpt Codon Perchon Shrimpson Oysters.Various Stations assigned to different Animals :BirdsBears-Mackarel.-Bears remarkable for theirfur-Mackarel cried on a SundayBirds do not graze~nor Fishes fly-nor Beasts live in the Water. - Plants equally contented with their lot :-Potatoe - Cabbage--Lettuce -- Leeks Cucumbers.- Man only discontented-born a Savage ; not choosing to con. tinue so, becomes polished--resigns his Liberty-Priestcraft-Kingcraft-Tyranny of Laws and Institutions. -Savage Life_description thereof :—The Savage free -roaming Woods-feeds on Hips and Haws- Animal Foodfirst notion of it from seeing a tiger tearing his Prey-wonders if it is goodresolves to try makes a Bow and Arrow-kills a Pig-resolves to roast a part of it-lights a fire-APOSTROPHE to fires-Spits and Jacks not yet invented.— Digression. - CORINTH SHEFFIELD.—Love the most natural dcsire after food. Savage Courtship.Concubinage recommended.Satirical Reflexions on Parents and Children-Husbands and Wivesagainst collateral Consanguinity. FREEDOM the only Morality, &c. &c. &c. W

HETHER some great, supreme o’er-ruling Power Stretch'd forth its arm at nature's natal hour, Composed this mighty whole with plastic skill, Wielding the jarring elements at will ? Or whether sprung from Chaos' mingling storm, 5 The mass of matter started into form ?

Ver. 3. A modern author of great penetration and judgment, observes very shrewdly, that “the Cosmogony of the “ world, has puzzled the philosophers of all ages.

What a “ medley of opinions have they not broached upon the crea~ tion of the world ? Sanconiathon, Manetho, Berosus, and “ Ocellus Lucanus, have all attempted it in vain. The lat“ ter has these words--- Anarchon ara kai ateleutaion to pan“ which imply, that all things have neither beginning nor “ end.” See Goldsmith's Vicar of Wakefield ; see also Mr. Knight's Poem on the Progress of Civil Society.

Or Chance o'er earth's green lap spontaneous fling
The fruits of autunn and the flowers of spring ?
Whether material substance unrefined,
Owns the strong impulse of instinctive mind, 10
Which to one centre points diverging lines,
Confounds, refracts, invig'rates, and combines ;
Whether the joys of earth, the hopes of heaven,
By Man to God, or God to Man were given ?
If virtue leads to bliss, or vice to woe?

Who rules above, or who reside below ?
Vain questions all-shall Man presume to know?
On all these points, and points obscure as these,
Think they who will,—and think whate'er they please !

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Let us a plainer, steadier theme pursue-
Mark the grim savage scoop his light canoe;
Mark the dark rook on pendent branches hung,
With anxious fondness feed her cawing young.-
Mark the fell leopard through the desart prowl,
Fish prey on fish, and fowl regale on fowl;


Ver. 12. The influence of Mind upon Matter, comprehending the whole question of the Existence Mind as independent of Matter, or as co-existent with it, and of Matter considered as an intelligent and self-dependent Essence, will make the subject of a larger Poem in 127 Books, now preparing under the same auspices.

Ver. 14. See Godwin's Enquirer ; Darwin's Zoonomia; Paine ; Priestley, &c. &c. &c; also all the French Encyclopedists.

Ver. 16. Quæstio spinosa et contortula.

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