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1702-June 25.-Lords of Trade to the Queen, recomiending the

appointment, as Governor of New Jersey, of some

one not connected with the affairs of the Province... 484

Aug. 4.-Letter from the Earl of Nottingham to the Lords

of Trade, recommending gentlemen to be of the Coun-

cil of New Jersey.----

" " 12.-Nominations for the Council of New Jersey by the

Earl of Nottingham...

---------- 487

18.---Lords of Trade to Queen Anne, with a draft of

Lord Cornbury's commission as Governor of New

Jersey .........

------ 488

Sept. 1.-Letter from Lord Clarendon to the Secretary of

State, about the Council for New Jersey.---..


3.-Letter from the Lords of Trade to the Earl of Not-

tingham, relating to the Council for New Jersey --- 502

" 29.-Letter from Lewis Morris to the Lords of Trade,

referring to the difficulties in New Jersey...

“ Nov. 16.-Instructions from Queen Anne to Lord Cornbury. 506

" Dec. 21.-Letter from Lord Cornbury to the Lords of Trade,

referring to a meeting held in New Jersey by Col.

Andrew Hamilton...

-------------... 536

1703— April 20.-Letter from Queen Anne to Lord Cornbury and the

Council of New Jersey, relating to the Governor's

salary ....................--------------..... 537

" 20.-Circular letter from the Lords of Trade to Lord

Cornbury and other Governors of Plantations, relat-

ing to Courts of Justice.---

.......... 539

. " 29.-Letter from the Council of East Jersey to Lord

Cornbury, informing him of the death of Gov. Andrew


6 May 21.-Letter from the Lords of Trade to Lord Cornbury,

about the quota of New Jersey for the defence of

New York.........

" 29.-Letter from Lord Cornbury to the Lords of Trade-

his commission as Governor of New Jersey not yet


June 16.-Letter from Col. Robert Quary to the Lords of

Trade--the contests in New Jersey-



... 540

--- 541

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Commission from East Jersey Proprietors to Samuel

Winder, John Campbell (mnd Miles Forster, to confer with the Governor of West Jersey, relative to running the line between the two

provinces. [From the original among West Jersey Line papers in New Jersey Historical

Society Library, Vol. 4, No. 6.1 East New Jersey.

To all \'pian people to whom these p'sents shall Come or whom the p'mises shall or may Concerne.Wee whose names are here.. under subscribed send greeting (forasmuch as the Governour and Divers of the

propriet” of East and west Jersey the better to Setle the Line of partition betweene the two provinces att a meeting held at Milstone River the Eight day of January last past Did by mutuall Consent of both p'tyes Submitt and Referr the whole matter of Difference to bee Determined by one William Emly and John Reid as Arbitrato. vpon

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wch submission the said Arbitratos the day yeare and place above said Did Determine and award that the said Line of Partition should Runne from the north Side of the mouth or Inlett of the [!] of Litle Egge Harbour on a streight Line to Delaware River north north west and fifty minutes more westerly according to a Naturall position and not according to magnett whose variation is nine Degrees westward Now Kuow Yee That wee have nominated and appointed and by these p'sents doe Authorize nominate and appoint Sam' winder' John Campbell and myles ffoster gentlemen or any two of them wth all Convenient Speede to Repaire to the province of west Jersey and there give notice to their Governor and others Concerned to meete the Surveyor generall or other Artistes (to bee by vs Commissioned and appointed) at the north Side of the mouth or Inlett of Litle Egge Harbour upon the the Twenty-Sixth day of this Instant Month of Aprill in order to Runne and Ascertaine the Said Line of partition in p'formance of the Said Award made as aforesa: Given under the Seale of the Said province att perth Amboy this ffourteenth Day of Aprill Anno Dom! one thousand six hundred Eighty and Seven Annoqo the Jacobi Rei [. ......] THOMAS GORDON,



Police Jani Windows

The first mention of this gentle. man is in 1678, when he was appointed Register under John Fenwicke, but in 1681, having purchased some land from the Indians

on Raritan River, he removed to East Jersey, and about 1683 married Margaret, daughter of Deputy Governor Rudyard, of that province, and became a resident of Middletown, in Monmouth county, and died there. In 1686 he was appointed one of the Council of Governor Lord Neill Campbell. It is thought that he came to New Jersey from Staten Island.

Instructions from the Council of Proprietors of East

Jersey to Samuel Winder and others.

(From New Jersey Historical Society Library West Jersey Line Papers, Book 4:

No. 4.]

Perth Amboy, Ap. 16, 1687—
Sprivat in their hands to Mr. Sa: Winder & com-

panie on ther negotiation with W. Jersey. Imp: That you require Governor Skene, & the rest who signed the bond,' to give orders that the line be run conform to the last award.

If they shift & only passively say that they consent for themselves not to take it for and answer for that they are oblidged to shew ther Consent by some act viz and order to the surveyor for themselves & in name of the power that they had lodged in them.

If they refuse, that some legall attest be taken upon the refusal which afterward (if occasion be) may be and evidens to prove the breach of ther bond.

If they desire a Copie of the power you have from us to require them to run the line, tell them That it being a publick paper you cannot deny it, & desire them in exchange to give you a Copie of ther protest or any other publick papers toutching the line. If the day named be too short it is in your discretion to Name another day, in caise they consent to join

By order of Council

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