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NO. 37.

1 500 0 0 500 OO

18,650 0 0

250 00

11,290 0 0

REPORT ON INTERNAL IMPROVEMENTS, The Schuylkill next presents itself,
Presented to the Legislature 1791.

not merely in order as a branch of the

Delaware, but as one of those great The committee appointed January 5th last, to cxan highways, which, at a future day, will ine the reports of the commissioners who have been bear on its waters the immense produce employed in exploring the western waters, the Susque- and trade of the western country.hanna, and the Delaware, &c. and to report a plan for This river is to be considered in a douimprovement of roads and navigation by the common ble point of view: First, as a great nawealth, made report, which was read, as follows, viz.

tural channel, tending to the metropolis . The committee, to whom sundry reports and petitions from the upper waters above Reading, respecting roads and navigations were referred, beg and thence joining a favourable coun. leave to make the following report

try for an excellent road to the town of They have paid a close attention to the important ob- Harrisburgh, on the Susquehanna, by jects submitted to them; they have carefully considered which means a rendy and cheap commuthe reports of the commissioners appointed by govern- nication may be formed. The expense ment to explore the northern and western waters, and of the Schuylkill to Reading is estimathave the satisfaction of uniting in opinion, that the com- ed at about munications between the metropolis and the northern

The road from Reading to Harrisburg, and western parts of the state are by nature formed for Secondly, Pursuing the Schuylkill up producing the most desirable effects, at an expense as the waters of Tulpehocken, it will be tonishingly trivial, when compared with the magnitude found they approach so near to the waof the object, and extent of country which they embrace. ters of the Quitapahilla, leading down In addition to the domestic convenience to be derived the Swatara to the Susquehanna, that a by accommodating the various parts of the state with canal and lock navigation force themeasy and cheap carriage, your committee extend their selves into our notice. The expense views to very distant regions, which, by means of the of which is estimated at western lakes, invite our minds to anticipate a bound

From this canal down the Swatara, the less and beneficial trade, at a period not very remote, expense is unless, by a faulty timidity, or illiberal parsimony, we

The expense of rendering the Tulpe. should ingloriously leave so noble an undertaking to hocken navigable up to the water of the our inore enterprising posterity. But, building on the canal is estimated at 28 miles, enlarged and enlightened ideas of the citizens of Penn. Canal from head of Tulpehocken to

Ivania, your committee cheerfully bring before you Lechner's mill, 7 and a half miles, the result of their deliberations.

Having entered the Susquehanna, First, They consider the river Delaware as a most Swatara, a great scope of navigation pre.

both at Harrisburg and at the mouth of important channel for introducing the trade and produce, not only of the northern parts of the state, but sents itself. The Susquehanna, extend as being capable of forming an easy communication, by within about 12 miles of the Mohock ri

ing by its great northern branch, leads á portage of 19 miles, with the north western parts of the state of New York, and extending, by two other ver, in the state of New York, which short portages, to Lake Ontario. This river is capable Lake Ontario. The expense of clear

communicates by a short portage with of affording a safe raft and boat navigation, from the ex- ing the navigation of the Susquehanna treme northern bounds of the state.

to the northern boundary of the state, By the estimates given, the expense

beyond which, to its source at Lake Ol. will be about,

£2500 0 0 sego, there is no material obstruction, is The portage from the Delaware at

as follows: Stockport, near the north line of the

From the mouth of Swatara to the state, to Harmony, at the great bend of

mouth of Juniata, Susquehanna is 19 miles, the expense is

From Juniata to West branch, about,

400 0 0 From West branch to Starrucca, at Descending the Delaware, we have

the Great Bend, considered the waters of Laclawac and

The Tioga branch being the upper. Lehigh as claiming the public attention;

most great waterleading westward from but whether it will be expedient to en

the Susquehanna, near the New York ter on the improvement of those waters

line, will very shortly open an extensive so extensively as their situations may

trade to the Genesee country, now set. warrant at a future day, we submit to

ting with great rapidity, and is at prethe decision of the House: yet, as great

sent passable with large canoes nearly benefit would immediately result from

one hundred miles from its mouthremoving some of their obstructions,

This water passing through the state of we think there may be allowed:

New York, no money can be expended For the Lachawac,

200 0 0 on it by Pennsylvania; but it is mention. For the Lehigh,

500 0 0 led by your committee, as inducing a Vol. II.

9700 0 0

300 0 0 300 0 0

440 0 0


300 C O Erie,

more earnest attention to the clearing of

Total expense from the mouth of the Susquehanna, so far as our state ex

Juniata to Pittsburg,

£1000 0.0 tends: The western branch of the Susque

From the foregoing Statement the expense of the different hanna comes next in view, carrying with

western routes will stand as follows: it bold and prominent marks of a most

1st. From Philadelphia to Reading, extensive and lucrative navigation, invi.

by the Schuylkill,

1500 OO ting us to an early participation of its

From Reading to Harrisburg by land, 500 0 0 advantages.

From Harrisburg up Susquehanna, to From the mouth of this river to the

mouth of Juniata,

200 0 0 mouth of Sinnemahoning, the expense

From Juniata to west branch of Susof clearing is estimated at 160 0 0 quehanna,

300 0 0 From thence up the Sinnemahoning

From mouth of west branch of Susto its north branch,

200 0 o quehanna, by the north branch of Con. From thence up the north branch to

newango, to Chetaghque creek, on Lake a place called Driftwood,

2570 0 0 From Driftwood, a portage extending northerly through a good country for

5070 0 0 roads, 23 miles to the river Allegheny,

But to Presque Isle will stand as follows: 200 miles above the mouth of Toby's

Deduct Connewango 850l. Chetaghcreek,

460 0 0
que lake and creek, 4501.

130000 From the end of this portage, down the Allegheny to Connewango, 150 00

3770 0 0 Up the Connewango to the head of

Add expense of French creek and Chetaghque Lake, 850 0 0 road to Presque Isle,

900 0 0 Road from Chetaghque Lake to Chetaghque creek, emptying into Lake

Total expense to Presque Isle, by the Erie, 200 0 0 west branch of Susquehanna,

4670 00 Chetaghque creek, and the harbour at its mouth,

250 00 2d. From Philadelphia to month of

Juniata, as in the foregoing estimate, 2700 0 0 Making the whole expense from the

From mouth of Juniata to Pittsburg, main branch of Susquehanna to Lake

as by the foregoing estimate,

10,010 0 0 Erie, 2570 00

12,710 0 0 The western branch of the Sinnemahoning, leading, by means of a portage of 14 miles, to the head waters N. B. The foregoing estimates are exclusive of the of Toby's creek, will open a communication with the canal and lock expenses on the Quitapahilla, &c. wbicb, Allegheney, about 200 miles below the place where if included, will then stand as follows: the northern route crosses that river; but ihis western

No. I. branch of the Sinnemahoning not having been sufficiently explored, no dependable estimate is attempted, tho' From Philadelphia to Presit is spoken of by the commissioners as capable of being que Isle, by way of the west

4720 O O made navigable in some seasons of the year; but it is branch of Susquehanna, described as being crowded with rocks.

Clearing Tulpehocken creek In the report on the west branch of

and canal and lock navigation, Susquehanna, a communication is pre

and expenses,

29,890 00 sented by descending the Allegheny to French creek. The expense on this

Total expense,

34,610 O O creek is estimated at

500 00 And the road from thence to Presque

From Philadelphia to CheIsle, on Lake Erie,

400 0 0 taghque harbour, on Lake We come next to Juniata which, extending through


5070 00 a settled country to Frank's town, is estimated as capa

Clearing Tulpehocken creek
ble of being rendered navigable at the following ex- and canal & lock navigation, 29,890 0 0
From the mouth to Water street,

820 0 0
Total expense,

34,960 0 0 From Water street to Frankstown,

1500 OO

No. II. Road from Frankstown to Poplar run,

From Philadelphia to Pittsburg, by on or near the ground where the canal

the river Juniata,

12,710 OO is proposed to be cut,

80 0 0 Clearing Tulpehocken creek, and caRoad from Poplar run, 18 miles, to

nal and lock navigation of Quitapahilla, 29,890 00 Little Conemaugh,

360 00 Road from forks of Little Conemaugh

42,600 O to mouth of Stony creek, 15 miles,

180 0 0 Clearing Little Conemaugh, and ma

The estimate of expense on the Delaware, king towing paths,

4000 0 0 including the road from that river to the Do. Conemaugh, from Stony Point to

Susquehanna, near the New York Richard's run, 400 OO line

2900 0 0 From Richard's run through Chesnut

Waters of the Lachawac

250 00 Ridge, and towing path, 2000 0 0 Waters of the Lehigh

500 0 From Chesnut Ridge to Loyal Hanning,

400 0 0
Total of the Delaware

3650 0 0 Clearing Kiskeminetas to the second

Exclusive of the Schuylkill, which is considered as a falls, inclusive,

250 0 0 western communication. Clearing ditto to the mouth on Alle

The total amount of the foregoing estimates is as fol gheny, above Pittsbuas,

100 0 0 / lows:

Ist. Delaware, including Lachawac and

merchandise, and the price be 58. per cent. Lehigh

3650 0 0 the total of back freight in eight years will Id. Route to Presque Isle, on Lake Erie,

amount to ninety-seven thousand and sixty by way of west branch of Susquehanna 472000 pounds, which, aducd to the carriage of 3d. Route to Chetaghque Harbour, on

wheat, amounts to

368935 00 Lake Erie, an additional sum of

350 00 If the navigation was completed agreea4th. Route to Pittsburg by way

bly to the proposed plan, it is presumable of Juniata river 12710 00

that grain might be carried to market at 1s. Deduct the expense from Phi

6d. per bushel, and back loads at 3s. per ladelphia to mouth of Juni.

cent. which would then amount, in eight ata, included in the above

220561 00 estimate, No. 2

2700 0 0

- 10,010 0 0 Balance saved to the state in 8 years, 148374 0 0

years, to


1.18,730 00 The particulars of this calculation, with an estimate of If the canal expenses at Tulpehocken,

the expense of boats, &c. on which the foregoing result Quitapahilla, and Poplar run, are added,

is founded, accompany this report. they will amount as follow:

Your committee could not overlook the uniform reTulpehocken 10990 0 0

port of all the different commissioners on the subject of Quitapahila 18900 0 0

fish-dams erected on all the waters, in direct violation Poplar run 7000 0 0

of the law, and which calls for efficient remedy, without

36890 0 0 which every improvement and expenditure on the naAnd the expense of clearing thc Falls

vigation will be rendered abortive. Wright's ferry, on Susquehanna, to Con

On the whole, your committee are united in their benewago, inclusive, is estimated at

5250 0 0 lief, that the proposed improvements are not only desir

able, but are brought into view at a time when the Total expenditures, 1.60,870 0 0 finances of the state will warrant an immediate com.

mencement of the business. To these expenses must be added a proportionate Your committee therefore submit the following resosum for superintendants, and other incidental charges, lutions, viz. perhaps about ten per cent.

1st. Resolved, That a committee be appointed to By the best information which your committee can bring in a bill, authorising the Governor to contract obtain, not only from the reports submitted to them, with individuals, or with companies, for the purpose of but by conversation with several of the commissioners, undertaking part or parts of the work necessary for imwe are induced to believe that the sums herein specified proving the roads and waters, to be specified in said bill. will produce such essential benefit to the state of Pern- 20. Resolved, That the following sums be appropriatsylvania, as will over-balance the expense to a degree ed for the purposes mentioned in the foregoing resolve: beyond all possibility of calculation. To give a faint For the Delaware

2500 0 0 idea of some of those benefits, your committee beg leave the Lachawac

250 0 0 to introduce the following calculation of the expenses the Lehigh

500 0 0 attending the transportation of produce and merchan- the road from Delaware dize to and from a small part of the western country, by

to Susquehanna near which it will appear, that, if the same commodities

the Great Bend

400 OO could be conveyed by the proposed navigation, there

3650 0 0 would be an actual saving of one hundred and forty-eight thousand pounds in the short space of eight years, ex- For the Schuylkill, and for the road clusive of the great advantages resulting from the em- from Reading to Harrisburg

2000 0 0 ployment of all those extra men and cattle in the more profitable business of agriculture.

For the Susquehanna: The calculations are as follow:

From the mouth of Swatara In the year 1790 there were 150,000 bushels of wheat to Juniata

300 OO brought down the Susquehanna, and passed through From Juniata to West Branch, 300 0 0 Middletown, for the Philadelphia market, a large pro

From W. Branch to Starucportion of which came down the Juniata. In the year ca, at the Great Bend

440 0 0 1788 considerable quantities of grain and fiour went up

1040 0 0 the Susquebanna, for the use of the settlers in North- For the West Branch of Susquehanna. umberland; but since last March about 30,000 bushels From the mouth to Sinneof wheat have returned down the stream for the city. mahoning,

160 00 The proportion which the north-western country bears On the Sinnemahoning to its to the country which sends wheat down the Juniata north branch

200 0 0 may be supposed as five to one.

North branch of SinnemaTherefore it may with propriety be assumed, that honing, as far as Driftwood 300 00 when the navigation of the northern and western wa- Road from Driftwood, twenters of the Susquehanna is rendered more easy and safe, ty-three miles, to Allegheny the annual increase of grain brought down will be very river

460 00 considerable.

Allegheny river to the ConIf this increase is admitted to be only one


150 0 0 eighth annually, which must be esteemed a

Connewango river and Chevery moderate computation, the total

taghque creek

850 0 0 amount of wheat brought down in eight

Road from Chetaghque lake years, ending in the year 1800, will be 2,175.

to Chetaghque creek

200 0 0 000 bushels, which at 2s. 6d. per bushel,

Chetaghque creek and harthe present price of carriage by land, is two


250 0 0 hundred and seventy-one thousand eight hun

French creek

500 0 0 dred and seventy-five pounds. If only one

Road from French Creek to third of the weight of the wheat is supposed

Presque Isle, on lake Erie

400 OO to be carried back in salt, liquors, and other

3470 00

For clearing the Connewago falls, and

For a road through the upper part of down to Wright's ferry. 5250 0 0 Berks county down to Schuylkill

300 OO

7th. Resolved, That a committee be appointed to For the Juniata, and its connecting roads and waters: bring in a bill, for the purposes contained in the fifth From the mouth of Juniata to

and sixth resolutions. Water street

820 0 0

8th. Resolved, That a committee be appointed to Water street to Frankslown 1500 00

bring in a bill, for the more effectual suppression of fish Road from Frankstown to Pop

dams on such narigable waters within this state, as are lar run, at and near Frankstown,

or shall be by law declared to be highways. and the mouth of Stoney creek 300 OO

Your committee have examined and considered the Road from Poplar Run to Con

memorial of the Society for promoting roads and Inland nemaugh

360 0 0

Navigations, and are bappy in so perfectly barmonizing Ditto from forks of Little Co.

with those gentlemen in their views. The memorial nemaugh to mouth of Stoney

contains very interesting information, and your commitcreek

180 0 0

tee would recommend its being printed on the minutes. Little Connemaugh

4000 0 0

Ordered to lie on the table. Connemaugh, from Richard's run, to Stoney point

400 OO

From Richard's run through
Chesnut Ridge

2000 0 0

At the General Triennial Meeting of the StockholdFrom Chesnut Ridge to Loyal.

ers of the Bank of the United States, held at their Hall Hanning

400 OO

in the city of Philadelphia, on Monday the first day of Clearing Kiskeminetas to se.

September 1828, cond falls inclusive

250 00

Robert Ralston, Esq. was called to preside-and Clearing Kiskeminetas to Alle

JOSEPH HEMPHILL, Esq. appointed Secretary. gheney

100 0 0

In conformity to the provisions of the charter an exact 10310 0 0 and particular statement of the debts which remained

unpaid after the expiration of the original credit for a 3d. Resolved, that the Governor be requested to is period of treble the term of that credit, and of the sursuc a proclamation, inviting proposals for undertaking plus of profits after deducting losses and dividends, was the canals and locks on and near the waters of Tulpe- laid before the stockholders for their information by the hocken and Quitapahilla, and also the canal from Franks- President of the Bank. Mr. Biddle then presented a town to Poplar run, and report to the legislature. general view of the situation of the Institution, with an

4th. Resolved, That a committee be appointed, to account of its progress since the last meeting of the bring in a bill to empower the Governor to sell, from stockholders, referring to and submitting to the meeting time to time, so much of the public securities of the tion of Charles Chauncey, Esq. it was resolved, That

various documents and statements: Whereupon, on mostate, as may be necessasy to provide for the expenses the matters submitted by the President, together with of the roads and navigations, as contained in the second the statements laid upon the table by him, be referred resolve. Sth. Resolved, that the annual sum of five thousand lowing gentlemen, viz.

to a Committee. The Chairman then appointed the fol pounds, already appropriated by law for claims and im

CAARLES CHAUNCET. provements, after every annual claim is satisfied, shall

ALEXANDER HENRY, hereafter be appropriated to the improvement of roads,

CADWALADER Evans. reserving only the annual sum of


CHARLES J. INGERSOLL, for such other improvements as the legislature may from

JAMES RONALDSOX, time to time direct.

JAMES C. Fisher. 6th. Resolved, that the Governor be authorized to On motion Resolved, That when this meeting adjourns, appropriate the balance, hitherto unapplied, remaining it adjourns until to-morrow morning at nine o'clock. of the annual sum of five thousand pounds, appropriated

Tuesday morning, September 2, 1828. to roads and inland navigation, for the immediate im- The Stockholders met pursuant to adjournment. provements of roads within the state; and that the fol- Charles Chauncey, Esq. on behalf of the Committee lowing sums be allotted:

appointed yesterday, submitted the following report, For a road leading from Wilkesbarre to

which with the resolutions accompanying it were unanithe Wind Gap

300 0 0 mously adopted, and ordered to be published in pamFor a road leading from Susquehanna, at

phlet form and in the newspapers. to on the Delaware

500 0 0 The committee appointed at the meeting of the stockFor a road leading from Harrisburg thro'

holders of the Bank of the United States, on the 1st inst, the narrows, at the foot of the Blue and Pe

report: ter's mountains, up to

300 0 0 That in executing the duty assigned to them they For a road to be explored from Franks

have examined the books and accounts of the Bank, and tovn, in the straightest line and over the

will proceed to state the result of their inquiries, in rebest ground, to Pittsburg

300 0 0 gard to the distribution of the stock of the Bank-the For a road from Bedford to Pittsburg 500 0 o present state of the funds and the mode of administer. For a road from Reading to Sunbury 300 00|ing them. For a road from Bedford to Yougheageny 400 OO 1. The Stock of the Bank is at present divided as fol. For a road from mouth of Juniata to Şter


Names. Shares. ret's, by General Watt's and Hugh Miller's 300 0 0 Maine,


511 For å road through Long Narrows and

New Hampshire

587 Jack's Narrow's on Juniata

300 0 0


57 For a road from near Catawissa, on the



16646 porth branch of Susquehanna, to Minick's

Rhode Island,


1801 on Schuylkill



1251 For a road from Fulton's ferry on Susque.

New York,


46638 hanna to Newport

500 00 New Jersey,


3084 For a road' from Callender's mill, over



70763 Croghan's gap, to West's mill

200 001 Delaware,




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34262 Deduct overdrafts and District of Columbia,


3448 special deposits 368,355 50 Virginia,


10872 North Carolina,


4,680,773 71 South Carolina,

35495 Public officers

1,168,500 63 Georgia,

2216 Individuals

6,563,479 06 Ohio,


12,412,753 40 Kentucky,


607 Tennessee,


$96,728,051 01 Indiana,


30 Illinois


310 The analysis of this statement will present the follow. Louisiana,


154 ing distribution of the funds of the bank, and the manner Alabama,


10 in which they are invested: Foreign,


State of the Bank August 1st, 1828. President, Directors, & Co. 5610 The capital paid in, is

$34,996,269 63 United States of America, 70000 The circulation

13,045,760 71 Deposits, public 7,301,746 43 3818 350000

private 6,563,479 06

13,865,225 49 2. The condition of the Bank may be best explained Amount due to sundry offices and state by the monthly statement of its affairs on the first of Au. banks in current account

459,868 64 gust last, which is as follows:

Amount due to Barings, Hottinguer &
Co. &c.

594,492 65 Funded debt of the United States

The unclaimed dividends

456,005 76 U. S. subscription

Contingent fund

4,380,645 53 $7,000,000 00

Discount, exchange and interest, re5 per cts. of 1821 3,420,983, 67

ceived since July

378,378 87 44 do. 1824 1,509,985 84

Profit and loss

1,518,298 61 45 do.

5,000,000 00
16,930,969 51

$69,694,945 89 Bills discounted on Personal security 29,316,745 45

Funded debt held by the bank $16,930,969 51 Do. on funded debt, 142,212 73

The discounts are 37,323,228 89 Do. on bank stock 1,850,380 56

Buchanan's and M‘Cul31,309,338 74 loch's debt

612,760 44 Domestic Bills of Exchange

6,013,890 15 Debts chargeable as loss. Foreign do. do.

340,185 93 es to the contingent Real estate 2,292,652 11 fund

2,228,678 21 Due from bank U. States

40,164,667 54 and offices 14,654,249 61 Mortgages

79,907 38 Due from State Banks 1,883,286 03

Foreign bills

340,85 93 16,537,635 64 Real estate

2,292,652 11 Due from James A. Buchanan and J. W.

Banking houses

1,079,926 48 M'Culloch

612,760 44 Bonus, premium on loan, expenses, Due from the United States

5,267 32

755,529 86 Losses chargeable to contingent fund 2,228,678 21 Notes of state banks on hand

1,458,099 73 Deficiencies 211,377 98 Specie

6,593,007 35 Banking houses, bonus and premium 1,540,806 48 Expenses 69,472 18

$69,694,945 89 Cash notes Bank United States and offices 10,495,469 48

It further appears that the total amount of the susState Banks 1,458,099 73

pended debt is $7,109,091 47. Specie 6,593,007 35

After the frequent and rigorous examinations of the

18,546,576-56 committees of the board, by officers of the bank, and Mortgages, &c.

79,907 38 by the several offices, to ascertain the full extent of the Pension fund office, Portsmouth

8,532 38 losses, to which the bank will probably be exposed, on

the whole mass of its debts and real estate, the estimate Total, $96,728,051 01 of loss, founded on the latest returns, is

$3,192,064 43 CR.

To meet this the bank Capital stock

$34,996,269 63 has the contingent Notes issued 23,541,230 19 fund of

4,380,645 53 Discount, exchange and interest

284,823 03 From which are to be. Dividends unclaimed

456,005 76 deducted the losses Profit and loss

1,518,298 61 already chargeable to Contingent fund

4,380,645 53 it

2,228,678 21 Interest

500 00 Foreign exchange

93,055 14

2,151,967 32 Due to bank and of.

Besides these are other
15,098,524 35

certain resources, am't-
State banks 1,898,979 93

ing to

809,972 88
16,997,504 28
Barings, Hottinguer & Co. Hope

Making an aggregate of

2,961,940 20 & Co.

594,492 65 Redemption of public debt 1,452,472 09 And leaving a deficiency of

230,124 23 Deposits of the treasurer

This deficiency will be provided for by of the United States 5,049,129 21

1st. The progressive increase in the value of the real

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