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nine persons is directed to commence Janu.

ally less than four years interest ary 1st 1785. The amount of debts for

paid, and many of those which which these certificates were issuable, taken

were exchanged have also lessonfrom a from a former estimate, is £226,822 7 9 dorsed. Wherefore, from the best Of those there hath been grant

estimate I can make, there may ed, to October 1st, 1790 182,309 3 4

be deducted from the above, of inBalance 44,513 4 5

terest, which will not be paid of £226,822 7 9 the 4 years aforesaid

9400 0 0

Balance due, which is payable To the above sum unissued, the claims not

out of the aggregate funds aforemade before the 1st January 1791 will be


30,427 3 3 barred and excluded for ever after, accord.

465,092 11 7 ing to act November 21st 1789. There may, together with the accounts

VIII. The funds of the interest of the ex. already settled and those yet to be rendered

isting debts of the state, viz. the deprecia. within the limited time aforesaid, be certifi.

tion and funded debt, are already mentioned cates to amount of

18,000 0 0 under their principals respectively. The Which is a large calculation, and may also

annual amount is, of the funded depreciacover the five and a half years arrears of in.

tion certificates

13,140 00 terest on those to be issued.

Of funded debt

9919 17 4 Already issued as above 182,309 3 4

23,059 17 4 £200,309 3 4 Of these there hath been redeemed as fol.

IX. The pensions allowed by the state lows:

are, besides those which were payable to By the sales of lands and lots,

officers and privates disabled in the army, and paid into the land-office 34,109 69

which ceased on the 1st of May 1789, per Militia certificates received in

act March 27th 1789, but of which there may payment of militia fines, 868 13 8

be claimed, about

250 0 0 Balance to be redeemed on in.

The following viz.. terest at sis per cent. per annum,

The half pay to widow's and orphans of payable out of the aggregate

commissioned officers of the Pennsylvania funds appropriated for that and

line who died, being in actual service or in other purposes per act

captivity, per act March 1st 1780; to widows 16th 1785. The interest hath

and children of commissioned officers of the been generally paid on this debt

Pennsylvania flying, camp or of state regi. till the 1st of January 1790. The

ments, who feii'in battle or died in captivity, sinking funds for redemption of

their half pay per act of October 1st 1781 the principal of the depreciation

and to widows and families of officers and debt also extend to and include

privatcs of the militia of this state, who were these, per the same acts, except

killed, or d'ed of wounds received in the ser. those mentioned therein to be

vice of this or the United Stales, such sum as appropriated to the other exclu.

the orphans' court may allow them per acts sively 165,331 2 11

March 20h 1780, and March 27th 1790, not £200, 09 3 4 to exceed their half pay and rations. There

cannot be an exact statement of the amount VII. The new loan certificates, which

of these to be paid in any one year, because were issued to applicants on inte rest at six

new objects may and are frequently introper cent. per annum, the principal to be re

duced, though it might be worthy the consideemed March 1st 1796, for a like sum of

deration of the Legislature, as it now more the certificates of debts of the United States

than seven years since the war hath ended, on interest from the same or equalized dates,

and more than that since the right to and nein pursuance of acts of March 1st 1786 and

cessity of the pension existed, whether the March 28th 1787, announted to 1,937,885 15 3 applications should not be restricted to some Before these were excluded

Jimited time. In the case of the militia it from redemption by the act March

may not be an uniform allowance, the quan27th 1789, there had been re

tum and continuance of the grant depending ceived in the land office, 118,813 18 9

upon a new order of the orphans' court, and A certificate paid in for militia

the intermarriage of the widow puts a period fines by George Woods Esq. 10 39

to her demand; however, from the best comBalance, which by the act last

putation I can make, including sundry are mentioned is to be returned in ex

rears, it will require in the next year the change for the new loan certifi

sum of

3200 OO cates unredeemed 1,819,061 129

There is also a pension decreed by the 1,937,885 15 3 Justices of the Supreme Court, under an act

of March 6th 1778, making provision for the By the aforesaid act of March 1786 the in

families of such persons attainted of high trea. terest was made payabie on the aforesaid

son, whose estates were thereby forfeited to debt out of tbe aggregate fund appropriated

the commonwealth, as should stand in need by act of March 16th 1785, and the act

thereof, out of said estates respectively, March 27th 1789 limits the said payment of

amounting annually tu

75 00 interest to four years. Four years intercst therefore, on £1,937,885 15 3, is 465,092 11 4

3525 0 0 Of this sum there hath been paid. 425,265 8 4

Until the act of 27th March 1790, the pensions under Those new loan certificates

acts of March 1780 and October 1781 were payable by bwich were redeemed had gene.

the county treasurer, out of the state taxes in their hands. Since that law" there is no fund specially ap- however, was raised from the lot. propriated for these demands, except the militia fines, tery. By an act March 3d 1788, for the widows and fa.nilies of the officers and privates the moiety for western roads is of the militia aforesaid, and they have become unpro- to be applied to repair Jones's ductive and inadequate. The estate of John Roberts lane and other parts between the received by the commonwealth, was sufficiently large to Middle ferry on Schuylkill and cover the pension decreed, but it hath been long since Lancaster, and the other moiety applied to the other uses of the state.

as aforesaid by Council, on con. X. The compensation for servants and

tract or otherwise. Of this moapprentices enlisted in the Pennsylvania line

ney, there is in the treasnry, of in the federal army before 12th March 1777,

specie and paper of 1785, 540 14 7 per act of that date, already paid, hath

On which fund there are waramounted to a considerable sum. They are

rants drawn and not paid 17 5 0 payable by the county treasurers out of the

523 9 state taxes in their hands, on the orders of a

By an act March 23d 1786, £300 of the magistrate and two freeholders, who value

unappropriated monies of the state were servant's time, enquire into the facts of en.

thereby appropriated for the purpose of view. listinent, time of servitude, &c. The estimate

ing, surveying, and laying out a highway of these is upon very uncertain ground, but

from the Lehigh water water gap in Northset at

200 0 0ampton county, to Wyoming. Of this 881.

58. were expended in laying out the road. It is questionable whether the act of November 21st Remainder

211 15 0 1789, which limits other claims not made before Janu. By an act passed March 26th 1789, 10,000 ary 1st 1791, will extend to these also, and as the like pounds annually were appropriated out of the reasons apply here, it merits the attention of the legisla- aggregate funds of the state for claims, and Jature, especially as the mode of compensation hath been for improvements in the public roads and insubjected and is liable to abuse.

land navigation; and by act of 28th SeptemXI. The support of government is divided

ber 1789, the sum of 50001. thereof annually 1st, Into the pay of the officers of government. is appropriated for roads and navigation in But just entered on a new constitution,

thc first instance, not to exceed, for the Suswhere there are several new offices, the sa

quehanna and Juniata 25001. Schuylkill Jaries and allowances for which are yet to be

10001. Delaware and Lehigh 1,500l.

5000 0 0 fixed, any calculation of the annual sum must

By act 27th March 1790, 500l. are grantbe uncertain; but taking these offices into

ed to Reading Howell, compiling a map of view, and also that the pay of the members

Pennsylvania, and engraving the boundafrom this state in Congress is now drawn from

ries of the state thereon, of which he receiv. the treasury of the United States, and that

ed 2001. Remainder

100 0 0 by the adoption of the new constitution and

There have been the following grants of the consequent laws, the offices and salary or

lands, for endowing seminaries of learn. pay hath ceased of the judge of Admiralty,

ing with funds, viz. Warden: of the Port, Secretary of the War.

Acres. dens, Collector of the Customs, and Ton.

10,000 To Dickinson Coll. per act April 1786. nage Officer, together with some other laws,

The same act also appropriated 60,which diminished the amount of the esti

000 acres more for the use of mates of former years; also leaving the

schools, out of which there hath County Lieutenants to be charged with other

been granted, militia expenses, on the fund of the militia

10,000 To the Gerinan College and Charity fines: the annual sum is set at

23,000 0 0

School at Lancaster, per act 2. The contingent expenses of govern

March 10th 1787. ment.

10,000 To the Protestant Episcopal AcadePrinting, firewood, candles, stationary,

my, per act 29th March 1787. tents of the land-offices, Judges' expenses,

5000 To the Pittsburg Academy, per act repairs of the State house, and a variety of

10th September 1787. other expenses, say

5000 0 0 5000 To the Washington Academy, per There are some arrears not yet paid of the

act 24th September 1787. pay and expenses of government, and there

5000 To Reading Academy per act March hath been an anticipation of the revenues for

10, 1788. this purpose at the treasury, to repay which,

5000 To the German Lutheran Congrewith the aforesaid, will require about 10,000 OO

gation in Philadelphia for a Free

School, per act 14th Feb. 1789. 38,000 0 0 5000 To the German Reformed Congre.

gation in Philadelphia for their XII. There are sundry improvements undertaken by

Free School, per act September the government for the advantage of the citizens, and

23d 1789. the advancement of learning, wealth, and population, in 15,000 Remainder. the commonwealth. By an act passed March 15th

70,000 All this is directed to be laid out, 1784, 42,000 dollars, which were

surveyed, and returned, at the expense to have been raised by a lottery,

of the state. The fees of the grants to were appropriated, one half for

some have been already paid, the ex. and towards putting the roads

penses of the remainder may amount to 350 0 0 Jeading from the city of Phila. delphia to the western parts of

£6185 4 7 this state in good order and repair, the other moiety for im

Having thus gone through all the various debts and proving the navigation of the

expenses, I proceed to state the revenues of the state, siver Schuylkill. Very little,

and their appropriations, recapitulating the debts adn

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expenses aforesaid, so as to exhibit the demand, and March 16th 1785, and 29th March 1788. the means of discharge, in one view.

The remains of this fund is considerable. 1. Old Continental Money.

The annual proceeds from it may best be ist. There is in the treasury a quantity

calculated by a retrospective view of what of old continental money received for

it bath yielded in the same state. It may taxes, and in exchange, after the emis.

be expected to produce, in the next year, 4000 0 0 sions ceased to have a currency, to the amount of $361,626 18 135,609 16 3

26,000 0 0 2d. There is also due for arrears of

The balance outstanding in bills of cro taxes laid, and now payable therein, or in

dit of April 1781, as before mentioned in resolve and commonwealth money, but

article 5, under the head of bills of credit which after the 1st January 1791 will be

No. I, is

15,721 17 11 payablc only in this, or in bills of credit of

of the balance beforementioned (see this state emitted per act June 1780 or

head III.) there may be probably claimed April 1781, at 1 for 75, per act April 13th

before January 1791, for certificates is1782, viz. Arrears of the 5 million, 15 mil.

sued for horses and provisions in 1780, say 400 0 0 lion, 45 million, and the first and second


9878 2 1 eight monthly taxes, allowing for abate. ments and exonerations, say 900,000 00

26,000 0 0

£1,035,609 16 3 After these are redeemed and discharged, the re.

mainder of these revenues will be released from approBy act of 7th April 1781, the sum of 200,0001. in bills priations, except so far as the dollar money, if not reof April 1781 were allowed, inter alia, to exchange for deemed by other funds, may be paid in discharge of the continental money, at 175 for 1. If the current value of state money taxes. these bills in market should make it the interest of the III. The Aggregate Fund, per Act March 1785. possessors to exchange them in this way, it might bring 1st. The arrears of taxes, payable in spe. out more of the state money again, to be redeemed by cie or bills of the emission of 1781, per the the state. It may therefore be worth the consideration acts under which they were respectively of the legislature, as Pennsylvania is not separately en- laid, and act of 16th March 1785, viz. the gaged for the redemption of the continental bills of cre- supplies of 1782 and 1783, the funding dit, whether that part of the act of April 7th 1781 taxes of 1785, 1786, 1787, 1788, and 1789, should not be repealed. Since the quota by Congress allowing for abatements and exonerarequested of this state in the sinking fund, for redeem- tions, about

225,000 0 0 ing the whole of the emissions of bills of credit, hath 2d. A balance due by Francis Wade, been fully paid, these bills on hand and the above taxes, for which a deposit hath been made by so far as paid therein, are released from appropriation. him to the late treasurer, the same being Had other states also paid their quotas to the fund afore- part of the bills of credit emitted March said, the market price would have been raised for these 1785, which were delivered to him to sign, bills as the demand for them increased, and quantity out and not returned, besides interest, princi. decreased, until Pennsylvania might bave thrown them pal

2750 00 again into circulation with advantage. By this means 3d. The arrears of the impost duties other states would have gotten and redeemed them, and from November 1784 till August 1789, at this day there would not have been one of them out other than the protecting duties, estimatto have reproached the credit of the United States. ed at

4500 00 The quantity unredeemed by Congress of these emis- 4th. The annual tax upon property for sions is about 85 millions; and by their act of August the year 1791, per act March 16th 1785, 4th 1790, a choice is afforded the holders thereof, to which was remitted for the year 1790, per subscribe them into a fund, and in licu thereof receive act December 8th 1789

76,945 17 6 two certificates, amounting together to one hundredth part of the amount of the sun subscribed; one of which,

309,195 176 for two-thirds, shall bear an annual interest of six per Deficient

30,152 11 st cent. payable quarterly from and after the 1st January 1791; the other, for one-third, to bear a like inte.

339,348 8 93 rest, to commence with the year 1800. The question lies before the legislature whether they will, in behalf of These are charged as follows, viz. this state, accept the offer for such of these bills as they 1st. With the annual interest of the hold, or keep them for a better. The annual interest certificates of funded debt, per act March receivable at present upon what are in the treasury, if 16th 1785. See head VIII. before 9919 17 4 loaned as above, would be about 145 dollars.

But there is one year in arrears; so that
II. Of State Money.
there will be to be paid in the next

9919 17 4 1st. The arrears of the five shilling tax,

2d. The residue of the interest, payaof the moiety of the effective supplies of

ble on the new loans, per acts March 1st 1781, the additional supplies of 1781, the

1786, and March 27th 1789, to complete first and second sinking fund taxes, and

four years. See VII. before

30,427 3 3 fines in the first class tax, after deducting

3d. The annual suni of the bills of cre. abatements and exonerations, may be esti.

dit of 1785 to be redeemed, mated at

£22,000 0 0 per act 16th March 1785. Payable therein, or in bills of June 1780,

Part of 1789

4816 18 1 April 1780, April 1785, or in specie, per

For 1790

20,000 00 the acts in which they are laid, and act of

For 1791

20,000 00 16th March 1785.

44,816 18 i 2d. The one-fourth of the arrears of

If payment of the quotas of the 250,purchase money and interest of lands sold

000 loan-office be compelled, the whole of before the declaration of independency,

the l. 20,000 for 1791 will not be necessapayable in bills of April 1781, hills of

ry. March 1785, or specie, per acts April 1781,

4th. The balance of the interest notes


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year, is

payable out of the supplies of 1783, per

4th. Tavern and marriage licenses, apact March 1783, $464 75

174 5 74 propriated first specially to pay the sala. 5th. The debt to the late

ries of the judges per act 25th March 1785. proprietaries (see head II. of

The amount received on this account for debts aforesaid) principal

the last three years is l.9364. The aver. due Jan. 1st, 1791, £171,909 2 11

age thereof for one year is

3120 00 Interest on 2.171,909 2 11

5th. For this sum annually out of the for 1791, as it is not proba.

general funds, appropriated per act March ble it will be paid in less than

26, 1789,

10,000 0 0 one year, and the interest

6th. Fees of the land officers, per acts
abould be provided within

of April 8th, 1785, continued by sundry
the time,
10,3,14 10 11

other acts, and appropriated per act 26th
Instalment falling due

March, 1789. The amount thereof receiv.
September 3d, 1791, 25,000 0 0

ed for three years, adding the salary and
Ditto 3d, 1792, 16,666 13 4

allowance for clerks paid thereout, is

223,890 7 2 113,866. The average whereof, for one 6th. This sum appropriated for the sup

4620 0 0

i . port of government, per act March 26th,

7th. The fees received in the office of 1789,

10,000 0 0 the Secretary of the Supreme F.xecutive 7th. To this sum appropriated by the

Council by sundry laws, appropriated per same act for claims and improvements,

act March 26th, 1789. 1.10,000; but 1.5000 thereof was by act

There hath been received on this ac. of 28th Sept. 1789, specially appropriated

count, adding the salary paid thereout, for
to the improvement of roads and inland

three years, 1.3068. The average of which,
5,700 0 0 for one year, is

1020 0 0 8th. The appropriation aforesaid for

8th. The annual amount roads, &c. per act 28th September 1789, 5,000 0 0 of the 150,000 loan office, 9th. The compensation to servants, per

appropriated per act 26th head X.

200 0 0 March, 1789. The remain

ing principal is 1.27,654 4 5.
339,348 8 9 | The interest whereof, for
one yeur, is

£1659 50
IV. The Arrears of Provincial Taxes, and of There hath been 1.6581.
the Moiety of

19 4 paid irto the treasury
the effective supplies of 1781, and fines

of interest money. About in the second class tax, estimated, after

1.40,000 were lent in 1785, abatements and exonerations, at

8000 0 0 1.10,000 in 1786, afterwards These are not specially

kept out at interest by reappropriated, except the

lending as fast as paid in, till arrears from Northumber.

the act Novr. 27th, 1787.
land county, per resolution

From December, 1788, till
March 1784, to repair a road

June, 1788, there was paid
leading from Conrad Minicks

in, of principal, 1.6,392 7 6; to Sunbury, about

200 0 0

from September, 1778, till And the supplies of 1781,

July, 1789, 2.7444 1 6; from to repay an anticipation on

September till November the other revenues for an

1789, 1.2776 19 1; and from advance made to James

thence till September 1790, Mease, Esq. per resolution

inclusive,l.5732 76. Where: March, 1784, beyond the

fore the arrears of interest sum received in this tax, 620 8 10

due till January, 1791, are
Balance unappropriated

6400 OO
7179 11 2

8000 0 0

From this deduct remain- 1.8059,5,0

der of 1.1000 appropriated V. The Revenues for Support of Government, are

to repairs of the bank at 1st. The duties on sales at auction, per

Mud-Ísland, per act April 2d sundry acts, appropriated per act April


499 13 5 13th, 1782.

7559 11 7 In the last three years these produced


6690 8 5 15020. The average therefore, for one

1675 0 0 Amount of the pay and expenses of 2d. The tax on pleasurable carriages,

government and arrears, per head XI.

38,000 0 0 appropriated per act 20th March, 1783. The collections which have been made of

VI. The Excise. this tax have in many instances, by the col

The amount received in the treasury for lectors and county treasurers, been applied

the last three years is 1.33,597. The averto the other taxes; the payments therefore,

age for one year is

11,200 00 on that account, for former years will not

Balance; but there are arrears of former afford proper data for estimation. It is

years outstanding, sufficient to make it up, 1940 0 0 probable in one year there may be collected therefrom, including arrears, 2000 0 0

13,140 00 3d. The tax on writs, appropriated per

Appropriated per acts March 21st and
act 20th March, 1783. The amount re-

September 20th, 1783, and March 16th,
on this account for the last three

1785, to discharge the annual interest of years is 1.3950. The average thereof, for

the funded depreciation certificates, (see one year, is 1315 0 odebts, head III. and interest, head VIII.)

13,140 0 0

year, is


VII. The £150,000 Loan-Office.

The fund for claims

5000 OO There remains undischarg

Remainder to be applied ed yet of quota money, about 13,000 0 0

as directed by law

3338 50 Interest till January 1791,

£14,523 97 about

7,200 0 0

20,200 0 0 XII. Of the Unappropriated Revenues, This is appropriated to the

1st. The old 80001. loan office, of which redemption of the bills of

there remains, principal and interest, about 800 0 0 credit dated June 1st, 1780,

2d. Court fines, of which there hath with interest, see article 4,

been received in the last three years 665l. under the head of debts

the average thereof, for one year, is

220 OR I. Principals 16,680 dol.

3d. The balance due from individuals lars, equal

6255 0 0

on settlements of old accounts. Although Interest at five per cent.

there will be considerable sums which canper annum, estimated at ten

not immediately be recovered, yet there years from June 1st, 1780,

are debts not reducible to any of the part being stamped one year

classes of revenue appropriated, which paid,

3127 10 0

it is expected will be recovered in the Surplus, 10,817 10 0 next year, to amount of

1500 OO 20,200 00 4th. The arrears of the protecting duties or imposts, say

1500 om VIII. The Principalof the 2.50,000 Loan-Office, 5th. The certificates of debts of the There remains outstanding of quota mo

United States. ney, the last of which will be payable in

Great exertions have been April 1793,

27,654 4 5 already made by the gene. This is appropriated as a

ral government for the dissinking fund, in aid of the

charge of the interest of the 1.20,000 per annum, to ex

certificates of their domes. pedite the redemption of

tic debt, and there is there. the hills of credit, March

of, the property of this state, 1785, see article 6, under

agreeably to act of April 1st head of debts I. 7,736 17 6

1784, and sundry subsequent Surplus, 19,917 6 11

acts, received into the land 27,654 4 5 office, till the 20th Novem

ber 1789, when by act of IX. The General Sinking Fund.

that date they were no lonThe land not sold or granted in the state

ger receivable, the sum of 328,813 12 10 of Pennsylvanla, in the old purchase, at

There were also received 1.10 per 100 acres, in the new at 1.20

of new loan certificates, per per 100 acres. The lots and reserved

act March 1786, till 27th or appropriated tracts, together with ar.

March 1789, when by act rears of principal and interest of lands

of that date they were exgranted and not paid for, the aggregate of

cluded; and for which this which is more than sufficient to redeem the

state have an equal sum of debt of the state. It may be estimated,

continental certificates, 118,813 18 9 that on an average 1.35,000 per annum

By resolution of Assem. principal will be received in the land office.

bly, William Scott was alWhen the debt shall be redeemed, the re

lowed to pay in discharge mainder of this fund is unappropriated.

of a debt, a certificate of a 1.35,000 per annum, for eleven years and

debt of the United States, six months, is

407,602 16 1 on interest from 1st OctoPrincipal of the deprecia

ber 1780

90 8 2 tion debt, per head IV. 242,271 13 2

A certificate received from Do of funded debt, per

George Woods, Esq. taken do. VI. 165,331 2 11

for militia fines, interest 407,602 16 1 from January 1st 1784

10 39

There also was received x. 1st. The Fund for Roads and Inland Naviga. a certificate for a debt due tion, created by

by the United States to Daact of September 28th 1789,

vid Thompson, forfeited to out of the fund of 10,000l.

this state by his attainder for for claims and improve

treason, on inierest from the ments, taken out of the ag

1st of August 1777, to amt. gregate revenues per act


60 13 6 March 26th 1789, annually 5000 0 0 2d. And there is in the

447,788 17 0 treasury thereof about

4000 0 0

According to act of Congress of the 4th 3d. And of the lottery

of August 1790, this state may, by contias aforesaid

523 9 7

nuing non-subscriber to the new loan

9523 9 7 thereby constituted, receive a sum equal XI. The remainder of the revenues for

to four per cent. the next year on this claims as aforesaid

5000 0 0 sum, and rest on such further provision

as may be made for the future, retaining

14,523 9 7 | the evidences of the debts undiminished; Charged with sundries

or by subscribing the evidences she posper head XII. of debts and

sesses, she may receive new certificates of expenses,

6185 4 7

said loan, two-thirds of which she will be

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