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David Beveridge
James Stuart

Jonathan Evans
Benjamin Kendell

John Taylor
M'Neile and Tolbert

FIRST DISTRICT. Browne Sutherland
Robert Harris

311 Robert Gray

1635 Moyamensing

32 357 ELECTION. Passyunk

52 104 Returns of the Election on Tuesday 14th instant as Blockley and Kingsessing

171 224 far as received.

Pine Ward

205 239

157 352 Previous to opening the Polls, the Inspectors assembled New Market at the State House, and appointed the following gen- Cedar

110 165 tlemen Judges of the Election, viz. Upper Delaware, Alexander M'Caraher


1038 3076 Lower Delaware,

Thomas Morris
High Street
T. I. Wharton

SECOND DISTRICT. Sergeant Hemphill
George Emerick
Upper Delaware Ward


W. T. Dwight
Lower Delaware

402 399
E. D. Ingraham
High street


266 Pine Samuel Palmer Chesnut

240 275 New Market James Gowen Walnut


William Stephens

248 271
Thomas S. Smith

286 340 South R. Hutchison South

173 154 Middle G. M. Dallas Middle

157 239 North Samuel Fox North

304 254 South Mulberry E. T. Scott South Mulberry

214 315 North Mulberry Jacob Stroup North Mulberry

163 458 Administration. CITY ASSEMBLY. Jackson.


3010 3567 Abraham Miller 3741 | William Boyd 4699 Dr. Richard Poval

4638 3601 Benj. S. Bonsall


Harvey John Swift 3078 | William Lehman 5201 Roxborough

109 175 Edward Ingersoll 3249 Henry Simpson

4128 Germantown


295 ) 3133 Thomas A. Budd

William Duncan
4232 Bristol

69 108 James Dundas 3394 David S. Hassinger 4206 Butleton

194 219 James Macalister 239


141 135 Rose Hill


85 SELECT COUNCIL. Kensington

177 780 Anthony Cuthbert 3597 | B. W. Richards 4566

Northern Liberties

1017 1987 Samuel Wetherill 3441 | Thomas Kittera 4607

Penn Township

259 728 Manuel Eyre 3420 Joseph Worrell 4298 Edward S. Burd 3149 | John R. Neff 4167


2133 4512 William Rush COMMON COUNCIL.

Charles Johnson (on both tickets) 7797

Williams Thompsok Ephram Haines 3451 | Joseph Burden 4310 City

4701 3150 George Thomas 3599 Alexander Cook 4535 County

3674 5315 Caleb P Wayne 3558 Isaac Wainwright 4550 Samuel P. Wetherill 3448 J. M. Linnard 4417 Total


8465 Henry Troth

3470 Daniel Oldenburg 4289 Jonathan Lukens 3678 Charles Graff 4792

AUDITOR. John C. Lowber 3402 H. L.Coryell 4529


Hughes. Joshua Percival 3611 John Moss,

4568 City



6475 Benjamin Jones jr. 3562 Robert O'Neill (C). 4148 County


6818 Francis G. Smith 3432 | Thomas Cave,

4422 John H. Linn 3710 Michael Baker 4580 | CONGRESS TICKET IN DELAWARE COUNTY. Isaac Roach 3774 Wm. M. Walmsley 4435 Administration.

Jackson. Jacob S. Waln 3394 John Horner 4175 Anderson

1315 | Buchanan

988 Abraham Small 3531 Peter Hertzogg

4554 Hiester
1286 Evans

980 Samuel Norris 3430 W. T. Bladen 4377 Haines

1293 Leiper

975 William Gerhard, 3467 | Edwin T. Scott 4340 Ambrose White 3443 James Page

4155 The new Councils met yesterday morning. James M. Elhanan W. Keyser 3763 John Maitland 3816 | Linnard was elected President of the Common Council, Jonathan Fell 3432 John Snyder (B. M.) 4526 and J. R. Vogdes, Clerk. James Glasgow 247 James B. Wood 241 The Select Council re-elected J. M. Scott, esq. Pre.

sident, and Tho. Bradford, jr. Clerk.. COUNTY ASSEMBLY. Edmund Shotwell 2994 | William Binder 6587 Yesterday morning between 12 and 1 o'clock, about Wm. M. Kennedy 3014 Benjamin Martin 6988 20 houses in Small street, were consumed by fire. Michael Day

2635 David Snyder 6497 Laurence Shuster 2641 | Michael Riter 6547

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there is an agent. Other subscribers pay in advanger






VOL. II.-NO. 15.


NO. 43.



Earl of Hay From a MS. in possession of J. P. Norris, Esq.

Lord Steward

Earl Fitzwalter
Lord Chamberlain

Viscount Lonsdale
Duke of Bolton

Viscount Forrington At the Court of Whitehall, this 13th day of Norem. Duke of Devonshire

Lord Harrington ber, 1685.

Duke of New Castle

Mr. Chan. of Exch. Earl of Scarborough

Sir Charles Wills The King's Most Excellent Maj'ty,

Earl of Grantham

Henry Pelham, Esq: His R’ll. H'hss. Pr. George Earle of Craven Earl of Cholmondeley

Sir Charles Wager. Lord Arch Bishop of Cant. Earle of Berkeley

Upon reading at the Board a report from the right hoLord Chancellor

Earle of Nottingham nourable the Lords of the Committee of Council for Lord Treasurrer

Earle of Plymouth Plantation Affairs, dated the fourth of this instant, in Lord Privy Seal

Earle of Murray the words following, vizt. Duke of Ormond

Earle of Middleton

Your Majesty having been pleased, by your orders in Duke of Beaufort

Lord visc. Falconbridge Council of the seventeenth of March, 1736-7, and the Duke of Queensbury

Lord Visc't. Preston

twenty first of July, 1737, to refer unto this committee, Lord Chamberlaine

Lord Visc't. Melfort

several petitions from the President, Council, and GeneEarle of Huntington Lord Bishp. of London ral Assembly of the Province of Pennsylvania; and Earle of Bridgewater

Lord Dartmouth

likewise from the Governor and Council, and the comEarle of Petersborrough Lord Godolphin

missary and clergy of the province of Maryland, which Earle of Sunderland

Mr. Chall. of ye Exchr. petitions represent (amongst other things) that great The following report from the Rt. Honble the Lords disorders and outrages have been committed upon the of the committee for trade anıl foreign plantations being borders of the said respective provinces, and bumbly this day read at the board. The Lords of the committee praying your Majesty's most gracious interposition and for trade and plantations having pursuant to his late commands for the preservation of the peace on the said Maj’tys order in councill of the 31st of May 1683 exam- borders, until the boundaries of the said provinces shall ined the matters in difference between the Lord Balti- be finally settled and adjusted. The Lords of the commore and William Penn Esq. in behalf of his present mittee of Council did on the twenty ninth of the said majesty concerning a tract of land in America, common- month of July, take the matter of the said complaints ly called Delaware. Their Lordships find that the into their consideration: and thereupon reported to your land intended to be granted by the Lord Baltimore's Majesty what they thought most advisable for your Mapatent was only land uncultivated and inhabited by Sa- jesty to do, in order to prevent the further continuance vages and this tract of land now in dispute was inhabited of the said disorders, and to preserve peace and tranquiland planted by Christians at and before the date of the ity on the said borders, until the boundaries should be Lord Baltimore's patent, as it hath been ever since to finally settled. And your Majesty having approved of this time and continues as a distinct colony from that of what was proposed by the said report, was pleased, by Maryland soe that their Lordships humbly offer their your order in council, of the eighteenth of August 1737; oppinion That for avoiding ffurther differinces, the tract to direct as follows, viz: of land lying between the river and bay of Delaware That the governors of the respective provinces of Maand the Easterne sea on the one side and Chesapeake ryland and Pennsylvania, for the time being, do not, Bay on the other, be divided into equal parts by a line upon pain of incurring his Majesty's highest displeasure, from the Latitude of Cape Henlopen to the 40th deg. permit or suffer any tumults, riots or other outrageous of northerne Latitude and that one half thereof lying disorders to be committed on the borders of their res: towards the Bay of Delaware and the Eastern sea be pective provinces; but that they do immediately put a adjudged to belong to his majesty and that the other stop thereto, and use their utmost endeavours to pre hait remaine to the Lord Baltimore as comprized in his serve peace and good order amongst all his Majesty's charter.

subjects under their government, inhabiting the said Council Chamber 8 Nov. 1685.

borders. And as a means to preserve peace and tranHis Majesty well approving of the said report it was quility on the said borders, his Majesty doth hereby enthereupon ordered by his Maj ties Ex. Council that the join the said governors, that they do not make grants of said lands be fforthwith divided accordingly, whereof any parts of the lands in contest between the proprie. the said Lord Baltimore and William Penn Esq. together taries respectively, nor of any part of the three lower with their respective officers and all others whom it may counties, commonly called New Castle, Kent and Susconcerne are to take notice and give due and ready obé- sex; nor permit any person to settle there, or even to dience there.

attempt to make a settlement thereon, till his Majesty's Signed WM. BRIDGEMAN. pleasure shall be further signified. And his Majesty is This is a true copy of the original

further pleased to direct that this order, together with done by the Gover'r.

duplicates thereof, be delivered to the proprietaries of WM. MAP:KHAM, Sec'y.

the said provinces, who are hereby required to transAt the Court at Kensington, the twenty fifth day of mit the same forthwith to the governors of the said resMay, 1738.

pective provinces accordingly.

That since the issuing the said order, your Majesty The King's Most Excellent Majesty

hath been pleased to refer unto this committee an ad. Archbishop of Canterbury Earl of Selkirk dress of the deput: governor, and of the upper and VOL. II.



lower houses of assembly, of the province of Mary and his Governor, Courts, and officers, without preju. land, relating to a continuance of the said disorders; dice to either proprietary, and until the boundaries and also two petitions, the one in the name of John, shall be finally settled. Thomas; and Richard Pern, Esquires, proprietaries of V. That the respective proprietaries shall be at free the province of Pennsylvania, praying your Majesty's liberty to grant out on the common and usual terms, all further pleasure may be signified relating to your Majes or any vacant lands within the said province of Pennsylty's afore-recited order in council of the eighteenth of vania and Maryland, in contest between the said propriAugust, 1737, and the other in the name of the agent etaries, (that is to say, within their own respective sides of the said province of Pennsylvania, complaining of of the said several limits, mentioned in the last foregoing fresh disorders committed by the inhabitants of Mary- paragraph.) For the which lands, and the profits of the land against those of Pennsylvania: Whereupon the same also, each proprietary shall account to the other, Lords of the Committee did, on the twenty third day of who may be adjudged to be the proprietary thereof, February last, proceed to take all the papers relating to upon the final determination of the boundaries between the complaints made by each of the said provinces, into the two provinces. consideration, and were attended by counsel on both VI. That all prisoners, on both sides, on account of sides, and likewise by the proprietaries of the said pro- being concerned in any riots or disturbances, relating to vinces; and the counsel desiring that some reasonable the bounds, or for any act or thing done thereat, or for time might be allowed the proprietaries to confer toge- any other act touching the right of either of the said prother in order to come to some agreement amongst them- vinces, in relation to their bounds, be forthwith released selves, that so the peace and tranquility of both provin- and discharged, on entering into their own respective ces may be preserved, until such time as the boundaries recognizances, in a reasonable sum, to appear and subcan be finally settled. The Lords of the Committee mit to trial, when called upon by further order from bis thought proper to comply with such their request; and majesty. being this day again attended by all parties, the counsel VII. That this be declared to be a provisional and acquainted the Committee, that the proprietaries of temporary order, to continue until the boundaries shall each province had accordingly met and agreed to the be finally settled, and declared to be without prejudice following propositions, viz.

to either party, I. That so much of the Majesty's order in council of VIII. That his Majesty be most humbly moved to disthe eighteenth of August, 1737, as orders, That the govo charge so much of the order of the eighteenth of Auernor's of the respective provinces of Maryland and gust 1737, as varies from this agreement; and that the Pennsylvania, for the time being, do not, upon pain of several other petitions of complaint, now depending beincurring his Majesty's highest displeasure, permit or fore his Majesty in Council, relating to any disturbances, suffer any tumults, riots or other outrageous disorders, may be withdrawn by the respective petitioners. to be committed on the borders of their respective pro- To which propositions, the proprietaries of each provinces, but that they do immediately put a stop thereto, vince signified their consent before the committee, and and use their utmost endeavours to preserve peace and declared their readiness to carry the same into execugood order amongst all his Majesty's subjects under tion, if your Majesty shall be pleased to approve thereof: their government, inhabiting the said borders, do stand And the committee considering that this agreement may in force and be observed.

be a proper expedient for restoring peace and tranquility II. That there being no riots that appear to have been between the said provinces, and for preventing any committed within the three lower counties of New Castle, the like disturbances for the future, do therefore agree Kent & Sussex, upon Delaware, it is therefore not tho't humbly to lay the same before your Majesty, for your necessary to continue the latter part of the said order in royal approbation. council, as to the said three lower counties, (but that His Majesty this day took the said report into consithe same former order in council, so far as relates to deration, and, in order to preserve peace and tranquilthe said three Lower Counties) be discharged without ity between the said provinces, and to prevent any the prejudice to either of the proprietaries, as if the same like disturbances for the future, is pleased, with the ad. had never been made.

vice of his Privy Council, to approve of the said agree III. That all other lands, in contest between the said ment entered into between the proprietaries of the said proprietaries, now possessed by or under either of them, respective provinces. And his Majesty is hereby pleasshall remain in the possession as they now are (although ed to order, that the proprietaries of the said respective beyond the temporary limits hereafter mentioned) and provinces of Maryland and Pennsylvania, do cause the also the jurisdiction of the respective proprietaries shall said agreement to be carried into execution, whereof the continue over such lands until the boundaries shall be said proprietaries, and all others whom it may concern, finally settled; and that the tenants of either side, shall are to take notice, and govern themselves accordingly. not attorn to the other; nor shall either of the proprie

JA. VERNON. taries, or their officers, receive or accept of attornments from the tenants of the other proprietary.

REAL ESTATE OWNED BY THE CITY. IV. That as to all vacant lands, in contest between Schedule of the Real Estate owned by the Corporation the proprietaries, not lying within either of the Three

July 1st, 1828. Lower Counties, and not now possessed by or under A lot of ground on the north side of High street, and either of them, on the East side of the river Susque- west side of Schuylkill Front street, extending northhannah down so far south as fifteen miles and one quar-ward 306 feet to Filbert street, and about 740 feet westter of a mile south of the latitude of the most southern ward to low water mark at the river Schuylkill, includ. part of the city of Philadelphia, and on the west side of ing Ashton street. On this lot there are two small the said river Susquehanna, down so far south as four- frame buildings of little value. teen miles and three quarters of a mile south of the lati- A lot of ground on the north side of Chestnut street, tude of the most southern part of the city of Philadel. and west side of Schuylkil Front street, extending phia, the temporary jurisdiction over the same is agreed northward 379 feet, and about 900 feet westward to be exercised by the proprietaries of Pennsylvania, to low water mark at the river Schuylkill

, includand their Governor, Courts, and Officers. And as to ing Ashton street. On this lot are erected the western such vacant lands in contest between the proprietaries, engine house, basin, &c. and not now possessed by or under either of them, on A lot of ground at the south-west corner of Schuylkill both sides of the river Susquehanna, south of the re- second street and Ash aller, in the square between spective southern limits in this paragraph before men. High and Chestnut streets, 130 feet in breadth on Se ioned; the tempocary jurisdiction over the same is cond street, extending westward 180 feet, to Aspen tgreed to be exercised by the prop:ietary of Maryland, lalley. So building on this lot.

Two lots of ground on the east side of Schuylkill feet, to a corner of ground belonging to Jones and Front street: the first, at the distance of 25 feet 6 inches others, and thence southwardly, along said ground, about north of Chestnut street, is in breadth 44 6-12 feet, and 90 feet, to the place of beginning. in length, eastward, 180 feet, to Aspen alley; the se- N. B. Besides the foregoing, there are vested in the cond, at the distance of 60 feet north of Chestnut street, Corporation, to be used as burial ground for strangers, is in breadth 83 7-12 feet, and in length, eastward, 180 two lots of ground on the west side of Schuylkill Second feet, to Aspen alley. No buildings on either of these street, extending westward to Schuylkill Front street; lots.

one of them adjoining the south side of Vine street, in Two lots of ground on the south side of Lombard breadth, southward, 102 feet, the other at the distance street, each of them 78 feet in length, southward; one of 204 feet south of Vine street, in breadth, southward, of them extending from Ninth to 'Tenth street, and the 112 feet. No buildings on either of these lots. other from Tenth to Eleventh street. These lots were originally granted by the Legislature as burial places

STATE HOUSE YARD. for strangers; the westernmost lot has been used as such, and the easternmost is, by an act of the Legislature, ab- Report to the City Councils on the title of the city to the solutely vested in the corporation, freed from that use: a

State House Yard. portion has been let on ground rent, for ever.

Agreeably to the resolution of councils, of the 10th of A lot of ground on the north side of High street conti- June, and the appointment of the presidents, of the 30th noed west of Schuylkill, in length, westward, 1,540 feet of July last, in pursuance thereof, I proceeded to Harrisfrom low water mark at the river Schuylkill, and in burg, and there, in the office of the Secretary of the breadth, at the east end, 510 feet, and continuing that Commonwealth, examined the documents of title, relatbreadth about 500 feet, and then about 430 feet in ing to the state house yard, and the ground on which breadth for the remainder of its length; containing in the the adjoining buildings are erected. There are many whole about 15 acres. On this ground is a stone house, deeds, in possession of the state, relating to the ground, occupied as a tavern, several other dwelling houses, but most of them are mesne conveyances, from various shops, &c. all under lease, from the corporation, for a purchasers, during a period of eighty years and upwards, term of years.

between the original patentees of the proprietor, and A lot of ground on the west side of Delaware Front the trustees appointed by law to receive the legal title street, in breadth, 102 feet, from Dock to Spruce street, on the part of the province, and in no way material to in length, on Spruce street, 277 6-12 feet, and on Dock the question, as it respects the interests of the city. By street, 222 9-12 feet, to Little Dock street. This lot is an examination of the documents, it appears, that the unimproyed.

square of ground between Chestnut and Walnut, and A lot of ground at the north-east corner of Delaware Fifth and Sixth streets, with the exception of perhaps Front and Dock streets, 100 feet in front north and two lots on Walnut street, was originally granted by the south, and of that breadth about 293 feet to the end of proprietor, at different times, and to different purthe wharf, including Water street. A part of this lot is chasers, in a number of small lots, according to the plan leased to Snyder and Kern, on which they have erected thereof, No. I, herewith exhibited. Prior to the 21st a three storied brick store.

February, 1735-6, a part of the ground designated by A lot of ground on the south side of Cherry strect, the letters WA and AH, in the plan, No. III, passed between Ninth and Tenth streets, 40 feet front, by 144 from the patentees through many owners, and was con. feet in depth. On this lot are erected the office and veyed to William Allen and Andrew Hamilton, who, in work-shops for the use of the City Water Works. the act of assembly of that date, (Prov. laws, p. 189)

The State House square, 510 feet in length, from are stated to have purchased the same “by directions of Chestnut to Walnut street, and 397 6-12 feet in breadth, the legislature."--From the recital in this act it appears, from Delaware Fifth to Sixth street; together with the that before this time, the state house and other building's State House, and City Hall at the south-west corner of had been erected. Other lots designated by the letters Chestnut and Fifth streets, and the lots on which they E and F, in the plan No. III, are included in the descrip: are erected.

tion of the ground as given by the act, the one, marked A lot of ground situate in Penn Township, and ad. with the letter E, being a part of a large lot on Walnut joining the Vineyard town plat, containing two acres, street, was not conveyed to the trustees until the year appropriated for a public burial ground, in lieu of the 1742, and for the other marked with the letter F, being lot on Lombard street, from Ninth to Tenth street. also part of a large lot on Walnut street, there was no Five public squares, viz,

Washington, Franklin, conveyance until the year 1762. The act also contains North-west, South-west, and Centre.

two other lots, No. 9 and 10, the former not conveyed The public landings on the Schuylkill and Delaware to the trustees, until several months, and the latter not rivers, and the house at the Drawbridge, commonly until two years after the passing of the law, which recites called the "Fish House," under lease from the Corpora- that the whole had been previously purchased. In the tion to S. Déwees.

act of assembly referred to, there is an express proviso A lot of ground on the east side of Schuylkill Sixth and declaration, " that it was the true intent and meaning street, between High and Chestnut streets, containing thereof, that no part of the ground lying to the southward in front or breadth, on said Sixth street, 40 feet, and of the state house, as it is now built, be converted into or extending in length or depth, eastward, 198 feet. On made use of for erecting any sort of buildings thereupon, this lot the city stables are erected.

but that the same should be and remain a public open The Estate at “ Fair Mount,” on which are erected green and walks forcver.” the Engine house and other works for supplying the On the 21st December, 1742, another lot marked city with water. This estate, embracing the late pur- No. 11, in the plan No. II, was purchased by William chase, contains in front, on Callowhill street, 450 feet, to Allen, for the use ofthe province, as the act of assembly the Bridge Company's ground, thence north, along the of the 17th February 1762, recites. All the ground line of said ground, 82 feet, to' Morris street, thence which at the period of this last law, had been purchased, Westwardly, about 300 feet, to the river Schuylkill, was the front on Chestnut street, and this lot on Walnut thence along the Schuylkill

, northwardly, about 890 street, the whole with the buildings erected thereon, feet

, to Francis street, thence eastwardly, along Francis with the exception of the two corner lots on which the street, 1216 feet, to the north-west corner of Moliere's court houses now stand, was by this act settled upon lot, on John and Francis street, then commercing at the and vested in trustees, for the use of the legislature of south-east corner of Moliere and John street, and running the province, and to and for such other uses, intents, along John street, 961 feet, to the south-east corner of and purposes, as they at any time should direct, with John and Biddle streets, thence along Biddle street, 400 l the following restriction and limitation, viz. Provided



always nevertheless, and it is hereby declared to be the Deed, 28th August, 1732.
true intent and meaning hereof, that no part of the said William Hudson
ground lying to the southward of the state house, within


For the lot No. 6. the wall as it is now buill, shall be used for erecting any Andrew Hamilton. sort of building thereon, but that the same shall be and remain a public walk and green forever.This act also re

Deed, 12th September 1732. peals the act of 1735-6.

Thomas Paglar

For the lot No. 7, subject to a On the 14th May, 1762, an appropriation was made

ground rent of £5, being one of by the legislature to enable the trustees to purchase Andrew Hamilton. the rent charges conveyed by Hill other lots, to be vested in the trustees for the same pur

to Allen. (ante) poses, and subject to the same uses for which the state Deed lost. house and its appurtenances was, by the act of 17th Feb. in the same year, appointed and declared, and to and for Michael Morris

For the lot No. 8, subject to a

rent charge of £2 58. being one of no other use, intent or purposes whatsoever. By subsequent purchases the square, (with the ex- Andrew Hamilton. the rent charges conveyed by Hill

to Allen. (ante) ception of the two lots on Walnuť street, Nos. 18 and 19, in the plan No. II, for which no deeds can be found) Minutes of the Legislature, vol. 3, p. 194, 10th August was completed and all the lots conveyed to trustees in

1733. whom the legal title remained vested, until the 28th A committee report that £550 purchase money for the February 1780, when the whole was, by the act of as- ground on which the house stands had been expended. sembly of that date, (vol. I. p. 484) with other property, Deed Poll, 10th November, 1733. viz. the court house, gaols, &c. and the ground on which they were erected, of the several counties yested to have sold to the province of Pennsylvania the lots

William Allen acknowledges the receipt of £500, and in the commonwealth, discharged and exempted from and the ground rents purchased from Hill, on the 15th and against all claim of the trustees or their heirs, sub- October, 1730, (ante) to be conveyed by him (Allen) to ject, however, to the several uses, intents, trusts, dispo- such uses as the province should direct and appoint. sitions, and directions for which the same had been, be. fore, respectively appointed and limited, and to and for Act of Assembly, Prov. Laws, p. 189. 21st Feb. 1735-6. none other, saving and always reserving to every

Reciting that Andrew: Hamilton and William Allen person or persons, bodies politic and corporate, bis and had purchased, by direction of the legislature,divers their heirs and successors, other than the trustees, all lots of land on the south side of Chestnut street, desiga such estatc, right, title, and interest of, in, to and out of nated in the plan No. III, by the letters WA and AH, E the premises, vested in trust, as they or any of them might have had or enjoyed, in case this act

had not been and F, and No. 9, 10, and that a state house and other

buildings had been erected, at the charge of the propassed. The act of 1762 was then repealed. I have procured official copies of all the conveyances, 1 milton and Williamn Allen, and that the buildings and

vince, but that the estate, &c. remained in Andrew Ha. or other documents, which 1 considered important, and lots might be effectually secured to the use of the proauthorized by the resolution of councils, for their infor- vince, it was thought necessary to vest the estate in trusmation they are transmitted herewith.

tees for the use, intents, and purposes therein after Deed, 15th October 1730, Book F, vol V, p. 266. specified; Andrew Hamilton and William Allen were

desired to convey and assure to John Kinsey, Joseph Levin Hill For three lots of ground and four rent Kirkbride, Caleb Copeland and Thomas Edwards, the Wm. Allen. S


lands, tenements, &c. aforesaid, to have and to hold the One Lot, (No. 1, plan No. II.)

same to the uses, intents, and purposes following, and One do. No. 2, ditto.

to no other use whatsoever, viz. to and for the use of One do. No. 3, ditto.

the representatives of the freemen of the province, Four rent charges, viz.

which now are, and from time to time hereafter shall be £ s. d.

duly elected by the freemen aforesaid, and to and for 500 on a lot granted to Thomas Paglar, m'd. A)

such other, uses, intents, and purposes, as they, the said 4 2 6 do. Matthias Dowlin, do. B

representatives, at any time or times thereafter, in gene2 50 do. William Davis do. C

ral assembly met, shall direct and appoint. “ Provided 300 do. Michael Morris, do. D.

always, and it is hereby declared to be the true intent and

meaning of these presents, that no part of the said ground, Deeds, 8th February and 12th June, 1732.

lying to the south of the state house as it is now built, be Sampson Thomas and

converted into or made use of for erecting any sort of builda : Sarah Barnard For the Lot No. 4.

ings thereupon, but that the said ground shall be inclosed, to

and remain a public green and walk forever.” Andrew Hamilton.

Deed, 18th September, 1736.
Deed, 10th June, 1732.

For the lot No. 9, subject to a
For a messuage or tenement and

William Davis

ground rent of £2 58. Od. being one Matthew Dowlin the lot No. 5, subject to a rent

of the rent charges conveyed by

Andrew Hamilton.
Scharge of £4 2s.6d. being one

Hill to Allen. (ante)
Andrew Hamilton. I ofthe rent charges conveyed by
Hill to Allen. (ante)

Deed, 1738.

Thomas Stapleford Minutes of the Legislature, vol. 3, p. 180. 11th Aug. 1732.

For the lot No. 10. “Resolved, That Andrew Hamilton and others pay Andrew Hamilton. 10 William Allen the purchase monoy for the ground he bought of Levin Hill, upon the said William Allen's

Will of Andrew Hamilton, 1st August, 1741. making a declaration under his hand and seal in writing, "So far as concerns the vesting and settling the lots, that he will at any time hereafter, on payment of such houses and grounds, formerly agreed for by me, for the reasonable costs in law as may thereupon arise, convey use of the province, i do nominate, authorize and ap; the said ground to such persons and such uses as shall point William Allen, with my son James, tr. grant and be directed by the legislature for the time being or convey the said lots, houses and grounds to the trustees such counsel learned in the law as they shall think fit appointed by act of assembly, passed 21st February, that service."


No. II.




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