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\im to the house of correction, to be kept to hard labour for ten lays. t. 4.

And all charges of information and conviction shall be part .,, ,) ror u.t iy the party otienJing, if able, over and above the penalties, Cu»t». vhich charges shall be ascertained by the justice (01 mayor). .10.

But the justice's clerk shall take for the information, sumIous, and conviction of every offender, 1*. and uo more. ■ ,4

And in case such party be not able, or shall not immediately y the said charges, or give security for the same, it shall lawful for the justice, or mayor, to commit f~V ) him to the ouse of correction, to be kept to hard labour for six days, •tr and above such time for which such olfender may be com. ted in default of payment nf the penalties; and in such case charges of information aid conviction shall be paid by any on. *. 10.

But in case any common soldier, or any common sailor or sea- Eicrpt'.on ai t<> an, be convicted, and shall not immediately pay the penalty, lotdirra ar.U

give security for the same, and the costs of the information, seumeu
.::imons and conviction; instead of being committed to the
>usc of correction, he shall be publicly set in the stocks for one

id Hands convicted this day before me J P esquire, one of his
ttjuty's justices of the peace in urul for the said county, of

earing one prof one oath, on the day of , this

ytwt month of ——, at —— in the parish of ,

the said county, whereby he hath forfeited the sum of one Ming to the poor *J the said parish of - ; and uhcreas

t said O O hath refused, and doth refuse, to give satisfactory •Mtity to pay the same: These are therefore to require you the id constable to convey the said O O to the house of correc•n at M aforesaid and there deliver him to the keeper thereof $etktr tilth this precept. And 1 do hereby also command you add keeper to receive htm the said O O into your custody in s said house of correction, and there to detain and keep him h.rd labour for the space of ten days. And for so doing b shall be your sufficient rsurrant. Given under my hand

<d semi at in the said county, the day of

, in the year of the reign of

(V) In this case these words may be added to the commitment'. . ,■ satisfactory security to pay the same: Andichere

the said O O hath likewise refused, and doth refuse to pay i »um of one shilling, ichich l huve set/led ami ascertained as "I for the charges oj the proceedings against him. touching his ill offence ,- and he hath refused, mid doth refuse, to give '•t'ifactory iecurity to pay the same: These are therefore to ■fire you, Ac. ■ Jt?r the space of sixteen days, 6jc.

Vol. IV. 3 H

hour, for every single offence; and for any number cf offences, whereof he is connoted at the same time, two hours, ». 5.

Limitation of And no person shall be proseenfed or troubled for ant prosecutions, offence against this statute, unless the same be proved ot

prosecuted within eight days after the offence committed.

.». 12.

Penalty on ins- And if atiy justice of poare, mayor or other chief magistral tices neglecting of any town corporate, shall wilfully omit the performance rf their duty. j,js (|uty ;n (),c execution of this act, he shall forfeit 5/. one moictr to the informer, and the other moiety to the. use of the pootof the parish wherein he resides J to be recovered hi any court of record at Westminster, s. 6. The like in re- ^ any constable, petty constable, tytbingnrartjor otter

sptct to consui- peace officer, shall wilfully omit the performance of hUdoij ties. in the execution of this act, and be convicted by the otii

of one witness, before any justice of peace, or before th< mayor or other chief magistrate of 'any town corporate, ta shall forfeit 40s. to be levied by distress and sale of good.', by a warrant of such justice or chief magistrate; and to be disposed of, one moiety (o the use of the informer, and tit other to the use of the poor of the parish where such oflena is committed; and in case such offender have not snStion goods whereon to levy the penalty, it shall be lawful to cosu niit such offender to the house of correction, to be kept t» hard labour for one monlh. *. 7. Act to be read 'Phis act shall be publicly read four times in the year, in all in churches. parishes, churches and public chapels, by the parson, -vicar,* curate, immediately after morning or evening prayer, on fast Sundai/s, viz. the Sumicn/ next after the 25rh of Marxk, of June, 29th of Sept. and 25th of Dec; or in caservice be not performed in any such church err chapel on Mj of the Sundays before mentioned,then upon the lirst Sunday aJ:« any of the said quarterly days on which divine service is pert M cd, under pain of forfeiting 51. for every neglect; to be levied by distress and sale of the offender's goods, by warrant of M justice or other chief magistrate, s. 13. The offence This offence is also punishable in the ecclesiastical tomt punishable also for j,y tne canons 0f the church, if any ollend their brt t I astic'l court}' s,*ea"utne churchwardens shall present them, and sack B*torious offender shaft not be admitted to the holy commcrL till they be reformed. Can. 10D.

Sweets. See Excise.

Tanners. See Excise^Leallier), Manufactur?"1

{Leather) and Mam




Tjnder this title tt >« intended to treat of the authority, and practice of justices of the peace, commissioners, assessors, surveyors, collectors, and other officers, empowered to carry tho several acts, relative to the duties under the management of the commissioners, for the affairs of taxes iuio execution in the fallowing order,

/. Tlic assessed taxes

." ft., The land tax.

III. The duty on offices and pensions.

IK The property tax.

""".!) r. . . .


/. The assnsed taxes. ». Tablet of the duties.

ii. What persons shall, be commissioners for managing the taested texts, and herein of their general authority.

iii. The first meeting of the commissioners, to appoint the 'etpecihe subdivisions, and issue precepts for the appearance of lue»wr<i .« «

The second meeting, to appoint assessors, and deliver He chwgc. . . .

»• Tlie manner of making the assessments ; and herein of the vitkorUy of the surveyors and in.-pectors.

n. The third meeting, to sign the assessment and warrant la *IU(t. ..

i'ii.Th* fourth meeting, and herein of the hearing and determining of appeals.

fiii. Hovi the rates shall be collected, and by the collectors paid over to the receiver general.

ii. Receiver general to pay the money into the exchequer.

x. Transmitting duplicates of the assessments into the exehe}«er.

xi. Indemnity of officers doing their duty, and herein of their pinUhmenl for misbehaviour.

*«. Recovery of the penalties.

*uti'T»enera/ clauses not rcduceable to any distinct head.

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I. Tablet of the duties.

Of what the The assessed taxes under the stat. 43 Geo. 3. c 161.* assciacd uxes consist of the following duties, viz. 1st. 'The duties on win. consist. • duws or lights.—2dly, The duties on houses.—3dly, The da

'ties on servants,' of which there are four classes.—4t%, 'The duties on and in respect of carriages' of which there are six classes, including the duties payable by coach makers, and on carriages made or sold, and persons selling any carriage! bj .auction, or on commission—5tbly, 'The duties on horses kept

• for riding or drawing carriages,'of which there are three classe>. —6thly, k the duties on other horses, and ou mutes,' and which arc divided into two classes.,.7thly, 'The duties on dogs.'— 8thly, 'The duties payable by horse-dealers.' fithlv,' Thedi

* ties on persons in respect of hair powder worn by them.'lOthly and lastly, 'The duties payable by persons in respect 'of any armorial bearing or ensign used or worn by them.'

Commence- And It Is Enacted by the said stat. 43 Geo. 3. c. 161, "flat mem at the from and after the 5th of Jpril, 1804, throughout England, new duiiu. ;r«/M, and Berwick-upon-Tweed; and from and after the «ta of May, 1804, throughout Scotland, there shall be assessed, raised, levied, collected, and paid, the several duties set forth ii the several schedules to the act annexed; which schedules, aal the rules and exemptions therein, shall be deemed a part of tee act." s.J.

All the duties hereby granted in Englaud,l{ra!esj3mlUer idupon-Tveed shall be assessed and collected under the rejttUtious of the act 43 Geo. 3. c. 89, t and all the |>owers, autaoiu ties, methods, rules, directions, penalties, forfeitures, clauses matters, and things contained in the said act, shall bo pet « execution as fully as if the same yecre re-enacted in the bocr •of this act ; ami all the regulations of the said act shall he taken to refer to this act, as if the same had been enacted therein." «. j.

* The above stat. 43 Ceo. 3. c, \6U isintitlcd ' an act for react*-]

* ing Ilic several duties, under the management of the comrnisBUBrrt
'for the aff:iirs of taxes, and granting new duties in. lieu thereof it*

* <rranting new Julie* n\ certain cases therein mentioned; for repeal
4 in»; theuuliesof excise on licences, and or. carriages constructed; J?
4 coach maker*, and granting new duties thereon, under the niRMSe-

* uient of the said commissioners for the affairs of taxes, and also M»

* duties on persons selling carriages" by auction, or on corsair 'sion.'.

+ The duties in Scotland are to be assessed and collected.

to the local rcgnlotions, cont-.iiiieii in another act of 43 Geo. 3. <•.
relating to the management of ihe assessed taxes in that j>%rt
unitai kiuzdom.

The several schedules, annexe;! to this act, contain the following tables, of the respective duties before mentioned:

Upon the whole of which, by 46 Geo. 3. c. 78, there shall be paid an additional rale or duty after the rale of 10/. per untum.

l.—TViniloas or lights.

A tched/tle (A) of the duties made pat/able for every dwel- Duties on ling-house-, within and throughout Great Britain, according /o wi|1<,"w»' the number of windows or lights in each.

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