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The Browns of Nottingham. (No other title.) Pp. 18.

This record by Gilbert Cope, of West Chester, Penn' s privately printed. It concerns the family of William Brown and James Brown, of the Society of Friends, early settlers in Pennsylvania.

The Heaeock Family.- Jonathan and Ann Heacock, who emigrated to America from England and settled in Chester county, Pennsylvania, in 1711, and their Descendants. 18G9. [Privately printed.] Pp.28.

Our Ancestors. 1809. [Privately printed.] pp. 20.
We cite these titles of two Pennsylvania genealogies, but do not consider them as

subjects for criticism under the circumstances. They show, however, that the taste

for investigating family history has reached a new field, and we hope for valuable

results in the future.

ArmsGoodwin. ArmsBradbury. Drawn by Miss Harriet Baix

Bridge, 24 Russell Road, Kensington, London, Eng., for William T.

Goodwin, A.B., A..M., LL.B., and Captain U. S. A. Lithographed by • F. Geese, Richmond, Va. Published by West & Johnston, Ya. B. W.

Sanborn & Co., Concord, N. H. 18G9. Pp. 17.

This publication consists of sixteen coats of arms very neatly drawn and lithographed, eight being of different families by the name of Goodwin. We presume it is meant as a companion to some genealogy, but the information here given is rather curious than valuable.


[A copy of each publication, designed for notice in the Register, should be sent direct to the Editor, independently of the copy sent to the Society.]


Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society, 1867-1869. Published at the charge of the Peabody Fund. Boston: Printed for the Society. 1809. 8vo. pp. 519.

Lectures delivered in a Course before the Lowell Institute in Boston, by Members of the Massachusetts Historical Society, on subjects relating to Early History of Massachusetts. Boston: Published by the Society. 1809. 8vo. pp. viii. and 498.

The Court Sermon, 1674, supposed to have been written by Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury. Cincinnati: Robert Clarke & Co. 1868. 8vo. pp. viii. and 54,

Col. George Rogers Clark's Sketches of his Campaign in the Illinois, 1778-9. Robert Clarke & Co. 1869. 8vo. pp. vi. and 119.

Bouquet's Expedition against the Ohio Indians in 1764, &C. 1868. Robert Clarke & Co. 8vo. pp. vii. and 162.

History of Athens County, Ohio, &c. By Charles Walker. 1869. pp. viii. and 600.

Records of some of the descendants of Thomas Clarke, William Curtis, Richard Hull and John Fuller. Compiled by Mr. Samuel C. Clarke. 1869.

Biography of the Hawaiian Islands. Printed for Mr. James F. Hunnewell. Boston: 1869. 4to. pp. 75.

The Fiske Family. A History of the family of William Fiske, Send &c. 2d ed. Compiled and Published by Albert A. Fiske. Chicago, 111. 12mo. pp. 208.

Historical Sketch of Nazareth Hall, from 1755 to 1869, &c. Bv William C. Ricchel, Class of 1834. J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia. 1869. 8vo. pp. 62.

Memorial of John Shifter, with a Genealogical account of his Descendants. By the Rev. E. F. Shifter, A.M. 1869. [See Book Notices.]

Auditor of Accounts. Fifty-Seventh Annual Report of the Receipts and Expenditures of the City of Boston. For the Financial Year 18G8-9. City Document, No. 61. Alfred Mmlge & Son. 8vo. pp. 287.

Epitaphs from the Old Burying Ground in Watcrtown. 1869. [See Book Notices.]

Dedication of tlje Memorial Hall in Dedham [Mass.], September 29,1868. With an Appendix. Dedham: Printed by John Cox, Jr. 1809. 8vo. pp. 91.

Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution, for 1868. Washington, D. C. Government Printing Office. 1869. 8vo. pp. 473.

Provincial Papers, Documents and Records relating to the Province of New-Hampshire, from 1092 to 1755. Vol. Hi. Part ii. Published by authority of the legislature of NewHampshire. Compiled and edited by Nathaniel Bouton, D.D., Corresponding Secretary of the New-Hampshire Historical Society. 1S69.

Genealogy of the Family of John Lawrence, of Wisset, in Suffolk, England, and of Watertownand Grafton, Massachusetts.

Proceedings of the Bunker Hill Monument Association, at the Annual Meeting, June 17, 1809. Svo. pp. 44.

Sailing Directions of Henry Hudson, prepared for his use in 1608, from the old Danish of Ivar Bardsen, with an Introduction and Notes; and a Dissertation on the discovery of the Hudson River. By the Rev. B. F. De Costa, author of the Pre-Columbian Discovery of America by the Northmen, Ike. Albany: Joel Munscll. 1869.

Journal of the Proceedings of the Bishops, Clergy and Laity of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States, in General Convention, in New York, Oct. 7th to Oct. 29th, 1868, &c. With Digest of Canons, &C. 1869. Svo. pp. 686.

The Gilman Family, Traced in the Line of Hon. John Oilman, of Exeter, N. H., with an account of many other Gilmans in England and America. By Arthur Oilman, A.M. Albany, N. Y. Joel Munscll. 18U9. 4to. pp. xii. and 324. [With portraits, &c]

The Pictorial Field Book of the War of 1812, or illustrations by Pen and Pencil of the History, Biography, Scenery, Relics and Traditions of the Last War for American Independence. By Benson J. Lossing. With several hundred engravings on wood, by Lossing & Barritt, chiefly from original sketches by the author. New York: Harper & Brothers. 1869. L. Svo. pp. xi. and 1084.

The Antiquities of Heraldry, collected from the Literature, Coins, Gems, vases and other Monuments of Pre-Christian and Mediaeval Times, &c. By William Smith Ellis, Esq., of the Middle Temple. London: John Russell Smith, 36 Soho Square. 1869. 8vo. pp. xiv. and 276. (With 20 pp. of plates.]

A Genealogical History of the Descendants of Joseph Peck. By Ira B. Peck. Boston, 1869. [See Book notices.]

A Winter in Florida; or Observations on the Soil, Climate and Products of our semi- tropical State, with Sketches of the principal Towns and Cities in Eastern Florida. To which is added a brief Historical Summary; together with hints to the Tourist, Invalid and sportsman. By Ledyard Bill. Illustrated. New York: Wood & Holbrook. 1869 L. 12mo. pp. 222.

Credo. Boston: Lee & Shepard. 1869. L. 12mo. pp. 414.


Annual Report of School Committee of Maiden, 1869.

Report of the Town Officers of Maiden, 1869.

Annual Report of the several Departments of the Town of Maiden. 1869.

A Man in Ruins. A Sermon preached by President Titttle, of Wabash -College, Ind., April 18, 1869, at the funeral of Mark Kirby, a member of said College.

Some Account of an Epistolary Correspondence now carrying on between the Inhabitants of the Moon and the Natives of this Country. To which is subjoined a List of such articles as are immediately wanted for the Export Trade. By some Merchants just arrived from tliat Planet, &C. London. 8vo. Reprinted by Robert Clarke & Co. Cincinnati, O. 1SG9.

Pioneer Life at North Bend. An address by Hon. J. Scott Harrison, in 1866. Robert Clarke & Co.. 1867.

Address by Hon. W. Y. Gholson on the subject of the payment of the Bonds of the United States in Coin in 1868. Robert Clarke &C. 1868.

Prof. Tarsons's Introductory Address, Oct. 6, 1868, before the Class of the Medical College of Ohio. Robert Clarke & Co. 1S68.

Rev. Dr. Nicholson's Sermon, April 25, 1869, before the Delegate Meeting of the Board of Missions, in Christ Church. Cincinnati, O.: Robert Clarke & Co. 1869.

History of the Welsh Settlement in Licking County, Ohio, &c, read at the Licking County Pioneer Meeting, April 7th, 18G9. By Isaac Sniucker. Norwalk, Ohio. Wilson &. Clark.

Sierra Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 1. Boston: E. C. Keith & Co. July, 1869.

Reports in relation to the Annexation of Dorchester to Boston, and the Act of the Legislature to unite said Town and City. Boston: A. Mudgc & Son. 1869.

By-Laws, and Officers of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society. 1869.

The Guardian of Health and New England Medical Journal. Edited by W. M. Cornell, M.D., LL.D. New Scries. Vol. viii. May to Nov., 1869.

The History and Development of Races. Address before the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Feb. 23, 1869. By Hon. Harlow S. Orton. Atwood & Rublce, Madison, Wis.

Memorial of the Class graduated at Dartmouth College, July 27, 1813. By Jonathan Tenncy, Class Secretary. J. Munsell. Albany, 1869.

Memorial Address on the Life and Character of Hon. Jacob Collamcr, read before the Vermont Historical Society, Montpelier, Vt., Oct. 20, 1868. By James Barrett, LL.D., Judge of the Supreme Court. Woodstock, Vermont, 1868.

Roll of Students of Harvard University who served in the- Army or Navy of the United States during the war of the rebellion. Prepared by Francis H. Brown, M.D. 2d edition. Cambridge: Welch, Bigelow & Co. 1869.

Genealogical Register of the Patterson Family. By James P. Andrews, M.D., of Colrainc P. O., Lancaster County, Penn.

Monthly Reports of the Department of Agriculture. Washington, D. C. 1869.

Bulletins of the Public Library of Boston, from June to November, 1869.

Address on the Culture demanded by the Age. By Frederic De Puystcr, LL.D. Delivercd before the Alumui Association of Columbia College. 1869.

Annual Reports of the Town of Wcntuvm. 1868.

Triennial and Annual Catalogues of the following Colleges and Universities—Harvard, Yale, Brown, We6leyan, Trinity, Dartmouth, Amherst, Williams, Bowdoin, Colby an(j Vermont.

Maps relating to the Rebellion of 1861.

Oration delivered before the City Authorities of Boston, July 4th, 18G9. By Hon. Ellis W. Morton.

The Mechanics Fair Journal and Directory, 1869. Published by Dean Dudley.

General Laws and Resolves passed by the General Court of Massachusetts, 1868-9.

Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society, held in Boston, April 28, 1869.

Analytical Alphabet of the Mexican and Central American Languages. By C. H. Bcrcndt, M.D. Reproduced in Fac Simile by the American Photo-Lithograpic Company, and published by the American Ethnological Society. 1819.

A List of Shareholders, &c, National Banks of Massachusetts. 1869.

Yale College in 1869: Some statements of the late progress and present condition of the various departments of the University. 1869.

Bulletin of the Essex Institute. Vol. i. No. 4. New Scries. 1869.

Annual Report of the Boston Public Library, 1869.

Green—Staples—Parsons. An Address before the Rhode-Island Historical Society, June 1, 1869. By Hon. Samuel G. Arnold. 18ti9.

Roll of Honor. Nos. 18, 19, and 21. Quarter Master-General's Office. Washington, D. C. 1869.

Iowa and Kansas. Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C. 1869.

Rev. John Eliot's "Brief Narrative of the Progress of the Gospel among the Indians of New England, 1670." With Notes by W. T. R. Marvin. Published by Wiggin & Lunt Boston. 1869.

Major John Child's "New-England Jonas Cast up at London," 1647. With Introduction and Notes by W. T. R. Marvin. Published by Wm. Parsons Lnnt. Boston. 1869.

The Annals of Iowa. Published Quarterly by the State Historical Society. 1869.

A Map of Nantucket, surveyed and drawn by the Rev. F. C. Ewer, D.D. 1869.

Annual Report, &c., of the Young Men's Christian Association of Worcester, Mass. 1869. ■ Report of a Committee of the Alumni of Brown University. 1869.

Report of Directors of Massachusetts Infant Asylum. 1869.

Report of Massachusetts Bible Society. 1869.

Charter, Constitution and By-Laws of the Cleveland, 0. Library Association; Address of Hon. Charles Whittlesey, &c. 1869.

The General Association of the Congregational Churches of Massachusetts; Minutes of the 67th Annual Meeting at Woburn, June 15-17, 1869, &c.

Tho Herald and Genealogist, edited by John Gougli Nichols, F.S.A. Part xxx. June, 1869. London. And the same for October.

Memoir of Hon. Levi Lincoln. By Emory Washburn. 1869.

The Quarter-Century Record of the Class of 1839, Yale College. 1869.

Evidences of the Antiquity of Man in the United States. By Col. Charles Whittlesey, of Cleveland, Ohio. 1869.

Wesleyan University, Middlctown, Conn., Alumni Records, to 1869. Compiled by Orange Judd, A.M. (Class of 1847). New-York: 1869.

Thirty-First Annual Report of the Young Men's Institute, Hartford, Conn. 1869.

Miscellanea Genealogica et Hcraldica. Edited by Joseph Jackson Howard, LL.D., F.S.A. Part x., Oct., 1868, and Part xi. and xii. for March and July, 1869. London.

Minutes of the Forty-Third Annual Meeting of the General Conference of the Congregational Churches in Maine, &c, held in Bangor, June 22, 23 and 24, 1869.

Inaugural Address of Hon. James B.,Blakc, Mayor of Worcester, Mass. 1869.

Fourth Sunday in Advent, 20th December, 1868. [A Sermon.] By S. P. Parker, Rector. Amherst, Mass. 1869.

Reports of the Town of Dorchester, Mass., 1868-9.

Genealogical Tree of the Emperors of Delhi, of the House of Tamerlane.

Reports of the Town of Waltliam, Mass. 1869.

Navy Register [U. S.l. 1869.

Proceedings of the Eleventh Session of the American Pomological Society, held in St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 11-13, 1867, &c. Boston: 1868. And Proceedings of same.

Address of Hon. Marshall P. Wilder before the American Pomological Society, at Philadelphia, Sept., 1869.

Proceedings of the New-Jersey Historical Society. Vol. i. 1867-9.

Reports of the City of Boston. 1869.

Fifty-Seventh Annual Report of the Howard Benevolent Society, Boston. Oct., 1869.

Sketches of Saugus, Mass., by Elijah P. Robinson. (From the Lynn Transcript.) 1869.

Rev. Thomas Allen. By Samuel Buniham. Reprinted from Congregational Quarterly for October, 1869.


New-Englander for Oct. Galaxy for Nov. Republican Statesman, fcew-Hampshire Gazette, Dover Enquirer, Portsmouth Journal, Springfield Republican, Boston Statesman and Weekly Post, Watchman and Reflector; Congregational Quarterly for Oct., 1869.

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