Penumbral Reflections

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Penumbral Reflections draws on ideas of penumbral shadow, the partial shadow that occurs between umbra--the darkest part of the shadow--and full illumination. The installation contains an aluminium and steel construct that merges two architectural devices--the grid and a Claude glass--through projected light and simulated shadow. The term 'Penumbra' was used as a metaphor by Robin Evans to describe the murky relationship between translation and building. Drawing conventions of architects have radically changed, due to constantly evolving technologies since the first digital turn. Now, design is increasingly mediated through the simulation of images, rather than abstracted representation that never quite touches the built form. The installation is conceived as a disciplinary experiment that seeks to blur the boundary between the simulated and physical in contemporary architectural practice ... The project collects architectural themes that recur in the work of PAC Studio. The installation for Objectspace seeks to distil and test these themes, before the work is permanently installed at the Waikereru Ecosanctuary, near Gisborne ..."--Publisher description.

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