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ships desire may be made and returned to them with all convenient speed, in Order to such further proceedings as shall be found necessary for the settling of that Province in a due form of Government. I am &

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Whitehall November the 14th 1701

Names of Persons proposed for Governor and Council of Neu Jersey by the Proprietors of West Jersey.

[From P. R. O. B. T. Proprieties, Vol. 6, G 45.] Names of persons proposed by Sir Tho: Lane and

other proprs of West New Jersey for Gov? and

Councill of Nova Caesaria.
Names of Councellours. And Govern'.
Collo Andrew Hamilton; Esq?: Govern"
E. N. J. 1 Lewis Morris

2 Edward Hunloke E. N. J. 3 Andrew Bowne

4 Samuell Jennings
5 Thomas Revell

6 Francis Davenport | Councellors
E. N. J. 7 William Pinhorne
E. N. J. 8 Samuel Leonard

9 George Deacon E. N. J. 10 Samuell Walker

11 Daniell Leeds E. N. J. 12 William Sandford

- - - -- -

-The names having "E. N. J." attached, from East Jersey, the others, from West Jersey.-ED.

Names of Persons proposed by the Proprietors of East

New Jersey to be Governor and Council of New

(From S. P. O. B. T. Proprieties, Vol. 6, No. G. 3.] NAMES OF PERSONS proposed by Mr Dockwra and

other props of East New Jersey for Gov? and

Council of Nova Caesaria. THE PROPRIETOKS OF THE PROVINCE of East-New

Jersey in America, In Obedience to yo? LOPS Directions, Doe humbly p'sert the ffollowing List of Persons, together with their respective Character and quallifications. For Governor ard Councill of the intended Province, to be call’d Nova Caesaria, or New-Jersie.

FOR GOVERNOR Andrew Bowne Esq? present Governor of East-NewJersie, a man of Probity, much esteem'd in the Province, of Unblemisht Reputation and intirily affected to His Majtes person & Governm

OR Major Richard Ingoldesby well known to have Sig. nallized himself by many good services to His Country and in the year 1688 came over from Holland wth His Majtie was then honored with the first Commission for Major, and served in Coll: Tolmash his Regiment, afterward in Ireland wt exemplary courage & conduct before Carick-fergus & maintaining that notable pass of the Newry, and since went abroad to His Majti. Collony of New York, being well acquainted with the Countryes in that Neighbourhood. And on the death

of Governor Slaughten com'anded in Chief in that Province to the generall satisfaction of y? Inhabitants for which he has ample & authentick Testimonialls. And particularly is recommended to the West-JerseySociety as well as to ye Proprieto" of East-Jersey, by His Grace the Duke of Ormond, to be presented to yo'. Lopps to Report the said Majors Character & merrits to His Majesty in hopes of His Grace & ffavour to appoint him His Majties Governor of Nova Caesaria or New Jersie.

For Members of the Councill for

East-Jersey Divission We present.
Lewis Morris Esg?

M' Sam Walker
Andrew Bowne Esq?

M! Wm Pinhorne if his Majte please to

M. Sam: Leonard nominat Major Ingoldesby M' W Sandford His Governor.

The six Persons abovementioned To the best of our knowledge or information are the most fitt to be presented to yo! Lopps for members of the Councill to His Majties Governo

Tillboekwera, Hom Barker

(lents Leumgusa Peter Sonmans

Secretary Popple to Attorney General Northey, asking

him to consult with the Lords of Trade upon the Surrender of the Governments of East & West Jersey.

[From P. R. O. B. T., Proprieties, Vol. 27, p. 317.7 To Edward Northey Esq? her Majestys Attorney



The Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations having under Consideration by Reference from the Late Lords Justices, some Proposalls made by the Proprietors of East & West New Jersey in America relating to the Surrender of thelr pretended Right to the Government of that Country, Their Lordships desire you would please to call in at their Board on Thursday or Friday morning next (which may best suit with your Conveniency) about Ten of the Clock; In order to advise with them about the Methods in which that Surrender may most fitly be made.

W:P. Whitehall December: gt 1701.

Objections to the appointment of Andrew Hamilton as

Governor of New Jersey, presented by William

[From P. R. O. B. T. Proprieties, Vol. 6. G 48.] Paper of Objections against Coll: Hamiltons being

made Governour of New Jersey, presented to

the Board by M: Dockwra &c. Decr 16th 1701 The Following Account of Coll: Hamilton & his Pro

ceedings whilst Govern. & Agent in the Provinces

of East and West Jersey, is humbly Presented to

your L'dpps. In the year 1687 Coll Hamilton had a Commission sent from ye Committee [by the] Proprietors of East Jersey under the Province Seale in London, By which he was obliged to follow Such orders and Instructions as he should receive from the said Councill of Proprietors in London.

In his Administration under this Commission Instructions and orders were sent from time to time which he was required to put in Execution, But directly contrary to the same, in Breach of the Trust reposed in him, to the great Loss and Dishonour of the Proprietors.

After many Letters of complaint from the Proprietors, he took shipping [for] England. But in his Passage hither was taken by the French, and as [..] the Proprietors lost all the coppies of those Books and papers which he pretended would have put him in a capacity of giving a better accounte of his Administration and of excuseing himselfe; This Insinuation joyn'd to the Fair promises of [...] better Administration at his Return to Jersey, and that he would give [...] satisfaction for his former offences, and the Pitty the Proprietors had of his misfortunes Prevailed with the Proprietors to grant him a new Commission in the year 1692.

Under these [this?] Commission He had repeated orders and Instructions, But notwithstanding all his Promises and the continued Importunity of ye Prop[rietors] to have an account of his Former proceedings: He persisted in the discharge?] of his duty not observing any of their orders, and to this day have never given an account of any One years Transactions in the Province.

The Proprietors of East Jersey Provoked by such

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