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MILTON (MASS.) CHURCH RECORDS.—16*8-1*54. [Transcribed for the Register by Mr. William Blake Trask, of Dorchester, Mass.] concluded from vol. xxiil. page 450.

[the following entry occurs on page 1 of the Record. We place it here for a chronological purpose.]

Deacon Manasseh Tucker (who was the last survivor of the first set of C Members) died April 9lh 1143. And as all that Generation were gather'd to their Fathers, the Church pass'd a Vote April 11) that they would renew Cov' with God and one another, which they did accordingly April 24th when the Members of the Ch Male and Female manifesting their consent to their Fathers Cov' by standing up while I read It over with a small variation as the Change of Circumstances required. J. T. (John Taylor.]

[Baptisms.] May 15.[1153]Obadiah son of Ebenezer Sumner. "22. Elisha son of Samuel Keyes; Ruhamah Daughter of

Thomas Vose; William son of Nathan Badcock. June 19. Lydia Daughter of David Horton Junr; Nathaniel

son of Benjamin Horton.
Joseph son of Ebenezer Scot.

Moses son of Moses Blake; David son of Cesar Ferrit.
Rachel Daughter of Nath1 Vose Junr.
John son of John Cole; James son of John Marshal;
Rhoda Daughter of Robin Negro Serv' of Sam1 Mil-
ler Esqr.
Jerusha Daughter of Moses Billings.
Sarah Daughter of David Wadsworth; Rufus son of

James Boise.
Sarah Daughter of John Bent.

Nathaniel son of Henry Crane; Lydia Daughter of
Seth Sumner; Eunice Daughter of David Rawson.
Elisabeth Daughter of David Coplan.
Deliverance Daughter of Edward Adams; Mary

Daughter of Ebenezer Bent.
Esther Daughter of Jaazaniah Tucker; Samuel son

of Sam1 Henshaw Junr. John son of John McFadden by virtue of his Wife's owning the Cov' at Dorchester. "M. Abigail Daughter of Robert Field Jun'. April 22,1144. Experience Daughter of Joseph Horton by Virtue of his Wife's owning the Cov'. John son of John Eels. James son of Hezekiah Barber; Rebecca Arnold

Daughter of Peter Daset.
Daniel son of ye Widow Hannah Blake.
Mary Daughter of John Daniel.
Grand son of Ephraim Tucker.
Obadiah son of Ebenezer Sumner Junr.


July 8. Benjamin son of Robert Vose; Nathaniel son of Solo

mon Hearsey. "29. William son of Stephen Davenport; Jane Daughter

of Nathan Badcock. Aug' 5. Sarah Daughter of Sam1 Davenport.

"12. Lemuel son of Josiah How.

"19. William son of John Cole; Zacheus son of Ebenezer

Horton. Sep. 30. Mary Daughter of Ebenezer French; Hanah Daugh

ter of Thomas Harris. Nov. 4. Sarah Daughter of Wm. Crouch.

Dec. 2. John son of Samuel Keyes; Lydia Daughter of John

Badcock. "16. John son of Abijah Crane.

"30. Benjamin son of Jeremiah Tucker; Zibiah Daughter

of Edward Vose; Jonathan son of Joseph Horton. Jan. 13. Jane Daughter of William Tucker.

"27. Ann Daughter of John Adams I baptized this Child

in Braintree meeting House. Feb. 11. Jerusha Daughter of Ebenezer Billings. N. B. I

baptis'd this Child at Mr Billings's House several MemberB of the Church being present the child not being like to live till the Sabbath. Elijah son of Elijah Vose. Stephen son of Stephen Badlam Junr. Hannah Daughter of John Wadsworth. Ann Daughter of David Vose; Robin son of Robin,

Negro Servant to Sam1 Miller.
Mary Daughter of Benja" Gleason.
May 26, 1745. Mary Daughter of Sam1 Tucker Junr.
Sarah Daughter of Nath1 Swift.
Nathaniel son of Sam1 Henshaw Jun'.
James son of John Marshal of Milton.
Thankfnll Daughter of Nath1 Vose Jun'.
Peter son of Thomas Vose.
Josiah son of John Marshal of Dorchester; Hannah

Daughter of Benjamin Horton.
Moses son of Samuel Fenno.
Hopestill son of Ebenezer Sumner Junr; Sarah

Daughter of David Rawson.
Rachel Daughter of John Bent.
Sarah Daughter of William Field (by Virtue of his
wife's being in communion with the first Church in
Hannah Daughter of William Cunningham.
Ebenezer son of Jonathan Vose.
Nathan son of Nathan Badcock.
Ann Daughter of Deacon Benjamin Wadsworth.
Thomas son of Samuel Glover; Patience Daughter
of Edward Adams.
Eleanor Daughter of John Daniel.
Eliphalet son of Philip White.
William son of Thomas Cummins.


Elijah son of Moses Billings.
Sarah Daughter of Ebenezer Scott.
Sarah Daughter of Caesar Ferrit.
Ezra son of Stephen Badlam Junr.
Rhoda Daughter of Peter Duset.
Thomas son of Thomas Harris.
10. Moses son of Broth: Moses Emerson.
James son of James Field.
Joseph son of John Badcock; John son of Ebenezer

John son of Ruth Iladen.
Josiah son of Josiah How.
Eleanor Daughter of Benja Phillips.
Enos son of Seth Sumner.
Jerusha Daughter of Ebenezer Billing.
James son of James Blake; Judith Daughter of

John Adams.
Joseph son of Joseph Hunt.

Mary Daughter of V\7m Cunningham; Eunice Daugh-
ter of John Vose; Eli son of Thomas Vose.
1747. George son of Josiah Sumner.
Nathan son of Edward Vose.
Joseph son of David Coplan; Dyer son of David

Asa son of Ebenezer Horton; Samuel son of Samuel
9. Naomi Daughter of Joseph Horton.

Lydia Daughter of Stephen Davenport; Nathaniel
son of Sam1 Davenport Junr; Jeremiah son of
Robert Vose Junr.
May 3d. Sarah Daughter of Nath1 Shepard; Hannah Daughter

of Moses Blake. June 21. George son of Benjamin Horton.

Aug. 2. Sarah Daughter of Benja" Gleason; John son of

Ebenezer Swift; John son of Caesar Ferrit. Aug' 23. John son of John Beal; Mary Daughter of Jeremiah

Tucker; Enoch son of Nathan Badcock. "M. Nathan son of David Horton Junr; Josiah son of

David Horton Junr; Patience Daughter of Sam1 Henshaw. Oct. 18. Sarah Daughter of David Vose; Eliphal Daughter of

Nath1 Swift; Susannah Daughter of Sam1 Tucker. Novr 1. Sarah Daughter of Dean Benjamin Wadsworth.

"15. Esther Daughter of Ebenezer French; Jerusha

Daughter of David Sumner. "22. Mary Daughter of Ebenezer Scott.

Jan. 3. Joseph son of John Daniel.

*' 24. Elijah son of Enoch Horton.

Feb. 28. Melatiah Daughter of Elijah Vose; Jemima Daughter

of Jonathan Vose; Mary Daughter of Henry Crane. March 20, 1747-8. Amariah son of Ebenezer Tucker. May 1*. Samuel son of Thomas Harris.

"22. Eunice Daughter of Moses Haden; Benjamin son of

Benjamin Phillips.


May 29. LoisDaughter of Robin, Servantto Samuel Miller Esq.

June 19. Belcher Son of Nath1 Vose Jun'; Stephen Son of

John Badcock. July 3. My Daughter Dorothy; Uriah Son of Anthony

Gulliver. "10. Lemuel Son of Nathaniel Badcock.

"24. Joseph Son of James Field; Deborah Daughter of

Ebenezer Bent; Eunice Daughter of Nath1 Wadsworth. Aug1 7. Elizabeth Daughter of Abigail Doghead; Ruth

Daughter of Ebenezer Knight.
William Son of Seth Sumner.
Abigail Daughter of Solomon Hearsey.
John Son of Samuel Tucker.
Charles Son of Lancelot Pierce.
Elizabeth Daughter of Nathan Badcock.
Lemuel Son of John Adams.
Mary Daughter of Will"1 Crouch.
Hannah Daughter of Sam1 Keyes.
Nathaniel Son of John Sherman.
Rufus Son of John Vose.
Jerusha Daughter of Robert Vose Jun'.
Rebeckah Daughter of John Daniel.
Rebeckah Daughter of David Rawson.
Mary Daughter of Edward Vose; Benjamin Son of

Benjamin Horton; Samuel Son of Ebenezer Swift,
David Son of David Sumner;' Samuel Son of Samuel

Joseph Son of Joseph Horton.
Jotham Son of David Horton Jun'.
My Son Edward Sherburne.
Abigail Daughter of Isaac Billings
Andrew Kennedy and Francis More two adult Persons;

William Son of W. Cunningham.
Abigail Daughter of Samuel Davenport.
Noah Son of John Bent; Benjamin Son of Samuel Fenno.
Isaac Son of Josiah How.
Nathaniel Son of Ebenezer Scott; John Son of Samuel

Henshaw Jun'.
Patience Daughter of Nathaniel Swift.
Hephzibah Daught. of Enoch Horton.

[Admissions to the Church.]
March 23, 1735. Israel Hearsy and Abigail his Wife were dismis'd and

recomended to Mr. Thacher and Webb's Church in

Boston. Nov. 9, 1735. Preserved Lyon and Joanna his Wife were dismiss'd and

recommended to the Church in Stoughton. May 8, 1737. Mr. Oxenbridge Thacher was dismiss'd and recomended

to Dr. Sewal's Church in Boston; M". Elizabeth

Fuller and M". Hannah Holmes were dismiss'd and

recomended to ye Church in the South Precinct of



Oct. 30, 1737. Mr. Peres Bradford was dismissed and recommended to the Rev*1. Mr. Turner's Church in Rehobeth.

Sept. 10. M''. Grace Dean was dismissed and recommended to ye 1"

Church of Christ in Dedham.

April 8,1739. MTM. Margaret Pellet (formerly Wadsworth) was dismiss'd and recomended to ye Church of Christ in Canterbury.

May 27,1739. Hannah Sumner Wife of Deacon Sam1 Sumner (lately of Taunton) was dismissed and recommended to ye 2d' Ch. in Killingsley.

Dec. 27, 1741. William Rawson was dismiss'd and recommended to the Church at Mendon.

Noe, 27, 1742. John Holman was dismiss'd from the Ch. of Milton to y" 3d Church in Bridgewater. [Pomfret.

Jany. 30, 1742-3. John Daniel was dismissed to the first Church in

Oct. 16, 1743. Samuel Wadsworth (son of Deacon John Wadsworth deceased) was dismissed to the Church of Christ in Canterbury; Josiah Marshal dismiss'd to Mr. Checkley's Church in Boston.

June 17, 1744. David Wadsworth and Hannah his Wife to the Church in Grafton; Ebenezer Wadsworth to the Ch in Grafton.

Dec. 30, 1744. Elisabeth Apothecary to y" 1" Ch. in Boston.

Oct. 30, 1748. Stephen Badlam Junr. and Hannah his Wife to the first Church in S tough tom

Aug': 7, 1743. This Day (after Service) the Brethren of the Church brought in 4 votes each for the Nomination of Deacons. The 4 highest in 7 votes were Mess". Nathaniel Houghton, Benjamin Wadsworth, Jaazaniah Tucker and William Tucker.

Aug'. 21,1743. This Day the Brethren brought in 2 votes each for the Choice of 2 Deacons. The 2 highest were Mes". Nathaniel Houghton and Benjamin Wadsworth.

Feb. 16, 1728-9. Benjamin Crehore, by a Vote of the Chh. was dismiss'd and recomended to the communion of the Old North Church in Boston.

Feb. 23. Mr. Ebenezer Warren and his Wife dismiss'd to the

Church at Stoughton.

Aug. 24. The ReV*. Mr. John Wadsworth was dismiss'd and

recomended to ye Ch. of Canterbury.

March 1, 1730. Samuel Wadsworth and Wife were dismiss'd and recommended to the Church of Stoughton.

Oct. 6, 1734. Martha Greene was dismissed and recommended to the Church of Mendon.

The R«vd. Mr. John Taylor after above 21 Years eminent Service in y" Ministerial Office in ye Town of Milton Died on y° 26th Day of January, 1749-50.

Blessed and forever happy are they wch die in ye Lord, as well as those wcb die for r Lord.

A Record of ye Baptisms administred by ye Pastors of ye Neighbouring Churches, between yc Death of yc Revd. Mr. Taylor and ye Settlement of Mr. Robbins.

Feb. 4, 1749-50. Nathan Son of Benjamin Phillips; Josiah Son of Thomas Harriss. Dr. Chauncy.

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