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Franks, their rise, 49.- True origin, 50.-- Heretoch, his rank, ii. 234.
Their use

to the Saxons, 51.-Their Heroward, his life, ii. 139.
voyage from the Euxine, 52.

Hertha, a goddess of the Angles, ii. 174
Freemen, Anglo-Saxon, ii. 94.

Holsatia described, 45.
Frisians, in England, 124.

Homicide, its punishment, ii. 239.
Funerals of the Anglo-Saxons, ii. 154-157. Houses of the Anglo-Saxons, ii. 65.
Furniture of the Anglo-Saxons, ii. 66. Hu Cadarn, the leader of the Cymry into
Fyrde, a military service, ii. 176.

Britain, 5.

Human sacrifices among the Saxons, ii. 18.

Hunting of the Anglo-Saxons, ii. 77.
Gaul desolated by the Germans, 73. Husbandry of the Anglo-Saxons, ii. 159 to
Gcol, or Jule, account of, ii. 19.

Gerefas, their rank, ii. 234.
Germanicus, his conquest in Germany, 47.

Gildas, his history impeached, 63.—Com- Icelandic writers, 215.
pared with the imperial writers, 68.

Ida arrives in Britain, 117.
Gilds, or clubs, ii. 103.

Idols of the Saxons, ii. 15.
Gleemen of the Anglo-Saxons, ii. 76. Ina's accession, 156.-His laws, ib.-De-
Godwin, earl, an herdsman's son, 428.-His feats Geraint, 158.-Builds Glastonbury

rise, 428-430.—His power under Ed- Abbey, 159.-Advised by his Queen to
ward, 449.—His death, 455.

abdicate, ib.Goes to Rome, 160.
Gothic language, 36.

Infancy, period of among the Anglo-Sax-
Government of the more ancient Saxons, ons, ii. 35.

ii. 7.-Of the Anglo-Saxons, ib. 199. Inigils, the ancestor of Egbert, 159.
Greek, cultivated by the Anglo-Saxons, ii. Ingwar, son of Ragnar Lodbrog, invades

361.-How pronounced by them, ib. England, 225.–Attacks Edmund, king of
Gregory the Great, his life,'ii. 432.

East Anglia, 235.
Gwrtheyrn, in Britain, 89.-His transac- Irminsula, account of, ii. 19.
tions with Hengist, 92.

Johannes Erigenu, account of his works, ii.


Journey of Bernard and others to Egypt,
Harulld, of Norway, invades Harold, 478.- 318.
Perishes, 482.

Jubilate in Saxon, ii. 446.
Hardicanute, his reign, 447,448.

Judith, a narrative poem, ii. 304.
Harold the first, his reign, 444-447. Judith, widow of Ethelbald, 189.
HAROLD the second, his competition with Jury, trial by, 328. ii. 270.

William, 464.--His coronation, 471.-- Jutes, their origin, 58.
His answer to William, 476.-Defeats Juvencus, his narrative poem, ii. 317.
the king of Norway, 482.-Goes to fight
William, 488.-Falls, 496.

Hastings, his actions, 269.-- Invades Italy Kelts, sprang from the Kimmerians, 8.-

and France, 270.— Attacks Alfred, 271. Their customs, ib.-Their situation in the
Hastings, battle of, 490-497.

West of Europe, 9.-In the time of
Heilig Island described, 40.

Cæsar, 10.-They enter Britain, ib.
HENGIST, his arrival, 90.–His conflicts Keltic language, 36.

with the Britons, 92.-Driven from Bri- Kimmerians, more ancient than the Scy-
tain, 93.-Returns, 94.

thians, 2.-Their entrance into Europe,ib.

Their retreat into Asia, 3.-Same as the Names of places in the Anglo-Saxon times,
Cimbri, 4.--And Cymry in Britain, 5.-

ii. 188.
Their manners, 6.

Narrative poetry, of 'the Anglo-Saxons, ii.
Kentwin, 151.

294.--Of other countries in the Saxon
Kenaulf, in Mercia, 178.-His death, ib. periud, ib. 317.
His son murdered, 179.

Nestorians, they diffuse christianity in In-
King, his election and coronation, ii. 200 dia, 317.—Their influence in the Saracen
to 208.—His family and officers, ib. 209.-

Court, 321.
His dignity and prerogatives, ib. 211. Nobility of the Ango-Saxons, ij. go. and

232.–Arising from birth, ib. 90.- From

property, 92.---From office, 93.
Lands of the Anglo-Saxons, to what liable, Normandy, dukes of, their origin, 461.

ii. 175.--Their denominations, ib. 196. Northstrandt, a Saxon island, 39.
LANGUAGE, Anglo-Saxon, its history ii. 447. NORTHMEN, their first aggression on
LAWS, of the more ancient Saxons, ii. 10. England, 217.-Invade England under the
Of the Anglo-Saxons, ib. 239.

sons of Ragnar, 224.—Their progress,
Lawsuits of the Anglo-Saxons, ii. 192. 227.—They destroy Croyland Abbey, 232,
Law tribunals, ii. 261.

and Peterborough, 233.- Invade East
Latin poetry of the Anglo-Saxons, ii. 332. Anglia, 235.-Invade Wessex, 239.
Leobgitha, her verses, ii. 351.

Conquer Mercia, 244-and Bernicia,
LITERATURE, of the Pagan Saxons, ii. 245.

25.–Of the Anglo-Saxons, ib. 359. Northumbria, its revolutions, 165.
Llywarch Hen, 117.

Norway, its political state in the eighth

century, 198.
Macbeth, assassinates Duncan, 459.-De-

feated by Siward, ib.

Ode, an Anglo-Saxon, ii. 324.
Díagnentius allies with the Saxons, 55.

Odo favours the Benedictine system, 376.
Marriages of the Anglo-Saxons, ii. 82. Off a, made king of Mercia, 165.— Tradi-
Marriage settlement, Anglo-Saxon, ii, 84. tions concerning him, 168.-His wars,
Maximus, his rise and fall, 64.

169.— Corresponds with Charlemagne,
Merddhin, his Afallenau quoted, 7. 11, ib.--Wars with the Britons, 170.-His
Mercia, occupied, 124.-Admits christia- dyke, 171.-His murder of Ethelbert, ib.
nity, 149.

The calamities of his family, 172.
Mercians destroy their queen, 157.

Olaf Tryggvason, his life, ii. 117
Military service among the Anglo-Saxons, Ordeals, account of, ii. 266.
ii. 176.

Oswald, defeats Cadwallon, 144.-His cha-
Mints of the Anglo-Saxons, ii. 137.

rity, 145.-Slain by Penda, 146.
Money of the Anglo-Saxons, ii. 126. Oswyn killed, 147,
Months of the Pagan Saxons, ii. 24. Oswy, reigns, 147.-Defeats Penda, 148.-
Mollo's catastrophe, 155.

His death, 150.
Morgen gift, account of, ii. 85.

Otho marries Athelstan's sister, 337.
Mund described, ii. 257.

Owen, son of Urien, 122.
Music of the Anglo-Saxons, ii. 406. Oxford, its antiquity disputed, 323.

Names of the Anglo-Saxons, ii. 36.

Painting of the Anglo-Saxons, ii. 409.

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Siavis annons

death, 420.

Paulinus, his life of St. Martin, ii. 318. Seasons in the Anglo-Saxon period, ii. 163.
Penda's rise, 140.--His contest with Wes- Sedulius, bis narrative poem, ii. 317.
sex, 141.–Slays Oswald, 146.- Attacks Sidonius, bis poems, ii. 318.

baumh, ib.-Destroys the kings of Sigebert accedes in Wessex, 164.
Last Anglia, ib.-His fate, 148.

the Anglo-Saxons, ii. 36.
Phenicians in Britain, 11,

Snorre, bis history, 215.
Piracy of the North described, 207.-Its Song, of Capute, ii. 288.-On the battle
Perocius custon, 209.

of Brunanburh, ib. 289.-On Elgar's
Pirucy di cline of, ii. 116-:23.

death, ib. 291.-Its origin among the
POETRI', their native, ii. 277.-Its charac- Anglo-Saxons, ib. 293.
teristics, 278.--Its origin, 282.

Stormaria described, 44.
Polybius mentions the British islands, 17. Strandfrisii, 125.
Prudentius, his parrative poem, ii. 317. Stialclyde kingdom, 118.
Punishments, legal, i. 266.

Seperstitions, of the continental Saxons, ii.
Pytheas, his voyage to ihe North, 16. 22.---Of the Anglo-Saxons, ib. 149 to


Stein, invades England, 412-416.- His
RAGNAR LODPROG, his expeditions,217

to 221.-IIis death in Northumbria, 222. | Susser, occupied, 97.—Transactions in, 149.
Redwald, reigns in East Anglia, 138.—Pro- Sweden, its political state in the eighth

tects Edwin and defeats Ethelfrith, 139. century, 199.
RELIGION of the Pagan Saxons, ii. 12.
history of among the Anglo-Saxons,

ii. 431-446.

Taliesin, quoted, 7. 11.-His satirical poem,
-- effects of among the Anglo-Saxons, 115.—His historical poems, 120, 121.

Tapestry of Bayeux, 467.
ROMANS, invade Britain, 23.—Their wall Te Deum in Saxon, ii. 445.

built, 25.—Their progress to the Elbe, Tenures of the Anglo-Saxons, ii. 166-174.
46.- Repulsed to the Rhine, 49.-State Tewdric defeats Ceolwulphı, 135.
of their provinces, 81.

Thegns, of their rank, ii. 235.
Romances, origin of those concerning Ar- Theodore sent to England as archbishop of
thur, 108.

Canterbury, ii. 361.
Theodosius, defeats the Saxons, 60.—Dies,

SAXONS, their origin, 27.–First mentioned Torfaus, the historian, 215.

by Ptolemy, 28.-Not noticed by Ta- Torques, a golden one described, 123.
citus, 29.-A Scythian tribe, 34.—Pro- Tostig invades Harold, 473.
bably the Saka-suna, ib.Their islands, Tournaments, in use in 934, ii. 147.
39.—Their continental territory, 43.- Trades of the Anglo-Saxons, ii. 107.
They league with other states, 56.-Ex-Triads, Welsh, account of, 5.-Extracts
tend to the Rhine, 57.-Attack Britain, from, ib. and 11. 15.
60.--Are defeated by Theodosius, ib.
And on the continent by the Romans,

61.-Their settlement in Britain, 126. Versification of the Saxon poetry, ii. 326.
Saxburga, her reign, 150.

Victor, Claudius Marius, his poem, ii.
Saxo Grammaticus, his character, 213.

Sea-kings described, 205.

Victorinus, his narrative poem, ii. 317.



Were, account of, ii. 256.
Ubbo, son of Ragnar, invades England, West Saxons, their conquests, 131.

225.—His attack in Devonshire, 258. Wiglaf submits to Egbert, 181.
And death, 259.

William, accedes in Normandy, 474.--His Urien of Reged, 119.--Contends with Ida, message to Harold, 475.-Prepares to ib.—Killed, 121.–His son Owen, 122. invade England, 476.- Sails, 485.

Lands at Pevensey, 486.

Witchcraft believed by the Romans, ii. 149. Walls of Britain, 25.

WITENA GEMOT, account of, ii. 220-231. Week, days of, their Saxon names, ii. 13. Woden, 202. ii. 14. Welsh traditions, 14.

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