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Considerations on the proposed Application to his Majesty and to Parliament, for a Licensed Theatre at Edinburgh

76 Short Animadversions. Addressed to the Author of a late Pamphlet

77 Appendix to the History of the Life of Cardinal Pole ibid. Address to the Thoughtless, the Careless, &c. of Great Britain 78 Merrick's Second Part of Annotations on St. John's Gospel ib. Langford's Pastor's Sentiments of Heart laid before his Flock 79 Wigmore's brief Summary of what we ought to believe and practise

80 Wigmore’s Catechison of the Church of England briefly explained

ibid. Parsons's Apology for the Church of England

80 Cooper's Charity Sermon

ibid. Dorando. A Spanish Tale

ibid. Lyttelton's History of the Life of Henry II. concluded 8+ Smart's Translation of the Works of Horace

94 Bryant's Observations and Inquiries on antient History

105 Philofophical Transactions, Vol. LVI.

112 The Amaranth, or Religious Poems

121 Strahan's Translation of the Æneid of Virgil

124 The Babler

127 Speeches, Arguments, and Determinations, of the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session in Scotland, on the Douglas Cause

130 A Concise Narrative of the Proceedings in the Douglas Cause


The History of the Chevalier des Grieux

141 Coftard's History of Aftronomy, &c.

143 Hartfon's Countess of Salisbury, a Tragedy

147 A Letter to the Right Honourable the Marquis of Granby 152 Reflections on the Affairs of the Dissidents in Poland 153 A Caution to the Directors of the East. India Company 155 Lomonosof's Chronological History of the Russian History 156 Lettres Portugaises

157 Derrick's Letters

ibid. The London Merchant. A Tale

ibid. Atys, or a Letter to Momus

158 Comparative Observations on two of the Poems which were ho

noured with Prizes in a late Certamen at Ch. Ch. ibid. Fables and Tales for the World, and Miscellanies for the Country

ibid. The Ninth Satire of Horace, Book the first, imitated. By

Dr. Swinney
Marriott's Primate, an Ode, written in Siveden.

ibid. Toup's ibid. Eusebes 331

159 166

Toup's Epistola Critica ad celeberrimum Virum Episcopum Gloceftrienfem.

ibid. Forster's Sermon preached at the Visitation of the Rev. Dr. Moss,

ibid. Buckridge's Sermons,

IOG Penn's Sermon, by way of Prevention to a fleepy Congregation.

ibid. Philosophical Transactions, Vol. LVI. concluded

167 Edge Hill, a Poem Lord Baltimore's Tour to the East

172 Rotheram's Essay on Establishments in Religion

177 Dawson's Examination of Rotheram's Effay

185 Fovargue's Catalogue of Vulgar Errors

189 Memoirs of the Count of P.

194 Dr. Dodd's Poenis

198 Jeffreys's Miscellanies

203 Memoirs of George Tudor

205 Hanway's Letters to the Guardians of the Infant Poor 213 Wingrave's Narrative of the Cruelties of Eliz. Brawnrigg 216 Praxis Medica & Chirurgica Nosocomiorum Civitatis Londini

217 Wathen's Conductor, and Containing Splints

ibid. An Account of the Somersham Water

ibid. A short Narrative of the Proceedings relative to the two con

viets lately respited for the Trial of Mr. Peirce's Styptic Me dicines

219 Maskelyne's Account of the Going of Mr. Harrison's Watch ib. Harrison's Remarks on the Rev. Mr. Maskelyne's Painphlet 221 The Compleat Marksman

225 Aldington's Poem on the various Scenes of Shooting 225 Health : A poetical Essay

ibid. Modern Extravagance: A poetical Effay

ibid. Miscellanies, &c.

226 Triumphs of Faith, or the real Christian's Hope in Death ibid. A Manual of religious Liberty

227 Letters concerning the present State of the Church of Sotland

ibid. Root of Protestant Errors examined

231 Considerations upon the Miracles of the Gospel

ibid. Thoughts on Miracles in general, &c.

232 A short View of Popery

233 Jones's Catholic Doârine of a Trinity proved, &c. third Edit.

234 Diftinaion between the ordinary and extraordinary Gifts of the

Holy Spirit, proved to have no Foundation in the New Tel tament


Eufebes to Philetus: a Series of Letters

An Answer to Aspasio vindicated in Eleven Letters

Dialogue between the reverend Mr. John Wesley and a Mem

3 ber of the Church of England


Wheelock's and Whitaker's two Sermons


Dialogue between the Pulpit and Reading-Desk


M.Ewen's Essays


Narrative of Facts relative to the Presentation of Mr. H-sto

the Rectory of Al-W-le


Madan's Answer to the Narrative of Facts, &c.

Bird's method of dividing Astronomical Instruments 240

Clarke's Connexion of the Roman, Saxon, and English Coins 241

The Ruins of Poeitum

Edwards's Doctrine of Original Sin defended

Bate's Hebrew-English Dictionary


Duncombe's Works of Horace


Debates relative to the Affairs of Ireland


The History of Miss Beville


The History of Major Bromley and Miss Cliffen


Baker's Essay concerning the Cause of the Endemial Colic of



Geach's Observations on Dr. Baker's Effay on the Endemial

Colic of Devonshire

A Discourse concern the Irritability of some Flowers


An Elegy on the Death of his Royal Highness the Duke of



Jones's Kew Garden. A Poem. In two Cantos


An Ode to Virtue

An Ode, design'd for the Anniversary of the most noble Order

of the Bucks


Brimble's Poems on various Occasions


A Paraphrase of Eight of the Psalms of David


The Songs and Recitative of Orpheus: An English Burletta 318

An Address to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, and

the Bishops of the Church of England


Philalethes Londinensis's Civil Establishments in Religion, a

Ground of Infidelity

Two Discourses and a Prayer, delivered at the Quakers Yearly

Meeting in Bristol


Philalethes again! or, Candidus unmask'd !


Newton's Sermons preached in the Parish Church of Olney in


Clarke's Connexion of the Roman, Saxon, and English Coins,



The True Doctrine of the New Testament concerning Jesus

Christ considered

6 Conver-

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