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who refused to find security for the good Behaviour. Men who industriously endeavoured the dissolution of the whole fframe of Governm. giveing it out That for want of the Approbation the Governo? here was no Governo" and the Province without Law tho'they very well knew, what stepp had been made to obtain ye Approbation. And that the not obtaining it was by no Neglect of the Proprietors but from a Reason of State And as an Instance that those Letters and Persons debauch'd the people into a beliefe that no Act of Governmt could be done under the present Administrac'on, About three or four score of the disorderly people came to ye Town of Burlington in the Province aforesd the Eighteenth day of March last past in a Tumultuary and Riotous manner (takeing advantage of the Governo" being unprovided to Suppresse them because many of the Inhabitants of that Towne are such whose Religious Perswasions will not suffer them to bear Armes) and forcibly broke open the Prison and rescued two Persons who were under confinemt for refuseing to find Sureties for their good behaviour And were known to be very active in rayseing and continueing our Troubles in the Governm! And since such enormities may grow to be of dangerous consequence if not timely p’vented.

We therefore Humbly pray, That the King will be graciously pleased to rebuke the Insolency of those Ill men, and Command their Obedience to the p'sent Governm that We may be quiet and safe as all Loyall and Peaceable Subjects desire to be till his Royal pleasure be further knowne concerning us. And (if it may be with decency exprest) We begg leave to say That nothing can lay the good People of this Province under a greater and more lasting Obligation then to remaine under the Care and Administracion of our p'sent worthy Governour of whom We have had long Experience, and have no cause to doubt but he will alwaies acquit himself with Honour to his Prince and Justice Prudence & Integrity to ye People, Which neverthelesse is most humbly Submitted

And Yo? Petitioners (as in duty bound) shall ever pray &

( William Biddle Edward Hunloke, P of the Provincial | Tho: Gardiner George Deacon Council { John Thompson Jon Beere

| And: Robeson
Sam" Jenings, Speaker John Kay
Mahlon Stacy

Archaball Miggle
ffrancis Davenport Simeon Ellis
Restore Lippingcot Philip Paul
John Scott

Sam! Hedge
Tho: Wilkins

W Hall
John Hand

Joh Woodrooffe
John Rambo

John Bacon
Thomas Thackera John Reading: Cler:

Address of the Inhabitants of West Jersey, asking to be taken under the King's immediate government

(From P. R. O. B. T. Proprieties, Vol. 6, G B.) To his Sacred Maj Our Soveraign Wm the Third

by the Grace of God King of England Scotland France and Ireland Defend of the Faith

&ca The humble addresse of your Maj'y most humble &

Loyall Subjects Freeholders and Inhabilants in

the Colony of West New Jersey in America. In all humility sheweth.

That whereas your Majtys most humble & Loyall subjects have for many years inhabited in your Maj s! Colony of West Jersey where with great hazards, Toyls & fatigues, We have been endeavouring ye maintenance of Our selves and poor Families, and according to our bounden Duty at all times (since your gracious Matys accession to the Crowne) have wth all cheerfulness manifested Our Loyalty to y? Maj! tho' under a Proprietory Governo? where We have long been harassed by the arbitrary proceedings of those who have held the Reins of Government over us, and are now grown so headstrong and insolent, y' they would submit to no authority unless they could sway them to their own particular interests as hath been plainly evidenced by their behaviors under ye late administration of Jeremy Basse. Esq in the Government of said Colony wherein it might be thought incredible (especially for a People who have profest themselves innocents) to relate not only their continued Affronts & insufferable provocations, both towards himself, and those who by Commission under him endeavoured the conservation of the Peace, according to your Majty Laws & their incumbent Duty; yet such were ye inveteracy of that sort of people, that notwithstanding all the Candid endeavours of said Coll Basse in his administration of the Government here, when the Magistrates who were by him commissionated appeared at the Court house to hold a Court for the keeping your Majtys Peace, they were not only kept out of the said Court house, but also with violence sett upon, assaulted, beat and some wounded, by a riotous number of Quakers, and others their adherents (as by a Copy of the Record thereof made and in the hands of the said late Gov? appears) upon complaint whereof the said late Gov! Bass went in person to the Place & in opposition to him the Quakers with many others by their means, with Cololers Drums & Arms, were gathered together, who with high menaces declared their cruell intentions if he came there, whereupon the said late Governor having information thereof, called sev! Sober Persons to go along with him as a Guard to defend him from their Violence, and came to the Court house door where the afores? Riotous Crew were gatherd together but had then hid their Arms, but instead thereof many of them had furnished themselves w formidable Clubs to oppose the s! Coll Bass and hinder his entring into the Court house which they kept lock’t up and refused upon his peaceable demand to open the door, whereupon at his Order it was forced open and the heads of the same Rioters at the same Court presented, since which time the said Coll Bass being superceeded by a Commission to Coll Hamilton, the same Rioters instead of being called to Justice are many of them advanced some of them being chosen of the Gov! Councill, Assembly Men, and others made Justices, and all Offices in their hands, so as those who peaceably Submitted to the preceding Government were greatly menaced & some presented and sued at their Courts for their due discharge of their duty & of late under their present administration, the Representatives having lessened the Countryes number thereof to ye one half, have laid a prodigious Tax (wth respect to our present indigencies) which tho' they call moderate yet it's so high, as there has never been the like since this was a Colony, & the Inhabitants mostly suppose; the summ it will amount to is not at this time in the Province, neither do the Inhabitants know what use they intend it for, save only some of them have given it out that they would raise a Summe of money to wage Law wth your Majy for the Governm“, which they would make us pay. We therefor humbly conceiving that assemblies here can make no Law, or lay Taxes upon y' Majtves Loyall Subjects which the Gov' can give a sanction to, unless he had obtained y? Mayty* Royall approbation as Gov!, whereupon (altho' We peaceably acquiesse and are submissive to the Goy's administaation in all things relating to ye keeping your Majtys Peace) yet humbly conceive they have not power to take away ye Countries former Priviledges, or impose such heavy Taxes upon Us, and altho' we farr exceed the Quakers Parties in Numbers, yet by their close contrivances at their pretended monthly, Quarterly & yearly religious meetings, they outdo us in Elections, by giving out to others who are simple, and also as covetously inclined as themselves, that if they Vote not ags Us, & get an assembly of their own choice, We shall bring in the Black Coats or Preists (as they call them) & a Militia (which indeed We have not but lye naked to all enemies) by means of which Reports, they carry Votes ags Us, yet nevertheless the Countrey finding they would not admit of the number of Representatives which by Law has been appointed, We your Majtys humble Suppliants were also elected to make up the former number & accord ingly met the other part of the Representatives at the time and Place appointed, but were refused & rejected from offering Our advice with them, which we proposed for the Peace and tranquility of the Colony, So that We Still lye naked & open to all their unseasonble impositions, which tho' We have been long Sufferers under, We should like poor Issacers have still bowed Our backs to bear, rather than to have presumed at this Juncture to crowd Our Complaints into your Majtys audience amongst the weighty affairs that lye before your Majt had We not been informed that the other part of the Representatives (who Lord it over us,) are sending an Address to your Maj! the purport whereof We being Strangers to. We have therefore bumbly conceived it an incumbent duty upon Us on: the behalf of Our Selves & y freeholders & Inhabitants of this Colony, by whom We are also elected their Representatives, humbly to prostrate this Our Addresse at the foot of your Sacred Maj!

And humbly implore y? Majy to take Us into your

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