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the greatest part of the Proprietors of the Province of Nova Caesarea or New Jersey in America relating to a Governour to be appointed by Her Mate for that Province, and humbly proposing Collonell Andrews Hamilton as a fitt Person, It is ordered by Her Matie in Council, that it be, as is hereby referred to the Lords Comm's of Trade and Plantations to examine the Allegations of the said Petic'on, a Copy whereof is hereunto annexed, and to Report to the Board as soon as may be a true State of the matter of fact therein sett forth, with their Opinion upon the whole matter.


Proprietors of the Province of Nova Caesaria

or New Jersey in America. Humbly Sheweth.

That whereas your Matys Pet's the Proprietors of the Province of Nova Caesaria or New Jersey in America, have Surrendered unto your Mas all their Rights and Pretences to the Government of that Province, praying withall that they might have the Naming of the first Governor, to be Commissionated by Your Majesty Governor over that Collony.

Collo: Andrew Hamilton the Present Governour thereof (whose Administration for severall years past, has been to the Generall sattisfaction of the Inhabitants, and of Your Maty Pet” who Employed him, and who on severall occasions, during the late War with France, Influenct, The Assembly of East Jersey, to raise Men and Money, for the Defence of the Frontiers, of your Ma'y Province of New York) Is by us most humbly recommended unto your Matys Grace and Favor, and we pray that your Majesty would be Graciously pleased to Commissionate Collo: Andrew

Hamilton, Governour over the aforesaid Province of Nova Caesaria, or New Jersey in America.

And your Mats Pets as in duty bound shall ever pray. Joseph Ormston Gilb: Molleson proxie Fra: Michel Jos: Ormston as rep- for Robert Barclay Jo: Bennett resentative of ye Tho: Hart

Joseph Wildigos Ex! Deceased Francis John Jurin

of Paul Darby Hancock, and Benj: Nelson

dece'd Proxie for Edward William Snelling John Booker Anthilland George Robert Ford

Tho: Lane Willcocks Richard Harrison Paul Docminique L. Morris

Richard Greenaway Tho: Skinner ffor all the Propri- John Hollis

E. Richier etors Residing in Jos: Collyer Michael Watts

East Jersey Thomas Allen Obadiah Burnett Isaac Cocks (Cox?] Philip Wrightman Jn. Bridges Tho: Bromfeild Tho: Miller Rob' Michel F's. Paunceford Tho: Morice John Wilcocks Ben (Levy] Charles Michel Jos: Brooksbanke John Davis Peter Hudson

: Minshull Pr Honblon

Peter de Lannoy Eben Jones James Boddington Tho: [Barker] Jn. Norton John Whiting Ben Steele

Hen: Adderly for Gilbert Molleson Hannah Howard Rich" Haswell

Memorial from Wm. Dockwra and Peter Sonmans to

the Lords of Trade, transmitting objections to Andrew Hamilton as Governor of New Jersey.

[From P. R. O. B. T. Proprieties, Vol. 6, I. 38.] Mem? M' Dockwra & Mr Sonmans containing Ob

jections agst Coll Andr* Hamilton's being Govt of ye Jerseys.


That her Matle in Councill may not be Surprized by



the Artifices of M! Penn and some persons, of the West Jersey Society, so as to Nominate Andrew Hamilton to be Governour of the Province of New Jersey; Wee presume to informe Your Lordships that he hath been severall times Complained of in his late Maties Raigne on the severall heads following, Viz!

19 As the Incendiary of the Provinces of the then East and West Jerseys, by haveing Sett up a Quaker and Factious party to the great disturbance of the Peace of those provinces, and opposition to the true Loyall English Intrest, and for his Zeale to the Quakers is at present by M! Penn's Commission Constituted his deputy Governour in Pensilvania.

24!y His Arbitrary and Unjust practices, when Governour, Apparent in many Instances too long to trouble Your Lordships with at present, severall of wch are Lodg'd with your Honors.

3d!y His Encourageing and protecting Pirates and receiving money for them particularly Merick and Elson, two of Averries Crew, who together with severall others lived under his Government unmolested, till afterwards Seiz'd by his Successor, and by him delivered to the Governour of New Yorke

4thly His converting to his own use, money which was raised by the Assemblys of Both Provinces of the Jersies for the Supply of Albany a Frontier of New Yorke.

5th His Encourageing Illegall Trade, as is evident by Sundry informations and affidavits from the Country, and for which by the act of 70 and 8Gulielmi tertji &? he became liable to forfitt 1000and rendred Incapable of any Employment & ca

6thly His exercising Government in the Jersys and Pensilvania, without the Royal Approbation directly contrary to the said act of 70 & 8! Gulielmi tertiji & which requires all Governors to be approved by her Matie

7thly There being severall controverses betwixt the said Andrew Hamilton and divers proprietors and Inhabitants of the Countrey, should he be Constituted Govern? those persons who have been Injured by him, cannot hope to obtain Justice, Since he then will become both Judge and Party

8! And whereas some persons of the West Jersey Society have taken upon them to Assert, that it is the desire of the greater part of the Proprieto? and Inhabitants of both Jerseys that the said Andrew Hamilton may be Constituted Govern! and that it was upon that Condition they delivered up the Surrender of the Governm of the said Provinces, Wee humbly crave leave to informe Your Lordships that the said assertion is Utterly untrue, for that all the persons of y! society who so Strenuously Sollicitt for Andrew Hamilton, and Signed the Petition on his behalfe, make not altogether above one fifth of the Propriets of West Jersey nor one Sixth part of East Jersey, among the whole West Jersie Society.

9 Yet nevertheless and contrary to their promise by their late Agent M! Morris, have Clandestinely promoted the said Petic'on, which most of the Propriets both of East and West Jersey were Wholy Ignorant off; and those few who are Since informed being Surpris'd, take this opportunity to Dissowne: Forasmuch as their Chief motives of Signing the Surrender of the Governm' with them was, that the Crowne might nominate a Govern? unconcern'd in any party or ffaction whereby they might be freed from the Oppressive Governm of the said Andrew Hamilton and his Faction. They therefore hope and pray that her Mate will Graciously please to nominate some person to be Gover" over yệ said Province of New Jersey, wholly unconcern'd in the Factions, which have divided the Inhabitants of those parts, According to the humble Opinion of your Honors, contained in the Report made to his late Matie of Happy Memory.

[May 28th 1702]

Secretary Popple to Sir Thomas Lane, transmitting

copies of papers received from Wm. Dockwra and Peter Sonmans, relating to Andrew Hamilton.

[From P. R. O. B. T. Proprieties, No. 23 Ent. Rook D., p. 10.) Lre to S. Tho: Lane with some papers of Mr Dock

wra's ag? Coll: Hamilton.

To $? Tho: Lane Knt & Alderman Sir.

The Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations have ordered me to send you the inclosed Copies of Papers laid before them this day by M: Dockwra and M! Sonmans: Viz! Their Desire to correct an Error in their Petition to her Majesty, So that it may be exprest, “Not “that they are ready to Surrender their right to the” Government of New Jersey, but That they have already surrendred the same; Their objections against Coll: Andrew Hamilton, And a Copy of the Representation of this Board of the 6th of January last relating to the said Surrender.

I am also to acquaint you, that, upon their desire, Summons have been given them for Coll: Quary, M' Randolph, M' Bass and M Joshua Barkstead, to attend this Board on Wednesday next at ten a Clock in the Morning (the time already appointed for hearing what may be offered relating to Coll: Hamilton's being appointed Governour of New Jersey) And that if you desire Summons for any other persons to attend at the same time, they shall be sent to you. Tam

&c. Whitehal May 28th 1702.


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