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Each nail becomes a feather: My * cropp'd head waves with sudden plumes, Which erst (like B—df-rd's, or his groom's)

Unpowder'd, brav'd the weather.

I mount, I mount into the sky,
“Sweet + bird,” to $ Petersburg I'll fly;

Or, if you bid, to Paris ;
Fresh missions of the Fox and goose
Successful treaties may produce ;

Though Pitt in all miscarries.

Scotch, English, Irish Whigs shall read
The pamphlets, letters, odes I breed,

Charm’d with each bright endeavour:
Alarmists || tremble at my strain,
E’en 1 Pitt made candid by champaign,

Shall hail Ad-r as the clever."

* Supernè ; nascunturque læves

Per digitos humerosque plumæ.
Visam gementis littora Bosphori,
Syrtesque Gætulas, † canorus

Ales, + Hyperboreosque campos.
Me Colchus, et qui || dissimulat metum.

me peritus Discet Iber, Rhodanique (potor.

VI. Though criticism assail my name, And luckless blunders blot my * fame,

0! + make no needless bustle; As vain and idle it would be To waste one pitying thought on me,

As to I“ unplumb a R-ss—1l.”

Absint * inani funere næniæ. † Luctusque turpes, et querimoniæ.

sepulchri Mitte supervacuos honores.


Feb. 5.





Fox,* with Tooke to grace his side,
Thus address'd his blooming bride-
• Sweet! should I e'er, in power or place,
« Another Citizen embrace;
“ Should e'er my eyes delight to look
“ On aught alive, save John Horne Tooke,
“ Doom me to ridicule and ruin,
“ In the coarse hugt of Indian Bruin!"

He spoke; and to the left and right, N-rf—]k hiccupp'd with delight.

* Acmen Septimius suos amores

Tenens in gremio, mea, inquit, Acme,

Ni te perdite amo, &c.
+ Casio veniam obvius Leoni.
# Hoc ut dixit, Amor sinistram, ut

Dextram, sternuit approbationem.

Tooke,* his bald head gently moving,
On the sweet Patriot's drunken

His wine-empurpled lips applies,
And thus returns in accents loving :

“ So, my dear + Charley, may success
“'At length my ardent wishes bless,
“ And lead through Discord's low'ring storm,
“ To one grand RADICAL Reform!
" As from this hour I love thee more
66 Than e'er I hated thee before !"

He spoke, I and to the left and right,
N-rf—Ik hiccupp'd with delight.

With this good omen they proceed;}
Fond toasts their mutual passion feed ;
In Fox's breast Horne Tooke prevails
Before || rich Ireland ** and South Wales ; **

* At Acme leviter caput reflectens,

Et dulcis pueri ebrios ocellos
Illo purpureo ore suaviata.
Sic, inquit, mea vita, † Septimille, &c.
# Hoc ut dixit, Amor sinistram, &c.

Nunc ab auspicio bono profecti
Mutuis animis amant, amantur.
Unam Septinius misellus Acmen
Mavult quam || Syrias Britanniasque.

i. e. The Clerkship of the Pells in Ireland, and Auditorship of South Wales.

And Fox (un-read each other book),
Is Law and Gospel to Horne Tooke.

When were such kindred souls * united ! Or wedded pair so much delighted ?

* Quis ullos homines beatiores

,Vidit, quis venerem auspicatiorem ?

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