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Goods there, and exporting Goods from thence, without being obliged to enter their Ships at any other Place; For the principal objection that has been always made to the allowance of a Port in East-Jersey, arising from the non Payment of Customs there, and the detriment accrueing to the Trade of New York by reason thereof, the Proprietors conceived that by submitting to pay the same Customs as are paid at NewYork, they had effectually answered that Objection, and prevented all others, and that they being his Majesty's Subjects, and equally entitled to his Favour and Protection with the Inhabitants of New York, might under the Payment of such Duties freely enjoy those Conveniences for Trade, which God and Nature have allotted to their Colony, and they have purchased with their Money, and which has not been denied to any other American Plantations, tho' paying no Custom, but permitted as a natural Right.

The Proprietors therefore crave leave (in pursuance of that Sincerity and Plainness wherewith they have all along addressed to your Lordships on this Occasion) to declare, that the obtaining a Port to be continued for ever was their main inducement to consent to a Surrender of their Government; and therefore they insist, that in the new Charter to be granted to them by his Majesty, there be an express Clause inserted, whereby Perth-Amboy, shall be established a Port for ever for entering all Ships, coming into and going from East-Jersey, for importing and exporting Goods, and that such Port shall not be forfeited or taken away for any misdemeanour whatsoever, but only the Persons guilty of the misdemeanour shall be accountable and punishable for it.

This is the only Thing that can make the Province of any value to the Proprietors, or give them hopes of re-imbursing their Purchase-Money and other Expenses in Improvements; and if your Lordships think

it too great a Privilege for them, who have been faithful Subjects to his Majesty, and contributed to the Defence of the Frontiers during the late War in America, more than they were able to bear; the Proprietors cannot be accessary to their own Ruin by a voluntary Surrender but must endeavor to vindicate their Right in a legal manner, and seek redress by such other Measures as they shall be advised to, and are consistent with their Duty to his Majesty

The Proprietors do further crave leave to mention, that if their desire of a Port is once granted, they do not forsee any great difficulty to adjust with your Lordships the other Articles mentioned in their Memorial.

Signed on the behalf of the said Proprietors and by their Order

WILLIAM DOCKWRA London 15! 1699

Secretary and Register January 1700

Jeremiah Basse to the Lords of Trade, with an ac

count of his administration of the affairs of New Jersey.

From P. R. O. B. T. Proprieties, Vol. 4, D 38.] Lre from M: Bass wth Copys of his proceedings re

lating to Pirates and other things during his Execution of vo Gora of East and West New Jersey.

LONDON 1: Feb? 19. Jay it Please your Hon

Consonant to my promis when I waited on this

Mr. Basse and my wait for the arrival at his successor, Andrew Hamilton, but Kalev Jersey tha be atministered by the Council-n.

honorable board I have hearein enclosed all my proceedings in the two Governments of the Jersies against the Pyrates with true transcripts of the Proclimations warrants & letters that Passed on that Subject.

If this be in any measure acceptable I shall be emboldned to present Your Lordships with all other proceedings whilst I continued my Station with an acco! at Large of the rise & progress of that divition & disturbance in those provinces that I cannot beleive will be Concluded any other wayes than by his Majestyes mandate to the people to Obey the Governor appointed by the proprietors or takeing them under his oune immediate Protection-Which last I am very certaine would be not a little gratefull to all the unprejudissed Sensible men in boath the Jersies. I have also added a Coppy of the East Jersie Assemblys address at the Conclussion of their Session with some of Addresses to the Proprietors of West Jersie that came home this last Conveyance If by this or any other wayes I could be so happy as to promote the Interest of his Majesty or give any light to your Lordships debates I shall thinke it a Suffitient reward to him who Is Your Lordships very humble Serv!


Petition of Messrs. Basse and Lofting to the House of Commons, relating to the Ship Hester.


BURGESSES IN PARLIAMENT ASSEMBLED. The humble Petition of Jeremiah Basse Esq. and

John Lofting Merchant. Sheweth

That your Petitioners in 1697 being owners and freighters of the Ship Hester, burthen 150 tunns, sent the said ship laden with the product and manafactures of this Kingdome to the Province of East Jersey in America, where she arrived on the 20th day of March 1698, and was duly entered at Perth Amboy a port appointed by the Commissioners of His Majestys Customs in England under the Directions of the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury for the deliv. ery of European Goods within that Colony.

That the cargoe being there unladen and disposed of the said ship continued in the same port till November then next following, when she being refitted, victualled and laden by your Petitioners with Pipe staves and Provisions ready to sail for the Island of Maderas, and seamens wages paid; Richard Earle of Bellomont then and now Governor of New York in America, usurping an Arbitrary power over His Majesty's Subjects of East Jersey, which is independent and no part of the Province of New Yorke, sent down fifty armed men to Perth Amboy to seize the said ship, who forcibly entred on board, desperately wounded several of the Mariners and carryed her up to New Yorke, where he caused an Information to be exhibited in the Mayor's Court of New Yorke, and the said ship to be condemned and sold at £315 New Yorke money, for not entring at New Yorke, the goods she imported to East Jersey, and for not paying the duties imposed on such goods by an Act of Assembly of New Yorke, though no duties are payable for goods imported to East Jersey, nor is East Jersey subject to the laws made by the Assembly of New Yorke. By which illegal proceedings your Petitioners are not only deprived of the said ship, then worth above twelve hundred pounds sterling, but of the Cargoe then on board amounting to a further considerable value, and can obtain no satisfaction at New Yorke from the Earle of Bellomont, nor from the Officers and Soldiers who executed his orders, by reason of his Interest and Authority there as Governor, and his protection of those Instruments of his oppression.

That your Petitioner Jeremiah Basse being lately Governor of East Jersey seized there John Elston and William Merrick who confessed themselves of Every the Pirates crew, who your Petitioner as it was his duty, refused to bayle. But the said Earle of Bellomont by a pretended Admiralty power forced them out of your said petitioners hands, and set them at liberty upon insufficient bayle, to the great hazard and danger of your Petitioner and the said Merrick has since made his escape.

Your Petitioners therefore most humbly pray this honourable House to take the premisses into their gracious consideration, and to give them such relief therein as to their Justice and wisdome shall seem meet. And your Petitioners shall ever pray &c.

JERE: BASSE: 23 Feb. 1700




Minutes of Essex County Court at a meeting held at Elizabethtown, relating to Samuel Carter.

(From P. R. O. B. T. Proprieties, Vol. 6, G 28.] AT A COURT OF SESSIONS or County Court held in

Elizabeth Towne for ye County of Essex on
Tuesday y? 12th day of March 1699 1

Prisent M? WSANDFORD Psed:


M® THEOPHULES PEARSON ) THE Court according to Adjournm? Being opened one Samuell Carter appeared in the behalfe (as he said) of himself and his Neighbours by whome he was Im

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