The record of the house of Gournay. [With], Volume 1

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Page 191 - Rutland related in my hearing, that about twenty years then before, viz., in 1708, upon occasion of new laying a chimney, at Minster Luvel, there was discovered a large vault or room under ground, in which was the entire skeleton of a man, as having been sitting at a table, which was before him, with a book, paper, pen, &c.
Page 107 - ... existere de perpetrata iniquitate cognoscat et a sacratissimo corpore et sanguine Dei et domini redemptoris nostri Jesu Christi aliena fiat atque in extremo examine districte ultioni subiaceat.
Page 251 - Inquisitionem inde distincte et aperte factam nobis, sub sigillo vestro et sigillis eorum per quos facta fuerit, sine dilatione mittatis et hoc breve.
Page 55 - In nomine Sanete et individue Trinitatis Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti.
Page 81 - ... summoned by particular writs ; the rest by one general summons through the sheriffs of their several counties. This is declared in the Great Charter of that prince, wherein he promises that, whenever an aid or scutage shall be required, faciemus summoneri archiepiscopos, episcopos, abbates, comites et majores barones regni sigillatim per literas nostras. Et praeterea faciemus summoneri in generali per vicecomites et ballivos nostros omnes alios qui in capite tenent de nobis.
Page 62 - HENRICO, qui camerarius fuit, audio quia in multis inor24 dinate se agit, et maxime in bibendo, ita ut in gildis cum ebriosis bibat et cum eis inebrietur. Quod si verum est, dicere non possum quantum cor meum de tanta fratris perditione doleat.
Page 223 - Tuesday next after the Feast of the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, in the 45th year of our reign.
Page 107 - Pontificum liberalitate regum largitione principum oblatione fidelium seu aliis justis modis prestante Domino poteritis adipisci firma vobis vestrisque successoribus et illibata permaneant.
Page 40 - Ensemle o li sa gent de Brai. Od la grant gent ke cil menerent Mult en ocistrent tuerent.
Page 37 - Gournay was one of the Norman leaders of the fleet of forty ships which accompanied Edward, the Saxon Prince, to England, on the death of Canute in 103S.

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