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for the year 1870.

The Hon. MARSHALL P. WILDER, of Boston.
Massachusetts. The Hon. George B. Upton, of Boston.
Maine. "Hon. Israel Washburn, Jr., of Portland.

New-Hampshire. " Hon. Ira Perley, LL.D., of Concord.
Vermont. "Hon. Hampden Cutts, A.M., of Brattleboro'.

Rhode-Island. "Hon. John R. Bartlett, A.M., of Providence.
Connecticut. "Hon. William A. Buckingham, LL.D., of Norwich.

Honorary Vice-Fresidenta.

New-York. The Hon. Millard Fillmore, LL.D., of Buffalo.

Illinois. "Hon. John Wentworth, LL.D., of Chicago.

Iowa "Rt. Rev. Henry W. Lee, D.D., LL.D., of Davenport.

Wisconsin. "Hon. Increase A. Lapham, LL.D., of Milwaukee.

Dist. of Col. "Hon. George P. Fisher, of Washington.

New-Jersey. S. Alofsen, Esq., of Jersey City.

Maryland. "Hon. John H. B. Latrobe, of Baltimore.

Pennsylvania. William Duane, Esq., of Philadelphia.

Missouri. "Rev. William G. Eliot, D.D., of St. Louis.

Indiana. "Rev. Joseph F. Tuttle, D.D., of CrawfordsviUe.

Ohio. "Hon. Thomas Spooncr, of Reading.

Corresponding Secretary.
The Rev. Edmund F. Slafter, A.M., of Boston.

Recording Secretary.

Samuel Hidden Wentworth, A.M., of Boston.


William B. Towne, sq., of Milford, N. H.

Assistant Treasurer.

Benjamin Barstow Torrey, Esq., of Boston.

Hi storiographer.

The Rev. Doris Clarke, D.D., of Boston.

Assistant Historiographer.

Charles W. Tuttle, A.M., of Boston.


Mr. William J. Foley, of Boston.

The Hon. George B. Upton, Boston.
The Hon. Edw. S. Tobey, A.M., Boston.
Charles W. Tuttle, A.M., Boston.
Mr. William B. Trask, Dorchester.
Albert H. Hoyt, A.M., Boston.

Trustees of the Bond Fund and of the

Cushman Genealogical Fund.
Col. Almon D. Hodges, Roxbury.
Mr. Frederic Kidder, Melrose.
Mr. Thomas Waterman, Boston.

Trustees of the Barstow Fund and of the
Towne Memorial Fund.

WilliamB.Towne, sq., Milford,N.H.
Col. Almon D. Hodges, Roxbury.
The Hon. Charles B. Hall, Boston.

Committee on Papers and Essays.

Mr. William Reed Deane, Mansfield.
John Ward Dean, A.M., Boston.
The Rev. I. N. Tarbox, D.D., Boston.
The Hon.Chas.Hudson.A.M.,Lexington.
Capt. G. H. Preble, U.S.N.,Charleetown.

Committee on Publication.
John Ward Dean, A.M., Boston.
Albert H. Hoyt, A.M., Boston.
William H. Whitmore, A.M., Boston.
William S. Appleton, A.M., Boston.
William B. Towne, Esq, Milford, N.H.

Committee on Finance.
Henry Edwards, Esq., Boston.
The Hon. Geo. W. Messinger, Boston.
The Hon. Charles B. Hall, Boston.
Geo. Wm. Bond, Esq., West Roxbury.
Percival Lowell Everett, Esq, Boston.

Committee on the Library.

Jeremiah Colburn, A.M., Boston.
Wm. Otis Johnson, A.M., M.D., Boston.
Mr. Deloraine P. Corey, Boston.
James F. Hunnewell, Esq., Charlestown.

Committee on Heraldry.
William H. Whitmore, A.M., Boston,
Abner C. Goodell, Jr., A.M., Salem.
Augustus T. Perkins, A.M., Boston.
William S. Appleton, A.M., Boston.
Edward S. Rand, Jr., A.M., Boston.

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