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8. note 4. line 3. fur by action read, by an action. 158. – 3. – 14. after three years, insert from the making thereof. 357. - 9. - ult. after thirty years, add the follzirg sentences : But

where poffeflion has gone agreeably to the
limitations of a deed bearing date thirty
years ago, it may be read without any evidence
of the duration of it's existence, or of its
execution, though the subfcribing witnesses be
Atill living. Gilb. Ev. 94. For such poslefñon
affords so strong a presumption in favour of the
authenticity of the deed, as to fuperfede the ne-
ceflity of any other proof of the validity of it's

origin, or of it's due execution.
368. - Il. - 23. after presumed to be, insert under.
370. - 17. - S. after sacred, insert nature.
448. - 8. - 2. for the ifluc, read though issue.

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