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Note—Mr John Lamb Sold & Transferr'd his Shares to Mr John Slany who signed the foregoing Articles— Mr Edward Habersfield Sold & Transferr'd his Shares to Mr John Whiting who Signed the foregoing Articles—Mr John Wilcocks Sold and Tranferr'd his Shares to Sr. Thomas Lane who Signed the foregoing Articles Mr Richard Mayo Sold and Transferr'd his Shares to Mr John Irwin who Signed the foregoing Articles—

Note Also—That the Shares belonging to M.r Rich"! Bromhall, Mr Tho" Bromfield, Mf Edw" Paunceforte & Mr Jonathan Netheway are still remaining in their own Names—

The Originals Articles of Agreement whereof the foregoing is a true Copy are Entered and Recorded at the begining of the Transfer Book belonging to the West New Jersey Society and there Sign'd and Sealed by the Respective Persons before mentioned Witness my hand this 21st October, 1742.

John Stephenson.

John Stephenson of London Gentleman maketh Oath That the Paper Writing hereunto annexed Purporting to be Articles of Agreement is a true Copy of such Articles as appears from the Original with which this Deponent has Carefully Examin'd the Same, Which s? Original Articles are Entered & Recorded at the Begining of the Transfer Book belonging to the West New Jersey Society and is Signed & Sealed by the Respective Persons therein mentioned. Sworn the 21? of October) John Stephenson '1742. before Me - - )

Geo: Heathcote Mayor

To all to whom these Presents shall Come I George Heathcote Esq.1" Lord Mayor of the City of London In Pursuance of an Act of Parliament made & Passed in the fifth year of the Reign of Our Sovereign Lord King George the Second, Instituted an Act for the more easy Recovery of Debts in his Majesties Plantations and Colonies in America Do hereby Certify That on the day of the Date hereof personally Came & Appear'd before me John Stephenson of London Gentleman being a Person well known & worthy of good Creditt and by solemn Oath which he then took before me upon the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, Did solemnly and sincerely Declare Testify and Depose to be true, the Several Matters & things mentioned & Contained in the Original Affidavit hereunto Annexed.

*~*~« In Faith and Testimony whereof I the s'.'

J L s |- Lord Mayor have Caused the Seal of the office *—~* of Mayoralty of the s!1 City of London to be hereunto Putt & Affixed; And the Paper Writing mentioned & Referred to in & by the s? Affidavit to be hereunto also Annexed.

Dated in London the twenty-first Day of October in the Year of our Lord 174-2.


'The Original Record bears also a note in the margin '• Recorded November 16th. 1744."—Ed.

Commission to John Barclay, {and in case of disability on his part to John lleid,) as Surveyor General of East New Jersey.

[From the Original in the Library of the New Jersey Hist: Soc:J

The Committee of Proprietors of the Province of East New Jersey residing in and about London on behalf of themselves and the rest of the Proprietors of the said Province.

To our trusty and well beloved friends John Barclay' and John Reid both of the said Province


Wee the said Proprieters having good Opinion of your Skill prudence and Integrity have nominated and constituted and appointed and do by these prsents nominate Constitute and appoint you the said John Barclay to be Surveyor Oenerall of the said Province of East New Jersey hereby authorizing and impowring you by your Self & such as you shall depute & appoint to lay out bound and Survey all Allotments of land whether Generall or particular publique or private relating to any person or persons whatsoever according to such Warrants as you shall receive from the Govf and Councill of proprieters in the Said Province that are to be grounded on Such orders as hath been sent and are now in force or that shall hereafter be made by us or the Major part of us residing in & about London and sent under the publique Seal of the s'1 Province and signed by William Dockwra our Secretary and Register, or the Secretary and Register for the time being and of all such Surveys of land as shall be made by you or your Deputy from time to time You the said John Barclay are to make true Report by Certificates in Writing mentioning the Scituation and quality quantity lines and bounds of all such tracts of land as particular as conveniently may be, expressing the name of the person for whom each tract is Surveyed and the Warrant you rec? for so doing and on what Order of the prop? it was grounded & the date thereof Which reports or Certificates you are to deliver to the Secretary and Register of the said Province or to his DepV or Dep11TM for the time being that he may enter and file such respective Reports or Certificates of Surveys of land in his Office And you the sd John Barclay are hereby impowered & authorized to do all such other act or acts thing or things which do belong or appertain to the Office of Surveyor Generall within the said Province to the best of your Judgement and Skill, and with all Justice care and fidelity, and for your doing the business and duty of your Office you are to receive such Salary fees and perquisites as do already belong to the Office of Surveyor Generall or (by the Generall Assembly of the said Province) shall hereafter be appointed for the same And in case of the death or disability of the said John Barclay We the said Proprietors do hereby nominate constitute and appoint you the said John Reid to be our Surveyor Generall with all the like powers and authorities and with the same directions appointments and duty on your part with the like ffees and allowances given and granted to the said John Barclay: This patent & Commission to continue and be in force for one whole year from the date hereof and so long after untill the Committee of Proprietors residing in and about London or the Major part of them Shall appoint some other p'son to be Surveyor Generall in the room of the said John Barclay and the said John Reid or either of them by patent or Commission sent from London under the Seal of [the] said Province & signed by William Dockwra Secretary and Register of the said Province or by the Secretary and Register for the time being [up) on the arrivale of which to the hands of the Governor or Councill of Proprietors for the time being This present Patent or Commission to be [void?] Given in London under the Seale of the said province of East New Jersey the Sixth day of April in the fourth year of the [reign of] William and Mary of England ffrance and Ireland King and Queen Defenders of the ffaith &c: Anno Dom one thousand six hu[ndred and] ninety two. [Signed] by order /^TS\ . gr>»


'john Barclay was a brother of Governor Barclay. He first came to the Province about the time of its purchase by the twenty-four proprietaries, but returned to England in 1B83 and remained there a year or two. On his return to the Province in 1684 or 1685 he took up his residence at Elizabethtown, but removed thence to Plainneld and subsequently to Perth Amboy. He was deputy Surveyor under George Keith whom he succeeded, being sworn into office under this commission on 1st November, \ffii. He continued to hold prominent positions In the province until his death in 1731 at an advanced age, bearing the character through life of a good neighbor and useful citizen—Smith's New Jersey, p 424, Whitehead's Contributions to the Early History of Perth Amboy, p 42. For notice of John Beld see Vol. I p 510.—Ed.


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