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This is the definitive book in english about Tikanga Māori. I am honoured to have been a student of Uncle Sid at Vic Uni, and to have travelled with him, Aunty June and Hinauri Beth to the Te Māori Exhibition in Chicago. What I did not fully understand was that Te Māori was not only showcasing ourselves to the world, but it was also enabling our elders to firm up, and in some instances revive, the cultural practises, mores and values that underpin how we as a people, and as iwi and hapu do things. It's not that we did not know what to do. It was that for various reasons, our culture had been overtaken by western, christian practises, and we were not doing what we knew was our way. (To be fair, there have always been pockets of cultural practice who maintained the old ways, in places like Tuhoe and Waikato.) So nationally, we had to give ourselves permission to be ourselves again, and this is what Te Māori represented: a permission space and a gathering of collectives that helped us to do, be and think as ourselves again in the most fitting of occassions - showcasing our innermost selves via our traditional art to the world. There is no finer book in English in my opinion that describes our journey and our practises. Ngā mihi ki a koe e te Pāpā e Hirini.  

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This is enlightening with regards to tikanga practices and how many have evolved. It is interesting how some practices today, have changed or even lessened in value, for example to have hakari before taking the tupapaku to the urupa because of the convenience of time and allowing distant travellors to return to their homes from the urupa. I am researching numeracy in day to day practices on the marae and associated activities. 

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I think every person (Maori and non-Maori), especially those that have decided to move and live in New Zealand should not only own this book, but they should read it over and over again until they become familiar with Tikanga Maori.

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