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ey shall appoint the same persons to be assessors and collecrsofthcsaid duties, as shall have been appointed to execute e said acts, they shall cause notice to be given to them that ty arc also appointed assessors or collectors of the said ties. f.46.

And the inspectors and surveyors appointed for the duties Ii.spectors and house* and windows, shall be inspectors and surveyors of surveyors of ■ aforesaid several duties, s. 48. ho»»«»»nd

\ndthe said commissioners for general purposes, or two of act :^ the exe ra, and the said additional commissioners, ■ or two of them, cmion of this the said assessors and collectors, inspectors and purveyors, act. empawcred to do all things necessary for putting this act xilfy an(j Rn iecation with relation to the said duties, in the like manner oilier officers ny commissioners, assessor?, collectors, surveyors or inspec- to have ihe I arc authorized to put in execution the said acts in their ,lko P0"cr a>

„.,■ |. . • . .A under the

■tedistricts. S. 48. assessed taxes.

id every person appointed a commissioner or additional Commissioner}

twiioner or an assessor, collector, inspector or surveyor in and others to ■it (on <>'•' the powers of this act, and every person to be J1^ liic oi",','> ||led a.clerk or clerk's assistant to the said commissioners,"' t<?lu<J' ■'.. *hc shall begin to act therein, so far as the same relates to Ittic* contained id sec. IV, shall take the oaths, or being B people called Quakers the solemn affirmations, prc6crib

f this act. s. 40.

Lich oath, shall be as follows: s. 218. Sched. (F.)

win of an oath or affirmation to be taken by the commisiionors for the purposes of this act, and by additional com., liisssioners acting in the execution thereof, in respect of he duties contained in schedule (D).

I B do rteear [or affirm, as the case may be] That I tcill 0atll to Ile . faithfully,impartially and honestly, according to the best token by com*tkM and knowledge, execute the po&ers and authorities mi»*t*ners for in me by an act passed in the forty-sixth year of his pre- (1'c PurP"5c5°f intituled'An act for granting to his majesty during l^i^on'i'conit var, and until the 6th day of A pril next after the missiouers uciiliii/i t,f a definitive treaty of peace further additional i»g iii retpeej and duties or profits arising from properly, profes- "' ll'^ <lntie» des. and ojjices; and for repealing an act passed in 'T'"1:"" .'" ith-Bcar of hi* present majesty for repealing certain parts adc tn he 43'/ year of his present, majesty for ting a contribution on the profits arising from property siionr, trades, and ojjices, and to consolidate and rcn"ore effectual the provisions for collecting the said duties.' ia/ J xcill exercise the powers entrusted to me by the I. in such manner only as shall appear to me necessary 'due execution of the same; and that I tvill judge and < all matters and things which shall be brought ur under the said act, withoutfavour, affection or malice; ill not disclose any particular contained in any sihf

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dule or statement delivered zcith respect to any duties ckar(d under the provisions and regulations relating to schedule (I).) as recited in the said act, or any evidence or antver given hi ant/ person zcho shall be examined, or shall make fjjidatit,dij"jsition or affirmation respecting the same, in pursuance of t'tt said act, excepting in such cases and to such person* only sLi shall be szeorn to the due execution of this act, and Tchm i! shall be necessary to disclose the same for the purposes of &• act, or to the commissioners for the affairs of taxes, or until' to f>r in the course of a prosecution for perjury UMmiUA in such examination) affidavit) deposition, or a[jirmation.

So help ae GOD.

Form of oath or affirmation t;> be taken by inspectors si surveyors as aforesaid.

/ A R do szsear [or affirm'] That in the execution tj act, intituled, [here set forth the title of this act as beforrj/jtl examine and revise all statements, schedules and dcclarttm, delivered within my district ; and in objecting to the. same. I: act according to the best of my information and A-noefec,*.j and that I Kill conduct myself uithout favour, affecting malice, and that I zcill txercise the powers entrusted Hm ly'tbt said act. in such manner only as shall appear torM be necessary for the due execution of the same, vr as Id* be directed by the commissioners for the affairs of teic. I any three or more of them; ar.d that I Kill net Am any particular contained in any statement or schedule, w respect to any duties charged itrulcr the provisions andrepisi tions relating to schedule (D.), or any evidence or by unit person tclio ihall be examined, or shall make deposition cr affirmttiion ttespeeti&g the same, in pan the said act, except in sack ca^es, and to such per icht, shall he tvorn to the due execution of this act, it ihall be necessary to disclose the same for the ptirpo, saiei act, or to the commissioners for the affairs <</'/ order to or in 1i:c course of a prosecution for per; milted in such cxcimination,tiJjiilavit, deposition vr qfi

So kelp me 0'

Form of oath or affirmation to he iakca by assessors a.;*

said, 'i i*"vm- ■ ?n^*nr*^^^

7 A 15 do Kcear [or affirm] That in the execution of ff* intituled. An act [here si t forth the title of this act a» befurf aill in all respects act diligently and honestly, and si-hen I roui or affection, to the best of my knowledge and belief, m that I Kill not disclose any particular contained in pent or schedule delivered to me in the cscaitior. cf tht


ict, except in such cases only, and to such persons, where it

•hall be necessary to disclose the same for the purposes of the iid act, or in order to. or in (he course of a pro>zcuti<m fur tcrjunj committed in any matter relating to such statement or. ckedule.

So help me GOD.

Form of oath or affirmation to be taken by the collectors, or the deputies to the receivers general, appointed uuder this act as aforesaid.

T A B do sneer [or affirm! lliat in the execution of an act Oathi/brcol tituled, An act There set forth the title of-this act as before], lee«"r» «"<l ttill not disclose tiny assessment, or the amount of any siim c,.lvtrj aid or to be paid by any individual under the said act, or I he books f assessment i;hich shall be delivered to mcin the execution of the 'lid act, with respect to any duties charged under the provisions nd regulations relating tc Schcdule(D.),excepl in such crises,and > such persons only <cho shall be szeorn to the due execution of ic said act, and where it skull be necessary to disclore the same ir the purposes of the said act, cr to the commissioners for ir affairs of taxes, or in order to or in the course of a pro. icvtion for perjury committed in such examination or ajjiavit.

So help me GOD.

Form of oath or affirmation to be taken by a clerk or clerk's assistant to the commissioners aforesaid.

1 \ B do swear [or, affirm'] That I will diligently and faith. Clerk's oaili, illy execute the office of a clerk or assistant clerk (as the case, av be) according to an act, passed in the forty-sixth year of the •ign of his present majesty, intituled. An act [here net forth ie title of this act as before] to the best of my knowledge and Higcmetit ; and that 1 usill rot disclose any particular ctintainlin any statement, declaration or schedule, or any evidence or nstzcr given by any person who shall be examined, or shall ake u])ldavit,deposition or affirmation respect,ing the taine,{ex. j>t in such cases where 1 shall be directed so to do by the re. Utations of the said act, or any tzco or more of the commisoners under schom 1 act, or of the commissioners for (he «/*» urs of taxes, or in order to and in the course of a prosccu■m for perjury committed on such examination, uffidaoit, depo. Uon or affirmation. %

So help me GOD.

\yijSch said oaths or affirmations, any one of the persons ap)ini$d a commissioner, either for general pnrposei, or an ail, tional coaimissioner; is to administer (except that every such oath or affirmation so to be administered to any commissioner for general purposes, or to an additional commissioner, saaUbe administered by a commissioner for general purposes, and not otherwise), and which oath or affirmation shall be subscribedbj the party, s. 49.

Pfnnliv on And if any person shall act as a commissioner in relation U acting without the duties in schedule (D.) in sec. 1V. except in administero; oatli"8 *'le oa'ns or "formations, or a« a elerk or clerk's assistant, ora

'''■ assessor, collector, inspector or surveyor, before he shall

taken the oaths or affirmations required, be shall for every sua offence forfeit 100/. s. 49. Clerk end The appointment of a clerk, and any assistant or assistants»

clerk assistant such clerk whenever the same shall be necessary, shall be isU to act nnder jn tne commissioners for general purposes, and such clerks ni conimissioneis. assjstants snau aci a8 scn as we|| jn a]j mattcrs to,be donewtds the commissioners for general purposes, as under the addition! commissioners. But no more than one clerk assistant shall be»> pointed for any district, without the approbation of the coa** • sioners for the affairs of taxes on a statement made to tlientiTils

commissioners for general purposes, stating the necessity titer*
of in consideration of the extent or population of the district:^
if any dark or clerk's assistant, who shall hate taken thcosk.
(hall wilfully obstruct or delay the execution of this act,or>W
negligently conduct or wilfully misconduct himself in Ihe ew*
tion of this act, every such clerk or clerk's assistant shall fork
100/. and be dismissed from the office, and be rendered map
ble of again acting as clerk or clerk's assistant in the exeat*
of this act or any other act for granting duties under the «*|
nagement of the commissioners for the affairs of t
s. 49.

«V. Wliut Persons are chargeable with the Dutkt, Temporary Any subject of his majesty, whose ordinary residence absentees to have been in Great Britain, and who shall have departed Wfl r^siden'-j''' Gretst Britain and gone into any parts beyond theseas.forthet* ul'5' pose onfyof occasional residence, at the time of the exeedfiw" this act,shall be deemed,notwithstanding such temporary a person chargeable to the duties as a person actually in Great Britain, and shall be assessed accordingly, flpoa w hole amount of his profits or gains, whether the same arise from propcity in Great Britain or elsewhere, or ft* any allowance , annuities, or stipends (except as herein is*! ceptcd),or from any professional employment, trade, or «*• tion in G>eat Britain or elsewhere, t. 50. Temporary No person who shall actually be in Great Britain tariff* residents to be temporary purpose only, i.ud not with any view br«tabr* charged after njs residence therein, and who shall not actually have pittite S 'n Gr?at U' 'ta'n < for the period of six succesafel"6 months, shall be charged with the duties in schedule those M;t forth in sect. iV, as a person residing in Great in rtt'txgt of the' profits or gains received f—


i Ireland, or any other of his majesty's dominions, or any
jreign possessions or from securities in Ireland, or any other
f his majesty's dominions or foreign securities, but every such
erson shall after such six months residence therein, be charge-
ble for the same from the commencement of the year, in case
ich person shall have been then resident in Great Britain, or
not, then from the period of his having come into Great »
Britain, w. 61.

Also any person who shall depart from Great Britain after Personi deaiming such exemption, and shall again return to Great Bri-V?TU"e alter

1 C I L 1 t J 1 1 11" G2

tin before the 5lh of April next after such claim made, shall be emotion* and largeablc to the duties as a person residing for the whole of the returning withsar. s. 52. ''" t°* y«»r t»

All bodies politic, corporate or collegiate, companies, fTM'^1 tci**'se0d' ■rnities, fellowships or societies of persons, whether corporate offio^t'j bo r not corporate, shall be chargeable with the like duties as charged with lv persons will under this act be chargeable with, and the duty, umberlain or other officer acting as treasurer, auditor, or rc

• cr for the time being, shall be answerable for doing all such :ts as shall be required to be done by virtue of this act, in orer to the assessing such corporations, s. 53.

Thetrostee*,guardians,or committees of infants or married wo- Trusted,
en, lunatics,idiots,or insane persons,and having the management S"*'''""*'^3",^
r the property or concern of such, whether such infants, mar- c|lur„.,j 1
cd women,luiiatics,i(Iiots, orinsane pnsons,sharl reside in Great
Britain or not, shall be chargeable to the duties in like man.
er as and to the same amount as would be charged if such
ifants were of full age, or such married women were sole, or
ich lunatics, idiots, or insane persons, were capable to' ast
ir themsches; and any person not resident in Great
ritain, v, bother a subject of his majesty or not, shall be charge-
'4e in the name of such trustees, guardians,'or committees,
r of any agent or receiver having the receipt of any profits or

ins belonging to such persons, in the like manner, and to the
Ivo amount, as would be charged if such persons were resident
i Great Ilrilain, and in the actual receipt thereof; arid every
ich trustee, guardian, committee, agent, or receiver, shall be
isweiable for doing all such acts as shall be required to be
one by this act, in order to the assessing such persons, s. 54.

The receivers appointed by the court of chancery, or any Trust properly iner court in Great Ilrilain, having the direction of any pro-i" the tourt u<

rty in respect whereof a duty is charged, shall be chargeablec"a"ccrJ'-
) the said duties in like manner, an*d to the like amount, as
oulJ be charged if the said properly was not under the di-
ction of such court, ami the title thereto was certain, and
'jr t to any contin^enc) and ew*ry such receiver shall
vcrable for doing all such matters as shall be required to
te by this act, in order to liie assessing the duties, s. 55.

Any married woman acting as a sole trader by the custom Married
r any city, or place, or otherwise, or having any property or wun'«n«

"tits to her sole use, shall be chargeable in like manner, ex

ntafc hereinafter is mentioned, as if she was actually sole and

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