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Dabltspg grangtmmi for 1870.









[Index of Names of Persons at the end of the volume.]
of Oyster

Adams, Rev. Hugh's Church Records

River Parish (Durham, N. H.), 27
Addresses, of Marshall P. Wilder, 105 5 Edmund F.

Slafter, 325
Ad American Shrine, 273 [430

Anniversary, 25th, of N. E. His. Geo. Society, 206,

Felt, Joseph B., 1; Preble, Henry, 253; Preble,
Harriet, 253; Sherwin, Thomas, 225 } Waite,
Henry M., 101 -, Swain, David L-, 349

Bank of England, formation of, 380

Barker, Josiah, and his Shipbuilding, &c- 297

Bible, the first Quarto in America, Jtc. 190

Bibliography of the Local History of Massachusetts,

73, 146, 348

Births, Marriages and Deaths in Lyme, Conn., 30;

Portsmouth, N. H-, 13, 357
Books, periodicals and pamphlets received, 98
Books Noticed—

Acta and Resolves of the Province of Massachu-
setts Bay, Toi. i. 340
Acworth, N. II., Merrill's History of, 210
Albany, N. Y., Munsell's History of, vol. iii.


Andros Tracts, 90

American Antiquarian Society, a memorandum

of Local Histories in the Library of, 343—

Proceedings of its Annua) Meeting, 1859, 344

Arms—Goodwin and Bradbury, 98

Bartlett's Memoirs of R. L Officers in the Great

Rebellion, 212

Benedict Genealogy, by M. IT. Benedict, 335

Bennington, Vt., Jennings's History of, 93

Bible in Public Schools. Arguments in the case

of John D. Miner et al. versa* the Board of

Education of Cincinnati, Ohio, 439

Boiling Family, Memoir of a portion of, In

England and Virginia, by Wynne, 95

Browns of Nottingham, by Cope, 98
Burnham Genealogy, by R. H. Bumham, 334
Butler County, Ohio, McBride's Biography of

Early Settlers of, 341

Chase's History of Chester, N. IT., 342

Clarke's Oneness of the Christian Church, 213

Clark, a pedigree of John Lardner C, who in.

Sophia Marion Ross, 1797, by Sims, 336

Clarke's Record of some of the descendants of
Thus. Clarke, of Plymouth, of Wm. Curtis, of
• Roxboiy, of John Fuller, of Newton, and of

Richard Hull, of New Haven, 96
Churchman's Year Book for 1870, 438
Colby University (Waterville College until
1866), an Obituary Record of Graduates, 18 J2-
1870, 437
Congregational Quarterly, 218
CotiOecticut, Public Records of, 1706-1716, by

Hoadly, 433

De Costa's Northmen In Maine, 207 [208

Be Costa's Sailing Directions of Henry Hudson,

Dreuillette's Epistola, relating to an Early Mis-

sion among the Indians, written in Latin, 437

Elliott's suggestions for the Establishment of an

International Coinage, 216
Fi us or Fits, a genealogy of the family, by James

Hill Fitts, 97

Florida, Bill's Winter in, 217

Fowler, memoir of the descendants of Capt. Wm.

Fowler, of New Haven, 344

Franklin, Conn., Celebration of the one Hundred

and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Primitive Or-

ganization of the Congregational Church, 1808,


French and Indian War, S. G. Drake's Particu-
lar Hisbiry of, 1744-9, with a memoir of Maj.
Gen. Shirley, 431

Gilpin Family, in the line of Joseph Gilpin the

Emigrant; with a notice of the West family,

336 [217

Hackleton'g Jamestown of Pemaquld, a Poem,

Hall's Capture of Tlconderoga, 217

Heacock Family, the descendants of Jonathan

and Ann, co. of Chester, Penu., 98

Kentucky, Daniel Drake's Pioneer Life, 434

Kidder s Boston Massacre, 211

Lectures on the Early History of Massachusetts,
btfore the Lowell Institute, 1869, 209

Lee, Gen. Henry) Jones's Reminiscences of, 435

Long Island Historical Society, Memoirs of, vol.
il. 336

Loomis Genealogy, by Prof. Elias Loomis, 335

Marshall's Ancestry of General Grant, 89

Methodist Quarterly Review, 21S

Moravian Church iu America, Reichel's Memo-

rial or, vol. i. 435

Nason's Monogram on our National Song, 91

Neili's Pocahontas and her Companions, 90

New-Hampshire Provincial Papers, Documents

and Records, by Bouton, 216

New-Hampshire Publishers, Editors and Printers'
Association, Proceedings at their annual meet-
ing, Dec, 1808, 438

New-Eoglander, 218

New-York, The Founders of, 344

New-York Genealogical and Biographical Re-
cord, vol. I., Nos. for Jan. and April, 1870, 345

Nova Scotia, Aklns's selections from the Public

Documents of the Province, 92

Noye's Treatise of the Principal Grounds and
Maxims of the Laws of England, 439

Olmstead Family of New-England, Thomas's

abridged Genealogy of, 97

Our Ancestors, 98

Paine's Add 1 ess before the Worcester Lyceum

and Natural History Association, 1870, 438

Peabody, George, Winthrop's Eulogy at his

Funeral, Feb. 8,1870, 345

Peck Genealogy, by Ira B. Peck, 96, 187

Poor's Remarks on the Trans-continental Rail-

way in Rutland, "Vt-, 18«7, 218

Portsmouth, N. H., Brewster's second series of

Rambles about, 339

Prescott Genealogy of the families of America,
by Wm. Prescott, M.D., 433

Prince Library, a catalogue of, 435

Providence Journal, Semi-centennial, of Jan. 3,

1870, 343

Rout Genealogical Records, by James P. Root,

ofN. Y. City, 330

Septuagenarian Dinner in Pittsfleld, Mass., 1870,
Proceedings of, 438

Sherwin, Thomas, the school teacher, R. C.
Waterstou's Address on his Life and Character,

Slafter Genealogy, bv Edmund F. Slafter, Cor.
Sec. of N. E. His. Gen. Soc., 97

Slafter's Discourse on the Twenty-fifth Anniver-
sary of N. E. His. Gen. Soc, 1870. 432

Smith, Col. James's Captivity, 1755-9, account
of, by Wm. M. Darlington, 437

Stafford Family in America, contributions to the

Genealogy of, by II. M. Benedict, 336

Stlckney Genealogy, by Matthew A. Stickney,

Salem, Mass., 334

Stiles's History of Bundling, 436

Thornton's D'Amerie, Eraory, Amory, 97

Trumbull's Composition of Indian Geographical
Names, illustrated from the Algonkin Lan-

guages, 341

TJpham's Reply to Poole's Salem Witchcraft and
Cotton Mather, 213

Upham's Records of Massachusetts under the

First Charter, a Lecture before the Lowell In-

stitute, 343

Virginia Company of London, Neili's History

of, 430

Watertnwn, Harris's Epitaphs from the old
'Burying ground, 91

Willis, Hon. Wm., of Portland, Me., a tribute to

the memory « f, by C H. Hart, 344

Worcester, Report of the Free Public Library

1870, 438

Worcester Fire Company, Reminiscences of the

original Associat- « :vid Past Members, 344

Canada Prisoners in 1635, a list of, 280

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