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[Compiled by Mr. Jeremiah Colbcen, of Boston, Mass.]
Continued from vol. xxlll., page ML

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1 Any person noticing omissions, will please communicate them to the compiler. Vol. XXIV. 7

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Risiiworth, Hutchinson, Harxeis and Wheelwright.—The following extracts from a letter from Col. Joseph L. Chester to a friend, dated May 15, 1869, furnish some interesting facts in relation to the above families in addition to the information contained in his Hutchinson paper, ante, vol. xx. pp. 355-67, and vol. xxi. pp. 363-5.


A recent examination of the Registers of Laceby, co. Lincoln, has put me in possession of some new facts concerning Risiiworth and Hutchinson . . .

Rev. Thomas RisnwoRTH was Rector of Laceby at least a quarter of a century, and settled there with his first wife Bridget. The following children by this wife ■were baptized there :—Francis, 13 Sept., 1007; Faith, 2 Dec., 1008; Thomas, 31 March, 1011; John, 30 August.

This last son, John, was buried there 13 Jan., 1013-14. Bridget, the first wife, was buried there 31 August, 1012.

He then, as I have before shown, married Hester Hutchinson at Alford, 7 Oct., 1613, and the baptisms of their children occur in the Laceby Registers, as follows:— Susanna, 10 Feb., 1014-5; Edward, 5 May, 1617; Charles, 19 March, 1018-9; Margaret, 28 Jan., 1020-1; Charles, 16 Nov., 1624; William, 10 March, 1626-7.

Of these children, the first Charles was buried at Laceby 28 Dec, 1619, William 15 April, 1627, and Susannah 8 Dec, 1632, three months after her father, who was buried 7 Sept., 1032.

On the 26 March, 1633, a little more than 6 months after her husband's death, his widow, Hester (Hutchinson) Rishworth, was married at Laceby to " Mr. Thomas Harncsse " [rectius Harneis]. . . . This Thomas Harneis, described as a gentleman, was also a widower, having buried his first wife, Rebecca, at Laceby, 23 Dec, 1030. The baptisms of eight children by his first wife are recorded and the burials of six of them—Jane and Thomas only surviving. Jane, baptized 16 April, 1622, was married at Laceby, 23 Aug., 1641, to the Rev. John Somerscales of Cross- ton, clerk. Thomas was baptized 4 Sept., 1028, and I have as yet no further account of him.

By his second wife Hester (Hutchinson-Rishworth), Thomas Harneis had two sons, baptized at Laceby, John, 19 Nov., 1633, and Samuel, 24 Feb., 1636-7

Thomas Harneis, the husband, was burledat Laceby 21 March, 1636-7, about a month after the baptism of the second son Samuel. I have not yet been able to find when his widow Hester died; but she is mentioned in her brother John Hutchinson's will, dated 7 June, 1044.

You thus get the exact data as to Edward Rishworth, mentioned by Savage, who must have emigrated young, probably with Wheelwright.

I found also, in the laceby Register, the baptism 9 June, 1033, of "Elizabeth daughter of Mr. John Wheelwright and Mary his wife." Mr. Savage thinks this daughter was born after 1642, and at Wells. As I have before shown, ante, vol. xxi. p. 365, that Wheelwright had children baptized in England in 1630 and 1632, and now find another in 1633, it is absolutely certain that if he was in New-England in 1628, he came back to this country and remained here till his final emigration.

Ex-presidents Elected by The People.—Soon after the death of Hon. Franklin Pierce, the following item had the run of the newspapers: "There is no expresident chosen to office by the votes of the people, living to-day—a state of things that has not existed before in this century."

Attention was called, at the time, to one exception to this statement. Washington died Dec. 14, 1799, and for the remainder of President Adams's term, namely, till March 4, 1801, there was no ex-president c all living. Two months of this time were in the present century.

A later exception to this statement has not, I think, been noticed in print. ExPresident Madison died June 28, 1836, and John Quincy Adams, who was not chosen by the people but by the house if representatives, was the only ex-president left surviving. From this time till the inauguration of President Van Buren, March 4, 1837, when Gen. Jackson was added to the ex-presidents, there was no ex-president living who had been chosen president by the people. Vol. XXIV. 8

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