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ing them to cause their Deputy Governors to obey such Directions as shall be sent to them by his Mat, or other p'son acting by his authority pursuant to the Acts of Trade relating to the Plantac'ons.

Your most humble

Serv! go Apl 1697.

Tho: TREVOR: [Addressed] For William Popple Esq. These

[Form of bond enclosed.] NOVERINT universi p' p'sentes me

teneri et firmit Obligari Serenissimo Principi et Dn'o nr'o Gulielmo tertio Dei gracia Angļ Scotie ffrancie et Hibernie Regi fidei Defensor in

libris bone et legalis moneti Angl’ Solvend: eid’m Dn'o Regi hered': vel Successorib's Suis ad quam quid'm Soluc'onem bene et fidelit faciend' Oblige me Heredes Executores et Administratores meos firmit p'p'entes Sigillo meo Sigillat

Dat- die- Anno Regni dicti Dn'i n'ri Gulielmi tertij Regis nono &c Annoq' Dm' 1697.

THE CONDICON of this obligac'on is such that if the above Bounden . Proprietor of . in shall cause his respective Deputy Governor of . aforesaid for the time being, from time to time and at all times to observe p'form and obey all such Directions and instrucc'ons as shall at any time be sent to such Governor from the King's most Excellent Mate or from any p’son or p’sons now acting or that hereafter shall act by his maties Authority, pursuant to, or for the better putting in Execucion, the several Acts of Trade relating to the Plantacions (viz.) An Act made in the Twelfth year of the Reign of the late King Charles Second Entituted an Act for the Increasing of g and Navigac'on An Act made in the fifteenth

said late Me Entituled an Act for the In.f Trade. An Act made in the two and Twentieth and three and Twentieth years of his said late Matles Reign Entituled an Act to prevent the Planting of Tobacco in England and for Regulating the Plantac'on Trade, An Act made in the Twenty fifth year of the Reign of his said late Matle Entituled an Act for the Encouragement of the Greenland and Eastland Trades, and for the better securing the Plantac'on Trades, An Act made in the Seventh and Eighth years of the Reign of his p'ønt Matie Entituled An Act for preventing frauds and Regulating Abuses in the Plantac'on Trade, and all other Acts of Parliam! now in force relating to the Plantacion Trade Then this Obligation to be void or else to remain in full force & virtue.

From the King, to the Proprietors of East & West Jersey, relating to the Plantation Trade.

[From P. R. O. B. T., Proprieties, Vol. 25, p. 69.] The King's Letter to the Proprietors of East and

West New Jerseys relating to the Plantation

W. R. · Trusty and Welbeloved, We Greet you well. Whereas notwithstanding the many good Laws made from time to time, for preventing of Frauds in the Plantation Trade, it is manifest that very great abuses have been, and continue still to be practised to the prejudice of the same, Which Abuses must needs arise, either from the insolvency of the Persons who are accepted for Security, or from the remissness or

1 Delivered to Mr. Bass the 21tn May 1697. N. B. The Letter to West Jersey was the same (mutatis mutandis).

connivance of such as has been, or are Governours in the Several Plantations, who ought to take care that those persons who give Bond shall be duely prosecuted in case of nonperformance; You are to take notice that We take the good of Our Plantations, and the improvement of the Trade thereof by a strict and punctual observance of the Several Laws in force concerning the same, to be of so great importance to the benefit of this Our Kingdom and to the Advancing of the Duty of Our Customs here, That if We shall be hereafter informed that at any time there shall be any failure in the due observance of those Laws within Our Colony of East New Jersey by any wilfull fault or neglect on your part, We shall look upon it as a Breach of the Trust reposed in you, deserving the marks of Our highest displeasure, So We bid you heartily farewell.

Given at Our Court at Kensington this 22h day of Aprill 1697 in the gth Yeare of our Reigne

By his Majesty's Command

SHREWSBURY. To Our Trusty and Welbeloved the Proprietors of Our Colony of East & West New Jersey in America.

From Secretary Popple to Mr. Basse, inclosing the

form of Bond received from Attorney General April 9th, 1697.

(P. R. O. B. T. Proprieties, Vol. 25, p. 75.] Lett? to M: Bass ab! a Bond to be entered into by

y? Proprietrs of the Several Plantations in

America. To M” BASS

S! Whereas the lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament have (by a late Address) humbly represented to his Majesty as a matter of great Importance, both to this Kingdom and his Majesty's Plantations in America that the many good Laws which have from time to time been made for the Government of the said Plantations should be strictly observed and put in Execution, And in Order thereunto have humbly proposed to his Majesty that the Several Proprietors of the Plantations where his Majesty hath no Governours of his own nomination may Enter into Security here that their respective Deputy Governours shall from time to time observe and obey all Instructions that shall be sent to them from his Majesty or any acting under his authority, pursuant to the several acts of Trade relating to the Plantations; And whereas his Majesty hath thereupon been pleased to give Directions to the Lords Commissioners of the Council of Trade and Plantations to require Security from the said Several Proprietors accordingly; Their Lordships have commanded me to send you the inclosed form of a Bund which hath been prepared by his Majesty's Atturney General for that purpose, that you may communicate it to the rest of the Proprietors both of East and West New Jersey for their Compliance therewithall; And further to add that in Order to the more Speedy Execution of what his Majesty hath required in this particular, their Lordships are desirous to Speak with you on Munday next at four of the Clock in the afternoon.

I am &

W: R: Whitehall May 6! 1697.

Draft of Commission to Jeremiah Basse, as Governor

of West Jersey. [From copy among Manuscripts of W. A. Whitehead.] To our Trusty & Welbeloved &c Jeremiah

Basse Esq. Greeting

According to the power and Authority resideing in us of Constituteing ye Govern'r and Commander in Cheife of ye Province of West New Jersey in America with all other offices Civillor Military thereunto belonginge: haveing great confidence in the Ability prudence and Integrity of you the said Ieremiah Basse have nominated constituted and apointed and doe hereby nominate Constitute and apoint you our Governor Generall and Com'ander in Cheife of the saide Province giveing you full power and authority to Co'mand Order and Govern the same togeather with all Islets Ilands Rivers and Seas within the boundaries of the same Province or belonging thereunto and to doe and performe all and every thing and things which to the charge and office of a Governor and Comander in Cheife will appertaine for the space & Tearme of one year from the date of these presents and so long after untill some other perso’ be nominated [& | constituted Governor in your roome by a nother commicon sent from London and arived in the same Province and theare published [on wch this present commisseon to be void]' Commanding all inferior Officers both Civill and Military which we hearby Comitionate you to Constitute and appoint to give due respect and obedience to you the said Ieremiah Basse as our Governor Generall

i The words within brackets interlined, and the words “according to Law" here erased.-ED,

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