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delivered you, and that out of the Hands of a most Savage & Cruel Enemy to the Great God be given the praise.1 (filed) Letter of May' Gen1 Haynes 1677. Copy.


Letter From The Earl Of Sunderland To Gov. Saltonstall Respecting The Intended Expedition Against Canada.

Sb Whitehall. Apr. 28lh. 1709.

Her Maj"0 desyning an Expedition for the reducing of Canada, & having sent the necessarie orders, and instructions about the part you are to act, to the Governour of New-York [Wote 2] I am ordered by her Majestie to signifie to you her pleasure That as soon as this comes to your hands, You repair to New York, there to concert with the Governour thereof, the proper Measures for performing the service, her Majestie requires and expects of you, on this occasion. Not doubting of your readie complyance with this, I onlie add that I am


Y* most faithfull Gov : of Connect: humbleservant

(Filed) Sunderland.


Aprill 28.

From my Ld Sunderland.

Note 2.

Lord Sunderland's letter to Lord Lovelace, Governor of New-York, of even date with the text, is printed in full in "Documents relating to the Colonial History of New-York," Vol. v. pp. 72-4; in it the Earl gives an outline of the plan of operations of the intended expedition, and states that "instructions " are enclosed.

Connecticut was to raise 350 men, who with about 1200 men to be raised in New-York, New-Jersey, and the Southern colonies, were to make a descent upon Montreal by way of the lakes. Simultaneously with this movement Quebec was to be attacked by a force of 1200 men from Massachusetts and Rhode-Island, assisted by the squadron and five regiments of regular troops expected to arrive from England about the middle of May. But the fleet which was daily expected did not appear, and early in October a ship arrived from England bringing intelligence that the forces intended for America had been ordered to Portugal. In consequence, although the expedition started, the undertaking miscarried—resulting in a heavy loss to the colonies both of men and money.

Connecticut, whose troops were commanded by Col. William Whiting, lost 90 men, and was obliged, for the first time, to emit bills of credit.

Trumbull's Hist, of Connecticut, p. 459.

1 The document from which the text is copied is itself a copy of the original letter, and it is to be regretted that the transcriber omitted to copy the address, for were it not for the copy being found with the original of the preceding letter to Gov. Winthrop, no one, except they were versed in the matter by previous investigation, would have had any idea as to whom the letter was written. The transcriber also omitted the signature in his copy, but fortunately we learn the author's name from the filing.

Vol. XXIV. 12*


Address Of The Colony To Queen Anne Concerning The ProPosed Expedition Against The French.

To the Queens most excellent Majesty.

The humble Address of the Gov' & Company of y* Maj'ties Colony of Connecticut in New-England.

May it please yr Majesty

It is with the deepest Sense of Gratitude, that we have received r Maj11** Commands, by Coll Nicholson & Coll. Vetch, to joyn our proportion of Troops wth those yr Majesty has ordered, for the reducing of the French at Canada; Vliich Expedition we do most humbly & thankfully acknowledge, to be a great Instance of yr Majesties Royall Favour and Princely Care, for the safety of this, with y* adjoyning Provinces; Many of which have suffered exceedingly from that Neighborhood, in the former & present Warr. And as We shall with r Strictest Application, & to the utmost of our Power, pursue yr Maj"" Orders, So, We shall do it w"1 a firm hope, ye through the Blessing of God, yr Maj"M Arms in this Expedition, will be attended w,h a Success, like to that which has crowned them with Victory, wheresoever y' Majty has thought good to carry them1.

We crawe leave also, to acknowledge particularly your Maj"** Favour to this yr Colony, in the Supplies of Arms & Ammunition, which yr Majesty has ordered us, out of Your Stores at New-York. The low Circumstances we, are in, by reason of this long & chargeable Warr, rendering us incapableble at this juncture, of providing our Selves, so suddenly, with what would be necessary on this occasion. And as we cannot hope for a greater Blessing to yr Maj"M Dominions in General, or to this yr Colony in particular, than that yr Majty may long reign over us, So We most earnestly wish it. And that y* Maj"7 may thereby long enjoy' the Satifaction of beholding, the Peace and Tranquility of Europe, together with the Quiet, and Prosperity of yr own Dominions, as the happy Fruit of y* Maj**TM Counsels & Arms, is & shall be, the most hearty Prayer of

Madam Hartford, May f 12* 1709. Y' Maj"M

most dutifull,

obedient Subjects. Signed #" order of the Councill &

General Assembly, Gurdon Saltonstall.1

Caleb Stanley' Sec'ry.

(filed) Address to her Majesty.

1 At the next session of the general assembly, in October, 1709, Gov. Saltonstall was appointed agent to present to the queen in person, an address from the colony urging the reduction of Canada, and requesting assistance in another expedition for that purpose. We shall have more to say respecting Gov. Saltonstall in a future article.

J Caleb Stanly was a son of Timothy Stanley, of Cambridge, Mass., who removed to Hartford, of which he was an original proprietor, and there died in October, 1648. The son held an honorable position in the colony and received many marks of confidence from the people, being elected to various offices of trust and honor. He was a freeman in 1665, sergeant in 1G69. in due time made the captain, and in 1691 elected a magistrate. In 1709, '10 and '11, he was secretary of the colony. He had three wives, and died May 5,1718, at the age of 76.


[Communicated by James F. Hpnnewell, Esq., of Charlestown.]

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Page 38 (concluded).
Capt John Foy —

r Benjamin Lawrence
mr Philip Cutler —

mr Samuel Hill junr
mr Thomas Brazier —

Capt Charles Chambers — —

mr. Timothy Goodwin — —
Annah Mousal — — —

Mr Caleb Call
Hephzibah Harris

[erasure of one line, Eads, below.]
wife of mr Timothy. Goodwin

MTM. Grace Eads. w. of mr John Eads

Mr Peter Fowl

Elizabeth Call wife of mr Jonathan Call

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Admitted to Full Communion
Mr Henry Wheeler — — —

John Badger — —.

MTM. Hanah Dymon, w. of mr John

The widdow of mr Caleb Crossewel —

Mr Elias Stone junr — —

W. Sarah Dows, w. of mr. Maximilian Dows

W. Elizabeth Phillips w. of mr Joseph Phillips.
Hannah Sherwin — —

Ambrose Coleby — — —

M' Hanah Breed, w, of mr Eben Breed,

John Davis — — —

Jacob Deny — — —

wife of mr. Timothy Read junr

Jabez Tuttle

mr Edward Brazier

Ms Ruth Dady w. of mr William Dady

Hannah Johnson & her sister Abigail Johnson.
MTM Sarah Randol, w. of mr Richard





























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Admitted to full Communion. 1719

W. Parnel Codman w of mr John Codman.

w. of inr James Fowl
W. Esther Kettcl. w. of mr James Kettel

w. of mr Stephen Kidder — — Kidder' s Esther Hall — — — _ Hall.

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1721 April









17 M. L22 Febr. March April

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m". Anne Asbury w. of mr John
mr Thomas Symmes — —

mary Nossiter — —

mary Cater — — —

I Sarah Jackson w. of mr Thomas
m" Hannah Pierce — —

inTM Margarit Sherman: W. of mr James
M". Abigail Wire of mr Edward Wire
Abigail Russel — —

Abigail Adams — — —

Elizabeth (D. of mr Nath 1.) —
MTM Luist W. of mr. Robert

Mr. Thomas Jackson — —

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Admitted to Full Communion 1720
Benjamin Read &
Edward Eads

mr. Isaac Parker — — —

M>. Eliz : Cheever, w. of mr Ezekiel —

M". Call wife of mr Caleb Call —

[erasure.1] MrThomas Jenner

[■ Of "M« Anne Hall."]
Martha Read — — — —

W. Mary Smith (w. of mr John Smith —
M*. Abigail Smith Daughter of mr. Will. Smith
Mrs. Elener Harris w. of mr. Tho. Harris Senr
Mrs. Anne Foster — — —

Wife of Mr Edward Sheriff
B Eliz. Turner w. of m' James Turner —
Mr Michael Brigden — — —

M. Mary Sutton wife of mr Richard Sutton —
M" Margaret Foy, wife of Capt. John Foy
Mr Richard Boylston, & his wife —

Mr Zechariah Chickcring




























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— Page 42 — Admitted to Full Communion

Nathaniel Lord — — — Lord.

The Wife of m' Joseph Austin junr — — Austin,
m". Silence Harris — — — Harris

Mr Samuel Trumball & his wife — — Trumball
MTM Abigail Bunker. W. of m'. Benjamin Bunker Bunker
Mr. Joseph Stimpson — — Stimpson

The Widdow m«. Elizabeth Kidder — — Kidder

Mrs. Sarah Smith — — — Smith

M'. Samuel Call — — — — Call.

M". Abigail Call, wife of mr. Samuel Call Call.

Ms. Abigail Smith w. of mr William Smith Smith

M" Abigial Sweetzr (who then was Baptizd also) Sweetzr
MTM. Eliz: Stanly W. of mr. John Stanly Stanly

m« Anna Kettel. W. of mr. Richard Kettel. Kettel.

Mrs. Lydia Stimpson — — — Stimpson

1665. July. 23.

1665. July. 30.

1666. April. 22.

1667. April. 28.

De votes, Page 5 (376) concluded.] Our messengers having delivered the message above said I to bro: Gool, bro: Osburn, & sister osburn. the Answer I returned by them was the same (in a manner) they gave I the Week before, bro: Gool denying his relation to ye | church, in charlestown, & that they had nothing to doe | wth him, & also said that they were to have the Lord's | supper administered in their Church the next Lords day | & yrf: he should not come: bro: osburn said he should I not come to the church, & that the church might | proceed as they pleased with him. or sister osburn's |

answer was, as formerly, refusing to come


— Page 6 (375.) — whereupon it was propounded to vote (after a proposal of it had I been made by some of the brethren) That if there did come in | nothing of repentance manifested by these persons to y" church | betw: this & the next Lord's day, whither then the church should I proceed (seeing these matters had formerly been so fully & I often debated) without further debating the matter the next | Lord's day, & (if nothing of more then ordinary weight to | hinder did fall out in ye jnterim) that then these our brethren | & she or sister should have the censure of excommunica- | tion past against them? It was unanimously carried by a | silentiary vote in the Affirmative, not one of the bre- | -thren present expressing a word against it.

— nothing of Repentance interveening

bro: Thomas Gool, bro: Thomas Osburn, & his wife oT sister
os- | -burn, were (with the consent of the brethren) excommu- I
-nicated, for their impenitency in their schismatical with- |
-drawing from the church, neglecting to hear the church. |
A Church-net for the provision for the Lord's Table; vizt: I
That at the beginning of every J yeer, each Communicant I
shall bring in 12d to the Deacons box for the \ yeer that is | to
ensue respectively: & the yeer to begin (in order to this) the | next
Sacrament day, which is May. 6th. 1666. voted in the af- |
-firmative by y" silence of ye whole A

John Gool (who 1
) in | order to his

The acknowledgment & (Confessio of bro

had been formerly admonished Anno: .

acceptance to Communion again was vizt:

"God hath helped me to see many things wrin J have
"formerly given offence to his people both of this
"church & of the church of Redding, for which
"J have been admonished, & J do not nor would
"Justify my self therein, but rather J doe

— Page 7 (374.) — [at

"Justify the Church in their proceeding with me; looking
"it to have been the duty of the Church to deal with
"me for what was offensive : God hath done me much good
"thereby. & J desire that the church would forgive me,
"& accept of me to their communion, which formerly,
"before my admonition J did enjoy. | .

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