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January 2, 1772.

MR. ALLEN is only an additional proof of that aversion to the English Government,” and of that avowed profligacy, that the gentlemen of that country seem to despise masking with the name of Conscience, and must sooner or later oblige this country seriously to consider whether the uniting to this ...” d not be the only means of making both islands flourish.

March 12, 1772. UNLEss my impression of the absence of Colonel Buroyne and Lieutenant Colonel Harcourt from yesterday's É. had been corrected, I certainly should have thought myself obliged to have named a new Governor instead of . o, and to have removed the other from my BedChain der.

March 14, 1772. I wish a list to be prepared of those that went away, and of those that deserted to the minority. That will be a rule for my conduct in the Drawing Room to-morrow.

* In Ireland.



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